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Experience luxurious and delicate fabrics like mesh and sheer in men’s sexy underwear

Experience luxurious and delicate fabrics like mesh and sheer in men's sexy underwear

Fabrics have always been an important part of clothing accessories. Whether it’s your t-shirt, men’s sexy underwear or even your scarf, the fabric matters a lot. A good quality fabric reciprocates good features and benefits such as keeping your groin dry, eliminating visible underwear lines beneath your party trousers or even to make you feel excited and horny at times. The most preferred quality fabric around the world is usually cotton. But, there are other fabrics also available which is way above cotton’s league. Men’s mesh underwear and men’s sheer underwear defines luxury and class along with proper ventilation for your groin to breathe. The major men’s sexy underwear styles with sheer are men’s bikini, g-string underwear for men, thongs for men and men’s jockstraps. But that doesn’t limit to how the brands are trying to incorporate the same in the conventional options as well.

Daddy Men's Sexy Underwear
Men’s Sexy Underwear

Men’s sheer underwear-

The crotch area is the most delicate part of our human body regardless of how strong one’s body and physique is. So why not give our genitals the delicate, soft sensation and comfort they deserve. Men’s sexy underwear like men’s sheer underwear is designed with just the exact idea in mind. Men’s sheer underwear assists in providing a soft and erotic sensation down your pants without the risk of contracting diseases, infections, rashes, and chafing. Men’s sheer underwear is basically the result of low-density knitting of thin threads which eventually forms a translucent and see-through material. These thin fabrics and loosely tied knots increase the teasing factor and visibility of your package yet managing to provide point coverage. Sheer underwear for men not only looks provoking and enticing but they are highly practical and sensible. Men’s sheer underwear is suitable for every kind of physique and sizes which allows men of every proportion to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of these soft men’s sheer underwear.

Mesh underwear for men-

Mesh underwear for men is like the closest material that we get to sheer. Mesh underwear for men is extremely cozy, pleasant and keeps your sexual hygiene up to the mark. Mesh is made out of a combination of different base fabrics like cotton, polyester, and nylon. That explains why mesh is so similar to sheer and is not the fundamental fabric in itself. Some Mesh underwear for men comes with a lining on the inside that helps protect your genitals and hoist the manhood. It has a flimsy material which partially reveals the package slightly teasing your partner, yet managing to cover your important stuff. In addition to the see-through patterns, some of the pieces even offer enhancing contraption.

Intymen Men's Mesh Underwear
Men’s Sexy Underwear

There are 4 different types of mesh underwear for men available in the market-

Polyester mesh underwear for men – Known for its moisture-wicking abilities, Polyester is a popular fabric that is made for athletic outfits. But it was reported by men that polyester mesh underwear for men doesn’t promote better breathability. Soon, it was combined with mesh and now we have the perfect breathable and moisture-wicking mesh underwear for men. The blend of polyester mesh keeps the air flowing plus wicks away moisture from the skin. This way, it is easier for athletes to feel comfortable and sporty at the same time.

Net mesh underwear for men- Net mesh underwear for men is designed with bigger holes (looser knots tied together) which reveals your package in a seducing and teasing way. Net mesh fabric when brought together results in a hard and strong fabric, which is sturdy and durable.

Nylon mesh underwear for men- Nylon is a primary fabric that is used almost in every sexy underwear. Nylon Mesh underwear for men is very comfortable and the mesh makes it pretty breathable which keeps your crotch dry and clean. The combination of nylon and mesh underwear for men results in a porous, lightweight and breathable material.

Cotton mesh underwear for men- When it comes to mesh underwear for men and sexy men’s underwear, Cotton always strives to be at the top. Cotton is very breathable and absorbs moisture, and on the other hand, the luxurious feel of mesh takes your sex appeal to a whole another level. That’s one of the reason why men prefer cotton underwear. Don’t you think so?

So basically the point is, no matter which men’s sexy underwear style you choose, men’s sheer underwear and mesh underwear for men increase your sex-appeal and confidence. And one will only look sexy and confident when their self-esteem is on the max.

