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Know these before buying Mens Lingerie for yourself

Know these before buying Mens Lingerie for yourself

With time, more and more men getting comfortable with mens lingerie, the awareness has actually spread quite far. Men buy the collection of mens sexy underwear for their own wardrobe in order to feel special, sexier and more attractive. The partners buy mens lingerie as presents for their loved ones to make their partners feel more special, while also spicing up their intimate moments. But there are things that you must know about mens panties or mens lingerie before you actually buy them.

This blog talks about tips that would help you choose mens lingerie better. Go on and find them out so that you could have a perfect time with the mens lingerie.

Secret Male Mens Lingerie
Mens Lingerie

For men buying mens lingerie for themselves

There are many reasons for a man to buy mens lingerie. It could be to prepare for a romantic date, or simply because he wants to feel sexy and handsome from the inside out. When selecting which luxury mens sexy underwear to buy, men must put comfort as a top priority. Nobody else, especially the partner, may see the difference between satin and silk mens lingerie, but if a man is not comfortable with the material of the mens lingerie he is wearing, then his partner will surely sense it. That is why it is important to only purchase mens sexy underwear that a man can wear confidently. The choices would come in different colors and styles so a man will not run out of items to choose from.

Secret Male Mens Lingerie
Mens Lingerie

For women buying mens lingerie for their partners

This is the next category where the partner heads for some shopping for the partner. Men do the shopping all the time but where is it mentioned that women can shop mens lingerie for their better half(s)? Women can shop mens sexy underwear styles for their partners whether for a special occasion or not. In case they want to make things more exciting in their relationship, mens lingerie would be a great way to make things happen between you two. Shopping mens lingerie online would be a great idea because at a physical store – you can catch a lot of eyeballs and embarrassment. Hence, choose online shopping.

It is way easier to shop mens lingerie than you think. All you got to think which mens sexy underwear style is the perfect one.

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What should you know about Mens Panties before you buy them?

What should you know about Mens Panties before you buy them?

A lot of men are stuck wearing plain, old, boring and conventional mens underwear styles. It is a possibility that they already know that there are numerous mens sexy underwear styles available in the industry but even then graduating from regular to sexy pieces is difficult for them. One of the most popular mens underwear options includes mens panties. Having been there for almost half a decade, mens lingerie was introduced to the people but back then, men considered to be a taboo. Hence, the styles under the category of mens panties were neglected.

However, the charm and the sex appeal of mens panties were the reasons that they could never be wiped out of the industry. The collection of mens lingerie includes a wide variety of options like male thongs, g-strings for men, sheer underwear and a lot more. So, this blog focuses on the aspects that you must know about mens panties before you buy them.

Secret Male Mens Panties

The mens panties size matters

Before you buy mens lingerie, you really have to keep a close eye on the size of the pieces. Well, we have talked about “the importance of the size” in a lot of blogs at Mensuas and talking about mens panties, you need to be extra careful as the size matters most. The reason for the size is because when the fabric touches or sticks close to your body, you might feel the discomfort down there. You obviously don’t want to feel uncomfortable with mens panties for sure – so choose the right size.

Different kinds of mens panties are available for different body types

Every man is different and we have already talked about the different physiques in one of our magazines. You can find that here. Well, when it comes to mens panties, we already mentioned that there are numerous styles and with your kinda physique – you must choose something that compliments your body. With lean physique, you can choose mens bikinis whereas; average ones can opt for male thongs and much more.

Secret Male Mens Panties

Other factors choosing the mens panties

Mens panties are also available in different kinds of fabric. Choosing the right fabric for mens lingerie is vital since undergarments are worn next to the skin. Mens panties can be made of cotton, silk, satin, lace, and sheer. The collection of mens sheer underwear or lace underwear for men is also believed to have sensual look, which is perfect to become evening attire for men with partners.

Designs are also important in choosing the right mens panties. You can choose something that goes well with your complexion. When it comes to designs and prints, there could be thousands of selection to choose from.

