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Ever faithful to my JOCKO underwear

Ever faithful to my Jocko underwear

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new review edition of my top-pick products. I had signed up a long time ago to be the first to hear about our latest products and exclusive offers on the Mensuas site, so imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I heard JOCKO is making a fresh comeback with new modern military products. I am a huge fan of any type of clothing that shows my military pride, especially when it comes to underwear since I can keep on surprising my partner until the last minute. It doesn’t end at taking my shirt off if you know what I mean.

This time, I decided to order each of their products online and in different colors to see which one suited me best. Delivery was a dream come true; fast, discrete packaging, and what’s best, it was free because I spent more than 100 US dollars.

JOCKO offers a large selection of stylish military products. When I received my order, I collected them in one place so I could easily click my way through my selection and create my personal army style for a special weekend. On Saturday, during the day, I combined some sexy underwear with my favorite JOCKO blue navy shorts and a grey Jasper t-shirt with a V-neck for a casual look. The shorts were an absolute hit and my friends kept asking me where I’d bought them. I’d never felt sexier in a pair of shorts! These elasticized-waist cotton shorts are perfect for the gym, a hike or whatever you’re into (the beach for me) because they provide great comfort while looking sharp. The military-style elastic makes it different from other ordinary shorts. To add a little bit of spice underneath, I wore a pair of JOCKO military-green briefs which I felt I could easily use on its own, and was extremely comfortable too. Great excitement is pretty much guaranteed with those.


On Sunday, I went a different way, even spicier on the outside. This time, I wore a navy t-shirt with a military pattern on the sleeves and in the t-shirt pocket, which makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye. In the afternoon, I changed into a navy printed tank because it was really humid and warm, and I received a lot of compliments on it, so I will definitely wear it for other occasions. I think that tank tops are a great alternative to the t-shirt for the gym and other summer activities as they make you look athletic and male. I am leaving the best for last; I wore a JOCKO grey jockstrap underneath and it kind of made me feel ready for war. This option is for bold men who want to add an extra bit of style and sexiness to their outfits. It is my best pick from now on.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I was trying on different stylish and modern Jocko products. They are a great choice to look sharp in authentic military clothing for all types of men, but especially for active duty military, veterans, and patriots. I encourage you to embrace a new type of action!

Modus Vivendi is not just Swimwear, it’s a lifestyle

Modus Vivendi lifestyle

Summer season is finally here! We have all been waiting for it for months already: just the thought of spending good quality time with family and friends in some paradise beach, get tanned and enjoy amazing sunsets together creates instant motivation for us to work on our best look, and Modus Vivendi is here to help!

Nowadays, brands focus on achieving both comfort and rapid drying in swimwear and swimsuits, but not all of them are able to get your body look great in the process. At Modus Vivendi, we take the fashionable appeal very seriously and we got it covered for all personality types!





If you are looking to stay classy without losing the sporty imagine everyone loves at the beach, my choice would be to go with the Desert Short, which comes in Grey and Sand tones. Its modern design will keep you comfortable while enjoying a smooth appeal. My personal favorite from this new collection is the Yellow Multi Trunk, which without a doubt will catch the eye of everyone; even better if you have a partner who will enjoy the view as well! it provides a super sexy look as it accentuates your figure and it assures a pleasing swimming experience. It comes in Khaki and Blue colors.

The Polkadot Brief is the perfect pick for men who are happy to keep it minimal in their choice for swimwear. Modus Vivendi’s features three different designs that highlight your masculine parts from the front to the back. Personally, I am in love with the Fuchsia Nude Brief, I think it can really stress a sexy personality everyone will want to meet! With its designer cut, smooth support and striking colors, all heads will be turning to stare at you. For men who like to give a boost to their style and showcase their intimate side, it’s a must-have in their closets.



Going to the beach or the pool has never been so good! With Modus Vivendi, you will get the masculine and sensual look you desire.

Let us know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year’s collection down below in our comments!

UndieGuy Reveals: Backless Underwear

In this video Undie Guy talks about backless undies and how sexy and sporty they can be!


Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy shows us some backless undies he loves and why they are the perfect blend of brief and jockstrap

Just like the bulge (if you haven’t read my blog about it, then click here), the male ass is a thing of beauty. The fine contours and shapely curve of an ass crack separating the two luscious mounds of flesh that accentuate a man’s behind are enticing and works of art. Countless male form statues are testament to that.

Now while men’s underwear has come a long way and the materials and designs give a shapely butt a better hugging outline, it’s still a shame sometimes to cover it all up.

There are a wide variety of undie options to solve the bum conundrum. There are thongs and jockstraps (which I’ll do write-ups on soon), but a tasty tease of ass is best provided by the backless variety of underpants. There’s more coverage than on jockstraps but less than on a brief. Your ass cheeks are wonderfully cupped in some material from the sides leaving most or all of the cheeks exposed. There’s no G-string either to impede the view.

What I love about them is that they frame your ass nicely giving them a boost and providing an airy and free feeling. Perfect for sports and easy access when you’re looking to play in the bedroom. There’s no reason why only women’s undies should be sexy. In fact, women look for their men to wear some sexy stuff too. And for the guys who like guys, these undies tantalise and give great access for some ass play.

I’ve seen so many variations on backless undies: there’s a lot of coverage and less coverage. There are ones that give you a little peek in to your inner ass and ass crack and then ones that let your bubble butt shine right through by giving them a boost. It’s great that men’s undies now have so many design options and great companies and brands are experimenting with making the male form sexier and desirable. Everyone can try them on and find a style that suits their body type.

Bold and beautiful, backless boxers and briefs are a whole new style that you should certainly experiment with under your trousers and jeans. Perfect to beat the heat they’ll make you look hot and will turn on your partner too!

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What to Do this Columbus Day?

What to Do this Columbus Day

Have you started preparing for the commencement of the festive season this year? With the chain of festivals starting from the Columbus Day, you have a long list of events to follow up. For now, you should get ready to celebrate Columbus Day 2016. Talking specifically about the USA, there’s a lot you can do to participate in the celebrations.

Firstly, do you know why we actually celebrate Columbus Day?

The day honors Christopher Columbus’s sighting of America on 12th October 1492. The holiday is observed in the states of United States, some parts of Canada, Puerto Rico and a few cities in Spain and Italy. However, if you go deeper into the history, you’ll find that Columbus was not the first explorer to set foot in the Western Hemisphere, his landing at San Salvador or the Bahamas is what makes it important.

Also known as the Discovery Day, there’s a lot to be done on this exploratory festival. Let us look at the things that you can do on Columbus Day this 10th October 2016.

Be a part of movements

You must be having numerous small movements that work for the betterment of the society near you. Join them and be a part of making the world a better place to live in. Make sure that you choose the one that actually works for the betterment rather than having undercover aims which are not of the best interest of people.

Join the parade

NYC is hosting a parade for the man who discovered America. You can be a part of the Columbus Day parade that is dedicated to the Italian-American heritage. Starting early, make sure you reach on time because the beginning should never be missed.

Hold discussions and quizzes

Well, when you stay in a society, it is your duty to actively participate in the happenings of the society. You be a privileged citizen, can hold discussions and fun quizzes on the occasion. Though, it is not important for you to keep it Columbus Day related; you can include the variety of topics (with the day) and talk about it.

Make the most of it by shopping

With online stores giving away lavish discounts on their goods and services, it is your opportunity to bag them. For example, Mensuas is allowing their customers to shop anything and everything from the site at a grand discount of Up To 60%. You can buy your favorite pairs of men’s fashion underwear styles at the price of peanuts.

With this, you can easily enjoy the festival and also be a part of the same. Happy Columbus Day fellas!!

Black Friday Deals On Columbus Day 2015

Black Friday On Columbus Day

Work up your gift list, organize your men’s underwear drawer and get rid of all the pairs that are with you since the Adam’s age. With the commencement of the celebrations of Black Friday 2015, just a few days are left for you to save big on your favorite pairs of apparel at mensuas.com.

Black Friday which falls on 27th November this year is the day next to the Thanksgiving Day. It is then, when almost all stores come out with door-buster sales with early bird special to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in line hours before the store is opened, to grab the bargain of the year. Almost every store has something that interests everyone.

