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What should you know about Mens Panties before you buy them?

What should you know about Mens Panties before you buy them?

A lot of men are stuck wearing plain, old, boring and conventional mens underwear styles. It is a possibility that they already know that there are numerous mens sexy underwear styles available in the industry but even then graduating from regular to sexy pieces is difficult for them. One of the most popular mens underwear options includes mens panties. Having been there for almost half a decade, mens lingerie was introduced to the people but back then, men considered to be a taboo. Hence, the styles under the category of mens panties were neglected.

However, the charm and the sex appeal of mens panties were the reasons that they could never be wiped out of the industry. The collection of mens lingerie includes a wide variety of options like male thongs, g-strings for men, sheer underwear and a lot more. So, this blog focuses on the aspects that you must know about mens panties before you buy them.

Secret Male Mens Panties

The mens panties size matters

Before you buy mens lingerie, you really have to keep a close eye on the size of the pieces. Well, we have talked about “the importance of the size” in a lot of blogs at Mensuas and talking about mens panties, you need to be extra careful as the size matters most. The reason for the size is because when the fabric touches or sticks close to your body, you might feel the discomfort down there. You obviously don’t want to feel uncomfortable with mens panties for sure – so choose the right size.

Different kinds of mens panties are available for different body types

Every man is different and we have already talked about the different physiques in one of our magazines. You can find that here. Well, when it comes to mens panties, we already mentioned that there are numerous styles and with your kinda physique – you must choose something that compliments your body. With lean physique, you can choose mens bikinis whereas; average ones can opt for male thongs and much more.

Secret Male Mens Panties

Other factors choosing the mens panties

Mens panties are also available in different kinds of fabric. Choosing the right fabric for mens lingerie is vital since undergarments are worn next to the skin. Mens panties can be made of cotton, silk, satin, lace, and sheer. The collection of mens sheer underwear or lace underwear for men is also believed to have sensual look, which is perfect to become evening attire for men with partners.

Designs are also important in choosing the right mens panties. You can choose something that goes well with your complexion. When it comes to designs and prints, there could be thousands of selection to choose from.

So, would you like to have mens panties for yourself now? If you have any doubts about them, you can clarify them here and move on.

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How can one feel comfortable in Mens Lingerie?

How can one feel comfortable in Mens Lingerie?

When I was first introduced with mens lingerie, to be true, my first reaction was – Are you seriously kidding me??

Well, that was back in 2017 I guess but these two years have changed my opinion about mens panties. If you haven’t tried mens lingerie yet, you are either too old for them or you have doubts about mens panties that have made you take a step back from the mens underwear styles. But that’s not what actually matters.

When you think of mens underwear that falls in the category of mens lingerie, comfort is all that matters to start with. Yes, every man seeks comfort in his underneath fashion and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog. This blog will lay down the steps that will make you feel comfortable in mens lingerie.

Secret Male Mens Lingerie Underwear
Mens Lingerie Underwear

Check the fabric of the mens lingerie first

Even before buying the sexy underwear products, make sure you check the fabric. Now you might say that mens panties are available in lace, sheer and so many other luxurious fabrics. Well, lace underwear is the most popular fabric that is available in mens lingerie and others would certainly be silk or sheer underwear. Especially for intimate garments, silk lace or cotton lace will not chafe or irritate delicate skin.

Go for cheaper options to start with

You can’t just go spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a pair of mens panties to start with. So I would recommend you to look for discounted options available at Mensuas that you could choose from. But looking up to silk made mens panties or sheer made mens lingerie styles is absolutely the best idea. It is both comfortable and feasible for you. All you need to do is a homework of where would you find the cheaper options.

Secret Male Mens Lingerie Underwear
Mens Lingerie Underwear

Wash the mens lingerie well

Once you’ve already bought the sexy mesh underwear style of your choice, all you have to figure out is to keep it looking as well as feeling young. Washing is one of the biggest criteria where men lack and finally cause wear and tear to their mens lingerie styles like male thongs, bikini underwear or more. Make sure to go through the care instructions provided on the tag to keep them soft for long.

Soak them longer

It is more like marinating chicken or lamb overnight so that it becomes tender and juicy. If you really want to soften the roughness of the fabric which is actually not there, soak all your mens lingerie styles in warm water overnight and by the morning you’ll find the threads softer than the original. Depending on the stiffness of the lace, you may have to do this several times before the items are soft enough to wear comfortably. Once they have softened, be sure to always use fabric softener when you wash them again.

With these steps, you would be able to feel comfortable with mens lingerie.

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What are the must-haves in every Mens Underwear called Sexy?

What are the must-haves in every Mens Underwear called Sexy?


It was a long time ago when in the name of mens underwear styles, men had only mens briefs and boxers for themselves. Eventually, time changed and so did the mens underwear industry. Now, men have a huge collection of sexy underwear for men or mens hot underwear. Well, when you talk about these men’s underwear, you could count all the different kinds of styles available and be popularized these days.

If you take a look at sexy underwear for men, you would notice that there are different aspects that have been there throughout the category. This blog talks about the aspects that are common in all the mens underwear styles that are called sexy.

Daniel Alexander Men's Sexy Underwear
Men’ Sexy Underwear

Exposure is an integral part of sexy underwear for men

When you talk about sexy mens underwear – you already know that a lot of exposure or show off is involved in the same. Whether it is the sheer underwear fabric panels involved in the mens underwear or the open pouches or even high cuts, exposure is something that absolutely going to be there in the mens hot underwear. For some of you who think that briefs for men are ordinary, you would find that male thongs would be sexy, for men who like g-string underwear for men – lace underwear would be sexy and more. The bottom line is that exposure is a part of sexy mens underwear.