So, would you like to have mens panties for yourself now? If you have any doubts about them, you can clarify them here and move on.

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The 4 F’s in Male Underwear that you must know

The 4 F's in Male Underwear that you must know

When it comes to male underwear, guys try to cut short their work and just browse through the store to pick a few men’s underwear styles. However, they don’t understand the need of providing oneself with appropriate products for below the belt in order to keep everything perfect and healthy. Well, there are men who’ve understood the purpose of having a supportive yet non-constrictive pair down there whereas; the others are still struggling with their old tighty whitey pairs that suffocate their manhood.

This blog talks about the 4 F‘s in male underwear that is worth adopting or not. It details about the 4 F’s in underwear for men that every man must look at before buying the options including pouch underwear for men, sexy underwear styles and so many more.

Men's Designer Underwear
Male Underwear

The fit is the most important in male underwear

The very first aspect that men must look out for in their underwear for men is the fit. Whether you sit, stand, bend, crawl or put yourself to test in any kind of physical movement, if your men’s underwear styles stay with you and move around with your movement, it certainly is the pair to look forward to. For example, think about that time when someone at your office bends down to pick up something and his waistband of the mens briefs move out of the trouser. Or he bends and when he gets up, you can easily see creases or bunched up the fabric of the mens boxers in one place. Would you be interested in having something like this? Obviously not!! Likewise, you need to see the men’s underwear style like stringy mens bikini underwear or thongs for men or anything like mens low rise underwear.

The fold of the male underwear

The next big feature worth taking a look at in your underwear for men style is the fold. The number of folds men’s fashion underwear has is what defines your comfort. This aspect also applies to all the other styles including sheer underwear or any designer underwear style for that matter that has more fabric as well. The seams on the pairs are the first thing that lets you know the quality of the pair. The stitches per inch, the better, and the tighter the stitching, the lower the chances that the fabric is going to rip or easily wear down. If you find a lesser number of seams, you’re sure to get rashes once you spend the entire day in those.

Men's Designer Underwear
Male Underwear

The fabric is always the top priority

The fabric is definitely a lookout when it is about clothing articles and in specific men’s underwear styles. In addition, if it is about intimate male underwear you need to pay more attention to the same. The majority of the world prefers to have cotton as their sole survivor for their basic needs. Probably the most loved material is the most popular because of its unmatched qualities. You know why everyone prefers cotton underwear right? Comfort, breathability, quality, moisture absorbency and much more are some of the reasons for the same. The next in queue is nylon, which is not like cotton but sure is a comfortable fabric and has many advantages.

The forms of men’s underwear styles

Well, the male underwear industry is full of numerous men’s underwear styles that are available for men. Whether you are conventional personal who loves to keep it traditional or someone who likes high cuts on the sides with minimal fabric or even someone likes to keeps it absolutely negligible, there’s something for every personality.

Having understood these, you are now ready to buy yourself one pair of sexy male underwear.

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This blog specifically talks about the men’s underwear styles available at the mens underwear online store and how can you wear them all

Who doesn’t agree to the fact that men’s underwear styles have gone under a tremendous revolution to be what it is today in a man’s life? Since the invention in the early civilization to the up-gradation in the last few decades, the men’s underwear styles, fabrics, cuts, and even coverage has more options one could even imagine. Now, whether you seek all the functionality and looks in your intimate wear just plain comfort with style; the various men’s fashion underwear brands have laid down their offerings for your easy selection.

This blog specifically talks about the men’s underwear styles available at the mens underwear online store and how can you wear them all. Whether you seek something that offers both coverage and bulge or something that reveals skin without compromising on the functionality aspect.

Men’s brief underwear

While there was a time when men’s brief underwear was the king of all the men’s underwear styles and was preferred by the majority of men. However, with the passage of time and the introduction of other mens sexy underwear styles in the industry, briefs lost the monopoly. However, that’s not the end because there are very strong reasons which prove that men still look up to the male underwear style in times when nothing else could satisfy the thirst. Some of the reasons can be exceptional manhood support in comparatively less fabric, comfortable and a lot of options to choose from.

