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How do you choose the best Mens Brief Underwear?

How do you choose the best Mens Brief Underwear?

It was not long ago that men had no varieties of mens underwear for them to choose from. However, in the past few decades, things have changed and made available numerous mens underwear styles for the male population. One of the most popular and the most conventional styles that men have loved ever since is that of mens brief underwear.

Well, now the scene is different because you get to have so many different varieties of mens brief underwear available to every personality. You would be able to find mens low rise underwear with brief cuts, mens low rise briefs, and sporty briefs and a lot more than these. So, how do you choose your favourite and the best mens brief underwear?

There are so many things that make mens brief underwear the best and this is the reason why men can actually build a wardrobe around mens low rise briefs. Well, if you want to buy mens brief underwear that is the best, this blog is for you.

Agacio Mens Brief Underwear
Mens Brief Underwear

Pick something that suits your physique

Just like I mentioned earlier, mens brief underwear is available in so many different cuts and coverage that you can pick something from the category that suits your personality. You also have bikini brief underwear for the times when you want to experience the in-between fit of mens bikini underwear and briefs too. Just be prepared mentally to slip into something that you haven’t experienced before.

Enhancement is also an option

It was like never before that mens brief underwear had a pouch that would provide the enhancement that you deserve. But that’s possible now because the collection of mens pouch underwear has many styles including mens brief underwear. You would be glad to have mens brief underwear that has a front which enhances your appeal. You can choose from the various mens low rise underwear styles available for your easy choosing. Choose something that matches your personality, tastes and likes.

Otzi Mens Brief Underwear
Mens Brief Underwear

Consider comfort

Well, comfort has never been associated with mens brief underwear. Well, that’s because they have never been so breathable. We all understand that breathability is important. You must always choose comfort over anything else. That’s exactly what matters at the end of the day. The newer mens brief underwear is designed are made with the best quality fabric with details that would make you feel absolutely comfortable no matter what happens.

Consider fit

Just like it was mentioned above, fit definitely counts when comfort comes in. If a pair of mens low rise underwear doesn’t fit you well or shows off the bulges down there, you could always go for mens bikini briefs or mens low rise briefs and more.

There are many other features that can also be counted when you hunt for the best mens brief underwear this summer.

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What makes Male Brief the best?

What makes Male Brief the best?

Have you ever felt the constant urge of adjusting the pouch below the belt? It is definitely not a very happy feeling to be sure about. The male brief has been the ideal choice of men’s underwear since the beginning of the time until today.

Being the most popular designer underwear style, men’s briefs are also the ones which are used by the majority of men across the globe. However, mens briefs are a mens underwear style that has left so many myths with time. But, what makes the mens brief underwear the ideal one even being in the fashion underwear industry for many decades?

Men's Brief Underwear
Agacio Men’s Brief Underwear

Find out the aspects of knowing the men’s brief inside out.

The male brief has been the one all these years

From the beginning of time (after loincloth), mens brief underwear is considered to be the only “Macho” styled apparel style. Since then, men have always looked up to the respective style for the all their below the belt needs.

The male brief is considered to the sportiest and most supportive

Though back then the men’s brief was available in only snug fit options that later turned out to be the reason for low sperm count, the brands had the only way to get rid of the problem and make male brief survive in the industry – they gave enhancement and a sporty new look to the style. Breathability is something that is exceptionally important for your personality and men brief underwear.

Men's Brief Underwear
Virile Men’s Brief Underwear

The male brief provides protection as well with the support

We all know how supportive the tighty whiteys have been since they were first introduced. However, only the wearers know that the dual-layered fabric provides minimal support as well to the assets, keeping them safe from minor injuries. The bulkiness provided comes in handy on a day-to-day basis.

The male brief has become a lot sexier

From the day back then to today, you would find the changing face of the Y-front. From the solid fabric to the sheer underwear material or various pouch options, the mens sexy underwear style has already crossed the bar of sex appeal. They aren’t just tighty whiteys anymore.

