Sexy Beach Guy

With the coming summer season, you will always come across a lot of sexy guys flaunting their bodies on the beach. This guy hits the beach wearing a super sexy swim costume, i.e. Men’s bikini. Bikinis are the most practical beach wear for a skimpier look.

So, if you want to be a true show stopper, flaunt yourself in men’s bikini swimwear which is designed from ultra-supportive fabric blend.

Sexy guy in Speedo!!

Sexy Beach Guy | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Not for the faint of heart, this guy in speedo looks very hot, that shows just how easy it can be to turn heads at the beach.

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New Items From Good Devil

Mensuas’ latest inventory of Good Devil underwear styles is featured with skimpy yet attractive design.

Good Devil Underwear Styles:

The collections available at the store comprise of

Good Devil Strung Up Pouch-

The Good Devil Strung Up Pouch has a fabric breakdown of 83% polyester and 17% spandex offering a sleek stretch. The pouch is designed to be worn either with both straps around the shoulders or with one around the waist for a slim waistband, although don’t let that hold you back from trying out any other way! The underwear also features a coordinating adjustable strap for even more versatility.

Good Devil Strung Up Pouch Black

Good Devil String Bikini-

Good Devil’s String bikini offers a great elastic feature that provides a snug fit that’s perfect for your comfortability. The stretchy material that this bikini comes in ensures a great fit that suits your form and gives plenty of space for growth. This bikini also features a double waistband, and because this bikini has no liner it can be worn for multiple occasions.

Good Devil String Bikini White

Good Devil Sheer Tank-

Show off your sexy body with this sheer mesh tank top. Made with elasticized trim around the neckline and arm openings, this tank fits perfectly around your muscles.

Good Devil Macho Mesh Muscle Tank Black

Good Devil Lace Jockstrap-

The delicate, luxurious feel of lace designed specifically for your male anatomy. Good Devil has made an innovative jock for men who crave lace in a stretch fabric that’s breathable and oh-so-smooth against your skin.

Good Devil Lace Jockstrap White

With its sheer composition and accommodating contoured pouch, lacy is the new racy.

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Joe Snyder Underwear Now Available In Lace

Joe Snyder Underwear | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Joe Snyder’s collection of lace underwear is featured with high quality, snug fit and amazing male support. The major aspects of lace underwear are-

– High cut legs

– Low cut waistline

– Contour pouch for improved support and profile

– Elastic Waistband

– Flyless

– Comfortable to wear daily

Designer Lace Underwear

The lace fabric incorporated in designing men’s underwear like bikinis, thongs and G strings by the brand feels comfortable against the skin and has long lasting stretch along with durability. In addition to its aesthetic, the Stretch Lace collection offers a fabric that hugs the body while giving a soft feel against the skin. The range is made from a four-way stretch that provides ideal support and fit.

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Good Devil Xtra Mini Thong

Good Devil xtra Mini Thong is specially crafted to offer your package the most of attention. The Good Devil Extra Mini men’s thong offers extremely slinky string design that reveals everything you’ve got. Wear the Good Devil string underwear under swimwear or other underwear for extra oomph. Or, wear the thong for those naughty moments. Made from a blend of Polyester and Elastane, the Good Devil Extra Mini Thong for men is soft against the skin and designed with the perfect amount of stretch to keep it in place.

Good Devil Xtra Mini Thong | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Good Devil’s Sexy thong

Good Devil’s Extra Mini thong is exactly what you need when you want to let your body do all the talking. With no coverage, at all, this little piece allows you to have a lifted and enhanced look without even trying. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Guys In Speedo

Guys In Speedo | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Introducing the latest men’s swimwear collection of Speedo at Mensuas

The brand features high technology fabric which offers substantial advantages to swimmers. The fabrics include features that increase the swimmer’s glide through the water (said to mimic marine animal skin) and reduce the absorption of water by the suit as opposed to regular swimsuits.

At Mensuas, we stock a large selection of Speedo swimwear to suit all ages and abilities, as such, we’re keen to show our buyers why we believe in the Speedo brand and why it is ultimately the best swimwear you can buy.

Speedos For The Beach | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Speedos for the beach

Speedos are made from high-stretch light-weight fabric designed to keep you cool whatever the temperatures, making them an ideal swim short for sunbathing. Speedo trunks are also 20 times more fade-resistant than conventional swimwear. Unlike some brands of swim trunks that can stick to your skin and leave you feeling uncomfortable, Speedos are made from fabric that repels moisture and is quick drying so they stay lightweight and dry, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement all day long. Try the Speedo Swimwear designed from quick drying technology, water repellent fabric and a fully elasticized waist make these trunks the perfect choice for active wear both in and out of the water. Take a look at speedo guys for more.

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