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Behold the future of men’s underwear – Jockstraps for men

Behold the future of men's underwear - Jockstraps for men

Underwear for men has encountered a lot of new designs and style since the last century. Male underwear and its popularity among men regarding comfort levels have gained quite some recognition in the current fashion scenario around the globe. Who would have thought that men’s underwear will be recognized as a fashion and lifestyle statement? Yet here we are, embracing men’s underwear as an important part of wardrobe and daily life. Men’s underwear had to find a way to serve beyond the purpose of just covering your genitalia. There was a need for a men’s underwear style which assured total support and protection to your Genitals during Rigorous and extreme physical activities. This gave birth to the concept of men’s jockstraps.

History of men’s jockstraps

Jockstraps for men was initially used as an apparatus used in medical treatment before it was accepted as a style statement providing both fashion and function. Jocks for men was invented in America in 1874 by CF Bennett as a medical apparatus for treating Bicycle messengers or Bike jockeys. But it then it was re-invented and re-introduced to the world as a futuristic men’s underwear style. The science behind men’s jockstraps is very effective and makes sure you get the highest dose of comfort and support.

Otzi Men's Jockstrap Underwear
Jockstraps for men

What makes Jockstraps for men so futuristic and great for athletics?

The design of men’s jockstraps is what makes it so futuristic. The design consists of 2 functioning parts.

  1. A protective pouch in front for maximum support and protection from injuries to the private parts. Jockstraps for men are also available in pouches purely for support only. Whereas, The other variant has a front pouch which can be equipped with a resistant cup or groin guards for additional protection and security.

  1. The second functional part of men’s jockstraps consists of wide elastic waistbands which provide ultimate support and upliftment to your genitalia.

Men’s jockstraps underwear is your one-stop solution to all of your athletic support needs. Men’s Jockstraps are for those who seek minimum coverage and ultimate support along with a stylish factor to their men’s underwear. jockstraps for men are designed with a protective pouch in the front for maximum support and protection from injuries. The pouch is connected to typically wide elastic waistbands which provides leverage to you front pouch in order to keep your genitals in a protective and isolated state.

Men’s jockstrap underwear come in 3 different types-

  • Sporty men’s jockstraps- This designer underwear for men has a durable and breathable mesh pouch which assures proper ventilation and breathability. Men’s jockstraps have wide elastic waistbands and soft jockstraps for optimum support and protection from injuries to the jewels.

  • Uplifting men’s jockstraps- The front pouch of these men’s jockstraps style has a horse-shoe shaped piece of material which aids in upliftment, enhancement, and support to the genitalia. These Men’s designer underwear provides leverage to the package assuring controlled isolation of your genitals.

  • Sexy men’s jockstraps- These men’s designer underwear style has a front pouch made using see-through mesh fabric which makes your package look erotic and sensuous. The front pouch is designed using push-up technology which lifts, support and enhances the front profile giving it an appealing look. The front waist is tie-up for a sexy and sporty look.
Kyle Men's Jockstrap Underwear
Jockstraps for men

Available Fabrics-

  • Moisture-wicking fabric- Men’s jockstraps are designed using moisture-wicking materials. Moisture wicking materials are special fabrics which pull moisture to the outer layer of the fabric in order to assure clean and dry skin

  • Erotic fabrics- Jockstraps for men are also available in fabrics like sheer and mesh which makes your jockstrap experience even more erotic and sensual. Sheer jockstraps for men are very subtle yet kinky while role-playing and spending intimate time with your partner.

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Men’s Thongs?

Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Get ready for this my friends because this week we are going full virile. I can’t get more excited when I see that a new package has arrived in the mail, what about you? As we all know, confidence is contagious and it always reflects on our appearance, but our clothes and looks have a lot to do with it as well. You may be casually wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, but if you are rocking some jockstraps underneath it all, I can assure you it’s a 100% confidence booster.