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The scantiest men’s underwear you should try

Men's sexy underwear

Over the course of history, men’s underwear styles have played an important role in covering and protecting your assets. But as we stepped into the modern era, the function of men’s underwear changed from being just a private piece of clothing accessory to something that is hard-core and necessary for the below the belt. It has evolved into a fashion and style statement which can also significantly impact one’s sex appeal and charisma. Men started looking for alternatives to classic old men’s briefs and men’s boxers in order to achieve maximum levels of comfort and style. And it was pretty obvious that men’s underwear styles will be soon followed up by scanty and skimpy styles like men’s thongs, men’s bikinis, and men’s g-string underwear.

Men's Bikini Underwear

Why intimate men’s underwear styles are getting popular?

In this modern era of social networking, fashion and lifestyle, it was important for the textile industry to meet the specific demands of men around the world. The demand was for men’s fashion underwear styles which solely focused on improving the sex-appeal and fashion-quotient factors of men. As we all know women’s lingerie does a good job at sweeping men off their feet. This was a call for sexy men’s underwear styles like men’s bikini underwear, men’s thongs, and men’s g-strings.

You may be thinking that you are already very attractive and there’s no need for a men’s sexy underwear style to do the job for you. No disrespect to your current sexy methods, but a little help never hurts. And exotic-looking men’s underwear styles work like a charm when it comes to seducing and arousing your partner.

Men's thong black

Following are some of the scantiest men’s underwear styles that you should definitely try out-

Men’s bikinis-
Men’s bikini underwear are designed using a string which stretches to the back leaving your rear open. But it depends on the variant you choose. Some bikini underwear for men have different coverage in varied styles. They are the best mens swimwear, period. Preferred by swimsuit models around the globe the popularity of men’s bikini is on the rise. Men’s bikini underwear is best for summers as the unique design keeps things breathable and cool down there. The sheer factor (if added) makes it sexy, subtle and very stylish. Men who seek alternatives to men’s briefs but made using sheer fabric for sexy coverage and sensation opt Bikini underwear for men.

Men’s Thongs-
Designed as sexy underwear for men with very less fabric providing a minimum to almost no coverage. Men’s thongs are the skimpiest and voluptuous men’s exotic underwear ever invented. Thongs for men work like a charm when it comes to flaunting your sensual side. Wearing a thong to a party can increase your chances of getting lucky as it tends to increase sex appeal and compliments your abdominal physique. They are quite bold and build up confidence among men. Sheer thongs are sexier, more revealing and very appealing because of the see-through feature. Sheer underwear for men like men’s thong helps spice up things between you and your partner.

Men’s G-strings-
Men’s G-string underwear is supposed to increase the pleasure and pleasing benefits of a man. G-strings are great at satisfying when it comes to sensual and role playing acts. Due to its form-fitting and snug fit pouch, these provide total controlled isolation and support of your genitalia making it appear appealing, firm and big. Sheer underwear like G-strings underwear makes sure that your sex appeal and charisma is at its max all the time. G-strings underwear is already very comfortable and relaxing, but using sheer fabric in men’s G-strings took its looks to a whole new level.

Sheer fabric for an enhanced experience and sensation-
Sheer men’s underwear styles are made using thin threads/low density of knitting which results in a semi-transparent and flimsy material. Men’s sheer underwear is designed using a thin thread that is woven together to form a net-like fabric which is then styled into various men’s underwear styles. These thin fabrics and loosely woven knots help enhance visibility and reveal of your manhood yet providing point coverage at the same time. Sheer underwear for men not only looks provoking and enticing but they are highly practical and sensible. They can be worn as everyday wear and also for your perfect sensuous evenings.  

So which one are you going to try this season?

Sexy men’s underwear – Crafted for a sensuous and erotic experience

Sexy men's underwear - Crafted for erotic experience

How was your Valentine’s Day this year?

Did you make it perfect with sexy underwear for men?

