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No strings attached undies

No strings attached undies
Hello my friends and welcome back to my summer reviews: underwear edition. This week, I am going to talk about two of my favorite brands and their newest collections. As an undies fan, I am sure you already know that CoverMale and SecretMale are two of the highest-quality underwear brands in the market.
The sophistication and class that CoverMale underwear offers make me feel like I have never looked sexier. This unique intimate line is inspired by men who want to indulge in their passion for underwear. But let’s make it clear that I am not talking about any type of underwear; I am talking about high-level sexy as hell undies. I usually pick this brand because it showcases a mixture of raw masculinity with class and elegance in all of its collections. I particularly want to talk about their G-string collection because it is an all-time favorite for those who are willing to let go and enjoy their ultimate fantasies. I absolutely love the design and the sheer touch and the modern look mixed with sexiness and animal attraction. Their new 2018 collection has definitely knocked it out of the park. I am also obsessed with their black and red G-string and the thongs are totally stunning and feature a small pouch that covers the front and showing the sides and the back. This brand features modern and revealing pieces that bring attention to all the right places. I feel totally luxurious wearing them.
On the other hand, Secret Male is the ultimate cutting edge brand for adventurous men who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and who are not afraid to show off and feel empowered. I usually think of their products as ego-boosting. They offer limited editions occasionally, and I specially enjoy their thongs and bikinis because they provide unique designs. I recommend this brand to men who really think out of the box and like to indulge themselves and use sexy bold underwear. I will be definitely be riding through the upcoming fall season in some of their fashion pieces. I mean…have you checked their black slip bikini and their printed thongs? This new collection is audacious!
I usually take advantage of the free shipping because I shop for $50 or more and I am located in the US. I’d love it if you shared your favorite undies and get inspired by how other people style them with the hashtags #CoverMale and #SecretMale
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Ever faithful to my JOCKO underwear

Ever faithful to my Jocko underwear

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new review edition of my top-pick products. I had signed up a long time ago to be the first to hear about our latest products and exclusive offers on the Mensuas site, so imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I heard JOCKO is making a fresh comeback with new modern military products. I am a huge fan of any type of clothing that shows my military pride, especially when it comes to underwear since I can keep on surprising my partner until the last minute. It doesn’t end at taking my shirt off if you know what I mean.

This time, I decided to order each of their products online and in different colors to see which one suited me best. Delivery was a dream come true; fast, discrete packaging, and what’s best, it was free because I spent more than 100 US dollars.

JOCKO offers a large selection of stylish military products. When I received my order, I collected them in one place so I could easily click my way through my selection and create my personal army style for a special weekend. On Saturday, during the day, I combined some sexy underwear with my favorite JOCKO blue navy shorts and a grey Jasper t-shirt with a V-neck for a casual look. The shorts were an absolute hit and my friends kept asking me where I’d bought them. I’d never felt sexier in a pair of shorts! These elasticized-waist cotton shorts are perfect for the gym, a hike or whatever you’re into (the beach for me) because they provide great comfort while looking sharp. The military-style elastic makes it different from other ordinary shorts. To add a little bit of spice underneath, I wore a pair of JOCKO military-green briefs which I felt I could easily use on its own, and was extremely comfortable too. Great excitement is pretty much guaranteed with those.


On Sunday, I went a different way, even spicier on the outside. This time, I wore a navy t-shirt with a military pattern on the sleeves and in the t-shirt pocket, which makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye. In the afternoon, I changed into a navy printed tank because it was really humid and warm, and I received a lot of compliments on it, so I will definitely wear it for other occasions. I think that tank tops are a great alternative to the t-shirt for the gym and other summer activities as they make you look athletic and male. I am leaving the best for last; I wore a JOCKO grey jockstrap underneath and it kind of made me feel ready for war. This option is for bold men who want to add an extra bit of style and sexiness to their outfits. It is my best pick from now on.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I was trying on different stylish and modern Jocko products. They are a great choice to look sharp in authentic military clothing for all types of men, but especially for active duty military, veterans, and patriots. I encourage you to embrace a new type of action!

Modus Vivendi is not just Swimwear, it’s a lifestyle

Modus Vivendi lifestyle

Summer season is finally here! We have all been waiting for it for months already: just the thought of spending good quality time with family and friends in some paradise beach, get tanned and enjoy amazing sunsets together creates instant motivation for us to work on our best look, and Modus Vivendi is here to help!

