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What are the must-haves in every Mens Underwear called Sexy?


It was a long time ago when in the name of mens underwear styles, men had only mens briefs and boxers for themselves. Eventually, time changed and so did the mens underwear industry. Now, men have a huge collection of sexy underwear for men or mens hot underwear. Well, when you talk about these men’s underwear, you could count all the different kinds of styles available and be popularized these days.

If you take a look at sexy underwear for men, you would notice that there are different aspects that have been there throughout the category. This blog talks about the aspects that are common in all the mens underwear styles that are called sexy.

Daniel Alexander Men's Sexy Underwear
Men’ Sexy Underwear

Exposure is an integral part of sexy underwear for men

When you talk about sexy mens underwear – you already know that a lot of exposure or show off is involved in the same. Whether it is the sheer underwear fabric panels involved in the mens underwear or the open pouches or even high cuts, exposure is something that absolutely going to be there in the mens hot underwear. For some of you who think that briefs for men are ordinary, you would find that male thongs would be sexy, for men who like g-string underwear for men – lace underwear would be sexy and more. The bottom line is that exposure is a part of sexy mens underwear.

Sex appeal is what makes mens underwear hot and sexy in the first place

When you come online to shop at Mensuas, you’d find that every product has its own aura and charm. Every single style available at the online store is designed to kill with the charm and sexiness. No matter what your definition of sex appeal is, the collection of mens underwear is packed with sex appeal. If there should be an occurrence of these noteworthy styles, the sex appeal is progressively noticeable in light of the fact that the brands sell sex appeal in the entirety when it comes to their collection of mens hot underwear.

Kyle Mens Sexy Underwear
Mens Sexy Underwear

Use of mesh or any kind of flimsy fabric

We all are quite aware of the fact that mesh, sheer or lace are the most stunning options when it comes to showing off what you have down there. Every sexy underwear for men by brands like Good Devil, Cover Male, Daddy, Intymen, Miami Jock and others has partial or all mesh/sheer construction.

Confidence is an integral part too

Sexy mens underwear is an incredible source of a confidence booster. The additionally noteworthy underwear is, the more confidence it gives from inside. A significant number of the thong wearers tell that the minor development of men’s thong underwear or g-strings for men makes them like they possess an individual air conditioner.

Do you have any other attribute that should be there on the list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Are you a proud owner of Bikini Underwear for Men? – Know why have one

Are you a proud owner of Bikini Underwear for Men? - Know why have one

There are people who believe that bikini underwear for men is only meant for the beaches or the summer times. However, lesser do they know that the respective men’s underwear style can be worn by them for the numerous occasions and reasons that they want to whether it is a beach party or pleasing your partner in the bedroom. So if you’re someone who loves to wear men’s bikini underwear that supports (or doesn’t) and appeals to the eyes, this blog is for you.

Secret Male Men's Bikini Underwear

This blog talks about the various reasons why you should be proud if you wear bikini underwear for men or incorporate the same in your fashion underwear wardrobe if you haven’t tried these. Well, there are numerous articles and blogs written which mention that every pair is meant to be tried at least once, just to see whether it suits your personality and taste buds or not. You might have read the advantages and disadvantages as well as the benefits of wearing bikini underwear for men.

So, you might or might not be a proud owner of mens bikini underwear but you really should have at least one pair to see whether the sexy underwear for men does for you. In case you are making up your mind and graduating from the regular men’s underwear styles, know the reasons to invest in bikini underwear for men.

Daniel Alexander Men's Bikini Underwear
  • The very first reason which is quite practically been experienced by the regular wearers is that they feel quite confident after wearing the supportive men’s exotic underwear style. Guys with great physique are very confident in wearing anything that is skimpy because they know they’ll look good. However, there are men who are shy and consider themselves inferior. You mustn’t think about ditching the bikini underwear for men. In fact, you should work towards getting the confidence up with this designer underwear style. Or else, you can even try wearing them at home so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and once ready, show them off wherever you want to. After a couple of trials, the novelty will wear off. Soon the wearer won’t really notice it.

