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Men’s G-String Underwear is so popular – But why?

Men's G-String Underwear is so popular - But why?

The world of men’s fashion has undergone a change – a massive change in the last few decades. Well, there was a time when men didn’t feel like dressing up or look appealing because of lack of options and then there’s today where every man wants to look pleasing inside-out. This is applicable to the men’s underwear industry as well where the styles are changing, the cuts, the fabrics, and everything is undergoing change. One of the most popular mens underwear styles that have been gaining momentum among men is men’s g-string underwear. Whether you call them the scantiest style or no strings attached undies, you also know the reasons to stop by for men’s g-string underwear.

Otzi Mens G-string
Mens G-string Underwear

Now that we all know that men’s g-string underwear is very popular but do we know the reasons behind the popularity? Have you ever thought that – are men’s g-string underwear the best style or there are others too? Well, you can call mens mesh underwear popular too but here we’re going to talk about men’s g-string underwear. Following are the reasons that make men’s g-string underwear so popular in the men’s fashion underwear industry and also among men.

  • Because men’s thong is the parent style:

You might already know but have had paid a lot of heed to the fact that mens thongs are considered to be the parent style to men’s g-string underwear. The latter being the skimpier version gained a lot of popularity while the former is considered to be the more comfortable, more subtle sexy underwear style. It is men’s g-string underwear that features minimal coverage for your manhood.

Otzi Mens G-string
Mens G-string Underwear
  • Because men’s g-string underwear is all about sex appeal:

You might say that other designer underwear styles also have ample sex appeal but when you take a look at the collection of men’s g-string underwear – whether in mens mesh underwear or lace underwear or any other for that matter oozes sexiness for the personality. Subtle or outrageous, sex appeal is something that is a mandate in every piece.

  • Because men’s g-string underwear is available in supportive forms too:

Did you know that there is sporty men’s g-string underwear as well? You might have heard that men’s g-string underwear are meant only for special purposes but when men thought that there should be something which is skimpy to the best yet support the manhood like the other styles, sporty men’s g-string underwear were made. Now you can enjoy them for every occasion and every purpose that you want to.

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Behold the future of men’s underwear – Jockstraps for men

Behold the future of men's underwear - Jockstraps for men

Underwear for men has encountered a lot of new designs and style since the last century. Male underwear and its popularity among men regarding comfort levels have gained quite some recognition in the current fashion scenario around the globe. Who would have thought that men’s underwear will be recognized as a fashion and lifestyle statement? Yet here we are, embracing men’s underwear as an important part of wardrobe and daily life. Men’s underwear had to find a way to serve beyond the purpose of just covering your genitalia. There was a need for a men’s underwear style which assured total support and protection to your Genitals during Rigorous and extreme physical activities. This gave birth to the concept of men’s jockstraps.

History of men’s jockstraps

Jockstraps for men was initially used as an apparatus used in medical treatment before it was accepted as a style statement providing both fashion and function. Jocks for men was invented in America in 1874 by CF Bennett as a medical apparatus for treating Bicycle messengers or Bike jockeys. But it then it was re-invented and re-introduced to the world as a futuristic men’s underwear style. The science behind men’s jockstraps is very effective and makes sure you get the highest dose of comfort and support.

Otzi Men's Jockstrap Underwear
Jockstraps for men

What makes Jockstraps for men so futuristic and great for athletics?

The design of men’s jockstraps is what makes it so futuristic. The design consists of 2 functioning parts.

  1. A protective pouch in front for maximum support and protection from injuries to the private parts. Jockstraps for men are also available in pouches purely for support only. Whereas, The other variant has a front pouch which can be equipped with a resistant cup or groin guards for additional protection and security.

  1. The second functional part of men’s jockstraps consists of wide elastic waistbands which provide ultimate support and upliftment to your genitalia.

Men’s jockstraps underwear is your one-stop solution to all of your athletic support needs. Men’s Jockstraps are for those who seek minimum coverage and ultimate support along with a stylish factor to their men’s underwear. jockstraps for men are designed with a protective pouch in the front for maximum support and protection from injuries. The pouch is connected to typically wide elastic waistbands which provides leverage to you front pouch in order to keep your genitals in a protective and isolated state.