Likewise, Mensuas as one of the leading men’s underwear online stores provides the biggest deal of Black Friday on Columbus Day. The store gives an opportunity to shop big and save bigger on 12th October 2015. So, why wait for Black Friday when you have the best deals a month before?

Mensuas is offering up to 50% off site wide which means you get to have your loved styles and pairs at cut-dig prices. The sale is applicable on every product that meets your eye excluding nothing such as men’s briefs, men’s bikinis, thongs, jockstraps, shapewear, men’s swimwear and many more.

So guys, buck up and get ready for the biggest online shopping sale at mensuas.com on Columbus Day.

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Something About Your Underwear (Part-1)

Something about your underwear

You must have known about the in’s and out’s of your men’s underwear and this blog is dedicated to all you guys who are passionate about their underwear, as much as your outer clothes. There are always things that you might overlook when it comes to underwear apparel and we’ll be bringing to light some of those missed observations.

Let’s look at some of the essential things you should know about your men’s fashion underwear.

1- First form of underwear. Any guesses? You might have read in hundreds of articles and as mentioned in Wikipedia that the oldest form of basic clothing was a mere loincloth which was dated back to almost 7000 years ago.

2- When was the first brief introduced? The first pair of men’s brief underwear was introduced by the iconic brand Jockey in the year 1935. Since then, briefs have been a part of our lives and our drawers.

3- When to go commando and when not to? Practically going commando is never a great idea (as I mentioned in my earlier blog) but if looking that specifics; one must avoid going commando during the rainy summer time months. Rains and summers heat provides the perfect storm to your private parts to experience chafing and sweating. The outcome can be disastrous, so avoid doing so altogether.

4- Did you know that research done by experts showed that 42% men prefer wearing briefs and the second place is an average of 25% of guys go for men’s boxer briefs. It is also noted that bachelors change their underwear less often than the married men. Food for thought!

5- Thong underwear. Started off as a taboo, but eventually men’s thong underwear has gained a lot of popularity all over the years and throughout the world. Said to be introduced in 1939 for nude dancers; it covered their privates and gave a lot exposure on the rear. Eventually, it became an acceptable men’s sexy underwear style and is worn by both the sexes all over the world.

The above mentioned facts might or might not be known to you but, now you know. However, there are many other facts that will be presented for you in the next blog. Till then, keep shopping at Mensuas.com and do let us know any facts that you think everyone else should also know about their men’s designer underwear.

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How To Prevent Chafing?

How To Prevent Chafing?

Chafing is a very common ailment that occurs to people who are involved in physical activities like running, jogging, even walking (especially during the hot seasons) and when people wear tight clothes that rub against their body. Chafing is a process that occurs due to rubbing of the skin against the clothes and one gets red marks that can sometimes, be very painful. If not taken care of it; the chafing area can get infected and even worse, if left untreated.

Hence, in order to take care of our sensitive privates, one needs to choose the correct men’s underwear and follow these simple tips mentioned below:

Switch to specialized apparel when in various situations:

Cotton undergarments are surely a good option, but when the idea is to go out and you already know that the day will be hectic; switch to a specialized pairs of men’s fashion underwear. You can go for men’s boxer briefs or men’s jockstrap underwear when you work out. Likewise, choose carefully what you wear throughout the day keeping your schedule in mind.

When in sweat – change:

Some of you might have had a very exhausting day with all the sweat accumulating in the groin area; change quickly. It is not recommended to keep wearing the same pair of underwear all day. Germs and sweat on your men’s brief underwear can lead to chafing the throughout the course of the day. Try and get into dry pairs as soon as you get an opportunity. Keep extra men’s fashion underwear handy throughout the day; in your gym bag, in your car and/or office.

Keep it clean:

This is however the basis of all the remedies to avoiding chafing and probably the best known. If you are experiencing chafing between your thighs, gently clean the area to remove any dirt or sweat buildup. Make sure to wipe gently with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary.

Apply powder:

This tip is the easiest one. You can carry a small talcum powder bottle with you and whenever you feel that your privates are getting sweaty; just dab some over it after wiping the sweat off with a clean cloth. Talcum powder has great absorption abilities and it actually keeps you dry for a longer period of time.