Last weekend, I decided to try some of the Virile products I had purchased the week before. Let me tell you all about this experience. First, I suited up with the royal blue Virile Tank (to keep it fresh with the summer vibes). The sexy style of the t-shirt, made 93% Viscose and 7% Spandex, makes it perfect to show off my masculinity. The cozy fabric made it an ideal option for the laid-back evening because I wanted to look casual but chic underneath. I had also bought the grey and navy shorts, so I thought it was a good chance to try them all at once. This look definitely did the trick; I felt bold and attractive, and all eyes were on me as I sashayed into the beach party.


But that’s not all. I also wanted to wear some sexy underwear which both look good and got the job done. I picked the white Virile Brief slips which form a sleek, defining fit that nicely accentuated my contours. Since it is almost 93% cotton, it provided long-lasting support and comfort. To be honest, the subtle textured added a dash of style, and it boosted my confidence because I wanted to look great both on the inside and on the outside. In the night, I decided to go with a bolder option and I wore the black and red Virile jockstrap because I wanted to keep it stylish and functional down there. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing. It was definitely a good decision because it provided a versatile and modern look while making me feel very masculine. It felt like a virile scent lingered in the air that night.


It has been a great fashion experience and I cannot wait for my next purchase. I’ve already added a pair of black thongs to my cart as this brand seems to be getting better every time. My best advice for you is to buy 100% original top quality products such as these ones since it will definitely make a difference at the end of the day. I signed up for the deals so I will keep on testing these amazing sexy products and keep you updated!

The exotic enchanter

The exotic enchanter

If you want to add excitement to your life and become an exotic feline, men’s exotic underwear will surely to do the trick. Sexy men’s underwear comes in all kinds, but there is one characteristic they all have in common: luxury. Give a flirtatious appeal to your underwear collection with men’s exotic underwear and enjoy the delicate luxury available in the wide variety of exotic underwear.

Today, I want to give you a few underwear suggestions, if you want to go full-animal mode. What exotic animal are you becoming tonight? Lion, tiger, or leopard? Let’s see which suits you best.

Personally, erotic underwear makes me feel sexy and confident. The revealing undergarments range from the ‘no show’ to ‘show it all’ styles because, ultimately, exotic underwear is really defined by what is and is not typical. Mensuas’s inventory is full of options that could easily be classified as exotic.

These are my top 3: Daniel Alexander DAL013 G-String Turquoise, it offers the least possible coverage. This G-String basically consists of a small pouch, just large enough to contain your package. The rest of it is string, not leaving much to imagination if you know what I mean. Another great option is the Cover Male CM101 Bikini Sheer Black, which are made from nothing but mesh. Black is my favorite pick for these entirely see-through bikinis that don’t leave anything to the imagination. Daniel Alexander DA771 Protrude Pouch Thong Purple is another incredibly sexy look. These thong are skin tight and super skimpy both in the front and the back.

Other brands, such as Miami Jock, have also unleashed my wild side. This brand’s design is known for its sexy underneath apparel because it’s especially designed for the adventurous personality. These are some of the reasons why they are my favorite: The sexy texture of the Miami Jock G-String lets me show off everything (literally), while providing great support. It features a sturdy waistband that keeps everything in one place, attached strings to connect to the pouch, and also a pouch that lets your manhood stay up and above with the extreme exposure. The Miami Jock Jockstrap is a delectable formation that looks more like a garter with a sheer pouch that covers the tip of the shaft, with a thick string-like waistband that keeps everything in one place and the strings coming down go up to the mid thighs and have easy adjustment Velcro flaps. Have you read this? It has Velcro! My ultimate favorite choice! On the other hand, the pouch is designed to do the needful things and cover the tip, leaving everything else to the show.

There are other great options for an exotic sexy night with your partner. Definitely, the Miami Jock Body Suit is one of them. It is everything one wants from an erotic design that can be used for foreplay. It features thick straps as the entire design that are connected with metal rings which can be adjusted easily. The back features no coverage to keeps the buttucks visible. What else can you wish for?