Men’s jockstrap underwear come in 3 different types-

  • Sporty men’s jockstraps- This designer underwear for men has a durable and breathable mesh pouch which assures proper ventilation and breathability. Men’s jockstraps have wide elastic waistbands and soft jockstraps for optimum support and protection from injuries to the jewels.

  • Uplifting men’s jockstraps- The front pouch of these men’s jockstraps style has a horse-shoe shaped piece of material which aids in upliftment, enhancement, and support to the genitalia. These Men’s designer underwear provides leverage to the package assuring controlled isolation of your genitals.

  • Sexy men’s jockstraps- These men’s designer underwear style has a front pouch made using see-through mesh fabric which makes your package look erotic and sensuous. The front pouch is designed using push-up technology which lifts, support and enhances the front profile giving it an appealing look. The front waist is tie-up for a sexy and sporty look.
Kyle Men's Jockstrap Underwear
Jockstraps for men

Available Fabrics-

  • Moisture-wicking fabric- Men’s jockstraps are designed using moisture-wicking materials. Moisture wicking materials are special fabrics which pull moisture to the outer layer of the fabric in order to assure clean and dry skin

  • Erotic fabrics- Jockstraps for men are also available in fabrics like sheer and mesh which makes your jockstrap experience even more erotic and sensual. Sheer jockstraps for men are very subtle yet kinky while role-playing and spending intimate time with your partner.

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The 4 F’s in Male Underwear that you must know

The 4 F's in Male Underwear that you must know

When it comes to male underwear, guys try to cut short their work and just browse through the store to pick a few men’s underwear styles. However, they don’t understand the need of providing oneself with appropriate products for below the belt in order to keep everything perfect and healthy. Well, there are men who’ve understood the purpose of having a supportive yet non-constrictive pair down there whereas; the others are still struggling with their old tighty whitey pairs that suffocate their manhood.

This blog talks about the 4 F‘s in male underwear that is worth adopting or not. It details about the 4 F’s in underwear for men that every man must look at before buying the options including pouch underwear for men, sexy underwear styles and so many more.

Men's Designer Underwear
Male Underwear

The fit is the most important in male underwear

The very first aspect that men must look out for in their underwear for men is the fit. Whether you sit, stand, bend, crawl or put yourself to test in any kind of physical movement, if your men’s underwear styles stay with you and move around with your movement, it certainly is the pair to look forward to. For example, think about that time when someone at your office bends down to pick up something and his waistband of the mens briefs move out of the trouser. Or he bends and when he gets up, you can easily see creases or bunched up the fabric of the mens boxers in one place. Would you be interested in having something like this? Obviously not!! Likewise, you need to see the men’s underwear style like stringy mens bikini underwear or thongs for men or anything like mens low rise underwear.

The fold of the male underwear

The next big feature worth taking a look at in your underwear for men style is the fold. The number of folds men’s fashion underwear has is what defines your comfort. This aspect also applies to all the other styles including sheer underwear or any designer underwear style for that matter that has more fabric as well. The seams on the pairs are the first thing that lets you know the quality of the pair. The stitches per inch, the better, and the tighter the stitching, the lower the chances that the fabric is going to rip or easily wear down. If you find a lesser number of seams, you’re sure to get rashes once you spend the entire day in those.

Men's Designer Underwear
Male Underwear

The fabric is always the top priority

The fabric is definitely a lookout when it is about clothing articles and in specific men’s underwear styles. In addition, if it is about intimate male underwear you need to pay more attention to the same. The majority of the world prefers to have cotton as their sole survivor for their basic needs. Probably the most loved material is the most popular because of its unmatched qualities. You know why everyone prefers cotton underwear right? Comfort, breathability, quality, moisture absorbency and much more are some of the reasons for the same. The next in queue is nylon, which is not like cotton but sure is a comfortable fabric and has many advantages.

The forms of men’s underwear styles

Well, the male underwear industry is full of numerous men’s underwear styles that are available for men. Whether you are conventional personal who loves to keep it traditional or someone who likes high cuts on the sides with minimal fabric or even someone likes to keeps it absolutely negligible, there’s something for every personality.

