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Why Sexy Underwear makes the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Why Sexy Underwear makes the perfect Valentine’s Gift | Mensuas

Have you already bought something for your man for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Well, what you can do to make things really happening were mentioned in my earlier blog. Hence, it is finally time to buckle up for the day of love and the gift that you can provide him with.

Have you thought of something?

Well, if you want him to cherish your gift for a longer span of time, why not invest in a pair of sexy underwear this Valentines?

Why invest in a pair of men’s underwear, you might think?

Let us look at the reasons for which it is must to give your love something speaks about his love for the underneath fashion.

For appreciation

Gifts make women happy! What about men? Men too love getting gifts from people they love. The very first reason is that when you gift him something so sensual, he’ll appreciate your efforts of putting in so much thought. Whether he’s more of a conventional guy who believes in keeping things subtle with briefs or someone who loves to pay more attention to his needs and desires, you can pick up a pair of his choice from the online store.

For letting him know your intentions

When you gift him a pair of thong underwear or something with more fabric like men’s bikini, you directly or indirectly indicate him about your intentions. Valentine’s Day calls for some naughty, cheesy and playful moves that’ll be the spice of your relationship. What do you think about that? The act of giving him his basic need marks the strength and confidence you both share in your relationship.

Comes handy on regular basis

Fashion underwear styles are something that is not restricted to romantic evenings but can be worn for occasions when confidence is a must. Whether you have a board meeting or an interview, having something exotic and supportive like enhancing underwear, your man would thank you for giving him that pair. For couples in long distance relationship, he’ll always remember you when he’ll wear the respective pair because his sentiments are attached to it.

It is sober on your expenses

Well, don’t fall for the myth that it is only the guys who spend on the entire Valentine Week. Their partners (you) also spend on buying him gifts for the various occasions from Rose Day to the finale event. Hence, buying sexy apparel styles would help you save some money for other expenditures. In fact, at Mensuas, a whole Valentine Collection is put forward at affordable prices for you to shop.

To add variety in his top drawer

When you know him and his habits very well, you’d want to gift him a pair of designer underwear so that he experiments with his styles. Going unconventional with lace underwear or something more like sheer pieces will add the vibrancy to his choices. Why not bring closer to his masculinity?

Is there any other reason for which you would gift him sexy underwear? Do let know below!!

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Valentine’s Day Celebrations- All over the World

Valentine’s Day Celebrations- All over the World | Mensuas

Ah! Romance.. What can be better than a bouquet of roses, candlelight dinner and those love texts that couples share on Valentine’s Day? With all the ideas provided in the last blog on the day of love as well as the meaning of the various days in the Valentine week, this edition finally is the one that informs you.

I know the information is not what you want, but it’s always interesting to know how others celebrate the day of love. Well, if it is on a bigger scale, it’s even more important. Considering that, this blog would detail you about the Valentine’s Day celebrations all over the world.

The United States

When you’re in the U.S. for the lovers day, you’d find that greeting cards are the most common gifts among couples. Apart from this, the public show of affection is in full form with gifts like chocolates, flowers, jewelry and more. That’s not it! Students, friends and even kids (with their parents) exchange notes of appreciation, love, and gratitude.

You’ll also find short notes like “Marry Me”, “Kiss Me”, “Be Mine Forever” and more being exchanged with he person you love.

The United Kingdom

The traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the United Kingdom is by flaunting it openly. Staring be exchanging the gifts (mentioned above) to having a lavish dinner in the town or candlelight dinner at home. Hence, that’s what happens in the UK.

Japan and South Korea

Well, where the rest of the world is busy wooing the women race, this part of the world is all about pampering men. Chocolates being the token of appreciation, women gift the same to their colleagues, friends and obviously their men. That’s not it! While this day is for men, March 14th also celebrated as the “White Day” is where men pamper women with cakes, flowers and gifts. Fancy hmm!!


If you’re in Peru, you’d surely witness mass weddings on the 14th of February. In addition, if you’re still beginning your love life, you’d want to give your partner an orchid flower rather than rose because that’s the native flower. With the countrywide Carnival celebrations, everybody gets an off on the day of love to spend some quality time with their partners.


In India, you’d find a romantic movie release every year that makes the couples to start their day from that. After that, you’d find partners spending quality time shopping for each other an finishing off with a sumptuous dinner. It is more like a date for them where love is in the air.

Where would you like to spend this Valentine’s Day? Do let us know in the comments below.

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What to Do on Valentine’s Day?

