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Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Get ready for this my friends because this week we are going full virile. I can’t get more excited when I see that a new package has arrived in the mail, what about you? As we all know, confidence is contagious and it always reflects on our appearance, but our clothes and looks have a lot to do with it as well. You may be casually wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, but if you are rocking some jockstraps underneath it all, I can assure you it’s a 100% confidence booster.

Last weekend, I decided to try some of the Virile products I had purchased the week before. Let me tell you all about this experience. First, I suited up with the royal blue Virile Tank (to keep it fresh with the summer vibes). The sexy style of the t-shirt, made 93% Viscose and 7% Spandex, makes it perfect to show off my masculinity. The cozy fabric made it an ideal option for the laid-back evening because I wanted to look casual but chic underneath. I had also bought the grey and navy shorts, so I thought it was a good chance to try them all at once. This look definitely did the trick; I felt bold and attractive, and all eyes were on me as I sashayed into the beach party.


But that’s not all. I also wanted to wear some sexy underwear which both look good and got the job done. I picked the white Virile Brief slips which form a sleek, defining fit that nicely accentuated my contours. Since it is almost 93% cotton, it provided long-lasting support and comfort. To be honest, the subtle textured added a dash of style, and it boosted my confidence because I wanted to look great both on the inside and on the outside. In the night, I decided to go with a bolder option and I wore the black and red Virile jockstrap because I wanted to keep it stylish and functional down there. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing. It was definitely a good decision because it provided a versatile and modern look while making me feel very masculine. It felt like a virile scent lingered in the air that night.


It has been a great fashion experience and I cannot wait for my next purchase. I’ve already added a pair of black thongs to my cart as this brand seems to be getting better every time. My best advice for you is to buy 100% original top quality products such as these ones since it will definitely make a difference at the end of the day. I signed up for the deals so I will keep on testing these amazing sexy products and keep you updated!

Modus Vivendi is not just Swimwear, it’s a lifestyle

Modus Vivendi lifestyle

Summer season is finally here! We have all been waiting for it for months already: just the thought of spending good quality time with family and friends in some paradise beach, get tanned and enjoy amazing sunsets together creates instant motivation for us to work on our best look, and Modus Vivendi is here to help!

Nowadays, brands focus on achieving both comfort and rapid drying in swimwear and swimsuits, but not all of them are able to get your body look great in the process. At Modus Vivendi, we take the fashionable appeal very seriously and we got it covered for all personality types!





If you are looking to stay classy without losing the sporty imagine everyone loves at the beach, my choice would be to go with the Desert Short, which comes in Grey and Sand tones. Its modern design will keep you comfortable while enjoying a smooth appeal. My personal favorite from this new collection is the Yellow Multi Trunk, which without a doubt will catch the eye of everyone; even better if you have a partner who will enjoy the view as well! it provides a super sexy look as it accentuates your figure and it assures a pleasing swimming experience. It comes in Khaki and Blue colors.

The Polkadot Brief is the perfect pick for men who are happy to keep it minimal in their choice for swimwear. Modus Vivendi’s features three different designs that highlight your masculine parts from the front to the back. Personally, I am in love with the Fuchsia Nude Brief, I think it can really stress a sexy personality everyone will want to meet! With its designer cut, smooth support and striking colors, all heads will be turning to stare at you. For men who like to give a boost to their style and showcase their intimate side, it’s a must-have in their closets.



Going to the beach or the pool has never been so good! With Modus Vivendi, you will get the masculine and sensual look you desire.

Let us know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year’s collection down below in our comments!

Meet The Kyle Of Your Dreams

This week, we’ve got a huge surprise for you. Now, hold on… It’s not what you are thinking about, but we promise it will do wonders with your underwear style. 

Our goal is to always be at the top of our game and to offer high quality products that last longer than our competitors. If you checked our newest collections (and we know you did!) you have seen the new sexy products Kyle has to offer. 

Kyle embodies the most amazing person you will ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. He is amazing, perfect, and everything a partner would ever want. Kyle can make you lose your little fights with his charm, and Kyle can make you crazy for him. When we designed this new collection, we thought about a Kyle in shining armor; a knight willing to save anyone he loves. 

Here are a couple of our best picks of the week for you. Wear the Kyle brief slips if you are looking to feel great on the inside is as well as on the outside. These are made with 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex. They provide the defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours while it provides long-lasting support and comfort. If you are going for the casual sexy look, the subtle texture adds a dash of style. 

If you are a sports fan who has had trouble in the past finding swimwear that flaunts your body but at the same time keeps you comfortable, the Kyle bikini is just the product you have been looking for. My favorite is the Micro Bikini Fuchsia. Trust me, these swim trunks will definitely catch the attention of everyone while providing you with a pleasant swimming experience. It’s the ultimate 2-for-1 experience.

