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Ever faithful to my JOCKO underwear

Ever faithful to my Jocko underwear

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new review edition of my top-pick products. I had signed up a long time ago to be the first to hear about our latest products and exclusive offers on the Mensuas site, so imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I heard JOCKO is making a fresh comeback with new modern military products. I am a huge fan of any type of clothing that shows my military pride, especially when it comes to underwear since I can keep on surprising my partner until the last minute. It doesn’t end at taking my shirt off if you know what I mean.

This time, I decided to order each of their products online and in different colors to see which one suited me best. Delivery was a dream come true; fast, discrete packaging, and what’s best, it was free because I spent more than 100 US dollars.

JOCKO offers a large selection of stylish military products. When I received my order, I collected them in one place so I could easily click my way through my selection and create my personal army style for a special weekend. On Saturday, during the day, I combined some sexy underwear with my favorite JOCKO blue navy shorts and a grey Jasper t-shirt with a V-neck for a casual look. The shorts were an absolute hit and my friends kept asking me where I’d bought them. I’d never felt sexier in a pair of shorts! These elasticized-waist cotton shorts are perfect for the gym, a hike or whatever you’re into (the beach for me) because they provide great comfort while looking sharp. The military-style elastic makes it different from other ordinary shorts. To add a little bit of spice underneath, I wore a pair of JOCKO military-green briefs which I felt I could easily use on its own, and was extremely comfortable too. Great excitement is pretty much guaranteed with those.


On Sunday, I went a different way, even spicier on the outside. This time, I wore a navy t-shirt with a military pattern on the sleeves and in the t-shirt pocket, which makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye. In the afternoon, I changed into a navy printed tank because it was really humid and warm, and I received a lot of compliments on it, so I will definitely wear it for other occasions. I think that tank tops are a great alternative to the t-shirt for the gym and other summer activities as they make you look athletic and male. I am leaving the best for last; I wore a JOCKO grey jockstrap underneath and it kind of made me feel ready for war. This option is for bold men who want to add an extra bit of style and sexiness to their outfits. It is my best pick from now on.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I was trying on different stylish and modern Jocko products. They are a great choice to look sharp in authentic military clothing for all types of men, but especially for active duty military, veterans, and patriots. I encourage you to embrace a new type of action!

The exotic enchanter

The exotic enchanter

If you want to add excitement to your life and become an exotic feline, men’s exotic underwear will surely to do the trick. Sexy men’s underwear comes in all kinds, but there is one characteristic they all have in common: luxury. Give a flirtatious appeal to your underwear collection with men’s exotic underwear and enjoy the delicate luxury available in the wide variety of exotic underwear.

Today, I want to give you a few underwear suggestions, if you want to go full-animal mode. What exotic animal are you becoming tonight? Lion, tiger, or leopard? Let’s see which suits you best.

Personally, erotic underwear makes me feel sexy and confident. The revealing undergarments range from the ‘no show’ to ‘show it all’ styles because, ultimately, exotic underwear is really defined by what is and is not typical. Mensuas’s inventory is full of options that could easily be classified as exotic.

These are my top 3: Daniel Alexander DAL013 G-String Turquoise, it offers the least possible coverage. This G-String basically consists of a small pouch, just large enough to contain your package. The rest of it is string, not leaving much to imagination if you know what I mean. Another great option is the Cover Male CM101 Bikini Sheer Black, which are made from nothing but mesh. Black is my favorite pick for these entirely see-through bikinis that don’t leave anything to the imagination. Daniel Alexander DA771 Protrude Pouch Thong Purple is another incredibly sexy look. These thong are skin tight and super skimpy both in the front and the back.

Other brands, such as Miami Jock, have also unleashed my wild side. This brand’s design is known for its sexy underneath apparel because it’s especially designed for the adventurous personality. These are some of the reasons why they are my favorite: The sexy texture of the Miami Jock G-String lets me show off everything (literally), while providing great support. It features a sturdy waistband that keeps everything in one place, attached strings to connect to the pouch, and also a pouch that lets your manhood stay up and above with the extreme exposure. The Miami Jock Jockstrap is a delectable formation that looks more like a garter with a sheer pouch that covers the tip of the shaft, with a thick string-like waistband that keeps everything in one place and the strings coming down go up to the mid thighs and have easy adjustment Velcro flaps. Have you read this? It has Velcro! My ultimate favorite choice! On the other hand, the pouch is designed to do the needful things and cover the tip, leaving everything else to the show.

