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Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable??

Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable | Mensuas

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about “jockstraps”? Do you relate it to the long ago men’s underwear style used to be an integral part of the game costume? Or, it is what you look up to for bringing the sizzling action behind the closed doors?

Whatever be your idea of jockstrap, the fashion underwear style is definitely one of those which keeps coming back some or the other way to get straight to the hearts and the underneath of the male population. After being vanished from the face of the earth being the athletic pair, the style made a comeback as a fashionable pair and continued to please the manhood for the big games as well.

Now, which is your kind of jock strap? Is it going to be – Athletic or Fashionable one??

We’ve compiled a list of characteristic traits that you’ll be able to decide which one is meant for you.

Athletic jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Feature a sturdy elastic waistband that holds

If you are the athletic types and are in love jocks, you would know that one of the most important feature to keep everything in place below the belt is the elastic waistband. More often, the feature is broad and of has the name of the brand on it. It is available to keep the place of the pair intact without promoting any movement.

Elastic leg bands for the right grip

Keeping in sync with the waistband, the leg bands too are made with elastic fabric like spandex or elastane to keep the pouch held from the lower portion of the butt and goes all the way to the waistband.

The pouch is functionally supportive

Made out of cotton, nylon or some other sporty fabric, the pouch intends to support and enhance the visibility of the manhood. The enhancement and protection were the basic features when the style was introduced to men.

The very basic intention of these features was to keep you from chafing, rashes and getting yourself hurt while indulging in sporty games or workouts.

Fashionable jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Waistband are sometimes flimsy

Made to be flaunted while indulging in romantic affairs or personal self indulgence, the waistband of the fashionable jocks are made with lacy fabrics or shimmery textured ones that look appeal on the body. Well, you might also find broad elastic ones as well.

Leg bands are elastic

Without doubt the leg bands are made to hold the pouch in the correct place. Hence, they are majority of the times made to hold the grip of the pair together.

Pouch is designed to appeal and support

You might or might not want support when it comes to fashionable underneath. You have options of choosing sheer underwear fabrics to open pouches, sexy cut-outs to absolutely no support in the front. Well, made for regular days, the comfort is definitely an essential part of the style.

Which style would you opt for? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Men’s Jockstraps: How to Select the one you’ll Wear and Love?

Men’s Jockstraps | Mensuas

If you take a look at the collection of men’s jockstraps, you won’t believe that the respective men’s underwear style has faced a lot of trials and tribulations. Being what it is now, the enhancing underwear doesn’t come across as an ordinary pair of men because they were intended to be extremely supportive and protective for the assets. It was eventually, that the style took the fashionable turn and finally is available for regular as well as pleasure purposes as well.

The revealing construction is one of the biggest problem (and also an advantage too for various reasons) that men do not opt for jocks and go for a subtle fashion underwear. However, if you’ve never experienced the style, you’re missing out on the exotic feeling of being both supportive and sexy.

Men's Jockstrap Underwear | Mensuas

Before you make up your mind and take the first step towards making the purchase, look out for the tips that can help you get the best at the first.

Make up your mind first

Before doing anything else, the very first step is to make up your mind about being prepared to having something so revealing down there. The aspect to understand here is before buying any style, be it jocks, male thongs or even bikini is to confirm whether you want it or not. Once you know the ifs and buts, you would not regret the feeling of buying something so protective and supportive.

Get the measurement right

In order to feel absolutely stunning and avoiding harming the manhood, the next you’d have to do is to measure your waistline properly in order to get the right fit on the male anatomy. The right fit is the one solution to finding comfort down there. Once you’re done with the measuring, you are free to choose from the list that goes all the way from small, medium to large and extra large. Hence, choose the one that fits you well and doesn’t give you any opportunity to adjust the pouch.

Get the right size

Well, the above aspect talked more about measuring yourself in order to shop the style, this intends to specify the need to get the right size. Getting the right is a tricky part because every brand has their own sizing chart and different measurements. You just have to check out the variety and the size chart of the jockstraps and select the ones that you think will match your personality. A loose one could prove to hurtful your manhood whereas; the tight ones would be responsible for the jock itch or tinea cruris. Though there are sensible tips that can cure jock itch, but why opt for options that make that happen in the first place.