If you have been thinking of adding excitement to your love life, the Good Devil Carnal Love Slip Thong is what you should take a look at to fulfill your underwear fetish. This thong features supportive coverage from the front sides to the back. It provides a masculine appeal because the pouch showcases elastic strings that keep the position of the shaft and balls upright.

The Good Devil Free Your Desires Slip Thong is what daring personalities adopt to keep their adventurous appeal and underwear in sync. With conventional thong coverage all over, it is the pouch that lets your manhood out in the open to breathe well. The pouch fabric is connected to the waistband with the help of strings.

These skimpy undergarments definitely give you the feeling of going commando. Like an ocean, if you search deep enough you may find rare exotic treasures. Take a sneak peek into all the options and let your inner feline out tonight.

UndieGuy Reveals: Backless Underwear

In this video Undie Guy talks about backless undies and how sexy and sporty they can be!


Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy shows us some backless undies he loves and why they are the perfect blend of brief and jockstrap

Just like the bulge (if you haven’t read my blog about it, then click here), the male ass is a thing of beauty. The fine contours and shapely curve of an ass crack separating the two luscious mounds of flesh that accentuate a man’s behind are enticing and works of art. Countless male form statues are testament to that.

Now while men’s underwear has come a long way and the materials and designs give a shapely butt a better hugging outline, it’s still a shame sometimes to cover it all up.

There are a wide variety of undie options to solve the bum conundrum. There are thongs and jockstraps (which I’ll do write-ups on soon), but a tasty tease of ass is best provided by the backless variety of underpants. There’s more coverage than on jockstraps but less than on a brief. Your ass cheeks are wonderfully cupped in some material from the sides leaving most or all of the cheeks exposed. There’s no G-string either to impede the view.

What I love about them is that they frame your ass nicely giving them a boost and providing an airy and free feeling. Perfect for sports and easy access when you’re looking to play in the bedroom. There’s no reason why only women’s undies should be sexy. In fact, women look for their men to wear some sexy stuff too. And for the guys who like guys, these undies tantalise and give great access for some ass play.

I’ve seen so many variations on backless undies: there’s a lot of coverage and less coverage. There are ones that give you a little peek in to your inner ass and ass crack and then ones that let your bubble butt shine right through by giving them a boost. It’s great that men’s undies now have so many design options and great companies and brands are experimenting with making the male form sexier and desirable. Everyone can try them on and find a style that suits their body type.

Bold and beautiful, backless boxers and briefs are a whole new style that you should certainly experiment with under your trousers and jeans. Perfect to beat the heat they’ll make you look hot and will turn on your partner too!

Visit undieguy.online

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Instagram: UndieGuy1

Good things come in big packages

Good Things come in Big Packages

Today we are thinking about those you who are above average, in a big way. We know that it can be hard for those who come with a big package (is that so?), so our focus is on guys who are 8 inches or above and the solution to your shopping problems. As we know, not all underwear styles fit all tastes and not every type of underwear fits all. Imagine your partner’s surprise when they find that what lies beneath is bigger than what they had imagined!

Let’s see what your different and most suitable options are. First, we recommend buying underwear with a pouch. Whatever underwear you choose, just make sure that the size is right and has a contoured pouch. Give your biggie a pouch and let it breath. Trust us, with this option, it will never bother you again. It is important to buy versatile brands that have extra space to fit in your huge ju*k. Check out Pistol Pete’s vivacious and compelling underwear. We can’t get enough of those eye-catching prints! You won’t be able to judge the super luxurious feeling they provide until you slip into a pair and feel it for yourself.