What changes have you seen in the male brief since its introduction but still find them appealing? Do let us know in the comments below.

Sexy men’s underwear – Crafted for a sensuous and erotic experience

Sexy men's underwear - Crafted for erotic experience

How was your Valentine’s Day this year?

Did you make it perfect with sexy underwear for men?

If we look around, we will see that the fashion scenario has changed significantly since the last decade. Men have started to express their sexier and naughtier side via their dressing sense and the choice of mens underwear styles they choose. Fashion trends change daily, it cannot stay unchanged.

In this modern era of social networking, people have made their dressing sense and wardrobe collection as the top priority. No matter how materialistic it may sound, but you cannot deny the fact that one’s attire does tell a lot about him and his stance in the society. Due to such crucial changes in the fashion statement, men have also started to put an effort into choosing the right men’s underwear for the right occasion. Whether you like to feel sensuous and erotic down there or you are the kinkier kind of guy, the variety of men’s underwear has voluptuous number of choices for you.

There’s no denying that men like to dress sexy too. The intimate underwear industry isn’t just limited to women’s lingerie now. The demand for sexy men’s underwear is soaring due to the variety of men’s underwear styles available in different kinds of fabrics. Plus, Men who like to indulge in role-playing and kinkier sexual fantasies find men’s g-strings and thongs for men very satisfying and sexy. Sexy men’s underwear is perfect for keeping your intimate relationship with your partner exciting and satisfying.

Different styles of sexy men’s underwear-

Men's Sexy Underwear

The most commonly considered men’s underwear that are sexier by the looks are usually styles of men’s bikini underwear, g-string underwear for men and male thongs. However, among these fashion underwear styles the options to choose are endless. From different moisture-wicking materials to sheer fabrics are also available in men’s g-strings and thongs for men. You have a lot of options to experiment with.

Thongs for men-

The most popular among them all are men’s thongs. Whether you are feeling a bit sexy this evening else you or your partner might have some midnight coitus reservations, Men’s thongs do wonders for you and your partner as well. What could be more enticing and seductive than a sexy men’s underwear which reveals your manhood yet manages to cover the desired point at the same time. Thongs for men are designed using an extremely narrow strip and delicate pieces of fabric to enhance your front profile. So slid into one of your role-playing leather thongs and experience the increased levels of pleasure.

Men's Thong Underwear

Men’s G-strings-

G-strings are inspired by the guitar’s g-string and are designed with the thought of seduction and appealing factor in mind. Men’s G-strings are supposed to increase the pleasure and pleasing benefits of a man. Since men’s g-strings and other exotic men’s underwear designs have very minimum fabric with high cuts, making things down there light and breezy. Due to men’s g-strings airy style, there are no cases of excessive sweating, Rashes, and Infection. There are also abrasion-free pouch men’s G-strings available which reduce sweat-secretion significantly.

Men’s bikini underwear for men-

Mensuas brings you the sizzling hot options that will help you flaunt your abdominal attributes in your men’s bikini underwear. For those who want to do more with less, the bikini is available in lots of style options. Men’s bikini is usually very low rise with a leg opening which is higher and provides minimum coverage to your back. The design is rather simple yet amazing with a string that stretches across the back leaving the back open. Sexy underwear for men like men’s bikini range from comfortable cotton to high-tech fabrics with interesting support and profile options. These are winners when it comes to sexy men’s underwear meant both for fashion and function. Plus men’s bikini offers bikini styles with minimal fabric and maximum enhancement. Bikinis come in a variety of fabrics too, including silk, spandex, modern modals and cotton. 

But despite it, a major segment of the population thinks otherwise. According to them, these appealing men’s underwear styles rob a man from their manliness and masculinity. But it’s all just hear-say. For those who like to be bold and confident would definitely explore their sexual fantasies without being hesitant. Sexy men’s underwear is the perfect way to express your sexy quotient without losing your pride and masculinity.