Check the occasion and insert cup accordingly

Definitely one of the most important aspect to understand is that the functional protective cup is meant for specific purposes and are not supposed to be a part of the sexy underwear throughout. For sports and athletic purposes the cup is a must have but when it comes to fashion-oriented occasions, keep it as it is. In fact, you can opt for lace underwear or see through options for those times. Shop the collection of sheer underwear here.

These updates and tips will be able to help you have a great experience shopping the style.

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Jockstrap Underwear- Sensible Tips for Jock Itch

Jockstrap Underwear- Sensible Tips for Jock Itch | Mensuas

Whether you’re an athlete or not, jock itch is something that every man is familiar with. It is one of the deadliest and one of most common problems every man faces. You might have had it at least once in your life and most probably on the summer days, but there are other reasons as well.

What exactly is jock itch?

According to Healthline, “Tinea cruris, most commonly known as jock itch, is a fungal infection of the skin. It belongs to a group of fungal skin infections called tinea. Like other tinea infections, jock itch is caused by mold-like fungi, which are known as dermatophytes”.

It is also believed that the name of the ailment is known to inspired from jockstrap underwear that causes this problem to occur in the first place.

Common myth about the problem

The majority of men believe that the problem triggers because of the small rashes and it is the itching that leads to the actual pain and redness in the intimate area. However, as it was mentioned above, very few men understand that the cause of the problem is the fungus that infests and grows in moist areas- for example, the groin area.

How does it look like?

You might find the jock itch as a red colored, flat rash with the whitish center and red borders. You might sometimes also find that there’s swelling on the borders because of high infection or constant itching.

If you think it is harmless, you must take a better look at it because the contagious attributes can be deadly for you.

Having known the actual meaning as well as the looks of the ailment, you must be aware of the tips that can help you get better and also avoid such situations.

Precautionary measures with jock itch are very helpful as if the slightest of chances are there, the fungus will occur. Once the fungal infection starts reproducing, the following tips will help.

Let the intimate area breathe free: Like it was mentioned above, moist areas are the perfect hub for problems/infections like these. Whenever you find the moisture accumulating, make sure you dry up the area. Whether you open up and let it open for the area to dry up or else you can wipe off the excessive sweat down there.

Change the clothing articles often: Having a bath is definitely a must when it comes to keeping yourself clean, but changing clothes is also necessary. You might not change your clothes once in two days or more in winters but summer doesn’t call for repetition. Already sweaty clothing articles can be a huge cause for the problem. Be it your outfits or your men’s underwear styles, remember to change regularly.

Go for roomy underwear styles: Whether you choose men’s boxers or thong underwear, you must let the manhood breathe free. Jockstrap underwear must be avoided for the time being while you recover and can wear it again once you’re completely healed. You can find the most loved jockstraps that minimize the chances of jock itch here.

Have you ever faced this problem before? Would you like add something for our readers? Do let us know your comments below.

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Most Loved Jockstraps Of 2015

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

The year 2015 was full of innovative styles and concepts in the men’s fashion industry. Same was witnessed at the men’s underwear store Mensuas. This blog talks about the highest rated men’s jockstrap by the wearers as well by us. Let us look at some of our favorite jocks; from ones that feature a brief cut front to jocks with snap pouches, we couldn’t have been more satisfied.

1. Miami Jock launched its snap pouch collection with the Skimp Jock being the most popular of them all. A step forward from the conventional, the snap pouch and adjustable rings on the back are some of the key features to be looked for.Miami Jock Skimp Jock Black2. Pikante’s Castro assortment was loved by one and all. The Castro Jockstrap that features super sporty look as well as the anatomically shaped pouch is what catches the attention at once. The colors available are also worth applauding to the brand. The defining yet roomy fit results in an ultra comfy fit with a sexy bulge boost.  Pikante Castro Jockstrap Grape

3. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap is a delectable combination of sporty functionality with oozing sex appeal. With the mesh fabric covering the manhood on the front, there’s lot to see in the rear with the conventional designer underwear style. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap Navy