We also recommend that you try briefs. If you’re well-endowed and looking for underwear that will give you the most room, then briefs are for you. Try brands such as Hung, especially designed for guys like you. Briefs are made of nylon featuring spandex, incorporating fabric that will stretch and give you the coverage you need while bringing a sexy look that your partner will never forget. This brand’s underwear is ergonomically designed for men with huge packages. The material is very light and breathable with great enhancing support. Hung also offers a wide variety of jockstraps, bikinis, boxers, and briefs.


If you’re a man who likes being loyal to a particular style, you can also choose boxers for more room. Boxers provide complete coverage while also covering more thigh. Wear the relaxed fit for maximum room and more leg comfort.

A good pair of boxer briefs goes a long way, if you know what I mean.

Gift yourself a set of new, flattening, sexy as hell underwear for your birthday or any other occasions. It’s not like you need it, but you’ll sure get a lot of attention!

Spice up your love life.

Spice up your love life

Are you looking for new ways to put the excitement back into your sex life? We know it can be challenging, but you’ll see that there is a whole new world of options. Spice it up with our sexy adventurous underwear! Sometimes, becoming more comfortable with your partner sometimes means your sex life can turn quite monotonous and dull, but we are here to help make you feel so attractive, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you!

One of the biggest issues for couples is that they can lose spontaneity, and often don’t get around to experimenting with all the new underwear products we have to offer. You can achieve so much with new ideas and new undergarments. Trust us, from subtle to erotic, Daniel Alexander Underwear has it all!

Remember that trying new things keeps dopamine, the brain chemical associated with exhilaration and ecstasy, going. Try introducing a change of scenery, which is always a fun idea, and start the night by showing your partner you are willing to let yourself go! If you take a look, you’ll see that with Daniel Alexander, you’ll be able to find styles of briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, jockstraps and G-string underwear for men. If you are the kind of man who likes to show off, step into the sheer underwear. It offers one of the most definitive products on the market, with a wide variety of cuts. You can go from traditional and subtle to barely-there erotic.


Daniel Alexander DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

Be adventurous and take the initiative, and remember that routine cancels out variety! Another great option to spice up your bedroom life is to choose one sexy-as-hell underwear product, and send your partner a “special delivery.” That’ll surely spice up your night!

Check out Daniel Alexander’s featured products of the week, and have the greatest weekend of your life. We are sure you’ll thank us later!

Daniel Alexander DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable??

Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable | Mensuas

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about “jockstraps”? Do you relate it to the long ago men’s underwear style used to be an integral part of the game costume? Or, it is what you look up to for bringing the sizzling action behind the closed doors?

Whatever be your idea of jockstrap, the fashion underwear style is definitely one of those which keeps coming back some or the other way to get straight to the hearts and the underneath of the male population. After being vanished from the face of the earth being the athletic pair, the style made a comeback as a fashionable pair and continued to please the manhood for the big games as well.

Now, which is your kind of jock strap? Is it going to be – Athletic or Fashionable one??

We’ve compiled a list of characteristic traits that you’ll be able to decide which one is meant for you.

Athletic jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Feature a sturdy elastic waistband that holds

If you are the athletic types and are in love jocks, you would know that one of the most important feature to keep everything in place below the belt is the elastic waistband. More often, the feature is broad and of has the name of the brand on it. It is available to keep the place of the pair intact without promoting any movement.

Elastic leg bands for the right grip

Keeping in sync with the waistband, the leg bands too are made with elastic fabric like spandex or elastane to keep the pouch held from the lower portion of the butt and goes all the way to the waistband.

The pouch is functionally supportive

Made out of cotton, nylon or some other sporty fabric, the pouch intends to support and enhance the visibility of the manhood. The enhancement and protection were the basic features when the style was introduced to men.

The very basic intention of these features was to keep you from chafing, rashes and getting yourself hurt while indulging in sporty games or workouts.

Fashionable jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Waistband are sometimes flimsy

Made to be flaunted while indulging in romantic affairs or personal self indulgence, the waistband of the fashionable jocks are made with lacy fabrics or shimmery textured ones that look appeal on the body. Well, you might also find broad elastic ones as well.