Let your privates breathe:

This tip will be easier for guys who live alone, but others can also try this, too. With the constant friction down there, your privates get harmed and you might experience chafing pain. You must keep them open (not literally going commando, but being in boxers or any loose clothing that give the manhood space and fresh air) and let them breathe. This will heal the chafed area faster and will make for a better recovery.

These were some tips that can help in prevent you from experiencing chafing down there; as well as, in other sensitive areas of the body. Try them and experience the difference. Do let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas to preventing chafing and for the various styles of men’s underwear you highly recommend; keep shopping at Mensuas.com.

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Feel The Support And Comfort With Intymen Sport Thong

Intymen Sports Thong

The product that we’re going to talk about is Intymen Sport Thong. The sleek and sexy men’s thong underwear is definitely worth the money ($16.95) and looks stunning on any average physique.

About the product

Functional, yet appealing men’s underwear is crafted out of the blended 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric, which is known for its durability and strength. An exceptionally lightweight and soft material, that the wearer barley knows when its on. The classic thong rear has a broader waist strap and offers barely enough butt coverage, making the sexiness level break through the roof.

What we like?


The sporty apparel has something more than just the appeal to it. The mesh fabric all over provides more breathability and keeps the thongs looking sleek. While the pouch is made to provide comfort to the manhood by not shaping it up manually.


This thong is super comfortable. The Intymen Sport Thong provides an unparalleled comfort experience in both fit and feel. With no visible waistband, the apparel sits super low on the body. The piping that takes the place of the waistband is soft, as is the tag. This sexy underwear would sit beneath even the lowest cut jeans, so if you’re looking to be covered up, this isn’t the underwear for you.

Some of the reviews by the customers that prove it to be the best men’s fashion underwear are:

“I really like this style. I wear thongs all the time and this one is very comfortable. The pouch gives me a nice bulge and the fit is good. Love the color and material. I would buy another pair of these”.

“This is my second pair, provides great support and really comfortable”.

Hence, if you are seeking comfort and functionality in your thong; the Intymen Sport thong is your must have. It is great for relaxing, pairing up for work and dressing up.

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Men’s Underwear Fabrics You Must Know About (Part 2)

Men's Underwear Fabrics You Must Know About (Part 2)

In the first part of the blog where I talked about the various fabrics used in men’s underwear; this blog will continue to put forward some of the newer and environment friendly materials that have eventually made their way to the clothing industry.

Let us look at the next slot of fabrics widely incorporated in men’s fashion underwear nowadays.


Silk is a luxurious and elegant fabric that is obtained naturally from the silk worms. Early manufacturing of this soft and smooth fabric was used in clothing items like nightwear, dresses and more; whereas; gradually it has made a mark in the men’s exotic underwear world as well. It has the ability to give warmth in winters and release heat to keep you cool during the hot seasons. Silk is highly breathable and keeps moisture away, to keep you comfortable and dry. It is well suited for sensitive skin.


You all have our favorite leather jacket or wallet. This passion was taken way too seriously and the luxurious fabric was adopted by the apparel designers into men’s underwear. Its allure is because of its resilience, comfort and beauty. Unlike other fabrics known to us, leather’s characteristic trait is-that it only gets better with time. It absorbs oils from our skin which render its appearance richer and suppler. And the best part is that it keeps getting better and better as time goes on.


This might sound a little weird, but bamboo is known for its antibacterial features. So, just to take a leap in the basic clothing field, the various designers experimented with this eco-friendly fabric. Men’s designer underwear made with bamboo pulp is generally lightweight and very strong. It also has moisture-wicking features that keep the manhood dry and breathable.


Although, satin is not a natural fabric and is made with microfibers; it has its own charm an appeal to it. The fabric has one surface which is soft and smooth to touch; whereas, the other side is rough and dull. It can be considered as the cheaper option for silk.

These were the most popular men’s underwear fabrics you should know about. However, there are numerous more like microfibers, acrylic, rayon, etc. that are mixed and matched to attain a considerable ratio for providing comfort and other aspects to the manhood.

I hope this provided some knowledge about the kind of fabrics offered today. For more, watch this place and keep shopping at Mensuas.com for the various underwear styles such as men’s brief underwear, men’s boxer briefs, men’s thong underwear and more.

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