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Swimwear summer vibes

Swimwear summer vibes

Hello, my friends, and welcome to my swimwear summer edition review.

August is a great month to take a vacation at the beach and use those pairs of shorts and swimwear you’ve been longing to wear all winter.

Last week, I tested two very different brands and styles and let me tell you, my final look won’t be forgotten anytime soon. On Saturday, I went to the beach with my family; therefore, I picked a more comfortable and conservative style to enjoy some quality time on such a paradise beach. I wore Intymen’s print patchwork shorts, which have a soft touch of polyester and thus, offer a contoured fit and comfortable feel that I definitely loved. The print is absolutely enticing and provides a sexy modern look while keeping it casual because let’s remember… you are wearing shorts. It also has side pockets, which I admit are a must at this point. They are available in different colors, and I think next time, I’ll definitely pick the red ones because they look really stylish.


This brand seems to be focused on bringing comfort and rapid drying while remaining modern and making your body look fit. The shorts are a more expensive option, but absolutely worthwhile.

After lunch, I changed into an absolute hit: the magic colors boxer trunks in navy and green. I think the masculine color combination blends with all sorts of personalities and skin tones. The pouch held and kept my manhood in the right place even while doing physical activity. One of my friends wore the basic jungle boxer trunks and I was a little envious because the print is eye-catching and stylish, but subtle at the same time. I will definitely buy a pair for myself. He told me the fabric hugs you in the right place and moisture-wicking properties keep you dry even while going into the water.


On Saturday, I met with some friends so it was a good opportunity to show off a little bit more. I also wanted to get a tan while enjoying the amazing beach, so I wore Pistol Pete’s black briefs which have a very modern design. The red waist definitely makes all the difference. It’s a great choice if you are looking to stay classy but sassy, and it is also sporty. It’s an image that everyone loves at the beach. Sex appeal is on the rise! Last but not least, I also tried the black swim boxer trunk, which is a great option as it provides a super sexy look by accentuating your figure. It also guarantees a pleasant swimming experience and, to be honest, I love the black and blue combination.


The swimsuit experience with both brands has been great and going to the beach has never been so chic! I had the masculine and sensual look I desired and a wonderful weekend with family and friends. What else could I wish for?

Let me know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year’s collection below in our comments!



Underwear tips if you are going the distance

We know that sometimes relationships are difficult to navigate, but when you are in the right relationship, everything feels different. Today we are thinking of those who are going the distance. Maybe you met your soul mate under the sheets, but they have moved to a different city or even to a different country. Long-distance relationship can be full of obstacles to overcome and things to sort out, but if that special relationship is worth the trouble, we are here to give you some underwear tips to keep it interesting. Who says you can only spice it up in person? We can also heat up those screens!

First, you must see this as an opportunity to take it to the next level, because who doesn’t like wearing some sexy show off underwear? We suggest avoiding excessive communication; you wouldn’t want to come across as possessive. It is not necessary to do more to compensate for the distance; it is only important to do your best and remind your partner what they’ll get a taste of once you are together in person again. We’ll take the popular phrase ´less is more’ to a new level.

Designer underwear is an ideal pal for showing off your sexiness and making your partner feel loved and missed. If you communicate regularly, we think you should make it creative. To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos. You can buy Intymen’s underwear to keep it sexy without being too in-your-face and crazy erotic. It’s really about teasing at the right moments; you also want to keep it classy.

Another great option is to gift a personal object for the other person to hold onto. Why not make it your favorite pair of underwear garments? Show the other person that you’re willing to try new things. Think about this idea: shop online for a pair of Edipousbikinis or thongs with the finest fabrics and delightful colors, and ship it to your partner. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Finally, you can always use the oldest play in the book; talking dirty with each other. Sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most important things in long distance relationships.

Getting ready for a sexy date

Getting ready for a sexy date

Preparation is the key word in our article today. Date night is all about preparation and making yourself attractive, confident and ready to being kissed, hugged and caressed.

Think about those Friday night vibes. You’re feeling sexy and eager to play hard to get. You are going through your closet deciding what you will wear for your weekend date. Or dates, why not?

Choose an outfit that will leave your partner imagining what they will be seeing later, and finish it by layering that favorite fragrance that makes you feel sexy as hell.

But wait a minute, it doesn’t end there. The star of the night is indeed your underwear, the last piece of the puzzle to help you enjoy dressing up and accentuating what you have. Dress to impress with ego-boosting designer underwear that will make you shine under the sheets and don’t miss out on the sophisticated sexiness that these fashion and trendy labels deliver.

Strike a pose with Intymen’s featured products, balancing out classiness with sexiness. This brand consists of several basics items, but new collections are introduced throughout the year and each plays with solids, patterns and prints and even glow in the dark fabrics. Different styles are offered which can help create an impressive bulge in your pants, while giving you a much more comfortable feel than other brands.


Make sure you take some time to sit back and relax before your date, and prepare yourself to surprise your partner with luxurious appeal that will keep them happy for many nights.


You’re ready. Your underwear is ready. Enjoy, and always remember that sexy is an attitude!

