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Do Mens Thongs rule the Mens Underwear industry?

Do Mens Thongs rule the Mens Underwear industry?

If you take a look at the collection of mens thongs from the time they came in the mens underwear industry till now, you would notice that there have been a lot happening. Well, if you’re a mens thong wearer, you would know these things. You might either love them or hate them but then there’s no going back because the men’s underwear style has been there and will be there.

If you are thorough with mens thongs, you would know that there are times when you should wear the men’s sexy underwear style and when you shouldn’t wear them. So, what makes mens thongs rule the mens underwear industry? This blog talks about the aspects that make men’s thongs rule the mens fashion underwear industry.

Daniel Alexander Mens Thong
Mens Thong Underwear

The perfect definition that men’s thongs provide

When it comes to definition, mens thongs are the ones that make sure you get the perfect definition for your body. Well, which other mens underwear shows so much love to the butts apart from mens g-strings or mens jockstraps? It is only mens thongs and on the other side, you have mens briefs or boxer brief underwear are the ones that provide coverage as well hug the booty the way it should be hugged.

The line of mens thongs doesn’t have excess fabric. You don’t find the fabric being an obstruction inside the pants. You can just avoid the nasty mens underwear lines and enjoy the favourite pants.

The line of mens thongs is exciting

We all know deep down in the heart that mens thongs are exciting by nature. You have mens thongs, women’s thongs and then there’s the style for every personality. Whether it is mens g-strings or thongs for men for that matter are absolutely exciting. Starting from the looks of the mens thongs to the fashionable appeal, functional attributes, and other aspects, everything is exciting.

Intymen Mens Thong
Mens Thong Underwear

Mens thongs are everything you actually need

What are your basic needs when you think of mens underneath fashion? It would be support, sex appeal, enhancement, comfort and a lot more. So, if there’s anything else do you are looking for in mens thongs?

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A few things you would love to know about Mens Lingerie

When must you NOT wear Mens Thongs?

When must you NOT wear Mens Thongs?

There always has been a lot of no-no about a lot of things around us no matter what you think about. Talking about the mens underwear styles, there’ll always be – you must not do that, you must wear this fashion underwear here and many such options. Well, when it comes to mens thongs, the rules and regulations increase because it is mens sexy underwear that is skimpier than other styles. There are a lot of advantages to having mens thongs. However, there are times when you must Not wear styles like mens g-strings, mens thongs or any mens sexy underwear style for that matter.

So, when must you avoid wearing mens thongs? You can go ahead and find out the times when wearing the respective mens sexy underwear style would be hazardous for your personality.

Otzi Mens Thong
Mens Thongs

When you have an infection down there

We all get infections like flu and others but there are times when you’re not careful and get that infection down there. Whether bacterial infection or fungal infection, you must avoid wearing any mens underwear style that belongs to the mens thongs family. When you wear mens g-strings that have only a pouch with strings and if you have an infection, you just increase the chances of worsening the infection. So, if you have the slightest of the idea that you are on the verge of getting an infection, you avoid mens thongs or mens g-strings and choose a fabric-loaded and comfortable pair.

When you have not been bathing or cleaning up yourself

Being a man, there are chances that you don’t get under the shower or clean up yourself for more than 2 days, you must actually avoid wearing mens sexy underwear styles like these. Go for anything like string bikinis or something that has a broader fabric on the front as well as the rear. This leads to an open invitation to various kinds of infections. If not planning to bathe, make sure you clean your privates with soap and warm water.

Kyle Mens Thongs
Mens Thongs

When you are not feeling too well

Whether you have the flu running or you have a fever, you must avoid wearing mens thongs. When you are not feeling too well, your immune system is weak and it allows the germs to actively to attack your immune system. Thus, it is wise to avoid thongs or else, you’ll feel worse.

The gymming sessions

When you think of having headed to the gym, picking mens thongs or mens g-strings can be a problem. Well, sporty thongs can be thought about for once but you must not think about the style on a regular day. There are mens boxer briefs, mens jockstraps and other options which are perfect for gym sessions. You must try to choose the latter than mens sexy underwear because workout causes sweat and that’s when the above-mentioned problems happen.

