Intymen Fill It Brief

Intymen Fill It BriefIntymen introduces its new men’s underwear collection of Fill It Briefs. The Intymen Fill It Briefs are intended to cradle your manhood. They are extremely comfortable and made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex for the right amount of elasticity and soothing softness on the skin. The brief highlights your assets with the creative construction of the underwear.

Thoughtfully designed men’s brief underwear features an engineered pouch with an in-built C-ring for the extra enhancement and support. The ring is attached to the underwear for a hassle free experience. The sides are open for more freedom and easy access. The pouch has thick outline for the easy movement of the crotch.

This low rise, bulge enhancing underwear is meant for guys who desire a better visibility of the genitals without compromising with the coverage. Hence, it is easily available at in colors such as black, charcoal, lime, royal blue, royal red, turquoise, and white. Shop now!

Take a look at Intymen Briefs below.

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Hot Underwear From Good Devil Now Available at Mensuas

Good Devil introduced it’s yet another sexiest assortment of hot underwear at Mensuas. The devilish men’s underwear is highly popular for the sexually tempting designs, open pouches and skimpily yet sexy appealing products.

Good Devil now offers more colors than just black and white with a teasing assortment of fabrics like sheer and mesh.

Good Devil Underwear Styles:

1. Good Devil Net G-String:

(available in colors like black, white, purple, orange, pink, red, blue and more.)

Good Devil Net G-String

2. Good Devil Lace Panel Trunk:

(crafted for fantasies and is available in colors like white, grey, red and turquoise)

Good Devil Lace Panel TrunkThere are many more like these and if you really want to get that sexy feeling going down there, grab a pair right away at

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Gregg Homme Erotic Underwear At Mensuas

Gregg Homme UnderwearGregg Homme introduces its sexiest men’s underwear assortment at Mensuas. The erotic underwear range is visually appealing to the eye and crafted for wildest fantasies. Hence, when the idea is to add the desired twist in your boring apparel, Gregg Homme hot underwear assortment is the one to look up to.

The range includes Booster Thong, X-Rated Maximiser Thong, Boytoy Thong and more. You can check out the entire collection at affordable prices at

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Hot Guy of the Day

Hot GuyDo you think he’s hot? You can also flaunt your hard earned fruit (your abs) with the sexy and functional Adidas men’s bikini swimwear. The solid navy bikini provides full coverage on the rear with a free-falling pouch that holds the manhood. The Adidas logo on the front makes it all the more worth it.

The location of the photo makes the model look even hotter with the water body and the boat as the background. The anchor hanging above the model gives an idea that he is trying to work out with the same (assumption).

Do let us know in the comments that do you think he’s hot or not?

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Great New Swimwear Collection From Intymen

Intymen launches its new men’s swimwear collection for men at Mensuas. The entire assortment is hot, supportive and unique just like men.

Intymen Swimwear Styles:

1. Intymen Diver Swim Brief:

A classy men’s swim briefs with smooth texture and contoured pouch is perfect fit for sporty activities.

Intymen Swim Briefs

2. Intymen Tie Me Up Swim Squarecut:

The Tie Me Up Swim Squarecut is smooth and sleek with functional drawstrings on the pouch.

Intymen Swim Squarecut

3. Intymen Hive Swim Squarecut:

The sexy and sleek squarecut defines your physique and accentuates your manhood.

Intymen Swim SquarecutThere are many more available at Try them today!

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Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Jock Briefs

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Looking for the hottest men’s jock briefs? Pistol Pete Rookie jock brief is the most revolutionary pair of men’s underwear today. It is a perfect combination of comfort, support and protection for the male anatomy.

The jock-brief or jock brief is new mash-up style that is part brief underwear and part jockstrap. Invented by the fashion label Baskit, this style but it has now become hugely popular and now most underwear designers have jock-briefs as part of their collections. In most cases, a jock-brief has a wide front typical of most briefs which run around the back and split to become straps of a typical jockstrap.