Fairy tale underwear fantasies

Fairy Tale underwear fantasies

Welcome back, my friends, to this week’s edition of my summer sexy underwear review. There is a new brand in town and it sure seems legendary. Let me tell you about my experience. BriefTales is a new modern and fashionable brand that offers a wide range of products for all types of personalities. Its products create a captivating fit aesthetic and are hard to forget. Some of my favorites are the micro thongs, the micro bikinis and the two colored jockstraps. But don’t worry, there are options for more conservative men and it offers all types of boxer trunks.

Let’s start with the micro thongs. This is an underwear model that really suits me and is available in great solid colors: white, blue, black and turquoise. You may be thinking this is pretty classic and standard, but let me tell you, there’s nothing dull about these thongs. I particularly like the turquoise mesh and its waistband because it covers the front and provides that protection and support while leaving you completely free and exposed in the back. The micro bikini is another great option if you are feeling extremely sexy. This underwear has some details that make it unique. The black and white waistband, the mesh, and the colored middle line make it look very attractive and modern. I think bikini underwear provides the support of a brief, but is aesthetically more appealing than a basic brief, so I picked the BriefTales black micro bikini in my last order and was surprised by its quality.


I kept the jewel for last, because the red and blue BriefTales jockstrap is a definite winner. This is an option for bolder and adventurous men who dare to share their goodies with their viewers. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing, not to mention a big showoff undie.

If you want a more conservative look, you may try other underwear from the BriefTales underwear collection because they all provide a sexy body-defining fit. The grey boxer trunks seems extremely comfortable and is available in grey and red, black and white, blue and black, and white and black. I’ve read reviewers really liked this model and that they have a very nice fit and feel perfect. The boxer trunks is a good option for every occasion as well, and the spacious front pouch allows breathability for the manhood. The form-fitting style keeps everything in the right place, but the fabric allows for air flow within.

Remember that Mensuas offers USA free shipping on orders above $50 and international free shipping on orders above $100. Go online and get your BriefTales undies today and get inspired by those sensual vibes that this modern fit brand brings to our summer!

Ever faithful to my JOCKO underwear

Ever faithful to my Jocko underwear

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new review edition of my top-pick products. I had signed up a long time ago to be the first to hear about our latest products and exclusive offers on the Mensuas site, so imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I heard JOCKO is making a fresh comeback with new modern military products. I am a huge fan of any type of clothing that shows my military pride, especially when it comes to underwear since I can keep on surprising my partner until the last minute. It doesn’t end at taking my shirt off if you know what I mean.

This time, I decided to order each of their products online and in different colors to see which one suited me best. Delivery was a dream come true; fast, discrete packaging, and what’s best, it was free because I spent more than 100 US dollars.

JOCKO offers a large selection of stylish military products. When I received my order, I collected them in one place so I could easily click my way through my selection and create my personal army style for a special weekend. On Saturday, during the day, I combined some sexy underwear with my favorite JOCKO blue navy shorts and a grey Jasper t-shirt with a V-neck for a casual look. The shorts were an absolute hit and my friends kept asking me where I’d bought them. I’d never felt sexier in a pair of shorts! These elasticized-waist cotton shorts are perfect for the gym, a hike or whatever you’re into (the beach for me) because they provide great comfort while looking sharp. The military-style elastic makes it different from other ordinary shorts. To add a little bit of spice underneath, I wore a pair of JOCKO military-green briefs which I felt I could easily use on its own, and was extremely comfortable too. Great excitement is pretty much guaranteed with those.


On Sunday, I went a different way, even spicier on the outside. This time, I wore a navy t-shirt with a military pattern on the sleeves and in the t-shirt pocket, which makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye. In the afternoon, I changed into a navy printed tank because it was really humid and warm, and I received a lot of compliments on it, so I will definitely wear it for other occasions. I think that tank tops are a great alternative to the t-shirt for the gym and other summer activities as they make you look athletic and male. I am leaving the best for last; I wore a JOCKO grey jockstrap underneath and it kind of made me feel ready for war. This option is for bold men who want to add an extra bit of style and sexiness to their outfits. It is my best pick from now on.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I was trying on different stylish and modern Jocko products. They are a great choice to look sharp in authentic military clothing for all types of men, but especially for active duty military, veterans, and patriots. I encourage you to embrace a new type of action!

Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Special delivery: We’ve got a package for you

Get ready for this my friends because this week we are going full virile. I can’t get more excited when I see that a new package has arrived in the mail, what about you? As we all know, confidence is contagious and it always reflects on our appearance, but our clothes and looks have a lot to do with it as well. You may be casually wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, but if you are rocking some jockstraps underneath it all, I can assure you it’s a 100% confidence booster.

Last weekend, I decided to try some of the Virile products I had purchased the week before. Let me tell you all about this experience. First, I suited up with the royal blue Virile Tank (to keep it fresh with the summer vibes). The sexy style of the t-shirt, made 93% Viscose and 7% Spandex, makes it perfect to show off my masculinity. The cozy fabric made it an ideal option for the laid-back evening because I wanted to look casual but chic underneath. I had also bought the grey and navy shorts, so I thought it was a good chance to try them all at once. This look definitely did the trick; I felt bold and attractive, and all eyes were on me as I sashayed into the beach party.


But that’s not all. I also wanted to wear some sexy underwear which both look good and got the job done. I picked the white Virile Brief slips which form a sleek, defining fit that nicely accentuated my contours. Since it is almost 93% cotton, it provided long-lasting support and comfort. To be honest, the subtle textured added a dash of style, and it boosted my confidence because I wanted to look great both on the inside and on the outside. In the night, I decided to go with a bolder option and I wore the black and red Virile jockstrap because I wanted to keep it stylish and functional down there. The sexy and supportive jockstrap is breathable, supportive and very appealing. It was definitely a good decision because it provided a versatile and modern look while making me feel very masculine. It felt like a virile scent lingered in the air that night.


It has been a great fashion experience and I cannot wait for my next purchase. I’ve already added a pair of black thongs to my cart as this brand seems to be getting better every time. My best advice for you is to buy 100% original top quality products such as these ones since it will definitely make a difference at the end of the day. I signed up for the deals so I will keep on testing these amazing sexy products and keep you updated!

Match your undies to the World Cup celebration

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The wait is long, but this is the moment football fans have been expecting for four years. The 2018 World Cup is currently ongoing in Russia, where 64 matches will be played by 32 teams across 12 stadiums. To be honest, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to wear your team’s flag, and your favorite undies are here to help you cheer! 

There are styles for everyone, and I will mention a few of my best picks. For those who like a more conservative while sexy look, I would recommend the Daniel Alexander Union Boxer Trunks. There is a wide variety of options in yellow, red and black. My personal favorite is yellow, which aims at keeping my assets in one place and makes sure that there’s no movement below the belt while you indulge in various activities. I love the solid fabric because it also has contrast colored thick piping on both sides. The pouch of this sexy, supportive boxer trunk offers enhancement for better visibility.

Another good option for those who like to celebrate but are keeping it low key is the Flag Long Boxer, which provides an exceptionally patriotic and manly look while it pampers every part it touches. There is a wide variety of flag options. Check out its body hugging fabric which covers until the mid thighs and features a center contoured pouch that lifts and holds the package at the right position.

If you like to keep it classy but also sporty, I recommend the Flag Swim Trunks. These trunks offer a low rise fit that lets you flaunt your patriotism with pride while showcasing your man parts in the most contoured way. The color combination will compliment your personality while the functional drawstring provides a better fitting option. The fabric is mostly polyester and it hugs the legs equally as it pampers your manhood.

Here come my personal favorites. The Cover Male Flag Bikini Brief is a combination of patriotism, fashionable appeal, and functional characteristic traits. It’s definitely a top pick for the World Cup. It features the flag print of your choice, and the contouring pouch keeps the manhood front and forward. 

