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Men’s G-String Underwear- What Outfits Men can Wear with the Style?

Men’s G-String Underwear- What Outfits Men can Wear with the Style?

Well, you would have read numerous of articles and blogs that talk about what kind of men’s underwear is suitable for the desired occasion ad outfit. However, trying to put across a different scenario, this blog would help you find outfits appropriate for one of the most revolutionary apparel style, men’s g-string underwear.

Let us look at the outfits that you can easily wear with the modern version of thong underwear.

  • Tight pants: Talking about the very functional feature of g-strings for which they are made, tight pants is what you can definitely wear with the style. The no-underwear lines function is the aspect that lets you wear the tight leather pants or denim jeans without the fear of nasty lines protruding from the fabric.
  • White pants: Talked about the white pants, white pants is the next in the queue. What makes g-string ideal for the monochromatic shade? Well, white is a color that reveals every other color worn underneath it. Whether it is black, pink, purple, yellow or any other, it’ll automatically be visible from the outside. With a triangular pouch in the front and a mere string in the back, you can sport the pure colored pants without any fear.
  • Shorts : Well, think about the time when you are at the beach sitting in the sand, probably making sandcastles, would you be interested in showing off another layer under the shorts? It could be anything from men’s boxer briefs to conventional tighty whiteys or would you let them take a sneak peek at a smooth, no-fabric skin? If you choose the second option, g-strings would be your best friend.
  • Swim shorts: There are men who prefer to wear another layer of fabric while taking their time planning to swim. For those times, and also to add another layer of support in the shorts, g-strings are a perfect option. They are minimal, comfortable, and made of fabrics suitable for water activities (some products made of polyamide).

Did we miss on something? Do let us know in the comments below and keep shopping at mensuas.com.

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Make The Hug Day Special With A Naughty Gift For Your Man

Hug Day Special - Mensuas

Can you feel love in the air? Of course you can. With Valentine Day just a week away from us, love is everywhere. Now, before the Valentine Day comes the Hug day on 13th February. A hug is like a smile, it can set right almost anything, practically anything. If your boyfriend is troubled with his deadline, hug him and tell him that he is superb. He will not only feel good but can also handle the work pressure easily.

Make his day special with a gift

It takes a big and warm hug from you to make his world go round. This year, make this extra special by going out with him on the Hug Day and doing something out of your way. A hug from you is always special but you can top it up with a lovely gift for him. Flowers and chocolates are ok when you have just entered the relationship. Couples who are with each other for some time can get really naughty to spice up things and also make it memorable.

Other than perfumes and clothing, you can always buy men’s underwear for your man. Oh yes, get something exclusive and something that he didn’t expect from you. Check out the huge range of fashion underwear for men at mensuas.com and see how he breaks into a smile and hugs you back.

Make sure to dress up right for the occasion and keep everything a secret. Give him a bear hug and tell him that you have a secret wish in your mind. Reveal it after sometime when he really gets impatient. Make sure that you have wrapped your gift nicely with a loving message to set his mood.

Once he finds out what you have got for him, trust me he will explode and you will have the best Hug day of your life.

Men Underwear: Captured The Lingerie Market In Its Grip!!

Men Underwear at Mensuas

Gone those days when market was filled with designer lingerie for women only. At the initial stage of undergarments market, men were considered as the secondary object, but now the condition has changed, men underwear market is as flourishing as women. Even women now want their counterpart to wander at the beaches in the sexiest piece, where men can grab the eyes of everyone on their masculine part of the body.

Underwear is the safeguard of men’s genital part. Besides protecting private parts from shock it also keep them warm in cold conditions and provides erotic effect. It is very essential to choose the right undergarment as it remains constantly touch with your most sensitive part of the body. Never consider low quality material as it can create problem, always select branded underwear as it is made up of high quality fabric.

Today, many online companies are providing a great collection of men’s underwear. Their business is up to the mark in providing latest trendy underwear made from finest fabric.  They have appointed most experienced designers of the market that keep introducing the latest trends. Some of the trendy types of underwear’s that have rocked the marked nowadays are:


Black boxer can make any women seductive. It you want to add adventure to your night, try red or blue. Always wear boxers of short leg, just halfway down the thigh.