Having understood these, you are now ready to buy yourself one pair of sexy male underwear.

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What makes Male Brief the best?

What makes Male Brief the best?

Have you ever felt the constant urge of adjusting the pouch below the belt? It is definitely not a very happy feeling to be sure about. The male brief has been the ideal choice of men’s underwear since the beginning of the time until today.

Being the most popular designer underwear style, men’s briefs are also the ones which are used by the majority of men across the globe. However, mens briefs are a mens underwear style that has left so many myths with time. But, what makes the mens brief underwear the ideal one even being in the fashion underwear industry for many decades?

Men's Brief Underwear
Agacio Men’s Brief Underwear

Find out the aspects of knowing the men’s brief inside out.

The male brief has been the one all these years

From the beginning of time (after loincloth), mens brief underwear is considered to be the only “Macho” styled apparel style. Since then, men have always looked up to the respective style for the all their below the belt needs.

The male brief is considered to the sportiest and most supportive

Though back then the men’s brief was available in only snug fit options that later turned out to be the reason for low sperm count, the brands had the only way to get rid of the problem and make male brief survive in the industry – they gave enhancement and a sporty new look to the style. Breathability is something that is exceptionally important for your personality and men brief underwear.

Men's Brief Underwear
Virile Men’s Brief Underwear

The male brief provides protection as well with the support

We all know how supportive the tighty whiteys have been since they were first introduced. However, only the wearers know that the dual-layered fabric provides minimal support as well to the assets, keeping them safe from minor injuries. The bulkiness provided comes in handy on a day-to-day basis.

The male brief has become a lot sexier

From the day back then to today, you would find the changing face of the Y-front. From the solid fabric to the sheer underwear material or various pouch options, the mens sexy underwear style has already crossed the bar of sex appeal. They aren’t just tighty whiteys anymore.

What changes have you seen in the male brief since its introduction but still find them appealing? Do let us know in the comments below.

Are you a proud owner of Bikini Underwear for Men? – Know why have one

Are you a proud owner of Bikini Underwear for Men? - Know why have one

There are people who believe that bikini underwear for men is only meant for the beaches or the summer times. However, lesser do they know that the respective men’s underwear style can be worn by them for the numerous occasions and reasons that they want to whether it is a beach party or pleasing your partner in the bedroom. So if you’re someone who loves to wear men’s bikini underwear that supports (or doesn’t) and appeals to the eyes, this blog is for you.

Secret Male Men's Bikini Underwear

This blog talks about the various reasons why you should be proud if you wear bikini underwear for men or incorporate the same in your fashion underwear wardrobe if you haven’t tried these. Well, there are numerous articles and blogs written which mention that every pair is meant to be tried at least once, just to see whether it suits your personality and taste buds or not. You might have read the advantages and disadvantages as well as the benefits of wearing bikini underwear for men.

So, you might or might not be a proud owner of mens bikini underwear but you really should have at least one pair to see whether the sexy underwear for men does for you. In case you are making up your mind and graduating from the regular men’s underwear styles, know the reasons to invest in bikini underwear for men.

Daniel Alexander Men's Bikini Underwear
  • The very first reason which is quite practically been experienced by the regular wearers is that they feel quite confident after wearing the supportive men’s exotic underwear style. Guys with great physique are very confident in wearing anything that is skimpy because they know they’ll look good. However, there are men who are shy and consider themselves inferior. You mustn’t think about ditching the bikini underwear for men. In fact, you should work towards getting the confidence up with this designer underwear style. Or else, you can even try wearing them at home so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and once ready, show them off wherever you want to. After a couple of trials, the novelty will wear off. Soon the wearer won’t really notice it.

  • Secondly, you can try the men’s bikini underwear for men on for fun. Well, who said something about growing up and behaving maturely when you can easily slip into something that is equally naughty and tasteful? Bikini underwear for men are pleasing pieces and can light up your fun moment with the see-through features or even pouch options that ignite the lost passion or even make the environment happy and calm.

  • Thirdly, when it comes to showing off what you’ve got, skimpier styles are the best. This applies to the male thongs or g-string underwear and off course – bikini underwear for men. If you think that you’ve got it there and you want to show it off with your well-made abs; then you won’t find any other reason to show it all off and couldn’t find any other ideal pair that would be subtle as well as sexy.

  • Fourthly, you’ll find men’s bikini underwear in numerous varieties that you’d be confused which one to go for. Whether it is the style (Brazilian or String), color (more than the colors in the rainbows), cuts (subtle to skimpy), fabrics (regular to extraordinary) and pouch options (under wraps to lay it out all on the table types)So its versatility in make and style is another bonus.

  • Lastly, the bikini underwear for men is an instant attention-grabber when it comes to getting something that is not boring and is great for getting noticed by the others.

So, do you now believe that bikini underwear for men can make you very proud? Well, have one and then decide for yourself from the men’s underwear store.

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Know these advantages before buying Male Thongs

know these advantages before buying male thong

Do men at any point like wearing male thongs? Wasn’t this the inquiry that flies in your mind when you read the title? Ladies are acquainted with thongs however when we talk about men’s thong underwear, it appears to be difficult to go down our throat. In any case, the truth is that mens thongs appeared to have secured a vast male populace and the ones who wear it normally is absolutely enamored with the fit and feel of the sexy underwear for men.

For folks who look to attempt the engaging style; all of you should initially comprehend the advantages just as the disadvantages of thongs for men. Along these lines, let us take a gander at both the sides of the designer underwear for men.

Mens Thong Underwear

Advantages of male thongs

Comfort is the key in male thongs

The standard mens thong wearers have made their point obvious that there is none another men’s underwear style so agreeable than the thongs for men itself. They find the less fabric, open construction more comfortable, breathable and airy than different styles like men’s boxer briefs or men’s bikini underwear or any other style for that matter.

Confidence is what comes complementary

You are more likely than not experienced numerous multiple times that at whatever point you something that is similarly engaging and steady; the certainty factor consequently pursues. Thus, it is a similar case with male thongs. The respective novelty underwear is negligible, tiny and rides low, and when you have the surety that they won’t fly out of your jeans; you appear to have the trust in your walk and talk. Well, you can definitely call them men’s low rise underwear because of the low-on-the-waistline-style.

Intymen Mens Thong Underwear

Enhancement is optional in male thongs

Enhancement viewpoint is very clear since like other men’s underwear styles have profile upgrade procedures or pouch lifting systems; well, mens thongs are also designed as men’s pouch underwear by numerous brands that are both utilitarian just as made just for joy.

Sensuality is what you make most of

Men love thongs as much as women and when the thought is to set the disposition throughout the night; there can’t be a superior alternative that being this skimpy exotic underwear.

Prevent underwear lines

Like other skimpy or scarcely styles; thongs for men keep the line to appear from tight jeans/lower down. Modest patches of texture spare the lines to appear.

Agacio Mens Thong Underwear

Downsides of male thongs

Prone to contamination

You should not be frightened with this perspective in light of the fact that in the event that you take appropriate consideration of your privates and change your underwear regularly; there are no odds of disease. Nonetheless, in the event that you keep on wearing the equivalent skimpy option day-in-day-out; it will be exceptionally unsafe for your masculinity.

The butt crack bothers – fabric in the middle

Majority of the folks who don’t care for wearing male thongs is a result of the string/strap that rides up the butts and makes the entire experience somewhat awkward. For them, you should get the correct size first and give yourself an opportunity to become acclimated to it. In the end, you will think that its aggravating.

You must know the things that you’ll experience on yourself and you can ride through the season with your favorite male thongs.

Benefits of Mens Low Rise Underwear

Benifits of Mens Low Rise Underwear

When I was in college and the men’s underwear industry was growing at such a fast pace with all the additions, I used to think – do we really need so many styles? However, then I started blogging and that too for a variety of mens underwear stores and now I know that – Yes! The different mens fashion underwear styles are actually very important. Just like breathability is important in mens briefs and boxer briefs, mens low rise underwear is essential for the male population.

Every designer underwear style is equally essential in their own terms of cuts, coverage, and design. The collection of men’s low rise underwear is one such sexy underwear style that is being adopted by a lot of men for its unique and functional properties.

