Colors of Men’s Underwear – What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?


You all must have heard about the various colors and their interpretations. Each unique color represents a meaning and connection to our personality. Choosing the right color can be complicated for most, but we are here to help. Times have changed and tighty-whiteys have lost their charm and a whole new era of colorful men’s fashion underwear has taken its place.

In the following blog, we’ll be looking at the various common and uncommon colors available at Mensuas that define your personality.


Black has been and will always be the most loved color for all the good reasons. The color represents authority, sexiness, sophistication and power. So guys, when you really want to go all sexy and bold; get into a pair of black men’s brief underwear or men’s thong underwear (whatever your instincts desire). They go great with almost everything. One more advantage is that it suits every age and shape. It is formal, yet sexy and does not go out of style.


White might always be related to tighty-whiteys, but like black, it will never go out-of-taste. The color reflects purity, peace, neutrality, which goes very well with contrast prints and patterns. This is one color surely will be found in every man’s underwear drawer.


Blue is the next best color loved by all. The reason behind it, is the color signifies stability, charm, honor, softness, understanding and honesty. The various hues of blue represent the same regardless of the light or darker shades. Every guy loves to should have one of men’s bikini underwear or men’s boxer briefs in blue at the top drawer.


Red is the color of love and romance. We all know that, don’t we? It signifies passion, love, desire, lust and spice; as it also depicts enthusiasm and confidence. When a guy wears red, then you’re sure to see sparks in the air. It is also believed that once one slips into red colored men’s bikini thongs or anything else with high sex appeal; it is obvious that you’re action oriented with a deep need of physical fulfillment through the five senses. Ooh! That’s getting hot! Now you know why people wear red on Valentines.


Earthy and practicality are two interpretations of the color green. When there’s green around us; it soothes our mind and the various shades of green represent emotional healing as well as protection. In terms of fashion underwear, it means a man who is ready for laid-back experience with nature.


Pink is a unique color mostly associated with feminine characters. But, times have changed. Now guys sport this pastel color when the mood is to be playful, naughty, or even when the idea is just to attract attention. It lets you have a fair idea about your feminine side of personality, while being bold with sexiness at the same time.


Orange is loved by many and can be a mixed bag of emotions for others. It is a neutral color that shares a love-dislike relationship. So, you like it or not; orange will be an electric color sported by modern, fashion-forward men. Orange is free-spirited, daring and attention getting. Men’s box briefs in Orange beg to be noticed in all the right places. Add orange to any collection for a splash of spunk!


When the idea is to hold long and not just for the night; purple men’s designer underwear is the right choice. Guys who love the color and have plenty of them in various men’s underwear styles, are soft and romantic. They know the worth of being loved and should be cherished by their loved ones.


Yellow has a lot of shades and a lot of interpretations. Opting for the bright hues of yellow makes you and others around you joyful, whereas, dull yellows represent sickness, jealousy and decay. Stand out in the crowd by sporting your bright yellow underwear. In general, the bright color is all about optimism, freshness and creativity. Be a part of the rising sun in your yellow men’s bikini underwear for any occasion.

The above mentioned colors cover more or less every personality and emotion. Choose from the ones that define your personality. At Mensuas, you’ll find a plethora of men’s apparel styles such as men’s briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps and more available in numerous color options.

Do let us know which one expresses the most about you in the comments below and watch this site for more.

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