While Pistol Pete is considered the hottest, there are other brands like Good Devil, Timoteo and more at Mensuas which craft sexy and functional pairs.

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Looking For Something Sexy- Check Out The Pikante Underwear Collection At Mensuas

Pikante Blaze Gold Jumbo Thong When the idea is to reveal and not to hide as well as feel sexy in the least fabric, Pikante men’s underwear is one of the most alluring assortments at Mensuas. The Colombian label specializes in men’s sexy underwear with racy prints and eye-catching materials such as see-through or iridescent fabrics.

Pikante Black Mesh G-String

Pikante Underwear Styles:

Mensuas has a great selection of the brand’s men’s thong underwear and men’s g-strings available that are so sexy and hot! You will want to try today the entire collection at once.

This time Pikante has directed its strategy towards the vanguard man, little conventional, who breaks schemes within its daily character, marks the difference and is always in constant change. Sexy thongs with a bit of edge and defined bulges make this underwear very sexy.

So, check out the collection of sexy apparel by Pikante at Mensuas now.

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Very Sexy N2N Bodywear Erotic Black Collection At Mensuas

N2N Bodywear introduces its erotic black collection at Mensuas. The entire assortment is crafted for guys who work hard and play harder without compromising with the enhancement and support of the male anatomy. This blog talks about the various styles available in the category.

N2N Underwear Styles:

1. N2N Bodywear Black G:

Raising the sex appeal to the next level, the Black men’s g-string underwear is made for sheer pleasure.

N2N Bodywear Black G

2. N2N Bodywear Black Short:

For guys who love fabric all over yet want to feel authoritative down there, the black men’s boxer shorts is the right choice for them. N2N Bodywear Black Short

3. N2N Bodywear Black Wrestler:

Feel supported while keeping everything together in one place with this Black Wrestler. The singlet has a leather-like finish with a contoured pouch and suspenders that keep it holding on the shoulders.

N2N Bodywear Black Wrestler

4. N2N Bodywear Black Jockstrap:

The true meaning of men’s jockstrap underwear is that it holds, protects, supports and enhances. Hence, this jockstrap with a luxurious appeal is worth the wear.

N2N Bodywear Black Jockstrap

5. N2N Bodywear Black Bikini:

Show off your good in the best way possible with the men’s bikini underwear by the label. It accentuates, reveals and enhances.

N2N Bodywear Black BikiniThese were the styles available in the erotic black collection offered by N2N Bodywear at Check them out now!

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Sexy Marcuse Swimwear Bikini Has Arrived At Mensuas

Marcuse Black Nations Swim Bikini Marcuse Black Nations Swim BikiniThe popular men’s underwear brand Marcuse introduced its new men’s swim bikini called Nations at Mensuas. With this sexy swim bikini, the label challenges the conventional swimwear design as it believes and aims at providing the modern male population with exclusive designs, whilst catering for all personalities and tastes.

The exotic Nations Bikini has a sleek cut with smooth finish and a contoured pouch to appeal the eyes as well as the male anatomy. It focuses on the importance of looking stylish and yet feeling comfortable in a quality apparel. Hence, your wish of looking and feeling equally great can be easily fulfilled at

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Sneek Peek from Good Devil

Gooddevil UnderwearHere’s a sneek peek of the new Good Devil Contour collection coming soon to Mensuas. The label is popular for bringing out both good and bad in you, and the collection is all about bold colors, contrast piping and rising sex appeal. Good Devil Contour collection is now offered in royal blue, turquoise, pink, red, purple, yellow, black and white.

This should be available in a few weeks at Mensuas. The new color palette of the Contour collection, however, which consists of the Contour Cheek Boxer, Contour Thong, Contour Jockstrap and Contour Bikini, which provide the opportunity to wear sexy underwear and get noticed for more than what you’re not covering up.

Mensuas carries over 95 different Good Devil products on their website.

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