Leg bands are elastic

Without doubt the leg bands are made to hold the pouch in the correct place. Hence, they are majority of the times made to hold the grip of the pair together.

Pouch is designed to appeal and support

You might or might not want support when it comes to fashionable underneath. You have options of choosing sheer underwear fabrics to open pouches, sexy cut-outs to absolutely no support in the front. Well, made for regular days, the comfort is definitely an essential part of the style.

Which style would you opt for? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Most Loved Jockstraps Of 2015

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

The year 2015 was full of innovative styles and concepts in the men’s fashion industry. Same was witnessed at the men’s underwear store Mensuas. This blog talks about the highest rated men’s jockstrap by the wearers as well by us. Let us look at some of our favorite jocks; from ones that feature a brief cut front to jocks with snap pouches, we couldn’t have been more satisfied.

1. Miami Jock launched its snap pouch collection with the Skimp Jock being the most popular of them all. A step forward from the conventional, the snap pouch and adjustable rings on the back are some of the key features to be looked for.Miami Jock Skimp Jock Black2. Pikante’s Castro assortment was loved by one and all. The Castro Jockstrap that features super sporty look as well as the anatomically shaped pouch is what catches the attention at once. The colors available are also worth applauding to the brand. The defining yet roomy fit results in an ultra comfy fit with a sexy bulge boost.  Pikante Castro Jockstrap Grape

3. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap is a delectable combination of sporty functionality with oozing sex appeal. With the mesh fabric covering the manhood on the front, there’s lot to see in the rear with the conventional designer underwear style. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap Navy

4. The PPU Fishnet Jockstrap is purely fashion underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination with large net-like pouch that keeps it airy and holding with there are no bands as such but the net that does the holding of the butts and a ring that connects the waistband with the pouch. It surely is one of the most innovative ideas. PPU Jockstrap - White-Gold

5. Good Devil has always been the most revealing and sexy underwear brand. The Lace jockstrap by the brand is about getting to know your feminine side and appeal your partner with the same. The lace partially exposes and hides the manhood while the rear shows everything clearly. The passionate color red is what makes it more tempting. Good Devil Lace Jockstrap Red

6. Intimate Boxer Jockstrap is yet another product that goes down in the history with the innovative amalgamation of tear drop-like pouch and boxer-like bands in the rear. It fits well to different body types and yet be comfortable on the manhood as well as the waist without compromising with the support. Cover Male Intimate Boxer Jockstrap Black

7. The Candyman Bordello Jockstrap is an erotic cum exotic underwear made with crisscross design over the mesh on the pouch while the attraction is in the rear where, with the conventional straps, the product also has a thong strap that passes the butt crack. The unique design has been picked up from the 18th Century and is surely a must have. CandyMan Jockstrap Black

8. Agacio has always been popular for its comfortable appeal and sophisticated designs. That’s exactly why the Basics Jockstrap by the brand is so popular. The conventional design with the unique Sack Lifting technique is what makes it a desirable product. The subtle lift provided by the same makes the manhood visible on the outside. Agacio Basics Jockstrap Royal Blue

9. The PetitQ C-Jock is a step towards magical apparel styles. The product is hard to understand but fits well on the manhood. Why is called magical? The pouch is attached to the leg bands and connects with nothing else. Simply put, there’s nothing that holds the pouch with the waistband on the front. It is just the leg bands holding it in the rear. PetitQ C-Jock - Black

10. The Spider Jock Sheer by the popular label Joe Snyder is highly acclaimed product for the forming fit in the pouch and the sex appeal on the rear with the spider-like net coverage. It looks and feels absolutely stunning on the manhood while the rear is for the show.  Joe Snyder Spider Jock Sheer Black

These were the top 10 highest rated men’s jockstrap underwear available at mensuas.com. This is the right time to bag them before they out of stock.