Comfort counts with Intymen Serenity Briefs

Comfort counts with Intymen Serenity Briefs

So, do like how men’s briefs make you feel? It is understood how breathability can make or break the feeling that you have for the men’s underwear style but choosing the right brand and products diminishes the factors. When you look at Intymen Underwear, you should have that confidence oozing out that lets you know how sporty the brand is.

Intymen Serenity Brief Grey/Navy

The Intymen Serenity Brief is a mesh underwear with sheer panels as well that offer ultimate comfort to the male anatomy. The low rise fit on the body with no visible waistband calls for a better fit. With the mesh covering the entire front and back, the sides of the brief are crafted in see-through fabric. The pouch enhancing underwear is designed to make your manhood protrude outside of an alluring personality. The 81.15% nylon and 18.85% spandex is what keeps your comfort intact.

The conventional coverage of a tighty whitey with the sexiness of the fabric is what you get when you indulge in the same. You can wear for romantic affairs as well as the regular days if you really want to get the best of the same.

Set ablaze your sexiness with Intymen Pouch Underwear

Intymen Pouch Underwear

Have you ever heard about men’s pouch underwear? What’s all the ruckus about? Is it even necessary for the manhood or it is just a fad that’ll pass on after some time? You can know everything about the style here. Intymen Underwear is one of the most dependable brands that you can always look up to for all your sporty-intimate needs.

Intymen Pouch UnderwearThe Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief is one of the many products available at Mensuas which are par functional and extremely appealing by looks. With a solid design throughout, it is the pouch that looks outstanding. With a burnout print on the pouch, the manhood grabs the attention that it deserves and features a bigger bulge down there.

Intymen Pouch UnderwearThe low-rise fit keeps your abs to the forefront with a sleek profile that holds the assets well. This men’s brief underwear features the sexy underwear coverage that has a smooth back with ample of fabric covering what needs to be wrapped up.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes from small to extra large, you can choose the one that matches your personality from mensuas.com.

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Feel The Support And Comfort With Intymen Sport Thong

Intymen Sports Thong

The product that we’re going to talk about is Intymen Sport Thong. The sleek and sexy men’s thong underwear is definitely worth the money ($16.95) and looks stunning on any average physique.

About the product

Functional, yet appealing men’s underwear is crafted out of the blended 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric, which is known for its durability and strength. An exceptionally lightweight and soft material, that the wearer barley knows when its on. The classic thong rear has a broader waist strap and offers barely enough butt coverage, making the sexiness level break through the roof.

What we like?


The sporty apparel has something more than just the appeal to it. The mesh fabric all over provides more breathability and keeps the thongs looking sleek. While the pouch is made to provide comfort to the manhood by not shaping it up manually.


This thong is super comfortable. The Intymen Sport Thong provides an unparalleled comfort experience in both fit and feel. With no visible waistband, the apparel sits super low on the body. The piping that takes the place of the waistband is soft, as is the tag. This sexy underwear would sit beneath even the lowest cut jeans, so if you’re looking to be covered up, this isn’t the underwear for you.

Some of the reviews by the customers that prove it to be the best men’s fashion underwear are:

“I really like this style. I wear thongs all the time and this one is very comfortable. The pouch gives me a nice bulge and the fit is good. Love the color and material. I would buy another pair of these”.

“This is my second pair, provides great support and really comfortable”.

Hence, if you are seeking comfort and functionality in your thong; the Intymen Sport thong is your must have. It is great for relaxing, pairing up for work and dressing up.

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Sleek And Sexy- Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer

Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer - Mensuas

Intymen introduced Classic Mesh Boxer, one of the very unique and handsome men’s underwear crafted out of mesh fabric. The aspect of the boxer that clicks instantly is the combination of various colors with golden waistband and intricate work on the legs. Let’s get down to some of the features of the men’s boxer underwear.

About the Product

Fashion underwear is a playful combination of sporty mesh all around and covering the area with a solid soft pouch that does not have a snug fit and lets the male anatomy breathe free in the cradle-like pouch. With fun gold piping, these are really unique classy boxers.

The fabric composition of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex provide an ultra amount of stretch with spandex in such a large proportion. Nylon keeps the package breathable and comfortable down there.

What we like?


The loose yet defining design of the sexy underwear sits comfortably on the body with the smooth textured fabric falling soft on the skin. The golden graphic accents on the legs look appealing as well as outstanding on the basic colors available like black, red, navy blue and white.


With mesh all over the exotic underwear, the solid pouch out stands on the boxer. The center seam on the pouch makes the already comfortable area bigger and better with a seamless construction all over. The thick stitch outlines the contoured pouch and works like a wired boundary with free falling package inside.


After trying this sexy piece, I felt smooth and comfortable down there. One can wear them to work under anything or even at home when the idea is to relax. The fabric ratio is perfect for lounging as well as wearing it under anything.

What we don’t like?

The Intymen tag on the rear side of the waistband looks okay but when you wear and it keeps on rubbing against your skin, it doesn’t feel so good. Probably if it wouldn’t have been there; it would have been better but in the last case scenario if it troubles a lot, then remove it from the waistband. This will let the elastic waistband fall smoothly on the back.

The full coverage men’s boxer is a delight for the eyes and great to be worn under anything. It also can be worn on the romantic evenings to keep it comfortable yet confident underneath. Go and try out the variety of colors available at Mensuas.com.

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