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Mens thongs are all about showing off what you have

thongs for men

If you are quite well versed with mens thongs, you would certainly know that there are numerous types that are available in the men’s underwear industry. Thongs have come a long way since their launch into the world of lingerie. Well, I am not talking about the women’s thongs, I am specifically referring to the male thongs that have gone on for centuries but somehow lost path and then came back into fashion. I sure you would have had a ride through the season with them depending on the different kinds of mens thongs available at Mensuas. Just to brief you about the different types of mens thongs, you can have a look at different varieties from which you can choose from.


This blog would lay down the different aspects that help you reveal more with the mens thongs.

The popular types of mens thongs


Mens G-string



When you think of skimp and want to take the revealing attitude to the next level, you must invest in mens g-string underwear. With a skimpier back and a thin patch in the front, mens g-string is the next level of show off.

Brazilian Bikinis


The collection of mens bikinis have been the sensuous ones. Well, to show off more, the Brazilian bikinis are the ones that would help you show off what you have down there. With high cuts on the sides, the pouch is what’s men’s enhancing underwear and makes your manhood look absolutely stunning.

Having known the popular styles offered in the category of mens thongs, you must know the different purposes for which thongs or g-string or any other men’s designer underwear should be worn.

Purpose of wearing mens thongs

There are so many reasons for which mens thongs are being adopted all across the globe. Some of them are mentioned below.

To show off

This has to be the first reason as we have the entire topic revolving around it. Men’s thongs are not basically worn to reveal your butts but to feel exceptionally comfortable. Well, when it comes to being with your partner, you definitely wear the exotic underwear style to show off.

To feel free



Donning thongs or g-strings, it is quite a feeling who feel free, light and most importantly confident. Most often, thongs are worn to attract attention.

To experiment wearing something new

When you are bored of the granny panties i.e., mens briefs, you can switch to thongs for men or g-string underwear to experiment with something new.

For no lines that by men’s underwear styles


Feel Fek Thong Feel Fek Thong Black/Red


The next and most common reason why many men prefer to wear thongs or any revealing style is to deal with underwear lines in their clothing.

How to choose the best revealing men’s underwear style?


Choose the best brand

First thing first, make sure you choose the best brand for yourself while choosing thongs for yourself. Best brands would mean that you pick the brands that would be perfect for you. With brands like Agacio, Good Devil, Cover Male, Miami Jocks and other brands available, you can choose the ones that are perfect for you.

Choose your type

When you choose your brand, you make sure that you pick the type of thongs for men, that suit your personality well. You can choose from the types that help you reveal more, help you feel more comfortable and define your personality well.

Fantastic Bodysuits from Mensuas [by UndieGuy]

Fantastic Bodysuits from Mensuas [by UndieGuy]

Get in to your costumes and play boys! Mensuas.com sent me some exotic bodysuits to slip into. Come take a look.


Bodysuits ?

Miami Jock Sagacity bodysuit red


Miami Jock Bodysuit Black


Pistol Pete Bodysuit Navy



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The exotic enchanter

The exotic enchanter

If you want to add excitement to your life and become an exotic feline, men’s exotic underwear will surely to do the trick. Sexy men’s underwear comes in all kinds, but there is one characteristic they all have in common: luxury. Give a flirtatious appeal to your underwear collection with men’s exotic underwear and enjoy the delicate luxury available in the wide variety of exotic underwear.

Today, I want to give you a few underwear suggestions, if you want to go full-animal mode. What exotic animal are you becoming tonight? Lion, tiger, or leopard? Let’s see which suits you best.

Personally, erotic underwear makes me feel sexy and confident. The revealing undergarments range from the ‘no show’ to ‘show it all’ styles because, ultimately, exotic underwear is really defined by what is and is not typical. Mensuas’s inventory is full of options that could easily be classified as exotic.

These are my top 3: Daniel Alexander DAL013 G-String Turquoise, it offers the least possible coverage. This G-String basically consists of a small pouch, just large enough to contain your package. The rest of it is string, not leaving much to imagination if you know what I mean. Another great option is the Cover Male CM101 Bikini Sheer Black, which are made from nothing but mesh. Black is my favorite pick for these entirely see-through bikinis that don’t leave anything to the imagination. Daniel Alexander DA771 Protrude Pouch Thong Purple is another incredibly sexy look. These thong are skin tight and super skimpy both in the front and the back.

