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Why Boxer Brief beats the other underwear styles?

Why Boxer Brief beats the other underwear styles | Mensuas

It came to my attention lately, that there are many men out there who have not yet tried men’s boxer brief underwear till now. They are the ones who might have never thought anything out of the conventional men’s briefs or have completely gone out of the way and adopted the sexy underwear styles that do not carry a lot of fabric.

The mid length, sexy, and supportive men’s underwear style that is a compromise between boxers and briefs is what comes across as a perfect pair. Well, if you haven’t yet fallen for the fashion underwear, you eventually would once you slip into the luxurious fabric. However, there are men who do not believe until they experience the same or at least have proofs to depend on. It is a great habit to have questions about your underneath fashion and that helps to know them better.

Hence, there are numerous advantages that make boxer briefs better than other apparel styles. Those profound advantages include:


If you start the comparison between the respective style and the others, you’d find no other style more supportive than these. It is an obvious flaw that the conventional boxers do not offer support in the front (the modern versions do). You can find out the collection of supportive boxers here. Hence, the traditional pieces were of no good for athletic activities and briefs were too tiny and caused chafing. Hence, the boxer briefs hold your goods in place and out of sight. Perfect for athletic activities and workouts, the style offers coverage that prevents chafing.

Men's Boxer Briefs | Mensuas


Though some styles like trunk underwear or briefs provide stability down there, but boxers don’t. The fabric of the design intended to constantly bunch up and ride up in the pants, which in turn caused a bad rapport. The waistband would be either pushed up or slide down and it’ll be anything but stable in its place. You all must also have experienced sometimes that the waistband would flip over and twist down your waistline. Whatever you’d do but it would constantly come down and there’ll be a time when the waistband would twist forever. Boxer briefs are designed to stay in place and provide the stability while you do whatever you want to.

Women love them

More than any other style, it has been observed that women love boxer briefs than any other style. Though they might dig in the boxers for their own use, but when it comes to something that appeals their eyes and makes their men look stunning, the respective style is what you must opt for. What do you think??

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If you really don’t want to be sorry and make your crotch suffer, boxer briefs are worth slipping into.

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  • Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

    Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

    As you can see in the image, figuring out which one is a men’s boxer brief underwear and which is the trunk is quite a task. Probably, you might say that they differ in terms of length. Does it?

    Much to your surprise (even mine before I researched about it), the answers may vary according to the brand as well as the country.

    When you check out that carries brands from the varied corners of the world, including Australia, UK, US and others; you’d be able to see the inconsistencies of the varied fit and style of men’s underwear. Confused already? Well, a big part of the confusion comes from the country that the brand has originated.

    For example, men’s boxer brief by the US brands are commonly known as men’s trunks in Australia and United Kingdom. When you dig deeper you’d understand that the difference is just the language or the vocabulary.

    Is it helping somehow?

    You might feel relieved until you’ll see that the version of boxer briefs with short legs were introduced for the wearers and were named as “trunk”. This finally added to the terminology puzzle for men who are specifically looking for a length and not the variety. Just keep in mind that an American trunk is effectively shorter and not the same as the Australian version of the trunk.

    With all the juggling words and styles, you would have one question in your head. If short legged versions are called trunks in the US, what would they be called in Australia? You would simply call the short trunks (trunks with short length) and long trunks (trunks with long length).

    Well, in order for your easy shopping experience, make sure you go by the varied lengths rather than choice of words provided with the products. This is for the brands that you are not very well aware of, but in case of those you know quite well; you wouldn’t need vocab or extra information. It also helps if the underwear is shown worn by a model, if not simply ask for the inseam or measurement of the side length and measure it against your body to know approximately how far down the leg it will sit on you.

    Though the blog kept you on the edge with whether it talks about the differences or not; you are now well equipped with enough information that’ll help you shop the two mens sexy underwear styles with great ease. Make sure you get the right fit for the defining look.

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    Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk – The Ultimate In Fit And Support

    Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk - Mensuas

    Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is the underwear males need to get that barely-there feel. The modal stretch fabric and unique cut and style makes it the must have for men who are ready to experiment with their innerwear.

    Features that make Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk unique

    Agacio means good in Greek and this trunk is just right for men. It fits right, looks great and is comfortable. Do men want anything more from their undies? No.

    The Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is made from 96% modal and 4% spandex. This unique combination makes the fabric stretchable and breathable. It makes the underwear soft, great to feel and also renders the right fit. The fabric provides the skin-like feeling that males love the most.

    The waistband comes in contrasting black with the logo of the Agacio popping in front. The pouch is perfect with sack lifting technology to give the package not only a good fit but also a good boost.

    The waistband being soft and light, feels comfortable against the body.
    The cut is designed in a way to give the pouch a proper fit that men require the most.

    Pros of Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk

    Most men who tried Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk were happy with the product. They highly praised the support that the trunk provided to their package. The good fit and the softness of the fabric was also liked. Some men even felt that it fitted like a glove.

    Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk made men feel good and stylish too. It is perfect for daily wear and for casualwear also. It is also good for athletic reasons. It is comfortable to wear round the clock and the breathable and stretchable fabric made it a popular choice for men.

