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What does it take to have a pleasing personality? Is it your outfits? Or your looks? Or your behavior? Or your men’s underwear? Well, combining together all the above aspects is what one calls a personality and in order to add “pleasing” to it, every aspect mentioned above should be perfectly combined. Focusing on undergarments for men, one must personally put in some extra effort to choose the one that complements their personality and also suits the different occasions you have on a day-to-day basis. Being the most basic of every clothing article, it is essential for you to select options that are uniquely designed to suit your manhood and support (optional), cover and fulfill the basic aim of its existence.

Over the past years, men’s underwear and swimwear industry have witnessed a complete makeover with having a gamut of styles in today’s time. If you take a look back in the history, you’d find fewer options that made your manhood sustain with the limited options. However, as the technology got better and men became more aware of their intimate needs, the fashion underwear industry grew for the better giving options for every possible occasion and need. Whether it is your regular day at work or your first date, there’s something for everyone available online.

The experience of shopping became better and more worth it when Mensuas came into existence. Established in the year 1999, the online store has spent more than a decade and a half providing men with the best feeling of having something they admire below the belt. With the aim of providing an easy, passionate, affordable and pleasing experience of shopping at Mensuas, the team works around the clock assisting you with your queries. You’d be able to find something that is conventionally subtle to the one that is erotically outrageous as well as something that is traditionally sexy by looks.

Why shop at Mensuas?

Mensuas has spent more than a decade in the industry which in itself makes an essential reason for one to look up to the store for all its basic needs. However, there are a plethora of “whys” for which you must consider one of the leading names when it comes to shopping underneath fashion online.

A vast inventory is another reason for which men must take a look at Mensuas for their intimate needs. With more than 3000 products and counting, why would you want to visit another place when the store gives you so many reasons to shop. Mensuas caters more than 60 brands in order to make the spectrum of selection wider. That’s not it! The store is working hard to bring in more labels that you love and are your favorites to make shopping even better for you.

If you’ve shopped before with us, you’d know that Mensuas also provides Mensuas Money on every purchase which can save you $1 on every $20 that you spend. Another program that makes the store special is the Referral Program. It works on the basic principle of encouraging your friends to shop at Mensuas by which you can get free Mensuas Money. He registers, he earns, he shops for the first time, you get credited with $5 to your account for your next purchase.

Which are the popular brands offered at Mensuas?

We know that brands do play an important part in shopping. Hence, the team puts in that extra effort to bring aboard labels that are loved by the variety of personalities. Whether it is the recent editions like Daddy Underwear, Honcho or the pioneer ones including Joe Snyder, and others, every individual has a respective genre that makes them special. For some support is the priority while some find it quite enticing to bring the kinky side of your personality to the forefront. Hence, there’s one for every one of you at Mensuas.

Some of the immensely popular ones that are worth taking a look at are mentioned below.


Introduced in the industry with the aim of providing the most comfortable apparel styles for men, Agacio is one of the most conventionally modern brands that offers exemplary products. With the uniqueness as well as the motto of “Designed by men for men”, the label very well brings forth products that are subtle and stylish. With a collection of bikinis, jockstraps, thongs, and boxer shorts, the bestseller collections include briefs and boxer brief underwear.

Cover Male

When you slip into Cover Male Underwear, you give yourself an opportunity to relive smoothness and comfort without missing out the sex appeal. Covering a gamut of styles, the brand has products that are conventionally sound whereas those that let you have a better view of your underneath. Carrying styles like briefs, boxer briefs, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, and more, the collection is popular for the range of colors the brand offers to men.

Daniel Alexander

With the aim of changing how men look at their underneath fashion, Daniel Alexander introduced products that were considered to be “Oh so Soft” on the manhood. The luxurious fabric composition and the conventional cuts with twists are what the assortment talks about. Boxer briefs, thongs, g-strings, bikinis, and boxer shorts are the styles featured by the brand.


Well, what can one say when your designer underwear makes you look like a Greek God? Yes! The collection of Edipous Underwear is inspired by Oedipus and all the members of his family. With the majority of products featuring anatomical pouches, very few of them has contoured ones. Smooth fabrics, seamless designs, and innovative products are some of the many characteristics that define the brand well.

