Valentine Day Gift Idea 4 A Cowboy Costume From Male Power

Valentine Day Gift Idea 4 A Cowboy Costume From Male Power | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Male Power’s Cow Boy Costume is a perfect sexy Halloween attire you can wear to surprise your partner during intimate moments. This costume comes with open crotch brown spandex shorts with side cutout and sheriffs badge at front center and bandana.

Cowboy Costume:

Get the Cowboy Costume for your man, and be a happy rancher, his simple yet very sexy costume is great for parties, themes, shows, Halloween, or dressing up for your lover! This sexy costume definitely shows your figure, but hides your manhood. If you’re wanting to take a sexy cowboy to a different level, this is it!

If you love Wild West, Male Power Cowboy costume is the way to go. Wear a jeans and button-down shirt to make a striking cowboy Halloween costume. Don’t forget to add a hat and water-gun to complete the look. Darker colors for bad guys and pastel colors for good guys come in these ultimate costumes.

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Valentine Day Gift Idea 3 A Red Bikini Underwear From Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder Men’s Bikini Underwear are designed with an erotic appeal and luscious fabric, thereby making a perfect valentine gift.

Joe Snyder Red Bikini Underwear

Joe Snyder Bikinis have a great fit that hugs every part of your package and keeps you in place all day long. You don’t have to worry about Joe Snyder sagging or wearing out.  Mensuas began offering Joe Snyder back in 2004 and some of our customers are still wearing the ones they bought from us back then.

Valentine Day Gift Idea 3 A Red Bikini Underwear From Joe Snyder | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Joe Snyder’s most popular style, this men’s bikini provides excellent support, moderate coverage in back and is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the freedom of a sleek bikini. It includes a 1-inch side seam, a contoured male pouch up front and a discreet Joe Snyder logo on the right front panel. Popular for sunbathing, swimming, bodybuilding or posing

The Joe Snyder collection is designed to be worn as both underwear and swimwear. It’s like getting two garments for the price of one! Joe Snyder active wear is renowned for its stylishness and versatility. Because of the soft and stretchy qualities of the fabric and because none of the garments have liners, they are lightweight and comfortable for daily wear either in and out of the water. All Joe Snyder garments are made from a single layer of soft, 80% nylon and 20% Lycra that fits like a glove and provides comfortable male support. Joe Snyder underwear features excellent quality with durable stitching and attention to detail throughout.

Let’s have a look upon Joe Snyder Bikinis-

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Valentine Day Gift Idea 2 A Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz

Previously we discussed upon Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red Sail Swim Bikini From Pistol Pete that was an excellent swimsuit for the beach.

Now lets have a look upon Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz-

Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz

Olaf Benz String Tanga is a classic thong in men’s underwear that never goes out of style. Olaf Benz is quality underwear that looks great and feels sexy.

Creamy fabric, dreamy silhouettes…Olaf Benz combines the utmost in lust & luxury in their meticulously masculine collections. Luscious microfiber is a touch transparent & snugly hugs your every contour without restricting.

Sumptuous ’n’ stringy thong

Designer Features: Rubber raindrop Olaf Benz logo on left of pouch

Pouch: Single-ply, extremely contoured with center support seam

Waistband: Two 3/8-inch-wide straps of plush elastic

Thong: 3-1/2-inches wide comfort panel with 3/8-inch-wide thong extending down & under

Side Seam: Adjust placement of side-straps for different silhouettes

Fabric Content: 68% polyamide, 32% Elastane; fast-drying, slightly transparent, supremely soft

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Joe Snyder Lace Collection Now At Mensuas

Joe Snyder underwear is now available in Lace at Mensuas with interesting features such as durability and design used in them. At Mensuas, Joe Snyder has an array of exotic lace underwear in delightful colors, sexy cuts and finest fabrics.

Joe Snyder Underwear Styles:

Slip into the luxurious feeling of Joe Snyder with these popular styles-

Joe Snyder Lace Mini Cheek-

Joe Snyder Lace Mini Cheek | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

The Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Lace men’s briefs have a very sexy look that offers something a little different and will certainly get some impressive attention by anyone who sees it! The high cut at the back provides minimal coverage for and exposes your cheeks, while the top is framed by a sensual lace panel for chic styling. The front pouch supports your manhood, gently cupping for an uplifting effect that enhances your natural shape. The classic lace design is available in black and white. The wide lace waistband provides fantastic comfort and as the sizes come in medium and large, you can be sure that you will get a great fit. This Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Lace men’s briefs are a seductive style of underwear that is ideal for sexy evenings at home, hot nights out or to make you feel special during the day!