So, what do you think? Do you think there are other times when you can avoid mens thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Enhance your sexiness with mens thong underwear

The perfect Mens Underwear Styles for the boy next door look

The perfect Mens Underwear Styles for the boy next door look

What counts to be the “boy next door” for you?

Well, there are different definitions by different people when you think of the boy next door. For some, the guy next door is someone who is simple-looking, subtle by dressing and majorly a lay person. On the other hand, there are those people who think the boy next door personalities are those who are dashing, sexy and very don a nerd-like image to attract. Well, no matter what your definition is when it comes to the boy the next door image, we have mens underwear styles crafted just for you.

Yes, there are mens underwear styles that are made for erotic and sensuous experiences and there are those which are fashionable looking. Which one is meant for you?

This blog talks about the mens underwear styles that might be called as mens sexy underwear or fashion underwear at the same time. Go ahead and find out those styles below.

Otzi Mens Boxer Underwear
Mens Underwear Style

Mens mesh underwear

This is the first and the foremost and the most popular mens underwear style. The collection of mens mesh underwear is something that is available in a gamut of styles and options. You can choose mens briefs with full exposure or mens bikinis with partial mesh panel. The choice is all yours in the mens underwear styles that you like to have.

Mens boxer briefs

The collection of mens boxer briefs is something that every man loves to wear. In fact, those men who like fabric-loaded options below the belt. The respective mens sexy underwear style beats the other mens underwear styles with the support, sex appeal and with the lifting nature of the pouch that the style has. A lot of men are in love with the boxer briefs because of the combination of comfort and support that it provides to the legs, manhood and the entire personality.

Male thongs

This is again a mens underwear style that is designed for the free man. While boxer briefs are liked by men who like it covered, the line of mens thongs are designed to keep you all comfortable, revealed and free. The mens underwear styles like male thongs and g-strings are designed to make you look killer and when it comes to attracting your partner, this helps you a lot.

Daddy Mens Thong Underwear
Mens Thong Underwear

Mens pouch underwear

Last but not the least is the line of mens pouch underwear that makes among the best mens underwear styles intended to take your appeal to a whole new level. This mens sexy underwear is available in such a wide variety that you would find something that appeals your taste buds and personality as well.

So, which mens underwear styles would you like to have for the boy next door look?

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Men’s Thongs?

Advantages of Nylon Underwear

Some questions about Mens thongs that are worthy to be looked at.

Some questions about Mens thongs that are worthy to be looked at.

Well, to start with – you must know that you would not how many men have actually started to wear mens thongs because most of them won’t tell.

Yep!! That’s right. There are so many men out there who have that secret fetish for men’s sexy underwear but would not reveal that on the outside.

When it comes to men’s underwear styles that are revealing, sexy and outrageous (for some), men have a lot of misconceptions that need some clearing to do. And, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here in this blog.

Agacio Men's Thong Underwear
Men’s Thong Underwear

Ques: What is mens thong underwear? And what is the difference between a thong and g-string underwear for men?
Ans: When you take a closer look at the mens thongs, you would understand that this is a mens underwear which features a pouch with straps that go about holding the manhood well.
The basic difference between thongs for men and male g-string is that the latter is a skimpier style meant for men who desire to expose more in comparison to those who don thongs for men. The fabric is lesser, the appeal is sexier, and a lot more.

Q: How many kinds of varieties are found in mens thongs?
A: Well, I would just say that there are numerous kinds of mens thongs available in the men’s fashion underwear industry and you can find them all here.

Q: Are men’s thongs comfortable?
A: Well, this is a question that varies from person to person. From wearer to wearer, it depends whether they find the novelty underwear comfortable or not. While the casual thong wearers claim that the feeling of having mens thongs down there is ecstatic, there are those who couldn’t afford to go along with the comfort. There are various reasons for the discomfort – wrong size, wrong fabric, skimpier coverage than needed. There are certain things that only you have to experience when you have thongs for men.