What to Do on Valentine’s Day | Mensuas

Well, in the last blog I had mentioned about the various days in the Valentine’s Week and how you can make the most of it. With love in the air getting heavier, you should start buckling up yourself and take hints left by your partner every now and then. Some couples feel that there’s so much done in the entire week that one gets confused as of what they can do on the final day. However, that’s exactly the day that you need to make special along with the others.

Don’t you think so??

Well, if you agree with me, this is the right place where you’ll find the different things which will make your Valentine’s Day a lot more happening and loved.

Start up early

If you’ve been in love with your man, you gotta do everything that makes me happy which obviously means to start with good food. Someone rightly said, “a way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. You gotta give a sweet kick start to his morning with chocolaty breakfast (only if he’s got a sweet tooth). However, if you know that he likes savory, experiment with that as well.

Make him live his fantasy

If you know what we mean by this!! Well, men are men and they love to be pampered. If you’ve been with for a while, you’d know what turns him on and all about his fantasies. Why not make him live one of them every hour? Whether it is gifting him his favorite pair of men’s underwear or turning up wearing that he wants to see you in, this calls for some action.

Leave notes as hints

You have had a hectic schedule and so does your man and you’re looking for something different this time rather than going out in the crowd. Well, plan a seductive evening and do the preparations for that. Don’t let him know!! Instead, leave hints for him to join the pieces of the puzzle. Sexting is also a method of making him understand what’s on your mind. Let him know that there’s something very interesting waiting for him in the evening.

Try something new

When he comes back home after the day long work, make sure you make him relax with an appetizing dinner. Let the ambiance talk about what you have on your mind. You can freshen up, let him do the same and ask him to slip into the male thong or sheer underwear you bought as a gift for him.

Get down and dirty or play by your rules

Men like it when their partners are dominating. They appreciate it when they don’t have to take it step by step rather than going with the flow. Hence, take control, do roleplays with costume underwear, get dirty between the sheets and celebrate your Valentine’s Day.

What do you? Do you have a different idea to make your man happy? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Celebrate the Valentine Week in Full Zest

Celebrate the Valentine Week in Full Zest | Mensuas

“We are most alive when we’re in love”

For all the lovebirds who’ve started their hunt for the ideal gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Well, for those who don’t have a partner, you must express your feelings for the person you love in the best way possible. Valentine Week is the best time of the year when you can actually say it out loud what you feel deep down your heart for the person and she won’t slap you back (don’t be so sure about it).

The final showdown of the entire week is on the 7th day called as Valentine’s Day but the celebrations go on with full zest and passion the entire week. In case you’ve forgotten which day comes after which, this blog comes in handy for you.

Rose Day

Starting the week on a fragrant note that fills your relationship with freshness, fragrance, and charm, the Rose Day falls on the 7th of February. The name here can be the rose day but which colored rose is what you have to decide. Whether it is the beginning of your friendship (yellow), or you like her a lot (pink) or your love blooms like it should (red). So choose well before feelings are misunderstood by the other.

Propose Day

Propose Day when you actually come up with an idea of alluring the one you love that she doesn’t say no to you. Whether you get down on your knees and bring her the most beautiful ring or take the whole thing to a fancy level and propose her in the most romantic way possible; what matters is that you are sure that she won’t say no to you. In this case, you must understand what she feels about you before you end up being friend-zoned.

Chocolate Day

Once you’re through the propose day, life gets easier because you know that the girl is yours now and you can shower all your love on her, the way you want to. Chocolate Day is when you fill the sweetness of chocolates in your relationship. Perfect for the ones already in love, it is the moment for the men who’ve got a ‘yes’ on the propose day. Bring in a box of her favorite chocolates on this day and share it with her to make sweet memories. You can find some intimate time planning tips for chocolate day here.

Teddy Day

Women and teddy toys have some kinda connection that starts from childhood and probably never ends. I guess that’s the reason why this day was incorporated in the Valentine week. All you can do is look up for a teddy online depending on your budget as well as how much are left with to spend on the following days and on the grand finale. Online options would come in handy if you buy it in advance.

Promise Day

Promise Day is not one of those promises where they are made to be broken. In fact, the promise you make on this day is meant to be stayed by your entire life. Being immature, you’d promise your partner that you’ll bring her all the happiness in the world and fulfill all her wishes. However, if you’re mature enough, you’d promise her something more realistic like your support to the end of days or your love would never fade away. Promise her something that you know that won’t wear off with time.