There are other great options for an exotic sexy night with your partner. Definitely, the Miami Jock Body Suit is one of them. It is everything one wants from an erotic design that can be used for foreplay. It features thick straps as the entire design that are connected with metal rings which can be adjusted easily. The back features no coverage to keeps the buttucks visible. What else can you wish for?

If you have been thinking of adding excitement to your love life, the Good Devil Carnal Love Slip Thong is what you should take a look at to fulfill your underwear fetish. This thong features supportive coverage from the front sides to the back. It provides a masculine appeal because the pouch showcases elastic strings that keep the position of the shaft and balls upright.

The Good Devil Free Your Desires Slip Thong is what daring personalities adopt to keep their adventurous appeal and underwear in sync. With conventional thong coverage all over, it is the pouch that lets your manhood out in the open to breathe well. The pouch fabric is connected to the waistband with the help of strings.

These skimpy undergarments definitely give you the feeling of going commando. Like an ocean, if you search deep enough you may find rare exotic treasures. Take a sneak peek into all the options and let your inner feline out tonight.

UndieGuy Reveals: Backless Underwear

In this video Undie Guy talks about backless undies and how sexy and sporty they can be!


Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy shows us some backless undies he loves and why they are the perfect blend of brief and jockstrap

Just like the bulge (if you haven’t read my blog about it, then click here), the male ass is a thing of beauty. The fine contours and shapely curve of an ass crack separating the two luscious mounds of flesh that accentuate a man’s behind are enticing and works of art. Countless male form statues are testament to that.

Now while men’s underwear has come a long way and the materials and designs give a shapely butt a better hugging outline, it’s still a shame sometimes to cover it all up.

There are a wide variety of undie options to solve the bum conundrum. There are thongs and jockstraps (which I’ll do write-ups on soon), but a tasty tease of ass is best provided by the backless variety of underpants. There’s more coverage than on jockstraps but less than on a brief. Your ass cheeks are wonderfully cupped in some material from the sides leaving most or all of the cheeks exposed. There’s no G-string either to impede the view.

What I love about them is that they frame your ass nicely giving them a boost and providing an airy and free feeling. Perfect for sports and easy access when you’re looking to play in the bedroom. There’s no reason why only women’s undies should be sexy. In fact, women look for their men to wear some sexy stuff too. And for the guys who like guys, these undies tantalise and give great access for some ass play.

I’ve seen so many variations on backless undies: there’s a lot of coverage and less coverage. There are ones that give you a little peek in to your inner ass and ass crack and then ones that let your bubble butt shine right through by giving them a boost. It’s great that men’s undies now have so many design options and great companies and brands are experimenting with making the male form sexier and desirable. Everyone can try them on and find a style that suits their body type.

Bold and beautiful, backless boxers and briefs are a whole new style that you should certainly experiment with under your trousers and jeans. Perfect to beat the heat they’ll make you look hot and will turn on your partner too!




Instagram: UndieGuy1

UndieGuy Reveals: The Bulge

Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy writes about how the male bulge is a thing of beauty and should never be hidden. It should be encased in the best underwear you can buy.

I’ve been reviewing mens underwear from all over the world for about five years now. From backless to crotchless, mesh underwear and lace underwear and the most recent mens panties too. I’ve done plenty of videos and have interacted with thousands of guys on social media about their fetishes and issues with their respective mens underwear styles. But one of the things I got messages about was how the bulge in their pants embarrassed a lot of guys when they were in public or of showing their boner through a pair of undies.

Before we get started on the actual topic “Bulge”, I would want to tell you that being ashamed of that protruded bulge in the pants is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. There was even a time when mens fashion underwear brands would advertise with a model wearing their product but sans a bulge! “Where on earth is it?” I would ask. It did nothing for the underwear or the brand. Now the times have changed and so is the face of the apparel styles and mens pouch underwear has finally become a thing. You must know everything about pouch underwear for men and here is the information.