For the most adventurous ones, and I must admit I am one of you, let me tell you that last night I wore the Kyle turquoise G-string and I loved it. The front features conventional coverage and a supportive pouch while, let’s be honest, the back leaves little to the imagination (which I love!). It has done wonders to flaunt my butt cheeks without compromising support and comfort.

I seized the opportunity and bought a lot of the offers for Mensuas Father’s Week, with savings up to 40% sitewide. Next week I will test a bolder option. I am looking for an option to keep it stylish and functional down there for sporty activities and what better option than trying the new red Kyle Sport Jockstrap. Stay tuned!

Underwear tips if you are going the distance

We know that sometimes relationships are difficult to navigate, but when you are in the right relationship, everything feels different. Today we are thinking of those who are going the distance. Maybe you met your soul mate under the sheets, but they have moved to a different city or even to a different country. Long-distance relationship can be full of obstacles to overcome and things to sort out, but if that special relationship is worth the trouble, we are here to give you some underwear tips to keep it interesting. Who says you can only spice it up in person? We can also heat up those screens!

First, you must see this as an opportunity to take it to the next level, because who doesn’t like wearing some sexy show off underwear? We suggest avoiding excessive communication; you wouldn’t want to come across as possessive. It is not necessary to do more to compensate for the distance; it is only important to do your best and remind your partner what they’ll get a taste of once you are together in person again. We’ll take the popular phrase ´less is more’ to a new level.

Designer underwear is an ideal pal for showing off your sexiness and making your partner feel loved and missed. If you communicate regularly, we think you should make it creative. To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos. You can buy Intymen’s underwear to keep it sexy without being too in-your-face and crazy erotic. It’s really about teasing at the right moments; you also want to keep it classy.

Another great option is to gift a personal object for the other person to hold onto. Why not make it your favorite pair of underwear garments? Show the other person that you’re willing to try new things. Think about this idea: shop online for a pair of Edipousbikinis or thongs with the finest fabrics and delightful colors, and ship it to your partner. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Finally, you can always use the oldest play in the book; talking dirty with each other. Sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most important things in long distance relationships.

Spice up your love life.

Spice up your love life

Are you looking for new ways to put the excitement back into your sex life? We know it can be challenging, but you’ll see that there is a whole new world of options. Spice it up with our sexy adventurous underwear! Sometimes, becoming more comfortable with your partner sometimes means your sex life can turn quite monotonous and dull, but we are here to help make you feel so attractive, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you!

One of the biggest issues for couples is that they can lose spontaneity, and often don’t get around to experimenting with all the new underwear products we have to offer. You can achieve so much with new ideas and new undergarments. Trust us, from subtle to erotic, Daniel Alexander Underwear has it all!

Remember that trying new things keeps dopamine, the brain chemical associated with exhilaration and ecstasy, going. Try introducing a change of scenery, which is always a fun idea, and start the night by showing your partner you are willing to let yourself go! If you take a look, you’ll see that with Daniel Alexander, you’ll be able to find styles of briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, jockstraps and G-string underwear for men. If you are the kind of man who likes to show off, step into the sheer underwear. It offers one of the most definitive products on the market, with a wide variety of cuts. You can go from traditional and subtle to barely-there erotic.


Daniel Alexander DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

Be adventurous and take the initiative, and remember that routine cancels out variety! Another great option to spice up your bedroom life is to choose one sexy-as-hell underwear product, and send your partner a “special delivery.” That’ll surely spice up your night!

Check out Daniel Alexander’s featured products of the week, and have the greatest weekend of your life. We are sure you’ll thank us later!

Daniel Alexander DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

Get carried away by your underwear mood

When it comes to fashion and underwear, change is the one thing that is constant.  Underwear is a big part of life, and you don’t need to settle on one style of underwear and keep wearing that same style no matter the activity. Get carried away and let your mood be a strong indicator of what type of underwear suits you best for each day.


You can match your underwear to your mood with Mensuas’ leading brands, and choose from our wide variety of colors and patterns, and even some mystery items. Are you feeling vibrant? Daniel Alexander can offer a wide range of different beautiful shades and brilliant colors to shine.  Did you wake up feeling sexy and confident? Bring some excitement by trying Secret Male’s sexy and glamorous undergarments to impress your partner.



Even if you are not feeling particularly playful or if you are loyal to a respective underwear style, you can break the rules and experiment with new styles. You can try our bestselling bikinis and briefs, high-quality products with fabric blends that include spandex or Lycra, which ensures comfort and stretch down there. For special occasions, or if you are feeling naughty and feel like breaking some taboos, you may choose a g-string or thong. Our pick for today? Check our special offers by Good Devil and let yourself go free.