If we look around, we will see that the fashion scenario has changed significantly since the last decade. Men have started to express their sexier and naughtier side via their dressing sense and the choice of mens underwear styles they choose. Fashion trends change daily, it cannot stay unchanged.

In this modern era of social networking, people have made their dressing sense and wardrobe collection as the top priority. No matter how materialistic it may sound, but you cannot deny the fact that one’s attire does tell a lot about him and his stance in the society. Due to such crucial changes in the fashion statement, men have also started to put an effort into choosing the right men’s underwear for the right occasion. Whether you like to feel sensuous and erotic down there or you are the kinkier kind of guy, the variety of men’s underwear has voluptuous number of choices for you.

There’s no denying that men like to dress sexy too. The intimate underwear industry isn’t just limited to women’s lingerie now. The demand for sexy men’s underwear is soaring due to the variety of men’s underwear styles available in different kinds of fabrics. Plus, Men who like to indulge in role-playing and kinkier sexual fantasies find men’s g-strings and thongs for men very satisfying and sexy. Sexy men’s underwear is perfect for keeping your intimate relationship with your partner exciting and satisfying.

Different styles of sexy men’s underwear-

Men's Sexy Underwear

The most commonly considered men’s underwear that are sexier by the looks are usually styles of men’s bikini underwear, g-string underwear for men and male thongs. However, among these fashion underwear styles the options to choose are endless. From different moisture-wicking materials to sheer fabrics are also available in men’s g-strings and thongs for men. You have a lot of options to experiment with.

Thongs for men-

The most popular among them all are men’s thongs. Whether you are feeling a bit sexy this evening else you or your partner might have some midnight coitus reservations, Men’s thongs do wonders for you and your partner as well. What could be more enticing and seductive than a sexy men’s underwear which reveals your manhood yet manages to cover the desired point at the same time. Thongs for men are designed using an extremely narrow strip and delicate pieces of fabric to enhance your front profile. So slid into one of your role-playing leather thongs and experience the increased levels of pleasure.

Men's Thong Underwear

Men’s G-strings-

G-strings are inspired by the guitar’s g-string and are designed with the thought of seduction and appealing factor in mind. Men’s G-strings are supposed to increase the pleasure and pleasing benefits of a man. Since men’s g-strings and other exotic men’s underwear designs have very minimum fabric with high cuts, making things down there light and breezy. Due to men’s g-strings airy style, there are no cases of excessive sweating, Rashes, and Infection. There are also abrasion-free pouch men’s G-strings available which reduce sweat-secretion significantly.

Men’s bikini underwear for men-

Mensuas brings you the sizzling hot options that will help you flaunt your abdominal attributes in your men’s bikini underwear. For those who want to do more with less, the bikini is available in lots of style options. Men’s bikini is usually very low rise with a leg opening which is higher and provides minimum coverage to your back. The design is rather simple yet amazing with a string that stretches across the back leaving the back open. Sexy underwear for men like men’s bikini range from comfortable cotton to high-tech fabrics with interesting support and profile options. These are winners when it comes to sexy men’s underwear meant both for fashion and function. Plus men’s bikini offers bikini styles with minimal fabric and maximum enhancement. Bikinis come in a variety of fabrics too, including silk, spandex, modern modals and cotton. 

But despite it, a major segment of the population thinks otherwise. According to them, these appealing men’s underwear styles rob a man from their manliness and masculinity. But it’s all just hear-say. For those who like to be bold and confident would definitely explore their sexual fantasies without being hesitant. Sexy men’s underwear is the perfect way to express your sexy quotient without losing your pride and masculinity.