Other brands, such as Miami Jock, have also unleashed my wild side. This brand’s design is known for its sexy underneath apparel because it’s especially designed for the adventurous personality. These are some of the reasons why they are my favorite: The sexy texture of the Miami Jock G-String lets me show off everything (literally), while providing great support. It features a sturdy waistband that keeps everything in one place, attached strings to connect to the pouch, and also a pouch that lets your manhood stay up and above with the extreme exposure. The Miami Jock Jockstrap is a delectable formation that looks more like a garter with a sheer pouch that covers the tip of the shaft, with a thick string-like waistband that keeps everything in one place and the strings coming down go up to the mid thighs and have easy adjustment Velcro flaps. Have you read this? It has Velcro! My ultimate favorite choice! On the other hand, the pouch is designed to do the needful things and cover the tip, leaving everything else to the show.

There are other great options for an exotic sexy night with your partner. Definitely, the Miami Jock Body Suit is one of them. It is everything one wants from an erotic design that can be used for foreplay. It features thick straps as the entire design that are connected with metal rings which can be adjusted easily. The back features no coverage to keeps the buttucks visible. What else can you wish for?

If you have been thinking of adding excitement to your love life, the Good Devil Carnal Love Slip Thong is what you should take a look at to fulfill your underwear fetish. This thong features supportive coverage from the front sides to the back. It provides a masculine appeal because the pouch showcases elastic strings that keep the position of the shaft and balls upright.

The Good Devil Free Your Desires Slip Thong is what daring personalities adopt to keep their adventurous appeal and underwear in sync. With conventional thong coverage all over, it is the pouch that lets your manhood out in the open to breathe well. The pouch fabric is connected to the waistband with the help of strings.

These skimpy undergarments definitely give you the feeling of going commando. Like an ocean, if you search deep enough you may find rare exotic treasures. Take a sneak peek into all the options and let your inner feline out tonight.

Things To Avoid In Men’s Underwear While Styling Yourself

Every person has a different approach towards the word fashion and even treats it differently. That is one of the reasons we can see diversity in the styling trend. When talked about the basic clothing i.e., men’s underwear there are some things that you should avoid doing. 2015 is the year we hope to eradicate all of these fashion faux pas and have everyone looking their best throughout the year! Let’s put them down for you.

Over Matching:

Over matching or one can also call it teaming up in a wrong way. Many a time we just don’t care about what we are getting into and pick up any men’s fashion underwear that does not go with your entire daily schedule or proves to be a mismatch according to the occasion. Stop it right there! Think simpler and try to go for more subtle yet designer underwear when there’s nothing planned for the evening. When the idea is to have a longer evening, try something erotic or even exotic underwear style. But, make sure you keep it smart and casual. Do not over do or mismatch.

Wrong Size:

A lot of people talk about size; and it is worth that much importance. Till the time the idea is to crush your manhood to death, one can wear the wrong size of your intimate apparel. You must have experienced it once in your lifetime that if you buy a smaller size, you keep on stretching for more room and breathability whereas; the bigger size just keeps on falling from its actual place. So why face so much of a problem when Mensuas has a size chart with which you can easily buy the accurate size for a luxurious experience down there.


Okay! Let’s just face the fact that we all love that one or more pair of sexy underwear that is with for ages and is on the verge of decomposing but still we won’t let go of it. We keep them as prized possessions even after they wear off. This is unacceptable, and while it is okay to rely on a few favorite pieces, you should try to update your wardrobe as regularly as you can. Not only will this keep you up to date with every new trend, but keeps you looking smart and hygienic at all times.

Going for Cheap Quality:

I don’t say that should go only for branded designer apparels. Whatever you wear it must not be of cheap quality. The cheap quality factor leads to a smaller shelf life of the apparel plus you never know the fabric composition might harm your boy leaving rashes and marks on it. On the other hand, if by chance someone gets to see the cheap apparel, might get the wrong impression.

These mistakes are some of the gravest ones that men commit while styling themselves. One must consider these tips while you plan to style yourself. However, every style such as men’s brief underwear, men’s boxer briefs, men’s thongs, men’s g-strings or any other are available at the men’s underwear store. At Mensuas, you’ll get the best possible options from the luxury brands at pocket friendly prices.

For more satisfaction, you can visit the online store to please your taste buds.

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