Rob Wilson The New Price Is Right Male Models

Men's UnderwearThe former International Jock model who popular for donning men’s underwear and men’s swimwear, Rob Wilson, appeared on The Price Is Right on CBS.

The 6′-tall, brown-haired Boston-area native attended an open call in Los Angeles before being selected in an online reality series. He first appeared on the CBS show on October 15 for one week and will continue maybe longer, if all works out.

Wilson admitted to being a little nervous during rehearsal. But with help from those with experience and a last bit of practice before the studio audience arrived, Wilson was ready to become part of broadcasting history on “The Price is Right.”

Model Hot Or Not?

PhotoshootDo you think the model is hot or not? The perfect way to be a head turner at the beach is to be subtle yet sexy with the men’s swimwear style that compliments your physique like no other. As you can see in the image, the model looks extremely sexy with the wet look, and just a pair of men’s swim bikinis that has a leather-like texture, high cuts and a functional pouch that lifts the manhood.

If you want to don this look, check out the sexy apparel collection at by several brands and prepare to turn heads at the beach.

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Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero

XXX Porn Stars Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero did a sexy photo shoot with Creative Director Timoteo Ocampo, the man behind Timoteo men’s underwear for CellBlock 13. Showcased in the football locker room, both the guys took no time in steaming up the lens of the camera with their sexy poses and irresistibly erotic looks.

“Both these guys are super sexy in person and great guys to work with.” said Timoteo about the shoot. The shoot was about the collection of CellBlock 13 football range that included Football Shorts, Mechanic Briefs, men’s jockstrap underwear and more. Let us take a glimpse at the photos.Photoshoot Photoshoot Photoshoot PhotoshootLoved them? They surely are tempting and desirable, and supportive and manly. Check out the collection by CellBlock13.

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Cover Male Camouflage Collection Now At Mensuas

Cover Male UnderwearEstablished in 2011, Cover Male provides a unique range of men’s underwear who dares to show off their masculinity. Known as a master in uncovering the mixture of sexiness and manhood in each of its styles; it also is highly popular among the modern men for the collection of fresh and vibrant colors. Making through the way, Cover Make introduced its Camouflage Collection now at Mensuas. Available in all styles of Cover Male Underwear, this underwear will sure get you noticed in the gym or in the bedroom.

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Christopher Richard In Timoteo Swimwear

Tom Cullis is an avid photographer known to be one of the best ones for Timoteo men’s underwear. Tom worked with Christopher Richard, a Mechanical Engineer who left a management position with GM to pursue acting and modeling. He stepped in front of Tom’s camera lens a few days ago and they produced some hot new swim images. Here is a sneak preview of the New Resort Swim collection from Timoteo. Christopher Richard PhotoshootChristopher Richard Photoshoot Christopher Richard Photoshoot Christopher Richard Photoshoot Christopher Richard PhotoshootDoesn’t he look just amazing? Sure he does and the Timoteo men’s swimwear collection in accordance with Tom Cullis brings out the hidden talent in Christopher. Shop the collection at

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Model Hot Or Not

PhotoshootIt is yet another blog that ask for your opinion, about the model that is he hot or not? Black has always been the signature color for both the sexes and when the guy is like this model, who would want some other color? The great chiselled body and a great pair of men’s underwear is all it takes to woo any woman especially your partner. The image shows the model wearing men’s brief underwear by the iconic brand Emporio Armani with the conventional coverage and a distinctively sexy pouch that holds and supports.

If you want to don this look, check out the sexy apparel collection at by numerous popular and prepare to be loved.

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Model: Hot or Not?

Model PhotoshootWhat you think about the model? Does he look hot or patriotic? I think he looks the best of both in the least of clothes. The skimpily dressed model with only a pair of men’s boxers and the U.S. flag is what you can see on and around him.

The perfectly made physique is what makes him look tempting with those large biceps and the showy cuts on the front. The boxer stretches to a limit yet keeps the package grounded yet comfortable in the contour pouch.

Do let us know in the comments that do you think he’s hot or not?

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New Colors In Good Devil Zoom Collection At Mensuas

Good Devil Zoom thongs have been the most sophisticated product in the men’s thong underwear category. The brand recently introduced some more delectable colors in the category which not only look tempting; it makes a better impact on the sex appeal.

Zoom thongs are made from smooth microfiber. The tiny underwear is comfortable and stretches around the body to give a snug fit. The pouch lifts the package and provides a bigger bulge. The tastefully cut thongs, zoom in the right places.  Some of the new colors available at Mensuas are.

Good Devil Zoom Thongs:

1. Good Devil Zoom Thong Lime

Good Devil Thong Underwear

2. Good Devil Zoom Thong Pink

Good Devil Thong Underwear

3. Good Devil Zoom Thong Yellow

Good Devil Thong Underwear

4. Good Devil Zoom Thong Orange

Good Devil Thong Underwear

5. Good Devil Zoom Thong Turquoise

Good Devil Thong Underwear

6. Good Devil Zoom Thong Navy

Good Devil Thong UnderwearThese are the new colors available at Stock them up now!

Let’s take a look at Good Devil Thongs best sellers:

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