Your style defines your attitude. Break out of your regular habits and try the wide range of available products Mensuas has to offer.
Be spontaneous, become an expert and add our top high-quality underwear to your underwear drawer!

Men’s fashion trends to skip this season

“Fashion fades…style is eternal!!”
Yves Saint Laurent

Being a world of independent and stylish men, very few would are the ones who are open to taking advises from others. However, even the most stylish men make mistakes when it comes to styling themselves.

Men's fashion trends to skip this season

Oh yes!!

No one is spared when it comes to having a fashion a quotient that is liked by one and all. However, in that due course, we sometimes make mistakes. Probably when we’re switching trends, things get difficult because you don’t know what trends to consider while which ones to bid farewell from a distance.

That’s exactly where we step in for you!

Jump on the bandwagon to find out which fashion trends for men to skip this season in order to look and feel fabulous. We’ll lay down what to skip and the substitute to consider in place of that for the season.

Say no to broad-shouldered suit

Say no to broad-shouldered suit

The unstructured and broad-shouldered suit were a fashion trend of past (like way…..past). They aren’t something that you must consider these days. They make you look broad or if not broad, they’ll hang on your like clothes hung on a hanger.

Opt for slim fit suit made with appropriate fabric

Opt for slim fit suit made with appropriate fabric

Slim fit suits or even relaxed fit suits complement your body. Hugging the right places, the edges are sharpened with the same. A well-fitted suit can do wonders for you.

Say no to high waist pants

Say no to high waist pants

You’re allowed to wear high waist pants if you’re trying to hide your men’s underwear waistband. Apart from this reason, you mustn’t go back to the retro style. High waist trousers have another side effect (which I just hate) that they minimalize the chances of defining your actual waist.

Opt for cropped pants with a broadened top

Opt for cropped pants with a broadened top

Have you seen those balloon pant-styled men’s pants? Well, one of them is in the image below. You can opt for some of these if you really want to experiment with style this season. Go for cotton or linen trousers to feel comfortable. And, pair them well!

Say no to big bold prints

Say no to big bold prints

You must keep the trends on your radar to be packed with options. I recently saw a few men who were sporting huge prints- probably Ed Hardy is their go-to brand but this isn’t hep in this season. Stay away from bold prints and keep a check on softer, subtle ones that make you look good past your clothes.

Opt for subtle solids

Opt for subtle solids

Whoever thinks solids aren’t sexy must take a look at the top notch brand’s creations. They invest in fabrics, cuts, designs and style rather than forcing all their talent in their print.

Say no to inappropriate men’s underwear

This one is the most basic and the most common trend that repeats itself time and again. Men have underestimated their underneath fashion always and have kept the outfits on priority. From choosing boxers over brief underwear for skin fit trousers to landing up wearing ill fit boxer briefs for your date night rather than something sexy and sensuous, they’ve committed every crime.

Opt for appropriate pairs

I would just recommend that there are a plethora of fashion underwear options available online, go on and find your perfect companion that never lets you (or your manhood) down.

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How to get the best of men’s fashion?

How To Get The Best Of Men’s Fashion? | Mensuas

Do you desire to look fashionable every day? With all the changes in the last few decades, men’s fashion has come to a time that either you constantly change with the time or just choose some classic pieces that stay with you for a long while. However, it sometimes gets difficult to understand the basic of fashion and incorporate the same in your life.


Well, I have compiled a list of few things that if kept in check can transform your fashion quotient from the basic men’s underwear to the outfits. Let’s look at the tips below to make you a fashionable man.

You make your own fashion quotient

What you see on the fashion channels or in the magazines is what the brands ask you to wear, but you can make your own fashion quotient with what you already have. All you need to do is understand the different styles of clothing articles and get them right for the specific occasions. Just like men’s fashion underwear styles. For example, men’s briefs for work, thong underwear/g-strings for romance and men’s jockstrap underwear for sports is what is right.

Cover Male Underwear

Get the fit right

Can’t get enough of the “fit” logic? Well, this is a constant reminder for guys who opt for the wrong fitted clothes and then regret. You’re not a kid anymore who wears his father’s clothes (loose) or you obviously have grown up since the last time you bought new clothes, so don’t opt for tight pieces. Slim fit is what is right for you, nothing more nothing less.

Designs matter

Whether you are just 15 or 50, it is important to dress according to your age. Have you seen elderly men wearing hep prints that are generally worn by the teenagers? That’s absolutely unmanageable. So, if you dress according to your age, you’ll be able to pull off your look easily without being too tacky.

Accessorize well

Have you seen any female out there who walks out of the house without accessorizing her attire? The same rule applies to you too. Do not think that you’ve done everything perfect until you’ve accessorized it properly. Whether it is a tie or pocket square or even cap/handcuffs/cuffs with your men’s costume underwear, these are important.