Boxer brief:

this is the best kind to entice the opposite sex as women love this alternative of boxers and briefs. It will provide you indescribable masculine comfort and will enhance your confidence, ultimately improving your performance. Whether it is big board meeting or a game of love at night, you will surely be winner at every front.


it converts a man into more stylish and sexier person on the poolside or at the beach. Always try to select some bold colors as they will add zing to your day. Wearing Bikni in bold red or yellow color will make your woman to come with you in water and her yearn will turn the water on fire, definitely.


: if you have strong, masculine hips and find no reason to hide them, then you should wear G-string as it has no rear coverage. Its narrow strip in the back extends from the crotch to the waistband. It’s considered very sexy as it reveals your buttocks for your girl.


it is the newest trend in men’s panty world. It eliminates the waistband and forms a “C” shape in a special frame that provides the perfect shape to your dick. A masculine body wearing only a C-string walking on the beach is a treat for the eyes for all girls and envy to their men.

How to Get Men’s Thong Underwear

With more men getting the hang of men’s thong underwear and it’s numerous benefits, designers offer a huge array of styles and designs according to the various personalities. While it might take some time to adjust with the revealing style if you are a newcomer; the thongs wearers claim that it is the most comfortable, breathable and supportive undergarment known to them.

Otzi Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Tips To Remember

  1. Firstly you should actually make up your mind whether you really want to try the sexy underwear or not. Consider the support, comfort and breathability with the additional functions like this style does not ride up like men’s boxer briefs or boxers.
  2. Choose the brand you prefer. There are a plethora of brands that offer men’s fashion underwear from the functional purposes to pleasure purposes. Brands like Cover Male, Intymen, Agacio and others manufacture comfortable, supportive thongs whereas; Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman, etc master the art of designing exotic underwear style for pleasure purposes.
  3. Search the collection of men’s underwear store Mensuas and look for the various types of thongs available. You can choose from enhancing underwear, men’s cock rings, men’s g-strings as well as other host of options for you. Choose the right fabric for yourself according to the occasion for which you’re looking for. They feature various waistband thickness, skin coverage and pouch styles.
  4. Go online. I might have mentioned a number of times that online shopping is definitely better than wasting your valuable time searching retailer stores. You get the value added services like discounts, privacy, various payment options, a variety of colors, fabrics and most importantly you get it under one roof. However, it is highly recommended that you know your size rather than just take a guess when buying online–most men need a thong that’s slightly bigger than regular underwear.

Mensuas is the leading underwear store that specializes in offering great brands, functional products with exceptional customer service. You can choose from subtle, sophisticated to sexy and racy designs, prints, patterns. So, go online at Mensuas, shop your favorite pair and stock them up to bring vibrancy in your top drawer at the most affordable prices.

Do let us know in the comments below which brand and style appealed your eye from the huge inventory of Mensuas.

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Some Tips To Prevent Your Underwear From Showing

Most of us face the problem of showy underwear, especially in cases of high rising men’s underwear styles. So wearing extremely low resting waistbands is not the only solution or stopping to wear something that you really love. There are more steps that you can adopt to prevent it to come out of the pants.

Let me lay down some of the useful, handy and practical tips that will help you solve the problem.

Try pairing up properly:

When you plan to wear something which is low waist and makes you conscious, try teaming up with low resting apparel styles like men’s briefs or men’s boxer briefs or anything of that sorts. On the other hand, you can also go for skimpy men’s exotic underwear styles like men’s g-string or men’s thongs.

Agacio Underwear

Wear a longer shirt/tee:

This is for those who can pair their pants with a lengthy tee or shirt; the option of tucking them in is also worth considering. After tucking the shirt in, bend over and check if there are possibilities of your sexy underwear to protrude from the waist.

Belt it up:

Wearing a loose pant might increase the showy lines of the underwear as your pant will sag and the latter will rise up. So, it is better to keep a back up for emergencies.

