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Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – Let Your Balls Breathe In

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong at Mansuas

Males who are looking for innovative underwear will surely like the Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong. This unique thong is designed to let the balls hang loose with the right support. A short slit in the pouch lets the balls have a ball without feeling hanging. So, that’s what makes this thong so unique and so sexy and comfortable.

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – features that make it stand out

This exotic underwear is made from soft and smooth microfiber that makes it very comfortable. The fabric is actually 93% polyester and 7% spandex. The contour pouch comes with an opening that lets the balls hang loose without feeling falling. The balls get the support from the soft elastic that trims the slot.

The Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong provides minimal coverage which most modern men seek to feel sexy and stylish.

Being low rise it falls below the waistline and is suitable for modern dressing. The Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong is not only unique in style but in comfort too and that makes it so coveted.

The males who want to have freedom with their package will definitely fall in love with this trunk.

Pros of Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong

The first thing males notice about this men’s sexy underwear is the comfort level. It is extremely comfortable to sport all day, thanks to the breathable fabric and the innovative design. It is good for casual dressing as well as for sportswear. Although most men liked it for making them feel sexy. The trunk provides good support and fits well too.

Men who are looking for something new and exciting will like this free-falling innerwear that lets them taste freedom in a different way. Men who want to add some spice to their love life can try this out to surprise their lady love.

Even men who were looking for an evening of fun and some self stimulation will also like this underwear.

Cons of Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong

This sexy piece of innerwear may not be suitable for wearing for a long time. It may rub against the skin and cause irritation when worn with underpants.

Men looking for sexy innerwear will love to sport Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong. It is comfortable, sexy, well-fitted and exciting too. Give it a try if you are not shy to show your wild side to your partner and want to make your love life exciting by trying new things.

Take a look at some best thong underwear styles by Good Devil here-

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Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red – The Perfect Valentine Day Gift For Your Man

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red at Mensuas

Your boyfriend is very shy and you find that very cute. However, you wish that he opens up more in front of you so that you can share your sexual fantasies with him. There is a way to make him realize how you want him to get wild with you. This Valentine day choose a gift that will not only surprise your partner but also take your relationship to a different level.

Get sexy underwear for your man

Some men fuss a lot about their inners and some others are very careless about them. No matter to which group your boyfriend belongs, you can always get him something of your choice and I bet he would be elated to get such a gift from you.

Before buying the innerwear, you need to know his taste. If your man loves bikini cuts, Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red will be an ideal choice.

This sexy underwear is made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex and hence very comfortable to wear. The contour pouch protects his package and keeps it snug also.

The low rise fit and the color red make this underwear very sexy. You will love to see your man sport this in the bedroom. As the name suggests this sexy little thing zoom in the right places and makes night-outs really sensuous.

This Valentine, get Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red and just see how your man loves your gift and stirs you up passionately.

Let’s have a look at more bikini underwear styles by Good Devil-

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Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red – The Low Cut Thong Ideal For A Sensuous Valentine Day

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red -Mensuas

Women definitely like good looking men. However, they like men who can please them in the bed more. If you feel that your sex life has become boring of late, it is time to spice it up. With Valentine day just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning for the big day.

Plan a great date for your partner

Yes, the valentine day is the perfect occasion to get back the romance in your life. You can start by getting a good gift for her. Get her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a dress of her favorite color. Diamonds? Yes, you can get a diamond ring for the only woman in your life.

Instead of dining out, why don’t you prepare a sumptuous dinner for her and spend a romantic evening at home? Light up your bedroom with candles and get ready for a sensuous night out.

Wear a sexy underwear that will not only surprise her but also express your wild desires. The Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong in red is the right innerwear for adding some spark to your love making. The sheer material with circle print balls will definitely make you look good and heat up the bedroom.

The bright red color and the sexy contour pouch make it the ultimate in feeling sexy. It is devilishly low to make your partner lust for you. The comfortable yet sexy underwear is all you need to make this Valentine day special.

Take a look at Good Devil Thong Best Seller here:

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How To Get Closer On Kiss Day

Kiss Day - Mensuas

The Kiss Day is on February 12 and you are already getting butterflies fluttering in your stomach. There is nothing to worry about as with the right planning and tips you can pull off a great Kiss day and make your girlfriend wait impatiently for the next.

Kiss day – how to make it special

The Kiss day gives the perfect opportunity to show how much you care and make your girlfriend feel special. You can reveal your romantic side and shower her with love with your kisses. However, a perfect Kiss Day begins with you looking great and feeling great.

It’s important to practice good hygiene and Kiss day is the ideal day to remind you this. So, take a bath, trim your hair and your nails too. Wear your favorite perfume and get a shave also. Choose clothes that will highlight your features. You can dress up in casuals or formals depending on where you intend to go.

While choosing casuals, pay attention to your accessories. A nice looking watch, a jacket and a belt is enough to make you stand apart from the crowd. Don’t forget your shoes. They should be polished.

