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Scared of asking questions about Mens Underwear Styles?

Mens Underwear Styles

When you venture out to purchase your outfits, don’t you generally think about the advantages and disadvantages of the separate styles? Has it at any point transpired that you went out and purchased something without giving it an idea of how might you have it? With which extras would you group it up or even the expense of the style? I guess this is something similar to mens underwear styles as well. The only difference in the outfits and underneath fashion is that men are still too scared to talk about their mens underwear styles or even ask questions. But isn’t asking questions be something that should clear your doubts about mens panties or grooming or anything else that makes a difference for your below the belt?


This blog would detail you about the various questions that you must ask yourself before buying the sexy underwear for men for yourself.

Why do you need mens underwear styles?

This is probably the most basic of questions that men must know the answer to and they don’t. What makes it even worse is they are too scared to ask this question as well. You need to care about your underneath and everything that you slip into. Starting from mens briefs, mens bikinis to mens thongs and g-strings for men as well. There are so many more reasons than to just cover, protect, support and fancify your manhood. You need mens enhancing underwear for that bulge, sheer underwear for men to show off a little, colorful pair to sport your mood and much more. Now you know?

Can you afford mens underwear styles?


It was long back when the mens underwear styles were limited and so expensive that only the elite class could afford the worthy ones. However, due to the awareness made among the people and the different brands coming out with their respective categories of mens briefs, bikini underwear, thongs, boxer briefs and more, you have a lesser burden on your pockets. At Mensuas, you’d find a variety of fashion underwear to match the various taste buds and personalities.

Do you know where to wear these mens underwear styles?


The mens underwear collection is huge. If you would have tried them all, you’d know that not all fit for all purposes and occasions alike, right? Every mens underwear style is meant to be special for specific occasions. Like mens briefs are meant for work and mens thong for romantic evenings, you can pick something that you want to for the occasion that you’re planning to have.

Where should you buy these mens underwear styles from?

With a variety of online stores available as well as brick and mortar shops, you must go online for the value-added benefits. A bigger range, easy ordering, timely delivery, discreet packaging, and other benefits would be in your favour.

With these questions, we hope you are benefited while buying different mens underwear styles for yourself.

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Fairy tale underwear fantasies

Fairy Tale underwear fantasies

Welcome back, my friends, to this week’s edition of my summer sexy underwear review. There is a new brand in town and it sure seems legendary. Let me tell you about my experience. BriefTales is a new modern and fashionable brand that offers a wide range of products for all types of personalities. Its products create a captivating fit aesthetic and are hard to forget. Some of my favorites are the micro thongs, the micro bikinis and the two colored jockstraps. But don’t worry, there are options for more conservative men and it offers all types of boxer trunks.

Let’s start with the micro thongs. This is an underwear model that really suits me and is available in great solid colors: white, blue, black and turquoise. You may be thinking this is pretty classic and standard, but let me tell you, there’s nothing dull about these thongs. I particularly like the turquoise mesh and its waistband because it covers the front and provides that protection and support while leaving you completely free and exposed in the back. The micro bikini is another great option if you are feeling extremely sexy. This underwear has some details that make it unique. The black and white waistband, the mesh, and the colored middle line make it look very attractive and modern. I think bikini underwear provides the support of a brief, but is aesthetically more appealing than a basic brief, so I picked the BriefTales black micro bikini in my last order and was surprised by its quality.


I kept the jewel for last, because the red and blue BriefTales jockstrap is a definite winner. This is an option for bolder and adventurous men who dare to share their goodies with their viewers. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing, not to mention a big showoff undie.

If you want a more conservative look, you may try other underwear from the BriefTales underwear collection because they all provide a sexy body-defining fit. The grey boxer trunks seems extremely comfortable and is available in grey and red, black and white, blue and black, and white and black. I’ve read reviewers really liked this model and that they have a very nice fit and feel perfect. The boxer trunks is a good option for every occasion as well, and the spacious front pouch allows breathability for the manhood. The form-fitting style keeps everything in the right place, but the fabric allows for air flow within.