Sex appeal is what makes mens underwear hot and sexy in the first place

When you come online to shop at Mensuas, you’d find that every product has its own aura and charm. Every single style available at the online store is designed to kill with the charm and sexiness. No matter what your definition of sex appeal is, the collection of mens underwear is packed with sex appeal. If there should be an occurrence of these noteworthy styles, the sex appeal is progressively noticeable in light of the fact that the brands sell sex appeal in the entirety when it comes to their collection of mens hot underwear.

Kyle Mens Sexy Underwear
Mens Sexy Underwear

Use of mesh or any kind of flimsy fabric

We all are quite aware of the fact that mesh, sheer or lace are the most stunning options when it comes to showing off what you have down there. Every sexy underwear for men by brands like Good Devil, Cover Male, Daddy, Intymen, Miami Jock and others has partial or all mesh/sheer construction.

Confidence is an integral part too

Sexy mens underwear is an incredible source of a confidence booster. The additionally noteworthy underwear is, the more confidence it gives from inside. A significant number of the thong wearers tell that the minor development of men’s thong underwear or g-strings for men makes them like they possess an individual air conditioner.

Do you have any other attribute that should be there on the list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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In every man’s life there comes a time when he has to invest in clothing options that are absolutely stunning by the looks. From donning visually appealing outfits to the mens sexy underwear just to please. In fact, the collection makes men in hot underwear look stunning regardless of the occasion. Not just any old underwear, but really hot underwear for men. This could be mens panties or novelty underwear for the special wedding nights or any of the special occasions, but it can also just include any fun sexy, flirty mens sexy underwear that will spice up a relationship and make your partner feel like the ultimate stunner.

Cover Male Men's Bikini Underwear
Men’s Sexy Underwear

You might already know that mens sexy underwear is crafted for sensuous and erotic purposes but there are so many things that you need to know before you adopt the pairs. If you really want to graduate from the regular to mens sexy underwear, you are here at the right place.

This blog talks about the various tips that will help you choose the best mens sexy underwear for yourself.

Get inspired by others

When you want to make it big and stylish in any kind of outfit; you have to be inspired by someone. It is not important that from whom get inspired by, but inspiration is necessary. Mens sexy underwear is generally noticed either on sexy models or on celebrities. So, practically you can choose either a model in male thongs or celebrity in comfortable underwear like mens briefs; what matters is the inspiration.

Kyle Men's Sexy Underwear
Men’s Sexy Underwear

Find your passion for sport mens sexy underwear

Blindly following someone would not lead you to a bright future when it comes to the underneath fashion. Hence, it is important for you to find what you actually love. When you relate your passion with your inspiration, it gives you a clear vision of what to wear down there and how it can be stylish. After all men in hot underwear are the best passion you’d need to look absolutely stunning. Whether is fashion underwear or sheer underwear for men; you’ll feel contented as well as comfortable.

Go an extra mile to pamper yourself with hot underwear for men

Eat healthily and stay fit if you really want to sport that sexy pair of fashionable jock on your next date. Doing this extra bit will not only make you look good but will also keep you feeling healthy overall. Just make sure you know what to consider what you’re investing into.

With these practical ways of getting inspired, finding your passion and going an extra mile for what you want; you’ll look absolutely stunning on the D-day and the days to come. Make sure your mens sexy underwear is bought from an authentic men’s underwear store to make sure that they are durable.

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Are Mens G-Strings the best Mens Underwear Styles or there’s something more too?

Are Mens G-Strings the best Mens Underwear Styles or there's something more too?

Some of you might say that mens g-strings are the scantiest mens underwear styles. On the other hand, some of you say that they are mens sexy underwear crafted for sensuous and erotic experiences. But, do you think that mens g-strings are the best mens underwear styles?

There are numerous mens underwear styles available at the online store that can be quite a sight for the eyes and a benefit for the personality. They include — well, lets just talks about them further in the blog. Yes, this blog talks about the mens underwear styles that are absolutely the best and the most favored by men worldwide.

Daniel Alexander Men's G-String
Men’s G-string Underwear

Mens g-string underwear

These are supposed to be the epitome of sexiness when you think of exposure. Barely-there below the belt, some brands still make sure that this mens sexy underwear style provides both sexiness and support where it is needed most. In fact, when you talk about a sexual encounter, you cannot avoid having these for a pleasurable time. What makes them sexier? Well, the detailing offered by the gamut of brands available at Mensuas. From incorporating sheer underwear fabric to strings and straps that would just be the best ones.

Mens sheer underwear

Now that we have already talked about the collection of mens sheer underwear, you cannot underestimate the power of what sheer can do for you. Having these is what makes you feel that you’ve graduated from regular to mens sexy underwear. You might say that this is no – STYLE but that’s exactly the charm of the category. You could pick up mens briefs or even boxer briefs from the mens sheer underwear category and you’d be amazed to see the sexiness that they provide. In fact, the conventional styles mentioned above would get a sexy touch to them.

Edipous Men's G-string
Men’s G-string Underwear

Mens sexy underwear

Whether you talk about male thongs, bikini underwear for men or any other mens underwear style for that matter – they’re mens sexy underwear for someone or the other. There is a possibility that a man might love briefs but stays away from mens g-strings because they’re the scantiest mens underwear styles. Likewise, a man wearing thongs for men might not want to wear boxer briefs because he finds it mens sexy underwear. So, the category of mens sexy underwear is huge and you must try something that is a level up from your ordinary choices to make all the difference you need.

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