Recently, I read about an underwear brand that blocks out your cock, completely hiding it sort of like a corset hides your belly. I can understand that perhaps there are some situations where you may possibly need it. I just saw a few dance performances on stage and the international ensemble of very hot artists wore tights or designer underwear perfectly outlining their bulges. It elevated their look and accentuated their bodies. You know how when they try to cover it or restrict it, it looks weird. Because you’re not supposed to!

I don’t believe the human form is something to be embarrassed about and this whole shaming thing for nudity or porn is not something I understand. As long as it’s healthy and you get pleasure out of it without hurting someone then it should be fine. Now of course nudity in public is frowned upon. But having a bit of bulge in your pants is simply natural. I for one love seeing a guy with a bulge in his pants; a cute ass in them is certainly good too. And if women are allowed to show cleavage and wear push up bras, then guys should certainly wear mens enhancing underwear to flaunt their package.

Some guys don’t need the enhancements and simply bulge fantastically through a pair of jogging pants or shorts. Well, that’s where mens pouch underwear steps in but there are rules to keep in check for wearing the style. That subtle curve through the front is tantalizingly sexy, and nothing to feel ashamed of. So show it off, I say!

A guy bulging while he’s sitting is a beautiful sight. The curve of his jeans set against a pack of abs and toned chest is sexy personified. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings, giving you something to smile about. Straight guys have had curvaceous feminine bodies to look at, admiring ass, legs and tits for centuries. As long as it’s done admiringly and not in a vulgar manner, this admiration is beneficial to everyone, raising happiness and confidence levels.

A good pair of male underwear is just what I need sometimes to get that perfect bulge happening through a nice pair of track pants. It’s manly, sexy and artful in a way. So if you’re well endowed and hung, then there are undies specifically designed for that too. They won’t make your bulge disappear, but more appropriately prop it neatly and comfortably so as not to be too out there.

If you take a closer look at my personal opinion about the bulge, I would just say – Don’t be too afraid of that protruded bulge that you have in your pants. You have it so you must make sure that you keep it that way using mens enhancing underwear styles. Men out there are indulging in all kinds of enhancing techniques. Women love bulges – at the right time and on the right occasions. Your personality looks appealing even when you are looking forward to having a fashionable personality at an event.

I’d love to see more guys be proud of their bulges and show them off. I can certainly see it in lots of underwear brands I’m reviewing and following on social media. Here’s to the bulge!




Instagram: UndieGuy1

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5 Tips to Stay Handsome while Traveling

5 Tips to Stay Handsome while Traveling

Do you think that the look and personal appearance do not matter while traveling? Even an avid travel fanatic needs to look good in his travel log. At the same time, maintaining an alluring look is difficult when you are indulged in the adventurous trekking and camping. While it pays to look handsome these days, there are ways in which you can turn heads even while traveling. Whether you are up for a business trip or for a weekend getaway, it is one opportunity to fall off the track. Why dress shabbily when you can look handsome and attracts some more likes on your next social media post.

Listed below are some of the tips and tricks that can help you stay dapper even when you are traveling. Have a look.

Cleanse and scrub the skin

Cleanse and scrub the skin

Indulging into skin care regime is the very first step for on track with style, even when you are traveling. When the entire attention is on having fun and exploring every nook and corner of the place, the skin is one thing that suffers the most. The climatic change has a huge impact on the facial skin, in particular. Since most of the time of the day you under the sun, so, make sure that you deep cleanse every evening. It is not just the UV rays of the sun that leads to the tanning, even the dirt can lead to harmful effects. So, make sure that you clean your face well. Not just this, do not skip shaving for long. You need to shave everyday if you are not on an official trip, but trim the stubble whenever you get some time.

Protect the skin from sunburn

Protect the skin from sunburn

Great tans don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment. Rocking the tan is undoubtedly one of the ways to flaunt the fun you had on the trip. However, the UV rays may take a toll on the health of your skin. Let’s face the truth. There is no escape, especially if you are playing around in the sand in your swimwear bikinis. However, you can at least put on a protective layer of sunscreen and moisturizing to protect it from dehydrating as well as sunburn. The sunscreen should have SPF 30+. Do not let the tan spoil the images of your travel log and stay handsome.