With these basics, you can be the man you want in terms of looks and personality. Just focus on each aspect and get what you want.

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Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion

Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion

Is it too hard to let go your old clothes and it’s even harder to keep piling them in the closet? Well, you are not alone feeling this, my friend, every man faces the same situation in his life more than once. If you are someone who trusts the fashion advertisements and change trends accordingly, you should stop doing it right away. Why so? Well, because it does nothing more than making you spend a lot of extra money and did no good (trends keep on changing and your clothes will be kept without being used).

So, what can be done? You just have to give your old clothes a new look and feel new in them. The only exception here would be your underneath fashion because you can’t use your old men’s fashion underwear for wearing purpose. Well, you can use them for different other things like pet bed, pillow filling and more. Let us now look at the ways with which you can easily upgrade your summer fashion quotient.

Roll up your sleeves

Well, the very first thing you must do is to stop wearing a lot of shirts with opened sleeves. This might look formal, but surely not summery. Neatly rolled up sleeves are in fashion and will cost your style quotient nothing. In fact, properly done, it will enhance your look and complement your attire.

Keep changing your underneath fashion

This might sound very weird to guys who hardly shop for themselves, but it is very important to keep your men’s underwear changed after every 2 months. Why so? Well, the male anatomy tends to be the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the male body. The fabric accumulates a lot of body fluid and is prone to various kinds of infections which can be harmful to the masculinity. So, it is essential to discard your old pairs and get some new sexy underwear styles for your healthy manhood.

Opt for distressed jeans

Just like you witness every age old era coming back in fashion, distressed jeans are a part of it. You obviously would have experienced it before or surely would have seen guys (and girls) sporting it in the best way possible. You just have to figure out the number of cuts on your denim you’re comfortable with. Make slow strokes in order to get what you’re looking for. However, if you do not want to go through the pain, you can opt for the variety of brands like Mango man and others.

Wear your shirt as your jacket

I still not have understood the purpose of layering the outfit with so many clothes. While others prefer to wear a bomber jacket and more, I have seen particular guys wearing their shirts as their jacket. Well, that’s exactly what’s coming back in trend. You just have to grab on a round neck or crew neck tee and team it up with a check or striped shirt.

Try these ways and I am sure you’re gonna love how you transform your style quotient in no time. Know more about summer fashion here.

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Looks that are a must have for Date Nights

Looks That Are a Must Have for Date Nights | Mensuas

So, finally, you know what she feels for you and you’re on top of the world. Well, now is the time that you take her out on a romantic date and say those three magical words to her which will make her all yours. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but you have to do something which paves the path for you to move forward.

Plan a date which includes dinner, dancing, and your proposal. On the other hand, if you get lucky, you might end up having fun in the darkness. Well, talking just about the date and the planning, we’ll stick to the various kinds of clothes you can wear in accordance to your date type.

Let me put forward some dress combinations that will help you look better, feel better and appeal better.

  1. The Michelin Type Date: So, you are the classy guy who is all prepared to make the big move, keeping the bestest foot forward by choosing nothing but the best. Well, this will leave no room to make her believe what you feel for her. Hence, you need to dress like a true gentleman and keep it classy. With a slim fit double breasted suit, team up the contrasting yet well-fitted trousers. A pair of Derbies with the right accessories is all you need. Your underneath fashion should be classic as well. So I would suggest a pair of comfortable tighty whiteys that are pleasant.
  2. The Adventurous Type Date: Well, adventurous definitely does not mean that you take on hiking or a date holiday; it means that doing things that will make her happy. Whether it is shopping or spending the day at the Jungle Safari, the activities should go on. You should make sure that the comfort is not compromised here. A button-down shirt with a pair of chino trousers or denim jeans is good to go. Sunglasses? Check! Wrist watch? Check! Men’s underwear? Go for sexy underwear styles to keep up the confidence and the sex appeal with sensuously scintillating thongs or fashionable lacy jockstraps. Have you seen lace underwear before? Explore here.
  3. The Party Type Date: This is the most common style of proposing by taking her to a disco, where you can dance, eat, drink and do what you intend to do. So, basically with this type of setting you don’t have to look too sophisticated and workaholic types. Rather, you can opt for a simple/solid light colored t-shirt with a handsome leather jacket and dark colored jeans. That’s how you roll it then. When you opt for something like this, you wear something under that doesn’t ride up and stays low. For example, supportive and sexy bikini underwear.

With all the kinds mentioned above, what more can you ask for? It is just like 1-2-3 and boom, you’ve made the first impression way too bold. Now you can say it out to her and make her yours.

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