Remember that Mensuas offers USA free shipping on orders above $50 and international free shipping on orders above $100. Go online and get your BriefTales undies today and get inspired by those sensual vibes that this modern fit brand brings to our summer!

UndieGuy Reveals: The Bulge

Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy writes about how the male bulge is a thing of beauty and should never be hidden. It should be encased in the best underwear you can buy.

I’ve been reviewing mens underwear from all over the world for about five years now. From backless to crotchless, mesh underwear and lace underwear and the most recent mens panties too. I’ve done plenty of videos and have interacted with thousands of guys on social media about their fetishes and issues with their respective mens underwear styles. But one of the things I got messages about was how the bulge in their pants embarrassed a lot of guys when they were in public or of showing their boner through a pair of undies.

Before we get started on the actual topic “Bulge”, I would want to tell you that being ashamed of that protruded bulge in the pants is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. There was even a time when mens fashion underwear brands would advertise with a model wearing their product but sans a bulge! “Where on earth is it?” I would ask. It did nothing for the underwear or the brand. Now the times have changed and so is the face of the apparel styles and mens pouch underwear has finally become a thing. You must know everything about pouch underwear for men and here is the information.

Recently, I read about an underwear brand that blocks out your cock, completely hiding it sort of like a corset hides your belly. I can understand that perhaps there are some situations where you may possibly need it. I just saw a few dance performances on stage and the international ensemble of very hot artists wore tights or designer underwear perfectly outlining their bulges. It elevated their look and accentuated their bodies. You know how when they try to cover it or restrict it, it looks weird. Because you’re not supposed to!

I don’t believe the human form is something to be embarrassed about and this whole shaming thing for nudity or porn is not something I understand. As long as it’s healthy and you get pleasure out of it without hurting someone then it should be fine. Now of course nudity in public is frowned upon. But having a bit of bulge in your pants is simply natural. I for one love seeing a guy with a bulge in his pants; a cute ass in them is certainly good too. And if women are allowed to show cleavage and wear push up bras, then guys should certainly wear mens enhancing underwear to flaunt their package.

Some guys don’t need the enhancements and simply bulge fantastically through a pair of jogging pants or shorts. Well, that’s where mens pouch underwear steps in but there are rules to keep in check for wearing the style. That subtle curve through the front is tantalizingly sexy, and nothing to feel ashamed of. So show it off, I say!

A guy bulging while he’s sitting is a beautiful sight. The curve of his jeans set against a pack of abs and toned chest is sexy personified. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings, giving you something to smile about. Straight guys have had curvaceous feminine bodies to look at, admiring ass, legs and tits for centuries. As long as it’s done admiringly and not in a vulgar manner, this admiration is beneficial to everyone, raising happiness and confidence levels.

A good pair of male underwear is just what I need sometimes to get that perfect bulge happening through a nice pair of track pants. It’s manly, sexy and artful in a way. So if you’re well endowed and hung, then there are undies specifically designed for that too. They won’t make your bulge disappear, but more appropriately prop it neatly and comfortably so as not to be too out there.

If you take a closer look at my personal opinion about the bulge, I would just say – Don’t be too afraid of that protruded bulge that you have in your pants. You have it so you must make sure that you keep it that way using mens enhancing underwear styles. Men out there are indulging in all kinds of enhancing techniques. Women love bulges – at the right time and on the right occasions. Your personality looks appealing even when you are looking forward to having a fashionable personality at an event.

I’d love to see more guys be proud of their bulges and show them off. I can certainly see it in lots of underwear brands I’m reviewing and following on social media. Here’s to the bulge!

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Getting ready for a sexy date

Getting ready for a sexy date

Preparation is the key word in our article today. Date night is all about preparation and making yourself attractive, confident and ready to being kissed, hugged and caressed.

Think about those Friday night vibes. You’re feeling sexy and eager to play hard to get. You are going through your closet deciding what you will wear for your weekend date. Or dates, why not?

Choose an outfit that will leave your partner imagining what they will be seeing later, and finish it by layering that favorite fragrance that makes you feel sexy as hell.