Feel Men's Thong Underwear
Men’s Thong Underwear

Q: What are the steps to choose the right thongs for men?
A: There are quite a lot of things that one must be careful about while buying mens thongs – there are advantages too but be careful of these:
The size should be apt – a larger would do but a smaller would be extremely uncomfortable.
Take a closer look at the front of the pouch underwear. You don’t want to mess up things when it comes to comfort and support.
Coverage is the next – You can invest in various coverage options including the sporty ones to those that barely cover anything and are scintillating.

Q: Any special recommendation for thong wearers?
A: Purchase yourself one amongst those see-through washbags and keep thongs for men separate within the wash, or wash them by hand. A number of the male underwear ought to be washed terribly fastidiously, thus check the care directions. Positively wear once, wash once thanks to the intimate fit!

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Which men’s underwear style are considered as very bold and revealing?

Which men's underwear style are considered as very bold and revealing?

In recent years, men’s underwear has experienced a lot of changes. Older designs of men’s underwear styles were scientifically researched and re-designed for better wearer experience. During the start of the 21st-century, men’s underwear styles were re-modified in order to provide more support and comfort to the wearer. The designs were modified and re-introduced in different variants in better fitting and sizes. But as we progressed, we reached a point where men’s underwear gained popularity as a style icon and status symbol. Celebrities and athletes started advertising and promoting various men’s fashion underwear styles. This promotion created a buzz among fans who wished to seek the same amounts of comfort as their favourite sportsperson or celebrity.

And with celebrities and superstars, the arrival of glamour and showmanship is obvious. There was a time when sexy underwear photo-shoots were only meant for female models and celebrities. But times have changed. Men started feeling more confident and comfortable showing off their muscles and physique in men’s designer underwear like men’s g-strings and thongs for men. G-strings and thongs for men were designed to provide you with the boldest look possible. Due to the minimal design, these sexy men’s underwear fulfils your desire to flaunt your body in a graceful way.

Otzi Men's Thong Underwear
Men’s Thong Underwear

Men’s Thongs-

Thongs for men fall under the category of skimpy and scanty men’s underwear style. Since men’s thongs are very minimal in design and are developed using high-quality fabrics like sheer and mesh. Men’s thongs have a very minimal design with a strap of cloth running to your back with a pouch in the front providing coverage and protection to your testicles. The respective mens novelty underwear is the perfect choice if you’re looking for some glamorous touch to your wardrobe. Showing skin is even easier and stylish with thongs for men. Since the men’s underwear style has quite a revealing and exposing look which promotes and compliments your abdominal muscles and physique. The style is supposed to pamper your genitalia without suffocating your package.

Men’s G-strings- 

Men’s g-strings are kinda like men’s thongs rebellious sibling who wants likes to do things their way without caring about people’s judgmental looks. Men’s g-strings are designed for people who like to go bold and reveal their physique and skin for the world to admire. Men’s g-strings are uniquely designed with an exotic piece of clothing which is attached to strings. The minimal piece of clothing promotes skin-show and the pouch manages to provide you point coverage. Men’ g-strings consists of a pouch which is highly beneficial for keeping your testicles isolated from the rest of your body reducing squashing, sticking and bunching if your men’s underwear.

Daniel Alexander Men's G-String
Men’s G-String Underwear

Men’s underwear styles like thongs for men and men’s g-strings are indeed designed for flaunting and brandishing your abdominal physique confidently without any hesitation. But, don’t let the minimal design of thongs for men and men’s g-strings fool you. These men’s underwear is highly appreciated for its ability to maintain good sexual hygiene also. These men’s underwear styles are very breathable and keep your groin well-ventilated reducing the chances of chafing, infection, and accumulation of bacteria. Apart from these, you may have already noticed how sexy thongs for men and men’s g-strings are. They are perfect for role-playing and can potentially increase your sex-appeal to the max.