Nowadays, brands focus on achieving both comfort and rapid drying in swimwear and swimsuits, but not all of them are able to get your body look great in the process. At Modus Vivendi, we take the fashionable appeal very seriously and we got it covered for all personality types!





If you are looking to stay classy without losing the sporty imagine everyone loves at the beach, my choice would be to go with the Desert Short, which comes in Grey and Sand tones. Its modern design will keep you comfortable while enjoying a smooth appeal. My personal favorite from this new collection is the Yellow Multi Trunk, which without a doubt will catch the eye of everyone; even better if you have a partner who will enjoy the view as well! it provides a super sexy look as it accentuates your figure and it assures a pleasing swimming experience. It comes in Khaki and Blue colors.

The Polkadot Brief is the perfect pick for men who are happy to keep it minimal in their choice for swimwear. Modus Vivendi’s features three different designs that highlight your masculine parts from the front to the back. Personally, I am in love with the Fuchsia Nude Brief, I think it can really stress a sexy personality everyone will want to meet! With its designer cut, smooth support and striking colors, all heads will be turning to stare at you. For men who like to give a boost to their style and showcase their intimate side, it’s a must-have in their closets.



Going to the beach or the pool has never been so good! With Modus Vivendi, you will get the masculine and sensual look you desire.

Let us know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year’s collection down below in our comments!

Underwear tips if you are going the distance

We know that sometimes relationships are difficult to navigate, but when you are in the right relationship, everything feels different. Today we are thinking of those who are going the distance. Maybe you met your soul mate under the sheets, but they have moved to a different city or even to a different country. Long-distance relationship can be full of obstacles to overcome and things to sort out, but if that special relationship is worth the trouble, we are here to give you some underwear tips to keep it interesting. Who says you can only spice it up in person? We can also heat up those screens!

First, you must see this as an opportunity to take it to the next level, because who doesn’t like wearing some sexy show off underwear? We suggest avoiding excessive communication; you wouldn’t want to come across as possessive. It is not necessary to do more to compensate for the distance; it is only important to do your best and remind your partner what they’ll get a taste of once you are together in person again. We’ll take the popular phrase ´less is more’ to a new level.

Designer underwear is an ideal pal for showing off your sexiness and making your partner feel loved and missed. If you communicate regularly, we think you should make it creative. To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos. You can buy Intymen’s underwear to keep it sexy without being too in-your-face and crazy erotic. It’s really about teasing at the right moments; you also want to keep it classy.

Another great option is to gift a personal object for the other person to hold onto. Why not make it your favorite pair of underwear garments? Show the other person that you’re willing to try new things. Think about this idea: shop online for a pair of Edipousbikinis or thongs with the finest fabrics and delightful colors, and ship it to your partner. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Finally, you can always use the oldest play in the book; talking dirty with each other. Sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most important things in long distance relationships.

Spice up your love life.

Spice up your love life

Are you looking for new ways to put the excitement back into your sex life? We know it can be challenging, but you’ll see that there is a whole new world of options. Spice it up with our sexy adventurous underwear! Sometimes, becoming more comfortable with your partner sometimes means your sex life can turn quite monotonous and dull, but we are here to help make you feel so attractive, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you!

One of the biggest issues for couples is that they can lose spontaneity, and often don’t get around to experimenting with all the new underwear products we have to offer. You can achieve so much with new ideas and new undergarments. Trust us, from subtle to erotic, Daniel Alexander Underwear has it all!

Remember that trying new things keeps dopamine, the brain chemical associated with exhilaration and ecstasy, going. Try introducing a change of scenery, which is always a fun idea, and start the night by showing your partner you are willing to let yourself go! If you take a look, you’ll see that with Daniel Alexander, you’ll be able to find styles of briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, jockstraps and G-string underwear for men. If you are the kind of man who likes to show off, step into the sheer underwear. It offers one of the most definitive products on the market, with a wide variety of cuts. You can go from traditional and subtle to barely-there erotic.


Daniel Alexander DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

DAK027 Micro Thong Navy

Be adventurous and take the initiative, and remember that routine cancels out variety! Another great option to spice up your bedroom life is to choose one sexy-as-hell underwear product, and send your partner a “special delivery.” That’ll surely spice up your night!