Of course, you should be wearing nice and comfortable men’s underwear. A good underwear will not only make you feel confident but will also help you to carry your attire. You can try out the latest range of innerwear from mensuas.com. They fit well and give the right support and are sexy too. Get one according to your mood so that you can impress your partner.

Once you get into a romantic mood, kiss her on her cheeks and tell her how she makes you feel. As she starts melting in your arms, kiss her on her lips while holding her tight. If she is comfortable and reciprocates you can try French kiss. Hold her closely to your body and let her know how much you are enjoying. Do not forget to give her a nice gift and you will experience the best Kiss day of your life.

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Make The Hug Day Special With A Naughty Gift For Your Man

Hug Day Special - Mensuas

Can you feel love in the air? Of course you can. With Valentine Day just a week away from us, love is everywhere. Now, before the Valentine Day comes the Hug day on 13th February. A hug is like a smile, it can set right almost anything, practically anything. If your boyfriend is troubled with his deadline, hug him and tell him that he is superb. He will not only feel good but can also handle the work pressure easily.

Make his day special with a gift

It takes a big and warm hug from you to make his world go round. This year, make this extra special by going out with him on the Hug Day and doing something out of your way. A hug from you is always special but you can top it up with a lovely gift for him. Flowers and chocolates are ok when you have just entered the relationship. Couples who are with each other for some time can get really naughty to spice up things and also make it memorable.

Other than perfumes and clothing, you can always buy men’s underwear for your man. Oh yes, get something exclusive and something that he didn’t expect from you. Check out the huge range of fashion underwear for men at mensuas.com and see how he breaks into a smile and hugs you back.

Make sure to dress up right for the occasion and keep everything a secret. Give him a bear hug and tell him that you have a secret wish in your mind. Reveal it after sometime when he really gets impatient. Make sure that you have wrapped your gift nicely with a loving message to set his mood.

Once he finds out what you have got for him, trust me he will explode and you will have the best Hug day of your life.

Best Ever Prices- Good Devil Tassle Brief

Good Devil Tassle Brief - Mensuas

All you folks out there, I have great news for those who are in love with the devilish brand Good Devil. The 2-in-1 Good Devil Tassle Brief underwear is now available at never before price of $6. A flat discount of 78% is all that you need to own a pair of men’s boxer briefs that can be worn as men’s brief underwear too.

Tassle Brief by the popular label Good Devil is one of the sophisticated yet sexy underwear. The product is one of the most liked by the customers. The tassle along the sides is a great way to transform your comfortable boxer brief into sexy brief apparel. This men’s underwear highly functional on the inside, as well as sexy overall.

Let’s get down to the features of the Tassle Brief. The sensuous undergarment comes in a combination of red/black and black/red to keep it manly and hot down there. Made from the delectable combination of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex this brief cum boxer brief is highly comfortable, as well as stretchable.

Grab now before you miss out something that will not come back again. The exclusive discount is now available at Mensuas. Shop now.

Take a look at the best seller assortment of Good Devil Briefs

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Good Devil Tassle Brief- Brief or Boxer Brief

Good Devil Tassle Brief - Mensuas

Tassle Brief by the devilish brand Good Devil is one of the sophisticated yet sexy underwear. Brief underwear is also among the most popular product liked by the modern men. It is highly functional on the inside as well as sexy overall. Let’s get down to the features of the Tassle Brief.

About the product

Good Devil introduced a unique men’s underwear with a dual purpose design. The designer men’s brief underwear features an adjustable tassle on the sides for easy adjustment. So, you can easily turn it into boxer brief or brief. The soft fabric blend of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex makes it appropriate for every day.

This pair also includes contrast piping on the side of the legs and a repetitive brand’s logo on the waistband.

What we like?


The unique tassle is the best feature that lets you alter the underwear according to your wish. Hence, you can increase or decrease the length of the designer underwear according to the need of leg movement, you just need to pull the tassle and voila! You’ve transformed your underwear from one style to another.


The soft fabric composition falls smoothly and pampers the skin wherever it touches. Innovative fashion underwear has a sexy see-through rear but a wrapped up front with a smooth finished pouch. The microfiber blend provides plenty of stretch and flexibility. Nylon has its own popular traits like durability and breathability.


Though the pouch looks smooth; it also provides ample support to the manhood with the enhancing features and flattening cuts that help you show off your goods.

What we don’t like?

The underwear is only available in two basic colors: black and red. Though these two colors are extremely sexy and enhance your profile in a better way, with more color options the Tassle Brief would have had a better reach to more moods and likes.

Hence, if you want to spend on something that is more functional, sexy and also two-in-one, Good Devil Tassle Brief would definitely is the sure shot. It not only keeps you from spending on two different styles; it also makes you look sexier and stylish.