Men's Brief Underwear
Men’s Brief

Men’s boxer brief underwear

Quickly capturing its place in the hearts as well as the wardrobe, men’s boxer brief underwear is admired by personalities who are the least attention-seeker and believe in keeping himself covered. The men’s underwear styles not only is preferred by the male population because it provides the best of both worlds; it also defines the legs and gives a form fit the entire personality. They are also apt for guys who have a heavy built because it trims down the extra flab and lets them reveal their actual personality.

Mens thongs and g-string underwear for men

These are the scantiest mens underwear styles for sure. Whether you call them no string attached undies or something that makes you feel graduated from the regular common mens underwear styles but you definitely need to make sure that you know them well before wearing them. Having a proper outfit with the level of comfort that you want your male underwear to provide. Just be sure that you choose the most comfortable one and rock the mens thongs and g-string underwear for men.

Men's Brief Underwear
Men’s Brief

Well, there are many other styles available at the most comfortable and functional brands at Mensuas. You can even check out the other products at the brand store that focus on providing the best to the manhood without experimenting with the designs and keeping it limited to the lift, comfort, coverage, sophistication and the exotic feeling down there by the fabrics.

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Thinking of Mens Mesh Underwear? – Look what you need to know

Mens Mesh underwear

It was long ago that mens underwear styles were scarce and men had to choose only from the conventional styles. Oh yes, the conventional men’s fashion underwear styles include the mens briefs or the oh-so-comfortable boxers for men. Well, that was the time when comfort and support were the only two things that men actually wanted and looked forward to while shopping theirs underneath fashion.

Things are different now!!

Men look for so many different things now when it comes to shopping mens designer underwear. One of the most popularizing sexy underwear for men that you all are looking forward to is the mens mesh underwear. But when you think of going ahead and shopping mesh underwear for men, you can’t just go ahead and buy it – there are so many things that you need to know about the sexy underwear fabric.

Men's Mesh Underwear

Mesh underwear for men and mens sheer underwear are two different men’s underwear styles.

Mens mesh underwear and sheer underwear for men are identical looking styles but are quite different. Made out of knots, the looser knots are the ones that leave a lot to see while the tighter knots are the ones that are low on exposure. The line of mens sheer underwear is the former style while mesh underwear for men is the latter explanation. In fact, in addition to these two, there is another category that is quite similar and that’s mens lace underwear which is delicate, fragile, comforting and luxurious.
You can actually your raise your sex appeal with mens mesh underwear whether or not they show off your junk down there or not.

Mens mesh underwear is exceptionally comfortable apart from being breathable.

When you think of spending all day in mens sexy underwear, you certainly think of the conventional attributes – comfort and breathability in their styles. Well, there are so many mens underwear styles that you can try to get your hands on comfort. The range of men mesh underwear is absolutely the one that calls for your attention. The fabrics incorporated in the sheer underwear for men and mesh underwear styles are quite comfortable fabric compositions.

Men's Sexy Underwear

There’s a lot of men’s sexy underwear styles available at Mensuas from which you could choose from.

There are 5 underwear trends that you must keep on your radar and mens mesh underwear is definitely a part of the list. When you go ahead and pick mesh underwear styles, you have a lot of men’s underwear styles to choose from. You can start with the conventional briefs, boxer brief underwear, male thongs, g-string underwear for men and so many more. What’s your favorite mens sheer underwear style?

Mens mesh underwear supports more than you think.

Mesh is definitely the fabric that is meant for athletic personalities and for those who think that they need more support. If you are someone who’s new to the gym and looking forward to having a chafing-free experience that enhances your productivity, the mesh underwear for men is the right choice for you. Made to support the manhood for the good, you must invest in the same.