Check out Daniel Alexander’s featured products of the week, and have the greatest weekend of your life. We are sure you’ll thank us later!

Daniel Alexander DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

DAK029 Micro Thong Orange

5 Tips to Stay Handsome while Traveling

5 Tips to Stay Handsome while Traveling

Do you think that the look and personal appearance do not matter while traveling? Even an avid travel fanatic needs to look good in his travel log. At the same time, maintaining an alluring look is difficult when you are indulged in the adventurous trekking and camping. While it pays to look handsome these days, there are ways in which you can turn heads even while traveling. Whether you are up for a business trip or for a weekend getaway, it is one opportunity to fall off the track. Why dress shabbily when you can look handsome and attracts some more likes on your next social media post.

Listed below are some of the tips and tricks that can help you stay dapper even when you are traveling. Have a look.

Cleanse and scrub the skin

Cleanse and scrub the skin

Indulging into skin care regime is the very first step for on track with style, even when you are traveling. When the entire attention is on having fun and exploring every nook and corner of the place, the skin is one thing that suffers the most. The climatic change has a huge impact on the facial skin, in particular. Since most of the time of the day you under the sun, so, make sure that you deep cleanse every evening. It is not just the UV rays of the sun that leads to the tanning, even the dirt can lead to harmful effects. So, make sure that you clean your face well. Not just this, do not skip shaving for long. You need to shave everyday if you are not on an official trip, but trim the stubble whenever you get some time.

Protect the skin from sunburn

Protect the skin from sunburn

Great tans don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment. Rocking the tan is undoubtedly one of the ways to flaunt the fun you had on the trip. However, the UV rays may take a toll on the health of your skin. Let’s face the truth. There is no escape, especially if you are playing around in the sand in your swimwear bikinis. However, you can at least put on a protective layer of sunscreen and moisturizing to protect it from dehydrating as well as sunburn. The sunscreen should have SPF 30+. Do not let the tan spoil the images of your travel log and stay handsome.

Smell good

Smell good

What happens after a hectic day in the mountains and wood? Sweating and body odor, of course! In order to look fabulous, you need to smell great as well. So, wear a deodorant or perfume that lasts longer than usual. Moreover, make sure that you are careful in choosing the fragrance. It should not make people around you sick. It is even advisable to go for manscaping and remove the hair from the places that are more prone to sweating like the arm pits as well as the crotch. However, the antiperspirants and perfumes can’t prevent the manhood odor. So, go for the style of underwear for men that are airy and keeps you dry. The jockstraps and boxer briefs are ideal.

Dress well

Dress well

The whole idea of traveling is to forget yourself and indulge in the fun of exploring. However, you need to flaunt the adventures of the outing on the Instagram. So, do not ignore your dressing. Go for the things that are airy and cozy, but remember to pair the ensemble correctly. Pair the dress shirt with the solid colored shorts. Do not wear the cargo pants that are very bulky. Invest in the sleek layers and keep the entire ensemble elegant and sophisticated, despite being casual. The polo shirts and floral tees are the best options for such purpose. However, go for the colors that match your personality and skin tone. Along with this, choose the right men’s underwear style for the various events.

Do not drink like a fish

One night of indulgence can ruin the entire efforts. Do not restrict yourself from having fun, but drinking like a fish can spoil the appearance. No perfect picture was ever taken under the weather. No matter how much you try to look dapper, the pie-eyed gaze won’t take you anywhere. So, control the number of drinks you take, so that, you’re not hammered in the morning.

Are you in sync with the key to look dapper? What are your styling hacks when you are traveling? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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The key components of a dapper look

The key components of a dapper look | Mensuas

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” ~ Hardy Amiesn

Gone are the days when the very word fashion took the backseat in the lifestyle of men. Ever since the dawn of time, men have asked the same question to himself, “What should I wear to stand out?” While the choice for the ladies seems to be never-ending, men had to pick their style from the limited options.  The case is not the same anymore.  These days there are limitless ways for the modern male population to express their unique style. While the selection of wardrobe is your choice, there are certain things that you need to consider if you are looking to set a style statement. The write-up has collected some of the basic tips and tricks that you need to consider for a dapper look. Check them out.