  • Secondly, you can try the men’s bikini underwear for men on for fun. Well, who said something about growing up and behaving maturely when you can easily slip into something that is equally naughty and tasteful? Bikini underwear for men are pleasing pieces and can light up your fun moment with the see-through features or even pouch options that ignite the lost passion or even make the environment happy and calm.

  • Thirdly, when it comes to showing off what you’ve got, skimpier styles are the best. This applies to the male thongs or g-string underwear and off course – bikini underwear for men. If you think that you’ve got it there and you want to show it off with your well-made abs; then you won’t find any other reason to show it all off and couldn’t find any other ideal pair that would be subtle as well as sexy.

  • Fourthly, you’ll find men’s bikini underwear in numerous varieties that you’d be confused which one to go for. Whether it is the style (Brazilian or String), color (more than the colors in the rainbows), cuts (subtle to skimpy), fabrics (regular to extraordinary) and pouch options (under wraps to lay it out all on the table types)So its versatility in make and style is another bonus.

  • Lastly, the bikini underwear for men is an instant attention-grabber when it comes to getting something that is not boring and is great for getting noticed by the others.

So, do you now believe that bikini underwear for men can make you very proud? Well, have one and then decide for yourself from the men’s underwear store.

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Know these advantages before buying Male Thongs

know these advantages before buying male thong

Do men at any point like wearing male thongs? Wasn’t this the inquiry that flies in your mind when you read the title? Ladies are acquainted with thongs however when we talk about men’s thong underwear, it appears to be difficult to go down our throat. In any case, the truth is that mens thongs appeared to have secured a vast male populace and the ones who wear it normally is absolutely enamored with the fit and feel of the sexy underwear for men.

For folks who look to attempt the engaging style; all of you should initially comprehend the advantages just as the disadvantages of thongs for men. Along these lines, let us take a gander at both the sides of the designer underwear for men.

Mens Thong Underwear

Advantages of male thongs

Comfort is the key in male thongs

The standard mens thong wearers have made their point obvious that there is none another men’s underwear style so agreeable than the thongs for men itself. They find the less fabric, open construction more comfortable, breathable and airy than different styles like men’s boxer briefs or men’s bikini underwear or any other style for that matter.

Confidence is what comes complementary

You are more likely than not experienced numerous multiple times that at whatever point you something that is similarly engaging and steady; the certainty factor consequently pursues. Thus, it is a similar case with male thongs. The respective novelty underwear is negligible, tiny and rides low, and when you have the surety that they won’t fly out of your jeans; you appear to have the trust in your walk and talk. Well, you can definitely call them men’s low rise underwear because of the low-on-the-waistline-style.

Intymen Mens Thong Underwear

Enhancement is optional in male thongs

Enhancement viewpoint is very clear since like other men’s underwear styles have profile upgrade procedures or pouch lifting systems; well, mens thongs are also designed as men’s pouch underwear by numerous brands that are both utilitarian just as made just for joy.

Sensuality is what you make most of

Men love thongs as much as women and when the thought is to set the disposition throughout the night; there can’t be a superior alternative that being this skimpy exotic underwear.

Prevent underwear lines

Like other skimpy or scarcely styles; thongs for men keep the line to appear from tight jeans/lower down. Modest patches of texture spare the lines to appear.

Agacio Mens Thong Underwear

Downsides of male thongs

Prone to contamination

You should not be frightened with this perspective in light of the fact that in the event that you take appropriate consideration of your privates and change your underwear regularly; there are no odds of disease. Nonetheless, in the event that you keep on wearing the equivalent skimpy option day-in-day-out; it will be exceptionally unsafe for your masculinity.

The butt crack bothers – fabric in the middle

Majority of the folks who don’t care for wearing male thongs is a result of the string/strap that rides up the butts and makes the entire experience somewhat awkward. For them, you should get the correct size first and give yourself an opportunity to become acclimated to it. In the end, you will think that its aggravating.

You must know the things that you’ll experience on yourself and you can ride through the season with your favorite male thongs.

Scared of asking questions about Mens Underwear Styles?