Sheer Underwear

Sheer underwear for men are the best thing that could have happened to men. The collection of every men’s underwear style can be transformed into a bold and handsome options with the help of sheer fabric. Sheer thongs are a very exquisite and delicate fabric which is developed after loosely knitting extremely thin threads. This results in a flimsy and translucent material which is almost see-through. Mens sheer underwear is extremely cozy and provides a very soft and fresh sensation down there. Sheer fabrics are bound to make your men’s underwear experience a spiritual journey.

Intymen Sheer Underwear
Men’s Sheer Underwear

Which men’s underwear style is bold and revealing for you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Mens Underwear Styles – How to wear them?

This blog specifically talks about the men’s underwear styles available at the mens underwear online store and how can you wear them all

Who doesn’t agree to the fact that men’s underwear styles have gone under a tremendous revolution to be what it is today in a man’s life? Since the invention in the early civilization to the up-gradation in the last few decades, the men’s underwear styles, fabrics, cuts, and even coverage has more options one could even imagine. Now, whether you seek all the functionality and looks in your intimate wear just plain comfort with style; the various men’s fashion underwear brands have laid down their offerings for your easy selection.

This blog specifically talks about the men’s underwear styles available at the mens underwear online store and how can you wear them all. Whether you seek something that offers both coverage and bulge or something that reveals skin without compromising on the functionality aspect.

Men’s brief underwear

While there was a time when men’s brief underwear was the king of all the men’s underwear styles and was preferred by the majority of men. However, with the passage of time and the introduction of other mens sexy underwear styles in the industry, briefs lost the monopoly. However, that’s not the end because there are very strong reasons which prove that men still look up to the male underwear style in times when nothing else could satisfy the thirst. Some of the reasons can be exceptional manhood support in comparatively less fabric, comfortable and a lot of options to choose from.

Men's Brief Underwear
Men’s Brief

Men’s boxer brief underwear

Quickly capturing its place in the hearts as well as the wardrobe, men’s boxer brief underwear is admired by personalities who are the least attention-seeker and believe in keeping himself covered. The men’s underwear styles not only is preferred by the male population because it provides the best of both worlds; it also defines the legs and gives a form fit the entire personality. They are also apt for guys who have a heavy built because it trims down the extra flab and lets them reveal their actual personality.

Mens thongs and g-string underwear for men

These are the scantiest mens underwear styles for sure. Whether you call them no string attached undies or something that makes you feel graduated from the regular common mens underwear styles but you definitely need to make sure that you know them well before wearing them. Having a proper outfit with the level of comfort that you want your male underwear to provide. Just be sure that you choose the most comfortable one and rock the mens thongs and g-string underwear for men.

Men's Brief Underwear
Men’s Brief

Well, there are many other styles available at the most comfortable and functional brands at Mensuas. You can even check out the other products at the brand store that focus on providing the best to the manhood without experimenting with the designs and keeping it limited to the lift, comfort, coverage, sophistication and the exotic feeling down there by the fabrics.

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Which Men’s Thongs should you be looking forward to this valentine’s day?

Mens Thong

It’s common human nature to feel happy while receiving gifts. It suggests that the other person cares for you and made the effort in order to bring you a gift hoping that you might like it. It’s pretty hard to imagine someone who doesn’t like receiving gifts. And it is that time of the year when you are already broke from buying presents at Christmas for your loved ones, Then you have to buy another one for valentine’s day. But don’t you think that the concept of gifts should work both ways. It’s about time, that men should also start receiving impressive gifts in return. Your wardrobe must be already stocked with all those woolen socks, sweaters, and gloves you got last Christmas. But now you’re bored of getting all these generic men’s gifts. You might be expecting something useful and stylish that you can be very helpful on a daily basis like a comfortable pair of men’s thong. Is it men’s thong underwear that you’re thinking about?