No strings attached undies

No strings attached undies
Hello my friends and welcome back to my summer reviews: underwear edition. This week, I am going to talk about two of my favorite brands and their newest collections. As an undies fan, I am sure you already know that CoverMale and SecretMale are two of the highest-quality underwear brands in the market.
The sophistication and class that CoverMale underwear offers make me feel like I have never looked sexier. This unique intimate line is inspired by men who want to indulge in their passion for underwear. But let’s make it clear that I am not talking about any type of underwear; I am talking about high-level sexy as hell undies. I usually pick this brand because it showcases a mixture of raw masculinity with class and elegance in all of its collections. I particularly want to talk about their G-string collection because it is an all-time favorite for those who are willing to let go and enjoy their ultimate fantasies. I absolutely love the design and the sheer touch and the modern look mixed with sexiness and animal attraction. Their new 2018 collection has definitely knocked it out of the park. I am also obsessed with their black and red G-string and the thongs are totally stunning and feature a small pouch that covers the front and showing the sides and the back. This brand features modern and revealing pieces that bring attention to all the right places. I feel totally luxurious wearing them.
On the other hand, Secret Male is the ultimate cutting edge brand for adventurous men who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and who are not afraid to show off and feel empowered. I usually think of their products as ego-boosting. They offer limited editions occasionally, and I specially enjoy their thongs and bikinis because they provide unique designs. I recommend this brand to men who really think out of the box and like to indulge themselves and use sexy bold underwear. I will be definitely be riding through the upcoming fall season in some of their fashion pieces. I mean…have you checked their black slip bikini and their printed thongs? This new collection is audacious!
I usually take advantage of the free shipping because I shop for $50 or more and I am located in the US. I’d love it if you shared your favorite undies and get inspired by how other people style them with the hashtags #CoverMale and #SecretMale
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Match your undies to the World Cup celebration

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The wait is long, but this is the moment football fans have been expecting for four years. The 2018 World Cup is currently ongoing in Russia, where 64 matches will be played by 32 teams across 12 stadiums. To be honest, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to wear your team’s flag, and your favorite undies are here to help you cheer! 

There are styles for everyone, and I will mention a few of my best picks. For those who like a more conservative while sexy look, I would recommend the Daniel Alexander Union Boxer Trunks. There is a wide variety of options in yellow, red and black. My personal favorite is yellow, which aims at keeping my assets in one place and makes sure that there’s no movement below the belt while you indulge in various activities. I love the solid fabric because it also has contrast colored thick piping on both sides. The pouch of this sexy, supportive boxer trunk offers enhancement for better visibility.

Another good option for those who like to celebrate but are keeping it low key is the Flag Long Boxer, which provides an exceptionally patriotic and manly look while it pampers every part it touches. There is a wide variety of flag options. Check out its body hugging fabric which covers until the mid thighs and features a center contoured pouch that lifts and holds the package at the right position.

If you like to keep it classy but also sporty, I recommend the Flag Swim Trunks. These trunks offer a low rise fit that lets you flaunt your patriotism with pride while showcasing your man parts in the most contoured way. The color combination will compliment your personality while the functional drawstring provides a better fitting option. The fabric is mostly polyester and it hugs the legs equally as it pampers your manhood.

Here come my personal favorites. The Cover Male Flag Bikini Brief is a combination of patriotism, fashionable appeal, and functional characteristic traits. It’s definitely a top pick for the World Cup. It features the flag print of your choice, and the contouring pouch keeps the manhood front and forward. 

Finally, I am saving the best for last: Daniel Alexander Harmonious Color Slip Bikini Print and Cover Male Flag Slip Thong Print. The Brazilian high cut look of the Slip Bikini Print makes me feel absolutely sexy and it features minimal fabric coverage with smooth appeal and a sexy design. With a modern print of zig-zag lines all over the pair, it provides ample support and sex appeal to your personality. Its low rise fit was made to celebrate.

The Cover Male Flag Thong are 5-star rated undies and it is an ideal pair for men who like to carry minimal luggage below the belt. It also provides a combination of a fashionable print with undying support to the masculinity. It features different flag prints and the back is a conventional thong.

Sneak peek into all these options and check out the terms and conditions because some items are excluded. What are you waiting for? Celebration mood is ON!

Meet The Kyle Of Your Dreams

This week, we’ve got a huge surprise for you. Now, hold on… It’s not what you are thinking about, but we promise it will do wonders with your underwear style. 

