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Fairy tale underwear fantasies

Fairy Tale underwear fantasies

Welcome back, my friends, to this week’s edition of my summer sexy underwear review. There is a new brand in town and it sure seems legendary. Let me tell you about my experience. BriefTales is a new modern and fashionable brand that offers a wide range of products for all types of personalities. Its products create a captivating fit aesthetic and are hard to forget. Some of my favorites are the micro thongs, the micro bikinis and the two colored jockstraps. But don’t worry, there are options for more conservative men and it offers all types of boxer trunks.

Let’s start with the micro thongs. This is an underwear model that really suits me and is available in great solid colors: white, blue, black and turquoise. You may be thinking this is pretty classic and standard, but let me tell you, there’s nothing dull about these thongs. I particularly like the turquoise mesh and its waistband because it covers the front and provides that protection and support while leaving you completely free and exposed in the back. The micro bikini is another great option if you are feeling extremely sexy. This underwear has some details that make it unique. The black and white waistband, the mesh, and the colored middle line make it look very attractive and modern. I think bikini underwear provides the support of a brief, but is aesthetically more appealing than a basic brief, so I picked the BriefTales black micro bikini in my last order and was surprised by its quality.


I kept the jewel for last, because the red and blue BriefTales jockstrap is a definite winner. This is an option for bolder and adventurous men who dare to share their goodies with their viewers. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing, not to mention a big showoff undie.

If you want a more conservative look, you may try other underwear from the BriefTales underwear collection because they all provide a sexy body-defining fit. The grey boxer trunks seems extremely comfortable and is available in grey and red, black and white, blue and black, and white and black. I’ve read reviewers really liked this model and that they have a very nice fit and feel perfect. The boxer trunks is a good option for every occasion as well, and the spacious front pouch allows breathability for the manhood. The form-fitting style keeps everything in the right place, but the fabric allows for air flow within.

Remember that Mensuas offers USA free shipping on orders above $50 and international free shipping on orders above $100. Go online and get your BriefTales undies today and get inspired by those sensual vibes that this modern fit brand brings to our summer!

Planning to get into Trunks? – These things you need to take care of

Planning to get into Trunks?

Men hardly talk about or share their experiences when it comes to taking some beauty tips or grooming regimes. I don’t know why, but they find it funny and quite woman-like if they have to listen or probably follow the whole process. After talking a lot about your manhood as well as about below the belt grooming, what makes me feel quite jittery is men still find it difficult taking care of their manhood and pick anything that comes forth.

However, there’s one style that men don’t doubt is men’s trunks. You think so??

The men’s underwear style has been quite hyped among the male population for its sporty appeal and certainly is the way to look good this holiday season.

So if you are planning to make a purchase in the ongoing sales, then you should be looking at the following things and take care of them.

The fit

The shorter version of boxer brief underwear, trunks is the body-fit hugging type of style that sticks close to your body. Hence, the fit is quite important for you and your comfort. Make sure you check the size of the fashion underwear style before you slip into it because you obviously don’t want the manhood to suffocate inside the layers of fabrics.

The length

Trunks are generally shorter than the boxer briefs and definitely more covering than the tighty whitey briefs underwear. The in-between fit keeps a balance between the level of comfort, coverage, no-riding-up feeling and more. If you are ever confused with the style, just remember that trunks don’t past your mid thighs. They would be about the length where your penis ends and a little below that.

The fabric

Just because the fit and length serve you right, it doesn’t mean that you are in for absolute comfort. There are other features too which work for your comfort and the fabric is one of them. If you get the fabric right, the icing-on-the-cake feeling would just make everything else fall into place. Choose the advantageous cotton or nylon or anything that you like.

These are the basics that you need to keep a check on if you really want the attention. Do let us know if you have any suggestions for the same.

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Go lean for the Festive season with Trunks – 4 simple rules

Festive season with Trunks

Sure you made your New Year resolution when the year began which fell apart probably by the mid of January. You would have wished for losing weight (top priority), quit smoking or alcohol, get a healthy lifestyle and so on, but somewhere down the line, they fell apart because you lack commitment in them all. Well, this might seem stupid as the year is coming to an end, but the festive season is just about to begin. And, who does not want to look good on all the federal holidays of the year?