Joe Snyder Lace Bikini-

Joe Snyder Lace Bikini | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

If you want a sexy look that is a bit different, then the Joe Snyder Bikini Lace men’s briefs provide you with just that! The superb lace design is available in black and white. Full coverage at the rear frames your cheeks while the narrow waistband gives a tantalizing show of skin. The front pouch is supportive and gives you a gentle cupping action, so you will not only look hot, you will also feel incredibly comfortable. Sizes range from small to extra large so you can be confident that you will get a great fit. If you want a look that is seductive and chic, then these Joe Snyder Bikini Lace men’s underwear are the ideal option and are sure to impress. Why not wear them as a sexy surprise, for an exciting evening of passion or for something to smile about as you go about your day?

Joe Snyder Lace Jockstrap-

Joe Snyder Lace Jockstrap | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

The incredibly hot looking Joe Snyder Jockstrap Lace is for men who like to look sexy and be admired by all! The jockstrap style rear offer minimal covering for your cheeks, while the narrow waistband continues in the lace design. The superbly supportive front pouch has a cupping action that lifts and enhances your package for comfortable yet enticing effect. This underwear is great for wearing under tight fitting clothing as there is no bunching up of fabric. They come in black and white, the classic lace pattern offers a unique alternative to regular men’s briefs.

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New Pistol Pete Underwear At Mensuas

New Pistol Pete Underwear At Mensuas 1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Go in for a thrill with the latest Pistol Pete underwear for men which are designed to offer you the attention you deserve. The sexy, stylish collection at Mensuas is available in bold patterns, mesh fabric. So, if you are looking for maximum sex appeal with minimum coverage, try the collection at Mensuas.

Go ahead and have fun jaunting around in the sexy underwear collection by Pistol Pete. The flattering design can also keep everything in place while allowing you to enjoy the freedom of wearing something soft, comfortable and smooth.

Pistol Pete Underwear Styles:

Some of the latest styles you can explore are-

Pistol Pete Boxer Thong-

Show off your pride in Pistol Pete Boxer Thong which is made from stretchy and form-fitting fabric along with a skimpy cut  This is a dual-function garment that can be worn as both underwear and swimwear! Whether you are partaking in the festivities or watching them, this irresistible thong creates a sexy-as-hell look you can be proud of!

Pistol Pete Xpose Brief-

A little mesh goes a long way! With an open-weave mesh that’s airy and very, very sheer, the Pistol Pete Xpose Brief is sure to spice things up.

Pistol Pete Journey Brief-

Be the star of the show when you wear this most intriguing mesh brief by Pistol Pete. Your anatomy in front and buns in back will be impossible to ignore behind the fine mesh holes and subtle star pattern of this unique and sexy brief. Can you handle the star treatment that’s sure to follow?

New Pistol Pete Underwear At Mensuas 2 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

New Pistol Pete Underwear At Mensuas 3 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

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Introducing WildmanT At Mensuas 1

The latest collection of WildManT at Mensuas features the following styles-

Introducing Wildmant At Mensuas 1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

WildmanT Underwear Styles:

WildManT Low Rise Brief-

The style is simple and classic. You just can’t ask for more in men’s underwear! Show it off boys WildmanT: Brief w/Ball Lifter® Cock-Ring also in stock brief underwear, men’s underwear.

WildmanT Midcut Swim w/Ball Lifter® Cock-Ring-

WildmanT: MidCut w/Stripe is a sexy square cut swimsuit.  A lot of our styles are very low cut or skimpy and this is a suit style with a little more body. Amazing fit and also includes the detachable Ball Lifter Cock-Ring inside.

Introducing Wildmant At Mensuas 2 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

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Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red Sail Swim Bikini From Pistol Pete

Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red Sail Swim Bikini From Pistol Pete | Men's Underwear | MensuasPistol Pete Red Sail Swim Bikini is a bold and sexy men’s swimwear by Pistol Pete. An excellent swimsuit for the beach or on the boat, you’ll get noticed in the Pistol Pete Red Sail Swim Bikini.

Sexy Pistole Pete Swim Bikini

Ample Pouch, Excellent Design & Drawstring Waistband are the most important aspects of sail swim bikini by Pistol Pete.

Shop the exclusive collection at

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Good Devil Horizontal Lines Collection At Mensuas

Good Devil Horizontal line collection at Mensuas is featured with a skimpier, shiny yet functional look for a sporty fit and support. Be fashionable and sport the sexy Good Devil Horizontal Lines collection. The horizontal line all over the underwear with smooth finished contoured pouch keeps the front subtle.

Good devil as a fashionable brand designs the devilish collection that lets you feel sexy and great about yourself. Good Devil’s most conservative piece is sexier than 99% of the underwear out there, so proceed with caution and only wear Good Devil if you want to look and feel sexy.

Sexy Underwear Styles:

Good Devil Horizontal Lines Bikini Royal Blue:

Good Devil Horizontal Lines Collection At Mensuas 1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Good Devil Horizontal Lines Bikini White:

Good Devil Horizontal Lines Collection At Mensuas 2 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

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