Our goal is to always be at the top of our game and to offer high quality products that last longer than our competitors. If you checked our newest collections (and we know you did!) you have seen the new sexy products Kyle has to offer. 

Kyle embodies the most amazing person you will ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. He is amazing, perfect, and everything a partner would ever want. Kyle can make you lose your little fights with his charm, and Kyle can make you crazy for him. When we designed this new collection, we thought about a Kyle in shining armor; a knight willing to save anyone he loves. 

Here are a couple of our best picks of the week for you. Wear the Kyle brief slips if you are looking to feel great on the inside is as well as on the outside. These are made with 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex. They provide the defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours while it provides long-lasting support and comfort. If you are going for the casual sexy look, the subtle texture adds a dash of style. 

If you are a sports fan who has had trouble in the past finding swimwear that flaunts your body but at the same time keeps you comfortable, the Kyle bikini is just the product you have been looking for. My favorite is the Micro Bikini Fuchsia. Trust me, these swim trunks will definitely catch the attention of everyone while providing you with a pleasant swimming experience. It’s the ultimate 2-for-1 experience.

For the most adventurous ones, and I must admit I am one of you, let me tell you that last night I wore the Kyle turquoise G-string and I loved it. The front features conventional coverage and a supportive pouch while, let’s be honest, the back leaves little to the imagination (which I love!). It has done wonders to flaunt my butt cheeks without compromising support and comfort.

I seized the opportunity and bought a lot of the offers for Mensuas Father’s Week, with savings up to 40% sitewide. Next week I will test a bolder option. I am looking for an option to keep it stylish and functional down there for sporty activities and what better option than trying the new red Kyle Sport Jockstrap. Stay tuned!

Underwear tips if you are going the distance

We know that sometimes relationships are difficult to navigate, but when you are in the right relationship, everything feels different. Today we are thinking of those who are going the distance. Maybe you met your soul mate under the sheets, but they have moved to a different city or even to a different country. Long-distance relationship can be full of obstacles to overcome and things to sort out, but if that special relationship is worth the trouble, we are here to give you some underwear tips to keep it interesting. Who says you can only spice it up in person? We can also heat up those screens!

First, you must see this as an opportunity to take it to the next level, because who doesn’t like wearing some sexy show off underwear? We suggest avoiding excessive communication; you wouldn’t want to come across as possessive. It is not necessary to do more to compensate for the distance; it is only important to do your best and remind your partner what they’ll get a taste of once you are together in person again. We’ll take the popular phrase ´less is more’ to a new level.

Designer underwear is an ideal pal for showing off your sexiness and making your partner feel loved and missed. If you communicate regularly, we think you should make it creative. To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos. You can buy Intymen’s underwear to keep it sexy without being too in-your-face and crazy erotic. It’s really about teasing at the right moments; you also want to keep it classy.

Another great option is to gift a personal object for the other person to hold onto. Why not make it your favorite pair of underwear garments? Show the other person that you’re willing to try new things. Think about this idea: shop online for a pair of Edipousbikinis or thongs with the finest fabrics and delightful colors, and ship it to your partner. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Finally, you can always use the oldest play in the book; talking dirty with each other. Sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most important things in long distance relationships.

Underwear always comes first

Our article today is dedicated to our most adventurous customers. We all know that sometimes, there is nothing better in the world than that breezy feeling of going commando. If you are one of those who would prefer to have the breezy feel, but still need underwear that provides some air circulation, then the see-through men’s underwear style is the best solution for you. You have to buy brands that make you look stunning underneath in any type of clothes.

Let us recommend one of our top picks to you: 

Daniel Alexander brings softness, comfort and so much sexiness. The brand uses classic sexy cuts and mixes in fun colors along with a soft and comfortable silky-feeling fabric to make you feel and look like a model. The label has always been the one when it comes to offering shiny textured pairs to enhance the sensual appeal down there. Step into the sheer sexiness and luxurious appeal this underwear can add to your overall look. Their designs are inspired by art deco and its mixture of lines, shapes and textures, and represent confident but adventurous men. 