Dress for the occasion

Dress for the occasion

The key for donning a dapper look is to dress for yourself and not anyone else. However, the occasion is one thing that you need to consider. Wearing the correct dress for an occasion is a matter of good manners. Dressing appropriately according to the event doesn’t mean that you have to be one of the crowd. This is one way of saying that your dress code should match the requirement of the event. For instance, office dinners and formal gatherings require a stern look. Go for semi-formal attires. For occasions like a traditional ball and other such events, the tuxedo is the only option.  Similarly, going to the casual gathering in the formal suit will make look out of the place. Choose the attire according to the dress code and you’ll never go wrong.

Make sure it fits

Make sure it fits

Whether you are heading for a client meeting or for a getaway outing, the fitting of the attire matter a lot. This is one factor that can ruin the entire appearance of an individual. So, make sure that the attire fits you well. In the case of suit and shirts, the shoulder seam should lie on the horizontal plane where your shoulder meets the biceps. The sleeve of the suit should end right above the cuffs your shirt. The trouser of should hug the body of the wearer, without being very tight. Moreover, the length of the pants should end right above the shoes. The right fit will effortlessly add a flair of galvanizing style to your look.

Dress your age

Dress your age

Nothing can make be look old other than trying to look young. You have to have fun with fashion. More importantly, you should not get stuck with any particular look. However, whatever clothing style you pick, it should complement your personality. Dressing your age brings is a kind of dignity to your overall look and appearance. Instead of following others, being yourself is the prettiest thing that you can do.

Pick your power accessory

Pick your power accessory

The right set of accessories can add an electrifying effect to your personality. The power of the ensemble that is to be paired with the attire is usually underestimated. So, make sure that you choose the accessories sincerely. Listed below are some of the staples for a dapper look.


This is a sign of sincerity and elegance. It is definitely losing its charm in the world of smartphones, but the timepieces can take your style to the next level. Hence, a man should always have a watch on.


This is an essential for the formal attire. The neat and sophisticated pair of cufflinks can galvanize your shirt and the appearance effortlessly. Moreover, these elegant piece projects a very gentlemanly attitude.

Pocket Square:

Accessorizing the suit is very important. The pocket square should match the color of your shirt and contrast the shade of the coat.


This is optional, but a stylish addition to the casual attire. Make sure that it is not very bedazzling and jazzy. keep it simple and subtle.


The shoes decides the overall personality of an individual. So, wear a neat pair of shoes that matches your attire.

Do not ignore the casual look

Do not ignore the casual look

Taking the formal look seriously is important, but in the process do not neglect your casual appearance. The easy-going look allows you explore, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The t-shirt should fit yours properly. Instead of going very playful shades, go with the colors and prints that suit your personality. The rugged jeans are way too boyish. Pick the elegant ones that add to your masculinity. Layer up the attire with the right style of jackets, blazer or cardigans.

Don’t forget the lowest layer

Don’t forget the lowest layer

The lowest layer of clothing refers to the men’s underwear styles that you’re wearing. This is generally overlooked by most men, but it contributes a lot to the overall personality of an individual. The options available in this category of underwear for men is ample. Right from the traditional boxers and men’s briefs to the sexy thongs and jockstrap underwear. Choose the right pair of the different occasion and make sure that make sure that no aspect of fashion is left untouched.

Were these points helpful? Share your comments below.

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8 reasons why your Personal Style is not improving

8 reasons why your Personal Style is not improving | Mensuas

“Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it.”

Just wearing the best of the clothes and sticking to the most expensive brand is not enough. The way you project yourself and pull of your look and attire is equally important, when it comes to defining your style statement. Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you still lag behind in style? Have you seen your older photos and thought that there has not been much change in your look? There is a reason behind this. Probably, you are making the same style mistake over and over again.

Here is a compilation of some mistakes that might be coming in the way of your personal style. Check them out.

You choose the wrong fit

“To be more stylish, wear well-fitting pants. You don’t want to have baggy, sad pants. Stand tall. Have a good posture. ” – Neil Patrick Harris

You choose the wrong fit

The fitting of the clothes is one of the biggest contributors in the personal style of an individual. Allowing your un-hemmed, loosely flowing suit trousers to puddle over the tops over your shoes can single-handedly destroy the look. Along with this, even the shirt and suit should fit you perfectly. This is a must in both formal and casual attire. Gone are the days when baggy t-shirts were considered cool. Sleek and subtle is the next cool.