Hug Day

Hug Day always sounds exciting because that’s where you get to feel the warmth of the love you both share. Hug her in the most passionate way (don’t suffocate her to death) that she knows how intense your feelings are for her with your hug. Make the day special with naughty gift ideas.

Kiss Day

One of the most romantic days of the week is the Kiss Day. Well, if you are in love with each other, you can make this day a lot more happening than it sounds. Kiss her for the number of times that she makes you smile. Kiss her for the respect you have for her. Kiss her for she adds colors to your life and makes it worth enjoying and for the innumerable reasons that make you fall in love with her all over again.

Valentine Day

The grand finale as I mentioned above, Valentine Day is the day when you celebrate your relationship in best possible way with movies, shopping, food, and a lot more. Spend the day doing that you both love doing the most. End it the way you want to! Whether you want it to finish with a goodnight kiss or you want it to go longer till the sun comes up and you two between the sheets. Dress well, wear an appropriate male underwear and let the relationship bloom. Look here for dressing tips.

What’s your idea of Valentine Week? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Enjoy an Intimate Chocolate Day With Your Girlfriend

Chocolate Day - Mensuas

Does your girlfriend love chocolates? If yes, you are lucky. You can plan something outstanding this Chocolate day and make it memorable for both of you. The Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9, just before the Valentine Day and most couples take this day as an opportunity to get closer. You can also do the same.

Planning a Chocolate Day

Dining out or watching movies together is no doubt fun but to spend some quality time you need to do something different. This Chocolate Day, give these ideas a miss. Stay at home and get cozy with your girlfriend. Choose some easy recipes of chocolate and prepare a surprise meal for her. As a starter you can try a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and write both of yours’ names on it.

Decorate your home with balloons and use scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Play your favorite music and dance with her. Treat her with brownies and chocolate mousse. Share your intimate secrets with her.

Of course, to make things work the way you want, you need to dress up for the occasion. Wear clothes that you would be comfortable in and look good also. You can team up your favorite pair of jeans with a trendy tee. Wrapping up a scarf around your neck will make you look irresistible. You can also wear a jacket in cool colors to create the perfect casual look.

While you plan your outfit, don’t forget your hair and nails. Wash your hair well and trim your nails too. The right men’s underwear will keep you comfortable and also allow you to enjoy yourself. If you are in the mood to surprise your girlfriend, try something unique from You will be amazed by the range of sexy and comfortable men’s fashion underwear that is available here. You can easily find the right one that will add some spice to your Chocolate day celebration.

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red – The Perfect Valentine Day Gift For Your Man

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red at Mensuas

Your boyfriend is very shy and you find that very cute. However, you wish that he opens up more in front of you so that you can share your sexual fantasies with him. There is a way to make him realize how you want him to get wild with you. This Valentine day choose a gift that will not only surprise your partner but also take your relationship to a different level.

Get sexy underwear for your man

Some men fuss a lot about their inners and some others are very careless about them. No matter to which group your boyfriend belongs, you can always get him something of your choice and I bet he would be elated to get such a gift from you.

Before buying the innerwear, you need to know his taste. If your man loves bikini cuts, Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red will be an ideal choice.

This sexy underwear is made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex and hence very comfortable to wear. The contour pouch protects his package and keeps it snug also.

The low rise fit and the color red make this underwear very sexy. You will love to see your man sport this in the bedroom. As the name suggests this sexy little thing zoom in the right places and makes night-outs really sensuous.

This Valentine, get Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red and just see how your man loves your gift and stirs you up passionately.

Let’s have a look at more bikini underwear styles by Good Devil-

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Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red – The Low Cut Thong Ideal For A Sensuous Valentine Day

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red -Mensuas

Women definitely like good looking men. However, they like men who can please them in the bed more. If you feel that your sex life has become boring of late, it is time to spice it up. With Valentine day just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning for the big day.

Plan a great date for your partner

Yes, the valentine day is the perfect occasion to get back the romance in your life. You can start by getting a good gift for her. Get her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a dress of her favorite color. Diamonds? Yes, you can get a diamond ring for the only woman in your life.

Instead of dining out, why don’t you prepare a sumptuous dinner for her and spend a romantic evening at home? Light up your bedroom with candles and get ready for a sensuous night out.

Wear a sexy underwear that will not only surprise her but also express your wild desires. The Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong in red is the right innerwear for adding some spark to your love making. The sheer material with circle print balls will definitely make you look good and heat up the bedroom.

The bright red color and the sexy contour pouch make it the ultimate in feeling sexy. It is devilishly low to make your partner lust for you. The comfortable yet sexy underwear is all you need to make this Valentine day special.