But wait a minute, it doesn’t end there. The star of the night is indeed your underwear, the last piece of the puzzle to help you enjoy dressing up and accentuating what you have. Dress to impress with ego-boosting designer underwear that will make you shine under the sheets and don’t miss out on the sophisticated sexiness that these fashion and trendy labels deliver.

Strike a pose with Intymen’s featured products, balancing out classiness with sexiness. This brand consists of several basics items, but new collections are introduced throughout the year and each plays with solids, patterns and prints and even glow in the dark fabrics. Different styles are offered which can help create an impressive bulge in your pants, while giving you a much more comfortable feel than other brands.


Make sure you take some time to sit back and relax before your date, and prepare yourself to surprise your partner with luxurious appeal that will keep them happy for many nights.


You’re ready. Your underwear is ready. Enjoy, and always remember that sexy is an attitude!

Sexy Underwear for Men: Everything that you need to know

Sexy Underwear for Men

The underwear is the first thing that a man puts on in the morning and the last thing that he gets rid of. It is not just a garment that provides you the coverage at the needful place. In fact, the undies these days are said to reflect the personality of the wearer. This is the reason why the latest development in the industry includes the sexy underwear for men. The erotic undies are undoubtedly the foundation of a man’s style. However, the bold and revealing styles are the last choice for most men. The brands like Feel has made the choice easier for the male population. With the subtle, yet sexy underneath apparel, the label allows you to ditch the conflict and go beyond the conventions.

Here are some of the queries of men that Feel Underwear has resolved with it’s sexy yet functional undies.

Can men wear the sexy styles of undies?

This is the first question that may pop into the mind when you hear the word men’s lingerie. And the answer is yes, of course. This is a fact that men need to stay strong, but at the same time, they are required to show their side that is soft as well. The modern men’s underwear style will cater to this need of every individual. These undies will be an initiative to trigger and surface the kinky side that no one is aware of. Moreover, by no means, you will be compromising your masculinity by trying anything of this sort. So, you can don the sensual appeal without any hesitation.

Are they all about sex appeal or are they practical as well?

This is the best part of the modern undies. They are designed keeping in mind every need and requirement of the male. Despite being extremely sexy and way too skimpy than the traditional underwear, the undergarments offer the functionality that the wearer looks. In fact, the anatomical construction of the pouch offers better support along with natural enhancement. Hence, whether you go for the stylish bikini underwear or the outrageous men’s thong, the comfort factor is kept unaltered. In addition, the contemporary skivvies won’t ride up unlike the conventional ones.

Are the sexy undies revealing?

Well, it depends on the undergarment that you choose. There is a few number of novelty underwear available that reveals a bit more skin than expected. However, if you delve into the assortment of the Feel, you’ll find underwear that is at par sexy, but provides the coverage where you require it the most. The sleek and erotic styles are aesthetically revolutionary without going over the top. The skimpy cuts of the thongs cover the bare essentials and provide a teasing glimpse of the skin. Thus, you can tease and tantalize without compromising the basic coverage.

Where can these undies be worn?

It depends on the occasion. Not every style and cut can be used for every event. You can wear the boxer shorts to the workplace, college and even at the running track. With the conventional coverage and support, feeling underneath article so close to the body can give you a sensual feel down there. While if you are at a party, try the bikini underwear of the brand. The perfect style and anatomical construction will boost your self-confidence. However, men’s thong will deck out your look at the date night. Along with this, the lace underwear for men are other option for the special evenings.

Do the erotic underneath apparel leads to health issues and below the belt problems?

Not at all. This is the biggest misconception prevailing in the intimate apparel category. Most men think that the snug-fit style may lead to squashing and low sperm count ultimately. However, this is a consequence of wearing the wrong fit and the style of underwear that you’re wearing has nothing to do with it. Check the size of the undergarment and make your selection carefully. Moreover, the elevation that the pouch of the undies provides reduces the risk of overheating of the testicles even more. Not only this, the elevation cuts down sweating and other skin problems such as chafing, rashes and others.

Have you graduated to sexy underwear yet? Share your queries in this regard in the comments below.

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