Smell good

Smell good

What happens after a hectic day in the mountains and wood? Sweating and body odor, of course! In order to look fabulous, you need to smell great as well. So, wear a deodorant or perfume that lasts longer than usual. Moreover, make sure that you are careful in choosing the fragrance. It should not make people around you sick. It is even advisable to go for manscaping and remove the hair from the places that are more prone to sweating like the arm pits as well as the crotch. However, the antiperspirants and perfumes can’t prevent the manhood odor. So, go for the style of underwear for men that are airy and keeps you dry. The jockstraps and boxer briefs are ideal.

Dress well

Dress well

The whole idea of traveling is to forget yourself and indulge in the fun of exploring. However, you need to flaunt the adventures of the outing on the Instagram. So, do not ignore your dressing. Go for the things that are airy and cozy, but remember to pair the ensemble correctly. Pair the dress shirt with the solid colored shorts. Do not wear the cargo pants that are very bulky. Invest in the sleek layers and keep the entire ensemble elegant and sophisticated, despite being casual. The polo shirts and floral tees are the best options for such purpose. However, go for the colors that match your personality and skin tone. Along with this, choose the right men’s underwear style for the various events.

Do not drink like a fish

One night of indulgence can ruin the entire efforts. Do not restrict yourself from having fun, but drinking like a fish can spoil the appearance. No perfect picture was ever taken under the weather. No matter how much you try to look dapper, the pie-eyed gaze won’t take you anywhere. So, control the number of drinks you take, so that, you’re not hammered in the morning.

Are you in sync with the key to look dapper? What are your styling hacks when you are traveling? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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5 Bad Below the Belt Habits that People Need to Quit

5 Bad Below the Belt Habits

Despite the change in taste and preference of men, the below the belt article is one of the most underrated aspects of men’s fashion. Most men still take it casually and consider it as a garment that just covers the genital. The fact is, your underwear is related to your personal hygiene as well as the health of the manhood. The right pair of underwear makes your life better and hence it requires special attention. Not just this, there are some bad underwear habits that are common in most men.

We have listed some of those below the belt habit that needs consideration. Have a look.

Untidy undies

It won’t be wrong to state that the modern men are very particular about their appearance and personality. Even though doing laundry is the greatest woe of men, they push themselves for the same. Whether you are in a corporate setup or you are on the verge of impressing a girl, the grooming is the most important aspect of all. This the reason why most men make it a point to wear clean clothes. However, the underneath article is still the most neglected part of the wardrobe. Do you think that no one notices your underwear and so washing it is a waste of time? You may need reconsideration! This is not just a matter of good manners, but personal hygiene as well. Wearing untidy undies lead to crotch rot and other related issues such as rashes, itchiness, and others. Hence, it is important to get rid of this habit.

Wearing the same pair for long

Wearing the same pair for long

Just like the shirt and trouser last for months and sometimes for years, even the underwear can be used for long. This is the biggest misconception when it comes undergarments. The underneath article touches the most sensitive portion of human body. This is scientifically proved that using the same pair of men’s underwear leads to skin and health related issue. The undergarment should be replaced with be replaced every 4-6 months. Not just this, you need to change the pair at least twice a day. Change into a fresh pair of underwear after workouts and when you return from work. Studies have even that wearing the untidy and conventional pair of undies is the biggest turn off in a relationship.

The baggy ones

The baggy ones

The assets of man need special treatment just like the ladies. Why go for the baggy and ugly undies when you can raise you can sex appeal with the form-fitting styles? The loose fit fails to offer the much-required support to the manhood. This is the reason, why the traditional boxer shorts were replaced by the briefs and later boxer briefs for men. The snug fit style is one of the latest development in long boxers. The baggy undies do not keep the junk together which may lead to chafing and internal injuries. Are you still obsessed with the grandpa’s undies? It is high time that your wardrobe needs a revamp.

Free balling

What do look for in an underwear? Comfort and breezy feel! What about support and hygiene? The need for ventilation down there is the reason why most men prefer going commando. This is not just indecent, but unhygienic at the same time. Free-balling is cozy and airy, but at the same, it makes your manhood prone to fungal and bacterial infection. Wearing a pair of underwear is medically recommended. However, allowing the manhood to relax in the air is also important. You can go commando at night while sleeping. When at work make sure that you wear something. The skimpy cuts of men’s thong and bikinis for men are the perfect option to keep you cool day long. Avoid the crotch rot situation and go for the better alternative of free-balling such as sheer underwear and others.