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Experience The Sexiness Of Good Devil C-String Underwear

Good Devil C-String Underwear - Mensuas

Every man has a good side and a devilish side, Good Devil being a devilish brand in itself, let’s you explore the feeling of both the worlds. On the contrary, there’s more devil than good in the entire assortment of products that adds an erotic touch to it. Today, we’re gonna talk about the sexiest and skimpiest style available at the brand; The Good Devil C-Strings.

About C-String

Being one of the newest entries in men’s underwear styles, men’s C-string underwear has gained a lot of popularity among modern men for it many advantages. The C-strings are the tiniest piece of clothing known to man. Underwear has a headband-like structure with a small funnel piece of fabric that hides your package; a thin string goes to the rear through the cheeks and keeps a tight hold on the assets.

This style was originally made for women and their tight dresses. To prevent the panty lines that kept protruding from their skirts. The style serves the same purpose for guys (tight denims in place of skirts).

At the first glance they look sexy but at same time, the thought of being strapless/ without waistband might make you a little skeptical. Good Devil crafts erotic underwear with care and modern techniques.

What we like?

  1. Design: The Good Devil C-string underwear is a unique style with its exceptional designs. You’ll find solids that cover the masculinity as well as lace and see throughs that add the extra fun to it. The classic thong rear is like ‘invisible’ because it is nothing more than a rod.
  2. Colors and Fabrics: The colors are an aspect that appeals to the eye the first. The exotic underwear assortment by Good Devil goes all the way from basic white and black to racy leopard prints. Looking at the entire assortment, you’ll see: white leopard, leopard, lace, polka dots and some solid colored patterns. The luxurious fabric used in the underwear is picked up for your manhood. The style also has products with lace material.

What we didn’t like?

The underwire: Some of the people who tried these had only one problem in common; the rod/underwire. The hard underwire makes it a little uncomfortable for men who have never experienced the C-strings, on the other hand the ones that did, were very satisfied with the feel and look of the entire piece.

Hence, if you have never tried something so outrageous, it is recommended to try it for short intervals. Gradually when you’ll get a hang of the rod and style, you’ll feel free. Men can wear it anywhere depending on the types of clothes they’re wearing.

You might have the question that it might fall off because it does not have a waistband? The structure of the Good Devil C-string underwear is in such a way that it won’t fall. It keeps a tight grip between your bum cheeks that does not allow it to fall. Still scared? These sexy underwear are meant for tight lowers and in that case, there is no scope of them coming off.

Go on, heat up your foreplay and reveal to your partner, what you want to. The bottom line is that it keeps you cool, looking sexy and feeling confident down there.

Men’s Underwear – What Do Women Really Care?

Men’s Underwear At Mensuas

Let’s face it guys!! You wear your underwear only for limited reasons:

  1. Keep a steady grip down there
  2. For a protruded bulge inside; and most importantly
  3. For some hot action in your bedroom.

Talking about your intimate life, your underwear plays a vital role in the whole scenario; after all it all comes to the bottom line. Your partner should feel the excitement in you. Males who are looking for intimate apparel that will add spice in their sex life, Good Devil Thong underwear is your one stop destination.

According to a survey, it is not just men that are spending more on male underwear, particularly men’s thongs, but also women and who astonishingly are also buying men’s thongs. This proves that it is not only men that believe thongs are crafted for special times.

You must have always heard that men choose the perfect lingerie for the women they love. Nowadays, women shop to pay back with something their men will appreciate. Good Devil thongs are devilish, sinful and are designed for the wildest of fantasies that will not only make you happy; it will also be appealing to your partner’s eyes. The fact that matters here is till how far you want to go in that moment.

Best Thong Underwear Styles:

Let’s see the motives of the intimacy and the best pair of thongs by the brand for that situation.

  1. If the motive is to tease and tempt, the best style in Good Devil Thongs category would be Cage thongs. They are designed for one sole reason: titillate. If you want your man to entertain you by the animal inside him, nothing would be better than Cage Thongs.
  2. If making a connection with your man’s feminine side of personality, The Lace Thongs are best. The smooth, see-through lace lies soft on the skin. You can touch, feel and do whatever you desire with him, then.
  3. If it’s the first time you’re sharing this moment and got sexy underwear as a gift for the first time, The Zoom Thongs are the best way to express your desires. You literally don’t want to give out a wrong message by gifting something very skimpy. Zoom thongs are subtle yet sexy when his pants come off.
  4. Lastly, if the intention is to be playful, the range of Sleeve Thongs will be your companion. These thongs have a sleeve for your man’s manhood. The thong underwear looks cute (literally) and holds the crotch upfront.

There is no second thought about the fact that females are way too sensitive and emotional. They want the whole experience to be like a memorable dream. Plan something special to make that moment all the more special. Pamper her, play with her, make her feel special and then take the initiative.

Check out the collection of Good Devil Thongs Best Sellers here: