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The Cover Male Bikini – The Low Rise Modern Bikini

The Cover Male Bikini - Mensuas

The cover male bikini is created for modern males who want a defining fit for their innerwear. It comes with low rise and high cut legs. It is available in a plethora of colors to add vibrancy to your wardrobe and is the perfect take on classic bikini.

The features of the cover male bikini

The cover male bikini is made to show off your body. Being made from stretch microfiber, it fits smoothly on the body. It comes with 3/8 inch elastic trim around the waist and legs. The elastic trimming on the sides measure 1&1/2 inches. The colored ones are made up of 83% polyester and 17% spandex while the black sheer ones are made up of 92% polyamide and 8% spandex.

The contour pouch is designed in a way to give your asset a slight boost and to be an eye candy. The cover male bikini is made for those male who want to make a unique statement.

The cover male bikini can be worn on a daily basis for snug fitting. It is also ideal for casual dressing.

Pros of the bikini

Comfort and softness of the material made males like the cover male bikini. It is suitable for daily wear and also for casual occasions. It is comfortable and stylish and most suitable for the summers. It is also good for athletic purposes. Most men were happy with the fit and the feeling of not wearing anything underneath.

Modern and stylish men also liked the colors in which the underwear is available. They definitely make them look sexy.

It is a nice little bikini ideal for males with a good body and who wants to show off their package.

Cons of the cover male bikini

Some men may not find the bikini a good fit especially those with smaller butts as the back of the bikini might seem bigger for them. It is advisable to check the size before buying as you may need to buy one size larger than you usually do. The size of the pouch might not render perfect fit for average sized guys.

The cover male bikini gives a sleek and sexy feel and is comfortable too. It matches low rise jeans and is ideal as a swimwear also. Buy it if you are in the mood to experiment with your fashion underwear and want to be a little adventurous.

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The Advantages Of Men’s Boxer Shorts

Men’s Boxer Shorts - Mensuas

Men’s boxer shorts are the comfortable pair of men’s underwear that is loved by majority of the population for its roominess and baggy feeling. This style of undergarment can be worn under loose pants or shorts. Men’s boxer short underwear are widely available in the modest vibrant colors (solids), prints and patterns at Mensuas.

Let’s look at some of the advantages that make it so popular among men.


Comfort is the most important aspect for which the fashion underwear is too popular. The construction of the underwear is made to keep it more airy and breathable down there in comparison to the other styles with constricted structures. Though one might not want to wear them while on the run; for an everyday wear, they are perfect. Talking about them while on the run, there are many brands that have altered the design a bit to meet that perspective too. When worn in conjunction with loose fitting pants or shorts, these do allow for cooling airflow on a hot day. A lightweight pair of boxer shorts can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Considered as Sleepwear:

Men’s Boxer Shorts are so comfortable that they are preferred over briefs as a sleepwear. Boxer shorts with a front closure are more socially acceptable as sleepwear than briefs. Practically it is better to be seen in boxers rather than briefs because coverage matters a lot. This provides for a more modest silhouette that doesn’t show every last curve and detail. The versatile sexy underwear has a practical aspect too. The lesser you change from your daily wear to nightwear, the lesser laundry you have.

Patterns and Prints:

Boxer shorts at Mensuas are available in solids, prints, stripes and many more designs to match any personality and taste. If you’re looking for a pair that is extremely loose and comfortable with high cuts on the sides, Cover Male boxer shorts are the most popular for their roomy construction and delightful colors. Other brands like Agacio, Uzzi, Daniel Alexander offer some unique aspects that appeal to the modern men.


Traditional boxer shorts were made of cotton or some classic fabrics. With the emergence of technology, materials like polyester, bamboo, treated cotton, and other microfibers are used with an amount of spandex to keep it flexible down there. The modern technology allows men to choose fabrics that they are comfortable with. So, one can choose according to the climate as well as the skin type.


You must have heard a lot of researches stating that men’s brief underwear should not be worn on a regular basis. They cause a visible decrease in sperm count. It is suggested that one should give a balanced environment to the privates. Stopping to wear briefs is not the solution here, what the point is that the privates should get support of the briefs as well as comfort of boxer briefs.

Which of the above factors do you think is not applicable practically or which of them do you relate to the most? Do tell us in the comments section. For now, you can check out the inventory here.

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Save 25% Off On All Cover Male Underwear At Mensuas

Cover Male UnderwearIn love with the classy men’s underwear brand Cover Male? You get an opportunity to stock up your top drawer with the sexiest, classic and comfortable assortment of fashion underwear from the label at Mensuas. Get an exclusive discount of 25% on all Cover Male Underwear at Mensuas.

Cover Male Underwear Styles:

The brand offers about 15 styles including men’s bikini underwear, briefs, thongs, jockstraps, boxer shorts, men’s g-strings and more in about colors that go all the way from basic black to vibrant yellow, green and more. You can select whatever matches your personality and taste buds because Cover Male has something for everyone.

Don’t be late because this offer is valid till 31st July 2012. So, gear up and stock up your drawers with some functional and sexy men’s underwear by Cover Male at Mensuas.