Hot ModelStarting your preparations from Columbus Day, the party mode will stay on till the next New Year. Going lean to go back to how you look right would still be manageable rather than gaining weight with all the goody delicacies served on every occasion. How can one go lean without having a men’s underwear that will stay there with you from how you now and how you’ll transform yourself?

The collection of trunks for men would be the ideal style that you can look up to for all your health and fitness related issues. So, starting now, all you need is the commitment to go ahead and shape up and a pair of trunks that fit you right.

Cardio is your companion

CardioGo slow when you are exercising. Indulge in the slow cardio exercises which men hate because they’re slow. But, you do them because it will abstain you from battling your joints or giving you cramps that slow you down eventually. Going slow would be able to keep you consistent in your health regime. Trunks make to be the ideal wear for exercising because they don’t ride. The short construction doesn’t pull you back on the end where you find slipping fabrics, bunching in one and more.

Feel motivated with what you wear

Men's TrunksNo matter which brand you choose when it comes to trunks, just make sure that it looks good to you. With all the hype about the fashion underwear style, if you choose the pair that looks visually appealing to you, you’ll feel motivated enough to actually end up giving more of your efforts in going lean.

Work on your strength

Your men’s underwear style is very strong (if you choose the right one) and so do you need to be strong. Strength is the key to staying committed to this resolution of staying fit for a very long time. The day you get stressed and feel tired, you would want to take a break from what you’re doing and as a result, it will hamper your physique. With all the squats and push ups and biceps that you’ve been doing, you are getting stronger, but just don’t get tired.

Sleep is necessary

No fitness regime is complete without a proper sleep. Now, this is where I would not want you to wear anything that hugs your body or is constrictive around your manhood. So, you can put your trunks at rest for the while and slip into anything that comforts you. Sleeping naked also has benefits, but you want to, you can slip into comfortable boxers or male thongs for that matter.

These tips will get you prepped for the occasions in time and will give you a healthy lifestyle for a long term.

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What’s all the hype about trunk underwear?

Men's Trunk Underwear

What is it for you?

Briefs or boxer briefs??

Will it be the support with the bulky feeling for you or something that defines your legs with the added value of coverage?

Have you ever thought about men’s trunk underwear when it comes to having a pair of men’s underwear that will fit the modern needs of your male anatomy?

If you haven’t, you should!!

You must be thinking what’s all the hype about the fashion underwear, but until your experience the style yourself, you won’t know just why would that be your ideal style.

Looks: how handsome they look on you?

Men's TrunksDon’t we all look for certain characteristic traits when the hunt for the right pair underwear begins? We definitely want our intimate wear to be comfortable on the assets without losing the support on any end. Moreover, elasticity and enhancement have eventually stepped into the picture. However, the list does not end there. The length has to be appropriate and so the design has to be. Trunks fit in the frame because of the neither too short nor too long underwear and the support with comfort is apt. If you are lean to average built or slightly muscular, the style would be apt for you.

Definition: are they supportive enough?

Men's TrunksWhat’s your top most priority when you are in your basics? Probably 99% of you would say comfort because of the experiences. When you choose comfort, the other features come in respective measures that are ideal for the male anatomy and its health. Support is one of the features that add to the comfort level. Confused? Just imagine that your manhood is left in the open without something supporting it, the movement will cause chafing and abrasions. Hence, there should be something that holds your junk in one place without letting you feel supportive that leads to comfort.

Appeal: do women like trunks on men?

Men's TrunksWomen aren’t very shy about what they like and what they love on their guys. This time, they certainly know their choices and it has got be either boxer brief underwear or trunks for sure. Men find it quite interesting when their partners find them appealing and want to dress the way that makes them happy. Women might love thong underwear for special occasions, but when they got to see their men on the regular days, it is something that covers the assets and adds to the definition but doesn’t bury the legs in the fabric. Hence, trunks are an ideal option for you to get the attention you deserve.

Functionality: how well do they keep the assets in place?

Coming to the next aspect which certainly is an essential one when it comes to keeping you feeling supported, the respective designer underwear is the shorter version of the boxer briefs, hence, the support and the containment come in without any efforts. They make sure they don’t fail you on any end and make to be the perfect underwear for every situation.

Do you love trunks? Share with us the reason for which you fell for the style in the comments below.

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