Why should you wear mens low rise underwear??

Mens Low Rise Underwear

Because low rise underwear for men rides low

The name itself says it all when it comes to understanding how the mens low rise underwear works out for you. With a design that is made to ride low on the waistline, you are free to move around doing anything without the fear of the waistband popping out of the trousers and making it an embarrassing situation for you to handle. After all, showy waistbands are not in style anymore and are considered to be disgusting.

Mens low rise underwear gives you the boost to stay groomed

When you look forward to wearing a pair of men’s bikini brief or the pouch underwear where chances of skin exposure are quite high, you need to be prepared. Yes, we’re talking about investing in grooming tips. Same is the situation with low rise underwear styles. When the bikini line is visible in the fabric, you are motivated to get it cleaned up in order to look appealing when somebody accidentally sees it or when your partner insists on getting cozy.

Mens Low Rise Underwear Gray

Mens low rise underwear can be worn with any kind of trousers

There’s not only a single type of trouser that men have in their closet. With a variety of them including Chinos, formal pants, low waist jeans, shorts and a lot more, it is mens low rise underwear that makes your life better. From high waist pants to the extremely low waist pieces, you can team up the low rise underwear for men with anything and everything. They are an actual benefit for your fashion quotient. The actual motive is to make sure that the style is multi-purpose for every trouser.

Mens low rise underwear are not restricted to any particular style

If you are wondering that low rise underwear for men is intentionally made to fit a particular set of personality and their choices, you are absolutely wrong. Well, there are so many other myths that you need to bust about mens low rise underwear. The style definitely started with bikinis, but now you’d be able to find from the most conventional men’s briefs, boxer briefs for men to the sexier mens jockstraps and mens thong underwear as well. You can choose what matches your taste buds.

Mens low rise underwear are within your reach

When something and very functional is introduced in the industry, it is obvious that it is quite expensive, making it a far dream for the regular men. However, if you search online, you’d find that the pieces are within your reach and can be shopped at discounted prices.

There are a variety of brands that master the art of crafting mens low rise underwear products and you can choose from the ones that suit your needs. Do let us know your experience if you’ve tried them before.

Why Mens Thong Underwear is everything you need for Valentine’s Day?

Mens Thong Underwear

Finally, the lover’s month is here and all the people out there start making plans for their Valentine’s. Well, even those who are single find something creative to do with their buddies or even treat themselves as their date and do everything that a couple would do. With so many celebrations across the world, what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether you are dating someone or still single, investing in mens thong underwear this Valentines’ is all you need to do to make that long lasting impression.


Mens Thongs


This blog talks about the major benefits of wearing mens thong underwear this Valentines.


Thong underwear for men makes you feel stunning about yourself


This is one of the most important features of sexy underwear for men. If you are in love with yourself, you certainly would want to fall in love with yourself before doing the same for your partner. The revealing butts floss of mens thongs, the sexy pouch, and various waistband styles; this men’s fashion underwear style is what makes you feel secretively great about yourself.


Tease your partner’s senses


Now we’re talking some serious issues. It is a very simple logic that when you see your lover in the least of clothes; you get tempted to the core. Well, personal experience tip – just don’t shed all of it at once, strip slowly and passionately. Take time to reveal your men’s underwear because it is worth waiting for. Valentines is a day of love and it also about making your partner feel the same way. So, this is another aspect that works when you are in hot underwear styles such as thongs or even men’s g-strings.


Be prepared to go real with thongs


Feel Mens Thongs


You might start your day with absolutely subtle plans for the love day, but you might never know what the day holds for you. You never know what might happen at the end of the day if the God of love blesses you (pun intended). You should always be prepared – be it every day of the entire Valentine week or the specific Valentine’s Day when you do not know what might get you straight on the bed with your partner. Having pleasing designer underwear has certainly got a lot of benefits.


Have fun all along being the confident personality with thongs for men


Thongs For Men


Mens thong underwear serves the same functions for both the sexes – appeal both men and women. So, when you know that you’re having fun with what your partner’s done for you; believe me, your partner would also be pleased to know till what extent you’ve gone to make things between you two.