You don’t accessorize the attire sincerely

“To be more stylish, accessorize –  a scarf, a signet ring, a hat.” – Dominic West

You don’t accessorize the attire sincerely

The attire is incomplete unless it is decked out with the right set of the ensemble. A wristwatch is a statement-making piece for every man. So, make sure that you have it on, regardless of the occasion. When it comes to bracelets or necklaces and rings, it is better to keep it simple. The bedazzling jewelry will make you look over-the-board.

You don’t layer up appropriately

“I’m not much of a style maven. But a good-fitting jacket makes everything better” – Brandon Routh

You don’t layer up appropriately

Either you are not layering up your clothing properly or you are  not using the layers at all. A lot of men either stick to the basic shirts and tees while others plunge into wearing statement outfit or tons of patterns. Striking the right note on between them is the need of the hour. You don’t have to go over-the-top to make a style statement. The thumb rule is to keep it sleek and simple. Use subtle and sophisticated styles of jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts. Layering up is the best you stand out in a crowd without going too far.

You follow the trend religiously

“Be yourself. You can’t be afraid to be who you are. If you conform you may not be criticized, but you also won’t be noticed”. – LL Cool J

You follow the trend religiously

The key to being a trendsetter is not to follow the trend blindly. Staying in sync with the things that is happening in the industry is important, but you don’t have to push yourself too much to stay on-trend. Wear only the things that suit your personality. Your attire should complement your personal self, instead of making you look out of the place.

You ignore the footwear

“Make sure that you’re wearing cool shoes. Shoes show an outfit.” – James Wolk

You ignore the footwear

Do you focus your entire attention on the clothing style and ignore the footwear? This is the biggest fashion mistake you are making. This is the first thing that is noticed in man. The shoes project your entire style and attitude. So, make sure that you give due importance to your footwear selection.

You don’t groom yourself well

“Take a shower, that’s a good start” – Wesley Snipes

You don’t groom yourself well

This is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects when it comes to men’s fashion. While most men never think about it, self-grooming is a part of the personal style. A man who looks neat and smells good will automatically attract extra attention. It is as important for men to look neat and clean as it is for the ladies. Bathe well and do your hair properly. Other than this, your body odor speaks a lot about your personality. The secret of a masculine scent is subtlety. It should never be overpowering.

You stick too much with the conventions

“I have a uniform: a black t-shirt and some jeans every day. For events sometimes, I get some help from the wardrobe departments. Works for me.” – Billy Burke

You stick too much with the conventions

The classic shades and clothing styles are always ‘in’. There are little chances of going wrong with the conventions of men’s fashion. However, sticking to the same style makes you look monotonous at times. There is nothing wrong in trying something different and new from time-to-time.

You think that your underwear do not matter

“From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.” – Bertolt Brecht

You think that your underwear do not matter

For sure, no one sees your underwear, but people do notice you adjusting your undergarment. People do notice the attitude you carry. The style of men’s underwear contributes a lot in you comfort level and ultimately your personality. Ditch the conventional baggy undies and try the new underwear styles for men. Even the traditional cuts like men’s trunk are available with snug-fit styles and pouch enhancing option. Try anything of this sort and put your best personality forward.

Have you got the reasons that are restricting your style quotient? Share your comments with us below.

The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017

The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017 | Mensuas

Held on the 26th of February 2017, the Academy Awards have officially wrapped up and left the winners, nominees and of course, the audience spellbound. Though the event has already been hyped and talked about so much, there are some who are looking for the highlights of the evening.

From the laughs spread by the host Jimmy Kimmel to the moment when La La Land was awarded the best film award by mistake, the evening was full of highs and lows. So, here we are offering you the best and the worst moments of the Oscars 2017.

BEST Moments

Justin Timberlake inaugurates the show

It was more like an inauguration rather than the opening of the evening when the iconic celebrity Justin Timberlake performed his Oscar-nominated Trolls song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’. The performance witnessed standing ovation by the audience including all the iconic celebrities.

There are candy parachutes in the sky

In order to make sure that the audience did not doze off to boredom and also keep them well fed, the host Jimmel Kimmel sent candies, donuts, and cookies as parachutes to them. That’s exactly what we call being a true host to your guests.