4. The PPU Fishnet Jockstrap is purely fashion underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination with large net-like pouch that keeps it airy and holding with there are no bands as such but the net that does the holding of the butts and a ring that connects the waistband with the pouch. It surely is one of the most innovative ideas. PPU Jockstrap - White-Gold

5. Good Devil has always been the most revealing and sexy underwear brand. The Lace jockstrap by the brand is about getting to know your feminine side and appeal your partner with the same. The lace partially exposes and hides the manhood while the rear shows everything clearly. The passionate color red is what makes it more tempting. Good Devil Lace Jockstrap Red

6. Intimate Boxer Jockstrap is yet another product that goes down in the history with the innovative amalgamation of tear drop-like pouch and boxer-like bands in the rear. It fits well to different body types and yet be comfortable on the manhood as well as the waist without compromising with the support. Cover Male Intimate Boxer Jockstrap Black

7. The Candyman Bordello Jockstrap is an erotic cum exotic underwear made with crisscross design over the mesh on the pouch while the attraction is in the rear where, with the conventional straps, the product also has a thong strap that passes the butt crack. The unique design has been picked up from the 18th Century and is surely a must have. CandyMan Jockstrap Black

8. Agacio has always been popular for its comfortable appeal and sophisticated designs. That’s exactly why the Basics Jockstrap by the brand is so popular. The conventional design with the unique Sack Lifting technique is what makes it a desirable product. The subtle lift provided by the same makes the manhood visible on the outside. Agacio Basics Jockstrap Royal Blue

9. The PetitQ C-Jock is a step towards magical apparel styles. The product is hard to understand but fits well on the manhood. Why is called magical? The pouch is attached to the leg bands and connects with nothing else. Simply put, there’s nothing that holds the pouch with the waistband on the front. It is just the leg bands holding it in the rear. PetitQ C-Jock - Black

10. The Spider Jock Sheer by the popular label Joe Snyder is highly acclaimed product for the forming fit in the pouch and the sex appeal on the rear with the spider-like net coverage. It looks and feels absolutely stunning on the manhood while the rear is for the show.  Joe Snyder Spider Jock Sheer Black

These were the top 10 highest rated men’s jockstrap underwear available at This is the right time to bag them before they out of stock.

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Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – More Than A Sporty Innerwear

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap at Mensuas

Some men look for comfortable yet sporty underwear and the Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap seems to have been designed for them. This men’s jockstrap is just the thing you need for great support, fit and feel. With wide rear straps and a specially designed pouch, it gives your package the comfort and boost it deserves.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – features

It is a jockstrap with package-boosting pouch that men would love to sport. Stretch cotton fabric that comprises of 96% of cotton and 4% of spandex makes it extremely comfortable and the right kind of innerwear you can wear all day long.

The most salient feature of the Swing Enhance Jockstrap is the boost it gives to the package. The pouch is designed like a hammock that keeps the package away from the body. The pouch maintains the shape of the package and gives it a slight boost that looks just great. The pouch gives the asset right kind of support and keeps it snug too.

It is available in bright colors like red and classic black.

Pros of using Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is best for casual wear as it is sporty and makes men look sexy too. It is also comfortable and that made it so popular with males. It rendered a good fit and support to the package which men seek from their innerwear.  Along with that, Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap also makes them feel and look good. It surely enhances the confidence level and gives men an added boost.

The pouch really gives a nice lift and boosts the package which most men like about this underwear.

Swing It With Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap.  It is suitable for dailywear and some men even wore it for work. The stretchable fabric made them feel comfortable with the assurance of a great look.

Cons of Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Some men may not find the innerwear a good fit. Some may find it riding too high. The pouch strap is on the outside which may not be up to the taste of males who are particular about these things.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is right for gymming and places the package away from the body and keeps it snug too. It is a sporty innerwear that does loads of good to the look. The bright color and the unique design have caught the fancy of the modern men who are up for experimenting with their style. Go for this innerwear if you want to feel super confident of your looks.