Take a look at Good Devil Thong Best Seller here:

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How To Get Closer On Kiss Day

Kiss Day - Mensuas

The Kiss Day is on February 12 and you are already getting butterflies fluttering in your stomach. There is nothing to worry about as with the right planning and tips you can pull off a great Kiss day and make your girlfriend wait impatiently for the next.

Kiss day – how to make it special

The Kiss day gives the perfect opportunity to show how much you care and make your girlfriend feel special. You can reveal your romantic side and shower her with love with your kisses. However, a perfect Kiss Day begins with you looking great and feeling great.

It’s important to practice good hygiene and Kiss day is the ideal day to remind you this. So, take a bath, trim your hair and your nails too. Wear your favorite perfume and get a shave also. Choose clothes that will highlight your features. You can dress up in casuals or formals depending on where you intend to go.

While choosing casuals, pay attention to your accessories. A nice looking watch, a jacket and a belt is enough to make you stand apart from the crowd. Don’t forget your shoes. They should be polished.

Of course, you should be wearing nice and comfortable men’s underwear. A good underwear will not only make you feel confident but will also help you to carry your attire. You can try out the latest range of innerwear from They fit well and give the right support and are sexy too. Get one according to your mood so that you can impress your partner.

Once you get into a romantic mood, kiss her on her cheeks and tell her how she makes you feel. As she starts melting in your arms, kiss her on her lips while holding her tight. If she is comfortable and reciprocates you can try French kiss. Hold her closely to your body and let her know how much you are enjoying. Do not forget to give her a nice gift and you will experience the best Kiss day of your life.

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Make The Hug Day Special With A Naughty Gift For Your Man

Hug Day Special - Mensuas

Can you feel love in the air? Of course you can. With Valentine Day just a week away from us, love is everywhere. Now, before the Valentine Day comes the Hug day on 13th February. A hug is like a smile, it can set right almost anything, practically anything. If your boyfriend is troubled with his deadline, hug him and tell him that he is superb. He will not only feel good but can also handle the work pressure easily.

Make his day special with a gift

It takes a big and warm hug from you to make his world go round. This year, make this extra special by going out with him on the Hug Day and doing something out of your way. A hug from you is always special but you can top it up with a lovely gift for him. Flowers and chocolates are ok when you have just entered the relationship. Couples who are with each other for some time can get really naughty to spice up things and also make it memorable.

Other than perfumes and clothing, you can always buy men’s underwear for your man. Oh yes, get something exclusive and something that he didn’t expect from you. Check out the huge range of fashion underwear for men at and see how he breaks into a smile and hugs you back.

Make sure to dress up right for the occasion and keep everything a secret. Give him a bear hug and tell him that you have a secret wish in your mind. Reveal it after sometime when he really gets impatient. Make sure that you have wrapped your gift nicely with a loving message to set his mood.

Once he finds out what you have got for him, trust me he will explode and you will have the best Hug day of your life.

Dress Up To Kill On Valentine Day – A Few Tips for Men

Valentine day is just round the corner and you must be wondering how to sweep off her feet. Well, your planning for the biggest date night must begin with choosing the right outfit for you. To create the right impression you need to look and smell good and this needs some preparation.

How to dress up for Valentine day?

Your choice of outfit would depend on the date you have planned for her. If it is a casual night out, a great pair of jeans and a cool tee may suffice. To enhance your appeal you can team it up with a jacket.
However, if you have planned something formal like a dinner in a fancy restaurant you need to be more careful with your clothing.
A well-fitted shirt with a black mock neck knit sweater and dress pants will do for you. If you want to woo her, go for a blazer or a v-neck sweater. Want to look casual even in formals? Get a scarf and let it hang loose from your neck. Your lady love will swoon over you. You can even wear a pair of jeans to pile up the oomph factor.

Don’t forget the accessories

Women are known for their eye for details. No matter, how well you are dressed, you will fail to impress her if you are not using the right accessories. So, remember to choose a good pair of shoes. Snickers and sandals are for mundane days. Go for something stylish. Your belt and tie should be coordinated. Never forget your watch. Yes, a trendy piece on your wrist will definitely turn a few heads.

Of course, you cannot forget the basics. I am referring to men’s underwear. A sexy and comfortable innerwear is what you need to feel great about yourself. You can try briefs, thongs and low-waist ones according to the outfit you have picked for yourself. You can try from the vast range of innerwear “ offers.

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