Source: Unknown

Kimmel tweets Donald Trump

We told you there was more Trump-bashing to be had, although Kimmel was reasonably mild when he tweeted the President to “check if he was okay”. The host went ahead and tweeted the President of United Stated is he was up or not?

Hidden Figure’s real-life star Katherine Johnson stops by

Being nominated for the Oscars for the category of movies based on true events, Hidden Figure paid recognition to the actual heroes by bringing former NASA aerospace technologist Katherine Johnson on the stage. Her presence being the reasons for so many smiles, she just had to say “Thank You” to everyone available there.

Best film award was given to La La Land by mistake

The actual winner of the award being the team of ‘Moonlight’, the exchange of envelopes had led to this blunder. It was then Warren Beatty announced that the best film award goes to La La Land. Being as awkward as you can think, it was later realized that the true winners were the former team. This being the first disaster of such type in the history of Academy Awards, the 89th year will surely down the memory lane for such an accident.

WORST moments

The length of the show

Oh yes!! The show lasted for more than 4 hours, starting at 5:30 pm going all the way to 9:15. Exceeding the time limit of the show, there were moments when the audience was gifted eatables to keep their focus on the stage. Still, the duration was too long and dragged.

A new definition of “migrant workouts”

Things turned weird when the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal who presented the Oscar for the best animated film started to compare well-compensated and pampered actors to migrant workers. Though the audience appreciated the take but this is not what the Academy Awards stage is meant for.

With the bitter-sweet memories, the Oscars came to an end with lots of enjoyment and memories. You guys stay tuned to for more trending action at mensuas.com and do let us know what was your best and worst moment of Oscars 2017.

Some Underwear for Entertaining Purposes

Men's Underwear

There’s nothing like the life of a man. He has many roles to play and many responsibilities to handle while he lives his own life. From the rising of the sun, he gets out for work, after the long day he fulfills his duties at home and handles the other events like parties, celebrations and more. After all this, not everybody can boast about making their partners wildest dreams come true.

You must be thinking that for pleasing the partners, guys have get all decked up and flaunt whatever they have whereas; they could spice up things even more by simply wearing the various men’s underwear styles. This blog talks about the styles that you can wear to get the best out of the special moments.

Let us look at some of the men’s fashion underwear styles for intimate purposes.

The basic bikini

Who says that revealing is everything? Agacio offers a basic line of men’s bikini underwear that are crafted with clean cuts and portray the right way of revealing the skin. The sexy thong features a classic thong rear with a perfect pouch for man that imbibes sack lifting technology.

The partial mesh brief

Sheer and mesh are the perfect way to flaunt the assets and Good Devil being one of the sexiest men’s exotic underwear styles; have a plethora of products that fall in this category. The Rotica Sheer Cheeky brief is one of the teasing apparel that partially shows as well as hides the assets in the most delectable way. This men’s brief underwear has proper coverage (not literally) and that is what keeps the sensuous appeal intact.

Printed thong

The Cover Male men’s thong underwear in the camouflage print is what a perfect combination of enhancement, slim-cut design and offers comfort as well. It provides excellent support, has a comfortable center strap in back and is a fine choice for those who enjoy the freedom of wearing a thong.

Lace thong

Lace is an exceptional fabric that has feminine appeal and touch while the men’s apparel designers craft manly styles using the soft fabric. Lace plus thong is a deadly combination of sex appeal, pleasure, visual appeal and comfort which is offered by Candyman thong. The stretch lace fabric is airy and breathable, making these comfortable for any occasion you want to feel sexy underneath your clothes.

Leather look

Whether it is leather or leather-like, any ordinary apparel style can transform into sexy underwear. The Zipper thong by Miami Jock looks sexy and shimmery with a functional zipper on the pouch.

Cheek boxer

The conventional boxers are loose ad comfortable but the modern version of the same is sexy and comfortable. The Mini Cheek Boxer by Joe Snyder is what lets you flaunt your butt cheeks to the fullest while keeping everything sexy and together on the front.

Burnout brief

The burnout brief by the classic brand Intymen is what you need when revealing is not needed and the shape and structure is enough. Purely a must have yet subtle and sophisticated; try them out now.

These were some of the styles/products that will help you get the best and most memorable time of foreplay with your partner. Easily available at Mensuas, don the perfect underwear styles and you’re sure to make the moment go wild.

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