Wear darker bottoms:

Showy undergarment does not only restrict to their lines coming out from the pants; it also refers to pairing up the light colored pants with contrast undergarments. However, if the intention is to show off your goods with sexy men’s briefs underwear or some other style, you can go ahead with it. If not, then try to slip into a darker shade of pants that do not reveal what’s inside.

Pay heed to tight denims:

Let’s face the fact that modern men like to adorn tight denims and pants that stick to the body. The only problem with tight lowers is that the nasty underwear lines stick out and make the margins visible to anyone who looks at your rear. Luckily, this the right moment where you can go for some erotic underwear styles like men’s g-string or men’s c-string that saves you from the embarrassment.

At Mensuas, you’ll find all the desired kind of styles, designs, patterns, colors, fabrics of your choice. Check out the inventory and please do let us know if you have any other suggestions that prevent the intimate apparel to show on your trousers.

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Dress Up To Kill On Valentine Day – A Few Tips for Men

Valentine day is just round the corner and you must be wondering how to sweep off her feet. Well, your planning for the biggest date night must begin with choosing the right outfit for you. To create the right impression you need to look and smell good and this needs some preparation.

How to dress up for Valentine day?

Your choice of outfit would depend on the date you have planned for her. If it is a casual night out, a great pair of jeans and a cool tee may suffice. To enhance your appeal you can team it up with a jacket.
However, if you have planned something formal like a dinner in a fancy restaurant you need to be more careful with your clothing.
A well-fitted shirt with a black mock neck knit sweater and dress pants will do for you. If you want to woo her, go for a blazer or a v-neck sweater. Want to look casual even in formals? Get a scarf and let it hang loose from your neck. Your lady love will swoon over you. You can even wear a pair of jeans to pile up the oomph factor.

Don’t forget the accessories

Women are known for their eye for details. No matter, how well you are dressed, you will fail to impress her if you are not using the right accessories. So, remember to choose a good pair of shoes. Snickers and sandals are for mundane days. Go for something stylish. Your belt and tie should be coordinated. Never forget your watch. Yes, a trendy piece on your wrist will definitely turn a few heads.

Of course, you cannot forget the basics. I am referring to men’s underwear. A sexy and comfortable innerwear is what you need to feel great about yourself. You can try briefs, thongs and low-waist ones according to the outfit you have picked for yourself. You can try from the vast range of innerwear “mensuas.com offers.

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Men’s Underwear: Catches The Eyes of Everyone!!

Men’s Underwear at Mensuas

It’s completely a false notion that only a woman can have different categories of sexy lingerie in her wardrobe. Designers have loaded the market with stylish yet most comfortable men’s underwear. Keeping in mind that a man can also has preferences as some wants comfort whereas other can desire for style with comfort. So, designers have flushed the market with different types of underwear as per the individual needs and requirements to provide comfort and style. The first documented men’s underwear was the loin cloth worn by ancient Greeks. Till now, after crossing different phases, men’s underwear is the million dollar business today.  Mentioned below are some basic types that are preferred by men worldwide.

Men’s Underwear Styles:

  • Boxer

This is the most ideal kind of underwear by men who are into some kind of labor or sport activity. The loose fitting of the underwear provides them ultimate comfort in warm weather. Boxers have full coverage that provides the freedom of movement.

This traditional type of underwear has Y-shaped front fly opening and is worn at waistline. It covers the complete area of back and front from waist to thigh muscles. It is preferred by men who wear suits as it has tight fitting and goes well under the pants.

It is the combination of boxer and brief. It has length of a boxer but fitting of brief. Because of its fitting, it provides maximum flexibility during movement.

Because of its close fit, trunk offers full control and a very good support in the pouch. The main reason behind its popularity is seem free look that makes it a style statement in men category.

The newest trendy innerwear that has made every man drives crazy. It offers all the essential comfort and support more than any other style. Nowadays, market is booming with ever increasing range of quality, style and practicality, and men are also considering comfort prior to vanity and that is why opting for a stylish men thong.

