Speedo Foto Collection- 9

Speedo Foto Collection 9.1 | Men's Underwear | MensuasSpeedo swimwear shown in the above image is made of quick drying material that fits snugly to your waist and is similar in shape/ size to regular briefs. This type of swimwear is often worn by competitive athletes and recreational lap swimmers. Similarly, you may find the same material and tight fit in a knee length version, known as a jammer.

Brief Swimwear-

Speedo Foto Collection 9.2 | Men's Underwear | MensuasThe man in speedo looking very hot. The benefits of wearing a brief style swimsuit (aka speedo) are they allow for full range of motion when swimming, dry quickly and allow you to get a great tan! They also are easy to travel with as they don’t weigh much and don’t take up much space in your luggage. The style shown above is a perfect example of the same.

WildmanT Gay Underwear

Just why is WildmanT branded as “Gay Men’s Underwear?”Well clearly the underwear itself is not gay and you don’t have to be gay to like it or wear it. We brand it “gay” because the product line is a little forward thinking. We created the world’s first Ball Lifter. This was a garment unlike any other on the market that was designed to lift your balls higher so your cock would be lifted and pushed forward. Basically…a bra for your nuts to give a guy a bigger package.

WildmanT Gay Underwear | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

WildmanT Fashion Underwear-

Just like any product in the course of time, if it had to do with fashion or vanity, the gays were the first ones to embrace. Manicures, hightlights, fashion were originally not manly enough for straight men. In time, we got the evolution of metrosexuals and the straights slowly caught up to the gays. I am not saying straight men won’t want to wear a male enhancing suit soon, but it was just smarter to target the community who pushes the envelope further and first.

WildmanT is now arrived at Mensuas. Shop for Wildmant Underwear and Swimwear at Mensuas.com.

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Speedo Foto Collection- 10

The collection of Speedo men’s swimwear available at Mensuas is basically for all those guys who want to look a little different. Founded on Bondi Beach, Speedo is the world’s best-selling swimwear brand. From fast-drying materials to chlorine-resistant fabrics, Speedo has been pioneering cutting-edge swimwear since 1928, even working with NASA on its innovative designs. The iconic trunks and swim shorts are the perfect fusion of style and high performance.

Speedo Foto Collection 10.1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Speedo at the beach:

It happens every summer. Your beach day is going like any other, and then you see that man in a Speedo. You know he is bold right off the bat, and unafraid to wear the classically captivating and revealing style.

Speedo foto collection by Mensuas makes you feel and go faster. Whether you’re out to get some real water action, take a quick dip, play beach volleyball or just people-watch, Speedo, the brand relied on by elite athletes around the world, has something for you.

Speedo Foto Collection 10.2 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

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Sexy New Underwear From Good Devil Now Available At Mensuas

Good Devil’ sexy yet comfortable range of erotic men’s underwear is now available at www.mensuas.com.

Good Devil Sexy Underwear-

The most popular collection available at the store are-

1. Good Devil Lace Panel Trunk-

The delicate, luxurious feel of lace designed specifically for your male anatomy. Good Devil has made an innovative trunk for men who crave lace in a stretch fabric that’s breathable and oh-so-smooth against your skin. With its sheer composition and accommodating contoured pouch, lacy is the new racy.

Good Devil Lace Panel Trunk | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

2. Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong-

Made of sheer mesh, the Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong is perfect for the guy who wants less coverage and a breathable fit. This sexy thong features a center seamed anatomical pouch for shape and a sleek high cut that shows off your legs. A must-have  basic when you want a to show a little skin and a lot of cheek.

Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong | Men's Underwear | MensuasShop the entire collection at the store which is affordable priced so as to offer an enhanced look to your package with comfort and support.

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Speedo Foto Collection- 8

Speedo Photo collection focuses on some of the hot pick swimwear styles by the brand which not only aim at visual appeal but also offer comfort and relaxed feel from inside.

Speedo Foto Collection 8.1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Sexy Speedo:

Speedo Foto Collection 8.2 | Men's Underwear | MensuasDesigned with high technology swimwear fabric, Speedo swimwear has increased in popularity. The Speedo range of swimwear offers a variety of swimming trunks to suit all occasions so you no longer have to don a tight pair of Y fronts to impress!

Speedo Foto Collection 8.3 | Men's Underwear | MensuasSpeedos for the beach are made from high-stretch light-weight fabric designed to keep you cool whatever the temperatures, making them an ideal swim short for sunbathing. Speedo trunks are also 20 times more fade-resistant than conventional swimwear. Unlike some brands of swim trunks that can stick to your skin and leave you feeling uncomfortable, Speedos are made from fabric that repels moisture and is quick drying so they stay lightweight and dry, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement all day long.

Explore www.mensuas.com for more options and styles in Speedo swimwear.

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Cover Male Swimwear Now At Mensuas

CoverMale’s latest collection of men’s swimwear features men’s bikini, men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, square cuts and trunks.

Cover Male Europe Swim Bikini Black

Cover Male Swimwear Styles

Cover Male swimwear styles are designed using a variety of smooth fabric blends to offer the required male support, comfort and durability you need with all the sexiness and masculinity.

Let the passion show through in the sexy swimwear styles by Cover Male. The collection is available in multiple designs, fabrics, thereby making it a perfect pick for summers.

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