When you are through with all this, you can go ahead and shop mens mesh underwear for yourself.

Valentine’s Day is an Opportunity to show your love

Valentine's Day

I got married last year in January and finally, we said “I do” to each for all situations for a lifetime. Things were really beautiful and I was so happy with my beautiful bride when our first post-marriage Valentine’s Day came. It was the first and it had to be special for sure. I don’t know if she was expecting it to be class-apart and the most romantic or not, but I wanted to make things really memorable for her and actually for both of us.

Valentine’s Day


I had planned a lot starting from the tiny messages left across the house, the perfect breakfast-in-bed and a lot more. Well, the day ended with a perfect dinner at a fine-dining restaurant and some steamy action behind the closed doors. Well, the best was saved for the last and it was certainly worth waiting for. For me, the last Valentine’s Day was actually the best one but when you think about opportunities to show love, you have countless options to look forward to. In case you want to know what you can do on Valentine’s Day, here are some tips.

Mentioned below are the opportunities to show how much you love your partner this Valentine’s Day.


The mid-night wishes


Valentine day tips


You can always start with the mid-night wishes on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. With a small cupcake or cake with candles, you can surprise your partner that they light up your life just like the candle lights up the cake. With a few kisses and sharing the piece of cake would be the perfect start for the day. Kiss each other goodnight or probably if you have a surprise to start with like to show off some skills in the bed, might do that wearing the right mens underwear styles.


The conventional breakfast-in-bed with a twist


You don’t want to wake up early because you have been doing things that are not to be spoken about last night. You always have the option of ordering delivery of the best breakfast delicacies at your doorstep. As a result, you can spend some more time in the bed getting cozy and have your favourite food just as you and your partner get out of bed. Sounds amazing right?


Get dressed and go out – for anything and everything


Valentine’s Day Gifts


When I say get dressed, you must make sure that you dress to kill on Valentine’s Day. Make you invest in the best looking outfit, footwear, accessories and men’s fashion underwear. Thong underwear for men is actually the best designer underwear style that you need for Valentine’s Day. Just look your best for the day. Shop, watch a movie and eat again.


Have a splendid dinner – candle-light is preferable


Book a table for two in a quiet restaurant with good food. Someone said it right – “good food is the perfect way to resolve a lot of things”. The night is still young and you just have got stomachs full by dining the best food that you wanted. The romance is building up because of the quiet time with only you two sharing the table, you must talk about everything because you know that at home, you have a lot of things to do.


End the night with love


You know what I mean. Getting comfortable and cozy on Valentine’s Day is a must for sure. You might try playing Truth and Dare with so many innovations that will build the intensity between you two. Get your best men’s sexy underwear and spend the night the way you both want to.

What are you planning this year?

Men’s underwear collection – Try these underwear styles for men

Mens Underwear Style

You must be tired of wearing the same old ragged, uncomfortable mens underwear styles every day. Please do yourself a favour and get yourself a fresh pair of men’s fashion underwear. This decision will surely change your outlook towards men’s underneath fashion in a positive way. Many people think that male underwear styles is just available in classic old plain briefs and boxer shorts, but that’s where they’re wrong. They have been inside their bubble for way too long. It’s high-time men came out with a broader perspective towards different underwear styles for men.

If you’re looking to upgrade our men’s designer underwear collection, then they’re a lot of options for you to surf through. Check out one male underwear style for yourself and another style for your alter-ego.

Who knows which might pop up any time?


Below are the varied underwear styles for men




Mens Bikini Underwear


This is one of the staple styles of men’s undergarments.  They’re your standard, run-of-the-mill underwear and come in a variety of different rises, designs, and variations.  Men’s brief underwear cover your entire rear and your groin area in the front while leaving your upper thigh and side legs exposed. They are the standard comfortable underwear ever designed for men. They provide optimum support and upliftment to your jewels making them appear appealing and enticing.