Valentine day tips

Men’s thong underwear is a great valentine’s day gift because it’s both practical and romantic. It’s not a tighty-whities world anymore. You cannot just put on your overstretched, ragged men’s underwear and go on a date with your valentine. Won’t it be a charm if you get one of those sexy men’s thong underwear as you valentine’s present? The front cut of men’s thong underwear is somewhat similar to that of men’s bikini and men’s g-string. The back designed using minimal fabric. This thin piece of fabric runs between the cheeks of the butt; the rear piece of fabric in men’s thongs is connected to both the underside of the package and the waistband, which more often than not is a string as well and elastic. The butt is completely uncovered.

Men’s thongs are available in a huge variety of fabrics including mesh, leather, and lace. They’re available in multiple colors and styles as well including varying thickness.

Men’s Thong

Mens Thong

The conventional men’s thong is designed with a front pouch for support (optional) that is connected to the rear of the waistband via a string. Thongs for men expose the butt cheeks but still manages to cover the butt-crack. When compared to a g-string, the traditional thong is considered to be more modest.

Men’s G-string

Men’s G-strings are one of the sexiest ways to go minimal under every attire that you choose to wear. Men’s thong and G-strings are very skimpy, revealing and erotic in design.

T-back thongs for men

T-back thongs for men has a V-shaped pouch that covers your privates with a string that passes between the legs and attaches to the thin waistband.

C-string thongs for men

Men’s C-string is the most daring line of sexy underwear for men that will definitely make you much hotter and sexier. Men’s c-string is designed with a headband that tucks down there without any support. The front part of the C-string is more like a funnel engulfs the package and the rest is a flexible band that passes through the buttocks and rests on the hip line.

Tanga thong underwear for men

Men’s Tanga can are a unique type of men’s thong underwear which rides low on the waist and covers more skin on both front and rear
than any of the other styles of men’s thong. Tanga thong underwear for men has high cuts on the sides which reveal more skin and enhance the appearance of your thigh muscles.

Cheeky Thong for men

Cheeky thongs for men is designed with low waistbands and the fabric passes between the legs, but the back of this men’s thong underwear rides high between the butt-cheeks. Similar to a men’s thong, the back of the men’s cheeky thong underwear is attached to the low waistband at the rear. This results in lots of skin show for a super sexy look.

Micro Thongs for men


Micro thongs are very exotic in design and appearance. They are designed similarly to the chip-cut G-string for women but redesigned for men. Micro thongs for men is the perfect role-playing accessory without any comprises to your masculinity.

When the idea is to look best without having a lot of fabric all over, one or the other style of thong underwear for men will work for you. So if you’re expecting a fresh pair of men’s underwear as your gift for Valentine’s, then men’s thong underwear is the style you should try out.

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Mens Underwear Style

You must be tired of wearing the same old ragged, uncomfortable mens underwear styles every day. Please do yourself a favour and get yourself a fresh pair of men’s fashion underwear. This decision will surely change your outlook towards men’s underneath fashion in a positive way. Many people think that male underwear styles is just available in classic old plain briefs and boxer shorts, but that’s where they’re wrong. They have been inside their bubble for way too long. It’s high-time men came out with a broader perspective towards different underwear styles for men.

If you’re looking to upgrade our men’s designer underwear collection, then they’re a lot of options for you to surf through. Check out one male underwear style for yourself and another style for your alter-ego.

Who knows which might pop up any time?


Below are the varied underwear styles for men




Mens Bikini Underwear


This is one of the staple styles of men’s undergarments.  They’re your standard, run-of-the-mill underwear and come in a variety of different rises, designs, and variations.  Men’s brief underwear cover your entire rear and your groin area in the front while leaving your upper thigh and side legs exposed. They are the standard comfortable underwear ever designed for men. They provide optimum support and upliftment to your jewels making them appear appealing and enticing.


Boxer briefs


Perfect for conventional and standard use, boxer briefs for men are used to cover almost half of your thighs, but nowadays most of the boxer briefs only cover about one-third of your thighs. These are pretty efficient for workout and sports and reduce the risk of chafing, infections, and rashes down there. They provide the same support as a men’s brief, but the coverage is maximum in men’s boxer briefs.