Finally, I am saving the best for last: Daniel Alexander Harmonious Color Slip Bikini Print and Cover Male Flag Slip Thong Print. The Brazilian high cut look of the Slip Bikini Print makes me feel absolutely sexy and it features minimal fabric coverage with smooth appeal and a sexy design. With a modern print of zig-zag lines all over the pair, it provides ample support and sex appeal to your personality. Its low rise fit was made to celebrate.

The Cover Male Flag Thong are 5-star rated undies and it is an ideal pair for men who like to carry minimal luggage below the belt. It also provides a combination of a fashionable print with undying support to the masculinity. It features different flag prints and the back is a conventional thong.

Sneak peek into all these options and check out the terms and conditions because some items are excluded. What are you waiting for? Celebration mood is ON!

Comfort counts with Intymen Serenity Briefs

Comfort counts with Intymen Serenity Briefs

So, do like how men’s briefs make you feel? It is understood how breathability can make or break the feeling that you have for the men’s underwear style but choosing the right brand and products diminishes the factors. When you look at Intymen Underwear, you should have that confidence oozing out that lets you know how sporty the brand is.

Intymen Serenity Brief Grey/Navy

The Intymen Serenity Brief is a mesh underwear with sheer panels as well that offer ultimate comfort to the male anatomy. The low rise fit on the body with no visible waistband calls for a better fit. With the mesh covering the entire front and back, the sides of the brief are crafted in see-through fabric. The pouch enhancing underwear is designed to make your manhood protrude outside of an alluring personality. The 81.15% nylon and 18.85% spandex is what keeps your comfort intact.

The conventional coverage of a tighty whitey with the sexiness of the fabric is what you get when you indulge in the same. You can wear for romantic affairs as well as the regular days if you really want to get the best of the same.

Keep your manhood in focus with Otzi Briefs

Keep your manhood in focus with Otzi Briefs

Have you ever slipped into a pair of men’s brief underwear and felt that your manhood has finally gained some visibility? Have you ever tried a men’s underwear brand that brings together conventional designs with the modern twists? If you haven’t, Otzi Underwear is your next stop.

Otzi BriefsThe collection of men’s fashion underwear by the brand has always been in the news for its rich looks and ultimate comfort that they provide. From the first inventory to the recent one, you’ll have a lot to consider. The Otzi Relaxed Brief is what we’ll be talking about in this blog and everything about it. With a clean design and construction, the looks that you’ll find will include a solid brief coverage with cuts that reveal a lot and contrast piping that stays throughout the edges. The waistband of the same contrast color makes sure you stay in one place.

Otzi BriefsThe fabric composition of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, is what every man needs and wishes for below the belt. Check out the colors and the sizes at

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Add the pop down there with 2xist Yellow Briefs

Add the pop down there with 2xist Yellow Briefs

What is the first thing that you notice when it comes to your men’s underwear? Will it be the color or the cut? Will it be the pouch or the waistband? I would certainly go with the color and then move onto the fabric with how it feels on your skin. Talking about colors, it is always about how you feel inside and chooses the color but when it comes to the feel, it is always men’s cotton underwear that comes first to the mind.

2xist briefAt Mensuas, the collection of pop shades by 2xist Underwear is worth your time and money. The collection of men’s brief underwear with a dash of bright colors would be your one-stop guide to turn your Monday blues to a peppy pleasing day. The 2xist Performance Cotton 2Pk No Show Brief is what will do the needful for you. The smooth fit with the conventional coverage and a no-show fit is what you get from the pair. With an innovative fabric amalgamation of 63% polyamide, 32% cotton and 6% spandex is what you would find quite pleasing down there. Talking about cotton and other fabrics, the former is quite a preferable fabric that comforts the manhood since a very long time.

2xist briefThe construction matters most when you are a conventional personality and that is well taken care of by the fashion underwear brand. With ample coverage everywhere, oodles of fabric hide every inch of the skin below the belt.

Make your gloomy days peppy and happy with the spectrum of handsome colors available at by 2xist.

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