Underwear is the most basic clothing article that we wear and yet one of the most important because it protects and conceals, making one feel safe from the elements and keeping ones privacy in place. Mensuas began as an underwear retailer back in 1999 and since then it has seen its share of change in the men’s underwear world.  Only a generation ago, the choices in mens underwear were limited to the very basics of mostly loose fitting boxers and tighty whitey briefs.  A lot has changed and a very full representation of what the world of men’s underwear has come to can be seen here on our site.The number of brands on the market is growing and what used to be a handful of brands originally offered back in 1999, has turned into an average of over 50 brands of men’s underwear and swimwear being offered in all kinds of styles, cuts, colors and sizes.


You can be a simple guy who lives next door or, the naughty one. Can be shy and hide things or, can be daring to lay everything on the table. Let's list out some styles of underwear for men, which reveal your personality. 

Briefs are the underwear that hugs you all the way.  They have a high coverage from the rear to the pouch with cut on the thighs according to the type of briefs. They are comfortable, soft and can be worn under any type of clothes. 
Low cut briefs: These types of briefs rests a little lower than your normal waistline and do the needful to cover the right places. They are apt for low waist jeans.
Mid cut briefs: These types of briefs just sit in the right place i.e. your waistline. 

Bikini briefs
Men's bikinis are the next level of men's briefs. Mostly without the elastic waistband, they are more appealing to the eye than the normal briefs. Though they are just like briefs in terms of comfort. The skin exposure in a bikini will vary according to the type of cuts. Some give maximum coverage to the rear and minimum to the pouch and vice versa. These are often worn as a swimming costume, but men do like experimenting. Don't they?

Thongs are ideal for the men who like it less. Thongs are underwear that gives full coverage and protection to the package whereas keeps it minimal on the rear. They vary in terms of their coverage on the backside. Thongs with the most minimal coverage have strings. While some love to flaunt it open whereas, the rest would hide the partition. Thongs are lightweight, comfortable and barely there, with a host of options that leaves little to the imagination.

C- String  
C- Strings are meant for the man who can dare. It is seductive and skimpy at the same time. C-Strings are without a waistband. They are designed to cover your asset just in place on the front and a thin backside to hold it steady. They are paired up for tights, tight trousers and jeans so that the underwear lines are not visible. The range of  C-string on mensuas.com offered by Good Devil is vast, naughty, and head turning. 

Jockstraps are worn for multiple reasons, be it flaunting the exposure of your rear or, wanting to feel comfortable. Jockstraps are faithful companions for the protection of the package. Apt for the athletes involved in rigorous sports or workouts, these types of underwear have bands attached to the waistband for less movement of the pouch. Jockstraps are crafted with sexy lace, see through materials and designs are not restricted to sports itself, they bring out the flirt hidden in you. Brands like Cover Male and Good Devil will be your partner in crime.

Boxer briefs
Boxer brief, as the name implies is a combination of boxer and brief. They offer the comfort and coverage of boxers along with support and hold that a brief provides. Some boxer briefs may cover 3/4th of your thighs and some may stick to half coverage. Some boxer briefs may have fly and some may not. A true boxer brief will provide the comfort and stability at the same time.

Boxer Shorts
Boxer shorts are designed for the 'free you'. Men who like it the loose way, wear it with baggy pants or pajamas. Boxer shorts provide a bigger room for coverage, movement and breath-ability. Further divided, boxer shorts can be classified on terms of being body hugging and loose. Brand like Agacio, offer boxer shorts which are body hugging and are crafted with a unique Sack-Lifting technology for the extra grip and enhancement.  Whereas, Cover Male and Daniel Alexander offer a wide range of loose boxer shorts.

G- String 
G-strings are the bare minimum in terms of underwear. For the men who love to flaunt their assets providing the protection to the package it requires. They have a string like waistband that goes all the way to the front where the fabric covers the package. Fabric like sheer (see through) or mesh, takes your sex appeal to the next level. At mensuas, some brands keep the classy look that gives the package coverage whereas others took a step forward to experiment with open pouch to give a firm, enhanced and protruded structure to your jewel.

The style and comfort of any garment comes down to the type of fabric it uses. Underwear being the most basic of any costume, requires the best of fabric to give a comfortable feeling. Fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Satin and Spandex are very common, but fabrics like leather, acrylic etc are also used for different reasons.

Cotton is the most widely used fabric for underwear. It has a lot of properties that make it so popular. Cotton can be treated and used, in order to make it light weight, more absorbent and is also inexpensive. It is soft on the skin and promotes breath-ability.

Nylon dates long back in the history. It has properties that makes it a popular fabric for underwear, and that is light weight and long durability. The fabric was incorporated as the basic material for underwear. Nylon fabrics retain their shape and appearance after washing and hence, does not shrink.

This is a combination of Modal and Micro fibers. It has many positives in the underwear industry. It is smoother than cotton, does not shrink, the color does not fade easily, let's the skin breathe and also is a good absorbent. So many qualities in one fabric makes it a widely used underwear fabric.

It is also known as Lycra or Elastane. This synthetic fiber is made of polyurethane that was initially used only for the waistbands due to its elasticity. Later, designers started experimenting this fabric for underwear and today, it is one of the most important and basic material for the same.

Polyester is a man made fiber. The qualities that make it an important fabric in the underwear industry are its durability, quick drying feature, ability to hold color exceptionally well,  shrink resistant and does not wrinkle.

Satin is glossy, smooth and sleek in appearance. One side of the fabric is bright and shiny whereas the other side is dull and rough. For underwear, the fabric is used for those perfect dates and moment of intimacy.

With numerous brands offering various styles of underwear, let's talk about some top brands in the world of underwear which are also available at Mensuas.

Cover Male
Cover Male was introduced in 2011, and has rapidly emerged as big brand in men's underwear. The trait that makes Cover Male popular is their vast range of colors offered for every mood. Their line of underwear are sexy and sensuous, at the same time dependable and comfortable.

Agacio is one brand that works on the 'comfort' mantra. The whole range of Agacio focuses on the fine balance between style and the comfort level men need. Agacio offers Bikinis, Briefs, Jockstraps, Boxer briefs and Trunks available in solid colors, printed patterns and stripes.

Good Devil
Good devil brings out the kinky side of your personality. It is one of the most sexiest brand for men’s underwear. Underwear crafted by Good Devil focuses on the wildest fantasies of men. Their products make men feel the adrenaline rush they need and the sexiness under their clothes. They have been evolving in terms of creativity they put in for designing the range. Good Devil underwear are specially crafted for men who love to flaunt their asset, be it the rear or the package.

Intymen has variety of men's underwear from classy to sexy depending on your mood. With their perfectly contoured pouches, the package stays still and comfortable. From solid colors to crazy prints, it is all there at Intymen. Intymen has a whole range of Thongs, Bikinis, Boxer briefs and Jockstraps. 

Whether you are looking for a sexy and sleek bikini, thong or jockstrap like those made by Cover Male, Good Devil and other erotic brands, or you like basics like those made by Clever, Intymen, Agacio and others who are experts in the boxer briefs and trunk categories, you will find tens of thousands of different items here.

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