G-string has much greater minimalist look. They can easily be distinguished with a much narrow string, which is generally about a quarter of an inch wide. Made from cotton or micro fibers, they are highly acclaimed between active males who took parts in sport and high impact activity. They are appreciated because of providing maximum support and control.

Can you think of any piece of clothing smaller than G-string? Yes, C-string is the world smallest men’s thong and sexiest too!! It is the latest lingerie that is strapless. You can wear it under anything like trousers, jeans and even as a swimwear. So, for men, now it’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable straps and ugly panty lines.

Jockstraps are like thongs but they have two straps for backside support. They are best for men indulging in high-impact sports as it provide maximum support and protection.

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Thongs And G Strings Are Plentiful At Mensuas

Mensuas carries a huge selection of thongs and g-strings for men. We have over 95 different styles available from Good Devil, Cover Male, Male Power, Gia and more of your favorite brands in stock and ready to ship to you.

Popular G-Strings and Thongs:

Cover Male G string-

The Cover Male G-strings have contour fit pouch for better enhancement and shape of the crotch. The high quality fabric used is made generally from Polymide and Spandex. The material is lightweight, breathable and has quick drying traits. The proportion of fabric incorporated gives a apt amount of stretch and comfort.

Cover Male G string | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Intymen Sport Thong-

The Intymen Sports Thongs are crafted for full support and maximum mobility. The low-rise thongs are perfect for gymming, jogging and activities, that involve the leg movement. The mesh-like fabric all over allows breathe-ability to your package. Form-fitting construction keeps you simple and modern at the same time.

Intymen Sport Thong Red

Good Devil Zoom Thong-

Zoom thongs are made from smooth microfiber. The tiny underwear is comfortable and stretches around the body to give a snug fit. The pouch lifts the package and provides a bigger bulge. The tastefully cut thongs, zoom in the right places. For more excitement, the sheer collections of zoom thongs make a greater impact.

Good Devil Zoom Thong | Men's Underwear | MensuasShop for the most exotic collections available at Mensuas.

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New Good Devil Underwear Arrived This Week At Mensuas

Everyone has a good side and a devilish side and the Good Devil brand allows you to explore both. Admittedly, there is more devil than good in our products, but of course that is what makes it so fun. Good Devil is not for the faint of heart; it’s all about sex appeal and feeling great. Good Devil’s most conservative piece is sexier than 99% of the underwear out there, so proceed with caution and only wear Good Devil if you want to look and feel sexy. Available styles include bikini, thong, boxer, jockstrap and some unique pieces only available in the Good Devil collection.

Good Devil Oriental touch Slip Thong Grey

Mensuas carries over 90 different Good Devil styles of men’s underwear, in fact we have one of the largest collections of Good Devil men’s underwear on the internet.

Sexy Underwear Styles:

New sexy underwear from Good Devil is now avalable at Mensuas.The range of Good Devil G-strings is tempting and seductive. G-Strings for men are comfortable, barely there and stylish all the way.

Take a look at sexy g-string underwear by brand Good Devil below:


Good devil is the sexiest brand when we talk about men’s underwear and swimwear. From the range of Briefs, Boxer Shorts to Thongs and C-Strings, the designs are stylish and sensuous.

Check out the inventory yourself and stuff your underwear drawer with exotic collection of underwear by Good Devil.

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Hot Guy Pic- 3

Hot Guy Pic 3 | Men's Underwear | MensuasLook your best just like the guy in the image above by wearing sexy male underwear which are enhancing and designed to flatter.

Hot Underwear:

Available in a variety of hot colors and shape enhancing styles, explore our range of thongs, G strings and jockstraps – as well as more exotic styles including male bikinis, pouch underwear and sheer lingerie.

The unique pouch design, as can be seen in the above image makes it ideal for workout and available in vibrant range of striking colors and fresh designs.

Do you own any underwear styles that have subtle stripes? Which style do you think will look the best on you this season? Explore our collection at www.mensuas.com to look extremely sexy, confident and bold.

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