These were some of the many benefits that mens thong underwear have that make this Valentine’s Day just the one for you.

Ride through the season in your favorite thongs

Ride through the season in your favorite undies

Men thongs are a special kind of underwear that many men use, even more than you would imagine. Your coworker may be very well using one now and you wouldn’t know because he seeks so comfortable in his own skin. Confidence is key when wearing these special type of undies.

Mensuas has sold thousands of thongs since 1999 and this type of underwear is one of its best sold items. Men thongs cover the front and provide protection and support while leaving you (sometimes) completely free and exposed in the back. A feeling many of our customers totally enjoy. Men using thongs should be careful in choosing the pants to wear them. Imagine using a high-rise man thong with a low-rise pair of jeans; it would definitely not be a good combination, especially when bending over… unless that is the surprise factor you are looking for in special occasions!

Thongs vary in thickness in the back and some measure wider in the back than others. The ones that cover the very least and are just a string are simply G-strings, but the typical thongs will have about half an inch of material coverage in the back. Let’s say it’s just about enough to cover the crack. A good example of modern regular thongs is the Cover Male thong, which is available in full colors such as red, black, blue, turquoise, orange, or white. A more daring option for adventurous men is the Cover Male daringslip thong which is similar but some of its features such as the front mesh make it much more unconventional and appealing to the eye. If you choose the red one, it is definitely an explosive option. Another classic option is DanielAlexander’s slip thong in purple, a color many of our customer choose and these undies make any man look fit and sexy as h*ll. I added it to my wish list for my next purchase. It is the ultimate beach thong that gets all the attention, and it is also really comfortable and provides a smooth tight feeling. Edipous’slip thong in white is also a great pick for those who love to wear classy but sassy white undies and has been reviewed by our customers as the best underwear they’ve ever wore. A definite top pick if you are looking for sexy but modern thongs.


There are also much bolder options of this classic, such as this Good Devil thong which is available in many colors with a solid pattern and it definitely covers the very minimum. This is a good choice for a steamy sexy night. If you want to go full commando in a Good Devill thong, I would suggest buying the Good Devil Free Your Desires slip thong in the combination of royal blue or red and black which has received great reviews by our customers. This brand offers a wide range of options for men who like to take it a step further and fulfill their fantasies.


This season, get ready to get into the thongs vibe and discover a way of life!

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No strings attached undies

No strings attached undies
Hello my friends and welcome back to my summer reviews: underwear edition. This week, I am going to talk about two of my favorite brands and their newest collections. As an undies fan, I am sure you already know that CoverMale and SecretMale are two of the highest-quality underwear brands in the market.
The sophistication and class that CoverMale underwear offers make me feel like I have never looked sexier. This unique intimate line is inspired by men who want to indulge in their passion for underwear. But let’s make it clear that I am not talking about any type of underwear; I am talking about high-level sexy as hell undies. I usually pick this brand because it showcases a mixture of raw masculinity with class and elegance in all of its collections. I particularly want to talk about their G-string collection because it is an all-time favorite for those who are willing to let go and enjoy their ultimate fantasies. I absolutely love the design and the sheer touch and the modern look mixed with sexiness and animal attraction. Their new 2018 collection has definitely knocked it out of the park. I am also obsessed with their black and red G-string and the thongs are totally stunning and feature a small pouch that covers the front and showing the sides and the back. This brand features modern and revealing pieces that bring attention to all the right places. I feel totally luxurious wearing them.
On the other hand, Secret Male is the ultimate cutting edge brand for adventurous men who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and who are not afraid to show off and feel empowered. I usually think of their products as ego-boosting. They offer limited editions occasionally, and I specially enjoy their thongs and bikinis because they provide unique designs. I recommend this brand to men who really think out of the box and like to indulge themselves and use sexy bold underwear. I will be definitely be riding through the upcoming fall season in some of their fashion pieces. I mean…have you checked their black slip bikini and their printed thongs? This new collection is audacious!
I usually take advantage of the free shipping because I shop for $50 or more and I am located in the US. I’d love it if you shared your favorite undies and get inspired by how other people style them with the hashtags #CoverMale and #SecretMale
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