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Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – More Than A Sporty Innerwear

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap at Mensuas

Some men look for comfortable yet sporty underwear and the Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap seems to have been designed for them. This men’s jockstrap is just the thing you need for great support, fit and feel. With wide rear straps and a specially designed pouch, it gives your package the comfort and boost it deserves.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – features

It is a jockstrap with package-boosting pouch that men would love to sport. Stretch cotton fabric that comprises of 96% of cotton and 4% of spandex makes it extremely comfortable and the right kind of innerwear you can wear all day long.

The most salient feature of the Swing Enhance Jockstrap is the boost it gives to the package. The pouch is designed like a hammock that keeps the package away from the body. The pouch maintains the shape of the package and gives it a slight boost that looks just great. The pouch gives the asset right kind of support and keeps it snug too.

It is available in bright colors like red and classic black.

Pros of using Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is best for casual wear as it is sporty and makes men look sexy too. It is also comfortable and that made it so popular with males. It rendered a good fit and support to the package which men seek from their innerwear.  Along with that, Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap also makes them feel and look good. It surely enhances the confidence level and gives men an added boost.

The pouch really gives a nice lift and boosts the package which most men like about this underwear.

Swing It With Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap.  It is suitable for dailywear and some men even wore it for work. The stretchable fabric made them feel comfortable with the assurance of a great look.

Cons of Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Some men may not find the innerwear a good fit. Some may find it riding too high. The pouch strap is on the outside which may not be up to the taste of males who are particular about these things.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is right for gymming and places the package away from the body and keeps it snug too. It is a sporty innerwear that does loads of good to the look. The bright color and the unique design have caught the fancy of the modern men who are up for experimenting with their style. Go for this innerwear if you want to feel super confident of your looks.

Have a look at jockstrap underwear collection by Intymen here-

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Men Underwear: Captured The Lingerie Market In Its Grip!!

Men Underwear at Mensuas

Gone those days when market was filled with designer lingerie for women only. At the initial stage of undergarments market, men were considered as the secondary object, but now the condition has changed, men underwear market is as flourishing as women. Even women now want their counterpart to wander at the beaches in the sexiest piece, where men can grab the eyes of everyone on their masculine part of the body.

Underwear is the safeguard of men’s genital part. Besides protecting private parts from shock it also keep them warm in cold conditions and provides erotic effect. It is very essential to choose the right undergarment as it remains constantly touch with your most sensitive part of the body. Never consider low quality material as it can create problem, always select branded underwear as it is made up of high quality fabric.

Today, many online companies are providing a great collection of men’s underwear. Their business is up to the mark in providing latest trendy underwear made from finest fabric.  They have appointed most experienced designers of the market that keep introducing the latest trends. Some of the trendy types of underwear’s that have rocked the marked nowadays are:


Black boxer can make any women seductive. It you want to add adventure to your night, try red or blue. Always wear boxers of short leg, just halfway down the thigh.

Boxer brief:

this is the best kind to entice the opposite sex as women love this alternative of boxers and briefs. It will provide you indescribable masculine comfort and will enhance your confidence, ultimately improving your performance. Whether it is big board meeting or a game of love at night, you will surely be winner at every front.


it converts a man into more stylish and sexier person on the poolside or at the beach. Always try to select some bold colors as they will add zing to your day. Wearing Bikni in bold red or yellow color will make your woman to come with you in water and her yearn will turn the water on fire, definitely.


: if you have strong, masculine hips and find no reason to hide them, then you should wear G-string as it has no rear coverage. Its narrow strip in the back extends from the crotch to the waistband. It’s considered very sexy as it reveals your buttocks for your girl.


it is the newest trend in men’s panty world. It eliminates the waistband and forms a “C” shape in a special frame that provides the perfect shape to your dick. A masculine body wearing only a C-string walking on the beach is a treat for the eyes for all girls and envy to their men.