Not choosing the right style

Will you go to a ball in t-shirt and jeans or to a water park in tuxedos? Same goes true with the undergarment that you are wearing. The style of men’s underwear should be according to the event and occasion. Every style has certain functionality and should be used accordingly. Wear the pair boxer briefs or jockstrap underwear for workouts, men’s briefs for the hectic days at office and thongs for the romantic date night. Make sure that you are dressed from head to toe according to the event.

Are you accused of any such underwear habit? Share your views in the comment below.

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The key components of a dapper look

The key components of a dapper look | Mensuas

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” ~ Hardy Amiesn

Gone are the days when the very word fashion took the backseat in the lifestyle of men. Ever since the dawn of time, men have asked the same question to himself, “What should I wear to stand out?” While the choice for the ladies seems to be never-ending, men had to pick their style from the limited options.  The case is not the same anymore.  These days there are limitless ways for the modern male population to express their unique style. While the selection of wardrobe is your choice, there are certain things that you need to consider if you are looking to set a style statement. The write-up has collected some of the basic tips and tricks that you need to consider for a dapper look. Check them out.

Dress for the occasion

Dress for the occasion

The key for donning a dapper look is to dress for yourself and not anyone else. However, the occasion is one thing that you need to consider. Wearing the correct dress for an occasion is a matter of good manners. Dressing appropriately according to the event doesn’t mean that you have to be one of the crowd. This is one way of saying that your dress code should match the requirement of the event. For instance, office dinners and formal gatherings require a stern look. Go for semi-formal attires. For occasions like a traditional ball and other such events, the tuxedo is the only option.  Similarly, going to the casual gathering in the formal suit will make look out of the place. Choose the attire according to the dress code and you’ll never go wrong.

Make sure it fits

Make sure it fits

Whether you are heading for a client meeting or for a getaway outing, the fitting of the attire matter a lot. This is one factor that can ruin the entire appearance of an individual. So, make sure that the attire fits you well. In the case of suit and shirts, the shoulder seam should lie on the horizontal plane where your shoulder meets the biceps. The sleeve of the suit should end right above the cuffs your shirt. The trouser of should hug the body of the wearer, without being very tight. Moreover, the length of the pants should end right above the shoes. The right fit will effortlessly add a flair of galvanizing style to your look.

Dress your age

Dress your age

Nothing can make be look old other than trying to look young. You have to have fun with fashion. More importantly, you should not get stuck with any particular look. However, whatever clothing style you pick, it should complement your personality. Dressing your age brings is a kind of dignity to your overall look and appearance. Instead of following others, being yourself is the prettiest thing that you can do.

Pick your power accessory

Pick your power accessory

The right set of accessories can add an electrifying effect to your personality. The power of the ensemble that is to be paired with the attire is usually underestimated. So, make sure that you choose the accessories sincerely. Listed below are some of the staples for a dapper look.


This is a sign of sincerity and elegance. It is definitely losing its charm in the world of smartphones, but the timepieces can take your style to the next level. Hence, a man should always have a watch on.


This is an essential for the formal attire. The neat and sophisticated pair of cufflinks can galvanize your shirt and the appearance effortlessly. Moreover, these elegant piece projects a very gentlemanly attitude.

Pocket Square:

Accessorizing the suit is very important. The pocket square should match the color of your shirt and contrast the shade of the coat.


This is optional, but a stylish addition to the casual attire. Make sure that it is not very bedazzling and jazzy. keep it simple and subtle.


The shoes decides the overall personality of an individual. So, wear a neat pair of shoes that matches your attire.

Do not ignore the casual look

Do not ignore the casual look

Taking the formal look seriously is important, but in the process do not neglect your casual appearance. The easy-going look allows you explore, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The t-shirt should fit yours properly. Instead of going very playful shades, go with the colors and prints that suit your personality. The rugged jeans are way too boyish. Pick the elegant ones that add to your masculinity. Layer up the attire with the right style of jackets, blazer or cardigans.

Don’t forget the lowest layer

Don’t forget the lowest layer

The lowest layer of clothing refers to the men’s underwear styles that you’re wearing. This is generally overlooked by most men, but it contributes a lot to the overall personality of an individual. The options available in this category of underwear for men is ample. Right from the traditional boxers and men’s briefs to the sexy thongs and jockstrap underwear. Choose the right pair of the different occasion and make sure that make sure that no aspect of fashion is left untouched.