There is an option for every type of man; you will be able to find styled briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, jockstraps and G-string underwear for men. If you like to show off (and we know you do!), step into the sheer underwear; whereas if you like to keep it all masculine and authoritative, you can always pick the style that defines you best. If you take a look at their products, you will find a wide variety of cuts, which means you can go from the traditional subtle to barely-there erotic. For example, you can show off your hard-earned physique with the Daniel Alexander Brazilian bikini. The style has extremely high cuts on the legs to flaunt your shaped thighs. The bikini lies extremely low on the hip bone and has minimal coverage on the rear to show off your cheeks.

Daniel Alexander is on sale now! Check out their featured products; and remember, Mensuas offers free & fast shipping (USA orders above $50 & international orders above $100).

Good things come in big packages

Good Things come in Big Packages

Today we are thinking about those you who are above average, in a big way. We know that it can be hard for those who come with a big package (is that so?), so our focus is on guys who are 8 inches or above and the solution to your shopping problems. As we know, not all underwear styles fit all tastes and not every type of underwear fits all. Imagine your partner’s surprise when they find that what lies beneath is bigger than what they had imagined!

Let’s see what your different and most suitable options are. First, we recommend buying underwear with a pouch. Whatever underwear you choose, just make sure that the size is right and has a contoured pouch. Give your biggie a pouch and let it breath. Trust us, with this option, it will never bother you again. It is important to buy versatile brands that have extra space to fit in your huge ju*k. Check out Pistol Pete’s vivacious and compelling underwear. We can’t get enough of those eye-catching prints! You won’t be able to judge the super luxurious feeling they provide until you slip into a pair and feel it for yourself.


We also recommend that you try briefs. If you’re well-endowed and looking for underwear that will give you the most room, then briefs are for you. Try brands such as Hung, especially designed for guys like you. Briefs are made of nylon featuring spandex, incorporating fabric that will stretch and give you the coverage you need while bringing a sexy look that your partner will never forget. This brand’s underwear is ergonomically designed for men with huge packages. The material is very light and breathable with great enhancing support. Hung also offers a wide variety of jockstraps, bikinis, boxers, and briefs.


If you’re a man who likes being loyal to a particular style, you can also choose boxers for more room. Boxers provide complete coverage while also covering more thigh. Wear the relaxed fit for maximum room and more leg comfort.

A good pair of boxer briefs goes a long way, if you know what I mean.

Gift yourself a set of new, flattening, sexy as hell underwear for your birthday or any other occasions. It’s not like you need it, but you’ll sure get a lot of attention!

Getting ready for a sexy date

Getting ready for a sexy date

Preparation is the key word in our article today. Date night is all about preparation and making yourself attractive, confident and ready to being kissed, hugged and caressed.

Think about those Friday night vibes. You’re feeling sexy and eager to play hard to get. You are going through your closet deciding what you will wear for your weekend date. Or dates, why not?

Choose an outfit that will leave your partner imagining what they will be seeing later, and finish it by layering that favorite fragrance that makes you feel sexy as hell.

But wait a minute, it doesn’t end there. The star of the night is indeed your underwear, the last piece of the puzzle to help you enjoy dressing up and accentuating what you have. Dress to impress with ego-boosting designer underwear that will make you shine under the sheets and don’t miss out on the sophisticated sexiness that these fashion and trendy labels deliver.

Strike a pose with Intymen’s featured products, balancing out classiness with sexiness. This brand consists of several basics items, but new collections are introduced throughout the year and each plays with solids, patterns and prints and even glow in the dark fabrics. Different styles are offered which can help create an impressive bulge in your pants, while giving you a much more comfortable feel than other brands.


Make sure you take some time to sit back and relax before your date, and prepare yourself to surprise your partner with luxurious appeal that will keep them happy for many nights.


You’re ready. Your underwear is ready. Enjoy, and always remember that sexy is an attitude!