Have a look at jockstrap underwear collection by Intymen here-

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Swing It With Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap - Mensuas

The Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is sexy men’s underwear with sporty appeal to it. The men’s jockstrap underwear is crafted with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex that makes it all the more necessary in your underwear wardrobe.

What we like?

  • The first thing that catches the attention is the big bulge of the sexy underwear provides. The pouch is actually made with two pieces of treated cotton with a minute ratio of spandex. The first layer of fabric is a conventional jockstrap pouch whereas, the second layer runs a quarter of the way up from the base with a reinforced “swinging” elastic edge that sits right under your balls providing the lift.
  • The elastic waistband is shiny, comfortable and soft on the skin. It not only keeps a strong hold on the waist, it also displays the bold Intymen brand name. As an add-on to the solid colored underwear, the brand logo is printed on the pouch.
  • Fashion underwear has a ‘snug as a bug in the rug’ fit that sticks to the male anatomy and shapes up accordingly.

What we did not like?

  • Availability: The Swing Enhance Jockstrap is available only in two colors; red and black. The brand can use more colors that appeal to different tastes. These colors make the entire products manly and sporty; to make it appropriate, some more could have been incorporated.

In order to get the perfect fit (to prevent adjusting and hold on the pouch) pick up the correct size. If you’re a sportsperson or feel like one, this pair is perfect for you and can be worn everyday to work, gym, and anywhere else.

Treat the fruit of hard work with the sexy and sporty Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap underwear that lets you flaunt your assets as well as toned abs. The enhancing underwear is available in all sizes from small to extra large at

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Male Power UnderwearMale Power is a company we’ve certainly had plenty of experience of so far, with something like 9 different styles scattered around the underwear drawer. A welcome addition for 2014 is the Batter Up Jock Brief  – a fashion cum functional range of men’s underwear with a (you’ve guessed it) baseball theme.

Te sexy baseball print on the apparel is surely inspiring, however, the moonshine cut rear is what keeps you interested in the show. With the quality material, fit & design coupled with the seriously sexy rear, this is a pair of sexy underwear that’s both comfortable and practical enough for all day wear as well as being something to either wear for surprise intimate moments or as something sexy to reveal when you lower your pants.

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New Gregg Homme At Mensuas Is Hot

The latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear at Mensuas is hot and designed with intricate attention to detail and lots of skin show. Gregg Homme offers all the underwear pieces you would expect: boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps, briefs, bikinis and some items that are just hard to describe because they are so unique.

Positioned right between lust and fantasy, GREGG HOMME puts to use the latest technologies and pioneering material to create the unthinkable and fashionable styles specifically designed with the men’s comfort in mind, relentlessly pushing the limits of balance between functionality, innovation and fashion. With GREGG HOMME comes a design anatomically shaped for the male body: all fits are audaciously engineered for the utmost pleasure of not only the wearer but also the people around.

Hot Gegg Homme Underwear Styles:

1. Gregg Homme Booster Thong-

Give the goods a boost with the fetish-worthy Gregg Homme Booster Thong. Highly breathable matte poly stretch fabric gives a sleek rubber appearance with a sheer mesh pouch featuring more than a glimpse. Partially center seamed, your package is defined and cradled by a snug hyperstretch frontal enhancer. Get your “boost” on with underwear meant to be seen.

Gregg Homme Booster Thong | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

2. Gregg Homme Xcess Thong-

Sexy XCESS collection thongs from Gregg Homme feature a low scoop window for a daring flash of skin in between pouch and waistband. Made of a sleek and lightweight 78% (Nylon) Polyamide, 22% Spandex fabric blend for a barely there feel and fit.

Contour pouch provides improved support and profile.

Elasticized, double-stitched hems along edges

Soft, exposed elastic waistband with repeated engraved Gregg Homme logo features XCESS collection joined, metal triple-X symbol across front.

Gregg Homme logo tag sewn onto back of waistband

Tag with size and fabric information attached to center back interior of waistband.


Gregg Homme Xcess Thong | Men's Underwear | MensuasShop for the latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear styles at

The latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear at Mensuas is designed with intricate attention to detail and lots of skin show.

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