Were these points helpful? Share your comments below.

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Grooming treatments every man should invest in

Grooming treatments every man should invest in | Mensuas

We men are odd creatures! We take good care of the people we love and also attend to the various needs of the hour. We might be the ones who’ll cry out loud when we get the flu but we’re manly enough to face the bigger troubles all by ourselves. When it comes to grooming oneself, we often move on by ignoring it to be just the extra rather than making it a priority.

In the hustle-bustle of the day-to-day things, you (just like me) ignore taking care of yourself and take grooming too lightly. However, grooming isn’t even about pampering—it’s about looking healthy. Here’s what men should be focusing on for their healthy, fashionable and stylish looks.

These treatments are the necessary ones for every man and being a man, you should pamper yourself.



Being a man, your hard work takes a toll on your face. With all the running under the sun, fixing the car, getting that light bulb to work and what not, your face undergoes a lot. That’s not it! The environment and the rising pollution level cause a lot more damage to your face.

Spend some time relaxing and getting a facial done by an expert. With the procedure going from cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing and more, the face massage will definitely make you come back for more.

Body massage

Body massage

Have you ever been at a spa center to get a body massage? You would go back again and again for the same even when you know you feel energetic within. Feeling the energy flow freely inside, you must get on that table for an hour and you’ll be able to feel the difference yourself. Massages have a lot of benefits from relaxing your muscles to calming down your mind and regulate the proper functioning of the body. This isn’t pampering itself- it is a lot more.

Get rid of hair

Get rid of hair

I chose to write- “get rid of hair” because of various reasons. With hair in so many places, you need to attend them all- differently. Starting from the eyebrows, you don’t have to go under the thread for the apt shape. You must get the extras removed in time for a consistent look. Trim your hair and go for makeovers every 2 years to keep up getting the attention you deserve. Get rid of the forest below the belt so that you’ll be able to wear men’s underwear styles that are sexy. Anything from bikini underwear to g-string for men, you’ll be able to rock every style.

Just get rid of the unwanted hair to keep the pleasing look in check.



Besides the first three letters of the word MANicure have a man, these practices are generally adopted by women. However, men aren’t behind! Getting rid of the dirty heels, nails and dead skin, both manicure and pedicure help you de-stress yourself. With the rubbing, scrubbing, and moisturizing, your brightened skin comes to the surface as well as the relaxing feeling is what you get.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning

While you can always hide your bad haircuts with the help of accessories, your smile is something that can reveal your secrets. With pale white teeth that have cavity or differently placed teeth can be a problem for you.

You can visit the dentist to get these problems fixed in no time for a better you.

What’s your way of pampering yourself? Do let us know in the comments section.

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Why do you need to care about your underneath?

Care about your underneath

Men hardly talk about or share their experiences when it comes to taking some beauty tips or grooming regimes. I don’t know why, but they find it funny and femalish if they start a discussion over something like this. After talking a lot about your manhood as well as about below the belt grooming, what makes me feel quite jittery is men still find it difficult taking care of their manhood.

We understand that being the most intimate and hidden part of your body, somewhere down the line the masculinity suffers negligence. But, is it feasible to let your treasured junk face so many problems like chafing or rashes?

The answer is NO!!

Just like your other organs play their role in proper functioning of the body, manhood too is essential.

Coming down to the questions- why do you actually need to take care your intimate area? Below mentioned are the reasons for the same.

Health is wealth

When one of your body parts is in trouble, doesn’t your entire body undergoes pain? Well, the tiniest example of the problems would be rashes caused by the constant rubbing of the fabric or even chafing caused by excessive sweating. Once occurred, you’ll not be able to concentrate on anything other than stretching out for that quick scratch below the belt. There are numerous other problems which can cause a lot of problem to your overall health. Some of them include erectile dysfunction, impotence and more. Hence, if you are seriously looking forward to having peace of mind, take care of your unmentionables.