    Cons of Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk

    Some men were not happy with the product as they expected it to provide a better fit. Some even felt that the support provided was less. Some males may find it uncomfortable if they are used to wearing other brands of low rise trunk.

    Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk seems to have won the hearts of males. Most of them were happy with the fit, support and comfort that it provided. Since men are going experimental with their underwear, Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk may prove to be the right choice for modern men who are ready to wear their attitude.

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    Sleek And Sexy- Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer

    Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer - Mensuas

    Intymen introduced Classic Mesh Boxer, one of the very unique and handsome men’s underwear crafted out of mesh fabric. The aspect of the boxer that clicks instantly is the combination of various colors with golden waistband and intricate work on the legs. Let’s get down to some of the features of the men’s boxer underwear.

    About the Product

    Fashion underwear is a playful combination of sporty mesh all around and covering the area with a solid soft pouch that does not have a snug fit and lets the male anatomy breathe free in the cradle-like pouch. With fun gold piping, these are really unique classy boxers.

    The fabric composition of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex provide an ultra amount of stretch with spandex in such a large proportion. Nylon keeps the package breathable and comfortable down there.

    What we like?


    The loose yet defining design of the sexy underwear sits comfortably on the body with the smooth textured fabric falling soft on the skin. The golden graphic accents on the legs look appealing as well as outstanding on the basic colors available like black, red, navy blue and white.


    With mesh all over the exotic underwear, the solid pouch out stands on the boxer. The center seam on the pouch makes the already comfortable area bigger and better with a seamless construction all over. The thick stitch outlines the contoured pouch and works like a wired boundary with free falling package inside.


    After trying this sexy piece, I felt smooth and comfortable down there. One can wear them to work under anything or even at home when the idea is to relax. The fabric ratio is perfect for lounging as well as wearing it under anything.

    What we don’t like?

    The Intymen tag on the rear side of the waistband looks okay but when you wear and it keeps on rubbing against your skin, it doesn’t feel so good. Probably if it wouldn’t have been there; it would have been better but in the last case scenario if it troubles a lot, then remove it from the waistband. This will let the elastic waistband fall smoothly on the back.

    The full coverage men’s boxer is a delight for the eyes and great to be worn under anything. It also can be worn on the romantic evenings to keep it comfortable yet confident underneath. Go and try out the variety of colors available at

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    Have You Looked At Intymen Underwear Yet 1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

    Have You Looked At Intymen Underwear Yet 2 | Men's Underwear | MensuasIntymen, as a faithful and royal brand has a collection of traditional and erotic pieces that combintyine basic fits with modern intimate design elements such as C-Rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other fun ways of enhancement. Intymen features various designs from classic underwear briefs, to butt-lifting boxer briefs and see through garments. Intymen’s collection goes from the traditional and classic to the extreme and very sexy. This pulse raising line has many hidden secrets including unique C-ring contraptions, unusual enhancing technologies and more. The Intymen underwear collection takes classic men’s underwear styles like briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs and jockstraps, and infuses them with sexy details, bright colors, and fun patterns. The Intymen Mesh Brief is a great example of a modern classic brief and the Intymen Swing Enhance Boxer takes a classic trunk and gives it a bulge-enhancing boost.

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    New Gregg Homme At Mensuas Is Hot

    The latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear at Mensuas is hot and designed with intricate attention to detail and lots of skin show. Gregg Homme offers all the underwear pieces you would expect: boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps, briefs, bikinis and some items that are just hard to describe because they are so unique.

    Positioned right between lust and fantasy, GREGG HOMME puts to use the latest technologies and pioneering material to create the unthinkable and fashionable styles specifically designed with the men’s comfort in mind, relentlessly pushing the limits of balance between functionality, innovation and fashion. With GREGG HOMME comes a design anatomically shaped for the male body: all fits are audaciously engineered for the utmost pleasure of not only the wearer but also the people around.

    Hot Gegg Homme Underwear Styles:

    1. Gregg Homme Booster Thong-

    Give the goods a boost with the fetish-worthy Gregg Homme Booster Thong. Highly breathable matte poly stretch fabric gives a sleek rubber appearance with a sheer mesh pouch featuring more than a glimpse. Partially center seamed, your package is defined and cradled by a snug hyperstretch frontal enhancer. Get your “boost” on with underwear meant to be seen.

    Gregg Homme Booster Thong | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

    2. Gregg Homme Xcess Thong-

    Sexy XCESS collection thongs from Gregg Homme feature a low scoop window for a daring flash of skin in between pouch and waistband. Made of a sleek and lightweight 78% (Nylon) Polyamide, 22% Spandex fabric blend for a barely there feel and fit.

    Contour pouch provides improved support and profile.

    Elasticized, double-stitched hems along edges

    Soft, exposed elastic waistband with repeated engraved Gregg Homme logo features XCESS collection joined, metal triple-X symbol across front.

    Gregg Homme logo tag sewn onto back of waistband

    Tag with size and fabric information attached to center back interior of waistband.


    Gregg Homme Xcess Thong | Men's Underwear | MensuasShop for the latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear styles at

    The latest collection of Gregg Homme Underwear at Mensuas is designed with intricate attention to detail and lots of skin show.

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    Save on hot briefs, bikinis and boxers.

    Makes a great holiday gift

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