Boxer briefs


Perfect for conventional and standard use, boxer briefs for men are used to cover almost half of your thighs, but nowadays most of the boxer briefs only cover about one-third of your thighs. These are pretty efficient for workout and sports and reduce the risk of chafing, infections, and rashes down there. They provide the same support as a men’s brief, but the coverage is maximum in men’s boxer briefs.


Men’s bikini underwear


Men’s bikini underwear are designed using coverage that stretches to the back leaving your rear open. But it depends on the variant you choose. Some bikini underwear for men has different coverage in varied styles. They are the best swimwear, period. Preferred by swimsuit models around the globe the popularity of men’s bikini is on the rise.


Men’s thongs


Mens Thong Underwear


Designed to be the ultimate sexy underwear for men with very less fabric providing a minimum to almost no coverage, thongs for men works like a charm when it comes to flaunting your sensual side. Wearing a thong underwear to a party can increase your chances of getting lucky as it tends to increase sex appeal and compliments your abdominal physique. They are quite bold and builds up confidence among men.


Men’s Jockstraps


These are the first preference for any athlete who wants to provide full support and stability to their groin parts. Men’s jockstraps have leg bands that fall around the sides of the butt cheeks which are connected to the waistband. The front has a pouch for inserting groin guards and cups to prevent damage to the manhood.

Well, these are the various styles of men’s underwear that you can upgrade to. However, it’s not the just the styles that come in a lot of variants, different kinds of fabric are also available in these underwear styles. Fabrics like sheer and mesh are perfect for keeping things smooth and soft down there without any abrasion. Now, male underwear styles are usually designed using airy and breathable materials to ensure proper ventilation around your crotch. Proper ventilation is a must to maintain healthy sexual hygiene and reduce the risk of chafing, rashes, and infections.

Now all you have to do is get out there and get yourself a men’s underwear style which suits you and speaks to your soul. Good luck!

Why Mens Thong Underwear is everything you need for Valentine’s Day?

Mens Thong Underwear

Finally, the lover’s month is here and all the people out there start making plans for their Valentine’s. Well, even those who are single find something creative to do with their buddies or even treat themselves as their date and do everything that a couple would do. With so many celebrations across the world, what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether you are dating someone or still single, investing in mens thong underwear this Valentines’ is all you need to do to make that long lasting impression.


Mens Thongs


This blog talks about the major benefits of wearing mens thong underwear this Valentines.


Thong underwear for men makes you feel stunning about yourself


This is one of the most important features of sexy underwear for men. If you are in love with yourself, you certainly would want to fall in love with yourself before doing the same for your partner. The revealing butts floss of mens thongs, the sexy pouch, and various waistband styles; this men’s fashion underwear style is what makes you feel secretively great about yourself.


Tease your partner’s senses


Now we’re talking some serious issues. It is a very simple logic that when you see your lover in the least of clothes; you get tempted to the core. Well, personal experience tip – just don’t shed all of it at once, strip slowly and passionately. Take time to reveal your men’s underwear because it is worth waiting for. Valentines is a day of love and it also about making your partner feel the same way. So, this is another aspect that works when you are in hot underwear styles such as thongs or even men’s g-strings.


Be prepared to go real with thongs


Feel Mens Thongs


You might start your day with absolutely subtle plans for the love day, but you might never know what the day holds for you. You never know what might happen at the end of the day if the God of love blesses you (pun intended). You should always be prepared – be it every day of the entire Valentine week or the specific Valentine’s Day when you do not know what might get you straight on the bed with your partner. Having pleasing designer underwear has certainly got a lot of benefits.


Have fun all along being the confident personality with thongs for men


Thongs For Men


Mens thong underwear serves the same functions for both the sexes – appeal both men and women. So, when you know that you’re having fun with what your partner’s done for you; believe me, your partner would also be pleased to know till what extent you’ve gone to make things between you two.

These were some of the many benefits that mens thong underwear have that make this Valentine’s Day just the one for you.