Sex appeal is needed by everyone

Unlike women, men do not have the curvy figures to flaunt their sex appeal. They either look forward to building a stylish appeal with the help of fashionable quotient or being a pleasing person while interacting with others. Dressing well for men includes having the desired bulge in his pants. Neither a rocky valley nor a manhood that drools off anywhere, a perfect visible bulge that looks subtle is what you need. A pair of enhancing underwear is what you need to invest in if you really care about your sex appeal.

Pleasing personality

Well, sex appeal is a part of your personality and who doesn’t want a pleasing personality. If you take a closer look at a man with a pleasing personality, you’d find some key features quite common in them all. Well fitted clothes, groomed personality, precisely chosen accessories, a good listener and some more. Grooming itself accounts for your manhood and every body part that is not visible on a regular basis. Your manhood is the one which stays in the deepest darkest place and if you’ve been taking care of it even then, you have a pleasing personality. Hence, for the sake of an appealing personality, take care of your manhood.

Enhanced self-confidence

Self-confidence is something that builds up bit by bit from the basic. With what kind of men’s underwear you wear on a regular basis or the men’s swimwear style you wear when in public, everything counts. If people are pleased by what they see on you, it helps you grow and imbibes a strong sense of self-confidence. On the contrary, if the spectators or even your partner doesn’t like what you’re wearing, it somewhere breaks down your confidence deep down inside.

Are there any other reasons for which you should take care of your underneath? Do let us know in the comments below.

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6 Ways to feel Energetic

6 Ways to feel Energetic

When do you feel low on energy?


Don’t tell us because we too go through the same at some or the point of time.

Ways to feel Energetic

However, we’ve learned how to tackle low energy and stay energetic throughout the say. With a lot of studies on sleep patterns, metabolism, stress, eating habits and a lot more, you’d find the energy levels going down in one and all.

Though every man is different with different work schedules and lifestyles, but they all face low energy phase some or the other time. As soon as the alarm strikes, it’s a habit (common to all of us) to pull over our comforter and hide in it or stretch out to press the snooze button. Once this act is complete, there you go looking like a zombie walking the entire day.

However, mornings don’t have to be something that you dread, with these simple steps you can finally be that energetic morning person. In addition, the energy level will stay high throughout the day once you get into the habit of repeating these steps:

Don’t hit the snooze

Do you ever feel better when you’ve snoozed your alarm for about 15-20 minutes? Well, I felt the urge of falling down on the ground and stay there for a few more minutes when I did something like that. Don’t reach out to the bed and wake up that instant to allow yourself to get rid of the sleep. This will break the monotonous connection between you and sleep.

Don’t just lie there- step out of bed

step out of bed

Once you’ve opened your eyes and are on the verge of making up your mind, don’t just lie in the bed. Get out of the bed and stand without thinking too much. You can do anything from checking your phone while you head to the kitchen to grab a glass of fresh water to preparing your body to freshen up. This will take your attention from sleep to the last night texts on WhatsApp or Twitter.

Prepare coffee and breakfast

Prepare coffee and breakfast

Make sure you include caffeine in your breakfast (or before breakfast). We all know what caffeine does to your body. Apart from being an instant energy booster, coffee is a one-stop source that takes off sleep from your eyes. In addition, skipping breakfast would be a bad idea for you. Have a plentiful and sumptuous breakfast to keep your body feeling functional.

Break exhaustion with workout

Still thinking how exhausted you are? Well, you should indulge in some exercising in order to feel rejuvenated. While the bed looks too cozy and tempting, the workout would be an ideal option for you. All you need to do is grab your jockstrap, jogging shorts, and a tank top, now you are set to go for a quick jog around the block. Invigorating the body can provide you shake off tiredness. Moreover, the endorphins that are released from physical activity are likely to put you in a better mood.

Have a bath

Probably the most difficult task on the list, bathing is what not all men do. They prefer bathing in perfume rather than with water and soap. However, if you don’t bathe well and clean yourself properly, sweat will kill your day. Excessive sweating can cause a lot more damage than anything else. From making you feel lethargic to just ewww…, it has a lot more problems that can bring down your energy.

Dress well to keep yourself motivated

Once you forward to something positively and are motivated, things turn out good on the end of energy. Dressing well plays an important role keeping yourself motivated. Wearing a functional pair of men’s underwear with pleasing outfits every day can bring a positive difference in your attitude. As a result, motivation keeps the energy level pepped up.

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