Mens Underwear Styles

When you venture out to purchase your outfits, don’t you generally think about the advantages and disadvantages of the separate styles? Has it at any point transpired that you went out and purchased something without giving it an idea of how might you have it? With which extras would you group it up or even the expense of the style? I guess this is something similar to mens underwear styles as well. The only difference in the outfits and underneath fashion is that men are still too scared to talk about their mens underwear styles or even ask questions. But isn’t asking questions be something that should clear your doubts about mens panties or grooming or anything else that makes a difference for your below the belt?


This blog would detail you about the various questions that you must ask yourself before buying the sexy underwear for men for yourself.

Why do you need mens underwear styles?

This is probably the most basic of questions that men must know the answer to and they don’t. What makes it even worse is they are too scared to ask this question as well. You need to care about your underneath and everything that you slip into. Starting from mens briefs, mens bikinis to mens thongs and g-strings for men as well. There are so many more reasons than to just cover, protect, support and fancify your manhood. You need mens enhancing underwear for that bulge, sheer underwear for men to show off a little, colorful pair to sport your mood and much more. Now you know?

Can you afford mens underwear styles?


It was long back when the mens underwear styles were limited and so expensive that only the elite class could afford the worthy ones. However, due to the awareness made among the people and the different brands coming out with their respective categories of mens briefs, bikini underwear, thongs, boxer briefs and more, you have a lesser burden on your pockets. At Mensuas, you’d find a variety of fashion underwear to match the various taste buds and personalities.

Do you know where to wear these mens underwear styles?


The mens underwear collection is huge. If you would have tried them all, you’d know that not all fit for all purposes and occasions alike, right? Every mens underwear style is meant to be special for specific occasions. Like mens briefs are meant for work and mens thong for romantic evenings, you can pick something that you want to for the occasion that you’re planning to have.

Where should you buy these mens underwear styles from?

With a variety of online stores available as well as brick and mortar shops, you must go online for the value-added benefits. A bigger range, easy ordering, timely delivery, discreet packaging, and other benefits would be in your favour.

With these questions, we hope you are benefited while buying different mens underwear styles for yourself.

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Why Mens Thong Underwear is everything you need for Valentine’s Day?

Mens Thong Underwear

Finally, the lover’s month is here and all the people out there start making plans for their Valentine’s. Well, even those who are single find something creative to do with their buddies or even treat themselves as their date and do everything that a couple would do. With so many celebrations across the world, what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether you are dating someone or still single, investing in mens thong underwear this Valentines’ is all you need to do to make that long lasting impression.


Mens Thongs


This blog talks about the major benefits of wearing mens thong underwear this Valentines.


Thong underwear for men makes you feel stunning about yourself


This is one of the most important features of sexy underwear for men. If you are in love with yourself, you certainly would want to fall in love with yourself before doing the same for your partner. The revealing butts floss of mens thongs, the sexy pouch, and various waistband styles; this men’s fashion underwear style is what makes you feel secretively great about yourself.


Tease your partner’s senses


Now we’re talking some serious issues. It is a very simple logic that when you see your lover in the least of clothes; you get tempted to the core. Well, personal experience tip – just don’t shed all of it at once, strip slowly and passionately. Take time to reveal your men’s underwear because it is worth waiting for. Valentines is a day of love and it also about making your partner feel the same way. So, this is another aspect that works when you are in hot underwear styles such as thongs or even men’s g-strings.


Be prepared to go real with thongs


Feel Mens Thongs


You might start your day with absolutely subtle plans for the love day, but you might never know what the day holds for you. You never know what might happen at the end of the day if the God of love blesses you (pun intended). You should always be prepared – be it every day of the entire Valentine week or the specific Valentine’s Day when you do not know what might get you straight on the bed with your partner. Having pleasing designer underwear has certainly got a lot of benefits.


Have fun all along being the confident personality with thongs for men


Thongs For Men


Mens thong underwear serves the same functions for both the sexes – appeal both men and women. So, when you know that you’re having fun with what your partner’s done for you; believe me, your partner would also be pleased to know till what extent you’ve gone to make things between you two.

These were some of the many benefits that mens thong underwear have that make this Valentine’s Day just the one for you.