Men’s bikini underwear


Men’s bikini underwear are designed using coverage that stretches to the back leaving your rear open. But it depends on the variant you choose. Some bikini underwear for men has different coverage in varied styles. They are the best swimwear, period. Preferred by swimsuit models around the globe the popularity of men’s bikini is on the rise.


Men’s thongs


Mens Thong Underwear


Designed to be the ultimate sexy underwear for men with very less fabric providing a minimum to almost no coverage, thongs for men works like a charm when it comes to flaunting your sensual side. Wearing a thong underwear to a party can increase your chances of getting lucky as it tends to increase sex appeal and compliments your abdominal physique. They are quite bold and builds up confidence among men.


Men’s Jockstraps


These are the first preference for any athlete who wants to provide full support and stability to their groin parts. Men’s jockstraps have leg bands that fall around the sides of the butt cheeks which are connected to the waistband. The front has a pouch for inserting groin guards and cups to prevent damage to the manhood.

Well, these are the various styles of men’s underwear that you can upgrade to. However, it’s not the just the styles that come in a lot of variants, different kinds of fabric are also available in these underwear styles. Fabrics like sheer and mesh are perfect for keeping things smooth and soft down there without any abrasion. Now, male underwear styles are usually designed using airy and breathable materials to ensure proper ventilation around your crotch. Proper ventilation is a must to maintain healthy sexual hygiene and reduce the risk of chafing, rashes, and infections.

Now all you have to do is get out there and get yourself a men’s underwear style which suits you and speaks to your soul. Good luck!

Mens thongs are all about showing off what you have

thongs for men

If you are quite well versed with mens thongs, you would certainly know that there are numerous types that are available in the men’s underwear industry. Thongs have come a long way since their launch into the world of lingerie. Well, I am not talking about the women’s thongs, I am specifically referring to the male thongs that have gone on for centuries but somehow lost path and then came back into fashion. I sure you would have had a ride through the season with them depending on the different kinds of mens thongs available at Mensuas. Just to brief you about the different types of mens thongs, you can have a look at different varieties from which you can choose from.


This blog would lay down the different aspects that help you reveal more with the mens thongs.

The popular types of mens thongs


Mens G-string



When you think of skimp and want to take the revealing attitude to the next level, you must invest in mens g-string underwear. With a skimpier back and a thin patch in the front, mens g-string is the next level of show off.

Brazilian Bikinis


The collection of mens bikinis have been the sensuous ones. Well, to show off more, the Brazilian bikinis are the ones that would help you show off what you have down there. With high cuts on the sides, the pouch is what’s men’s enhancing underwear and makes your manhood look absolutely stunning.

Having known the popular styles offered in the category of mens thongs, you must know the different purposes for which thongs or g-string or any other men’s designer underwear should be worn.

Purpose of wearing mens thongs

There are so many reasons for which mens thongs are being adopted all across the globe. Some of them are mentioned below.

To show off

This has to be the first reason as we have the entire topic revolving around it. Men’s thongs are not basically worn to reveal your butts but to feel exceptionally comfortable. Well, when it comes to being with your partner, you definitely wear the exotic underwear style to show off.

To feel free



Donning thongs or g-strings, it is quite a feeling who feel free, light and most importantly confident. Most often, thongs are worn to attract attention.

To experiment wearing something new

When you are bored of the granny panties i.e., mens briefs, you can switch to thongs for men or g-string underwear to experiment with something new.

For no lines that by men’s underwear styles


Feel Fek Thong Feel Fek Thong Black/Red


The next and most common reason why many men prefer to wear thongs or any revealing style is to deal with underwear lines in their clothing.

How to choose the best revealing men’s underwear style?


Choose the best brand

First thing first, make sure you choose the best brand for yourself while choosing thongs for yourself. Best brands would mean that you pick the brands that would be perfect for you. With brands like Agacio, Good Devil, Cover Male, Miami Jocks and other brands available, you can choose the ones that are perfect for you.

Choose your type

When you choose your brand, you make sure that you pick the type of thongs for men, that suit your personality well. You can choose from the types that help you reveal more, help you feel more comfortable and define your personality well.

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