Good Devil

If you have ever slipped in Good Devil Underwear, you’d know that it is not meant for the ordinary personalities. If you consider yourself sexy or stylish and adventurous for sure, the products by the brand are for you. Considered to be the sexiest label in the industry, Good Devil brings your devilish side to the forefront. The products boast about being revolutionary and outrageous with a variety of unconventional attributes. The assortment of men’s thongs, g-strings and bikinis are the bestsellers with a unique line of c-string underwear.


Coming down to sportiest of the lot, Intymen Underwear is all about enhancing underwear styles, with oozing sex appeal. Even the skimpiest apparel style by the brand would speak loud about how sporty they are. The thongs by Intymen are perfect for workouts as well apart from being the date types. The brand also incorporates hidden c-rings, outline piping and other contraptions that lift the manhood for the better visibility.

Miami Jock

When you feel like holding up the manhood to the right position yet cannot bare fabric down there, Miami Jock is what meets your needs. The products by the label are next on the sexy parameters and come after Good Devil products. Some of the signature aspects you’ll find in the products by the brand include shiny texture, strappy design, metal rings, sheer underwear fabric, innovative cut-outs that let your partner peep into and more. Worth for naughty and erotic times when you want to play hard and perform harder.

Calvin Klein

It is needless to say anything about what Calvin Klein is to men. Featuring a supreme quality fabric and the priority being the comfort level, the label is aimed at providing stylish apparel styles to the males. Calvin Klein offers briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, thongs and much more. From the basic of colors, you’ll find bright hues to brighten up your Mondays.

Daddy Underwear

As it was mentioned above, Daddy Underwear might be the recently introduced in the industry as well as at Mensuas, but the brand has coined its name among men. Popular for the innovative designs and uniquely constructed pieces, the aim is to take the sex appeal to the next level. With a collection of male thongs, g-strings, and jockstrap underwear, every product boasts about exposure.


While introduced with Daddy Underwear, Honcho is just what the other is not. With the conventional styles like bikini briefs, thongs and boxer shorts, the label is all about stripes as well as solid designs. For the conventionally sound personalities, the products also are sexy in their own terms.

Apart from these, you’ll also find names like Joe Snyder, Mensuas, Otzi, Pistol Pete, Male Power, Obviously, Speedo and much more at the online store. Which is your favorite among them?

Which men’s underwear styles are featured at Mensuas?

Having discussed the brands that you adore and what they showcase for your easy selection, comes the important part that talks about the various sexy underwear styles offered by the store. No matter what your style preference is and what colors you like with your own choice of fabrics, you’ll find something in the vast inventory that’ll be “THE PAIR” for you. Let us take a look at the different styles available at Mensuas.com.


Men’s brief underwear is considered to be the most traditional style that men started wearing. Back then it was referred to as tighty whiteys because of its constrictive design and white color. However, men fell in love with the style for its snug fit and the support it offered to the manhood. With a small construction that covers everything well, the waistband holds everything in one place. Available with both conventional and modern cuts, briefs at the online store are colorful, sporty and not tighty whitey anymore.


Men’s bikini underwear is the sexier version of briefs because of shorter construction and slimmer design. Available in many variants including Brazilian bikinis, String bikinis, Pouch enhancing bikinis and much more, the style is the best when you want to keep it minimal on the manhood whereas; don’t want to mess with the conventional support. If you’re wondering bikini being an underwear and not men’s swimwear, you’d have plenty of options that are made with fabrics to be used both as underwear and swimwear. Moreover, you’ll find the style in the swimwear category also at the store.


The next step men’s apparel industry took after briefs were to invent boxers. Complete opposite to the briefs, boxer underwear is spacious, roomy, comfortable, not as supportive as briefs but covers more. Not adopted by men for tight trousers because of the bunching problem, the style is loved by one and all as sleepwear. Even women love to have them as loungewear. Some brands at the store have experienced with the style making the body hugging, defining and contouring features. You can also consider them if you want to.

Boxer briefs

Boxer brief underwear is known for the style that provides the best of both the worlds. The comfort of the boxers with all the support a brief provides, the respective style was adopted by men when the individual styles weren’t able to both comfort and support in the single style. At Mensuas, you’ll find a variety of coverage options in boxer briefs. From the trunk-styled products, the mid-thigh length, the line goes all the way to knee-length. You can choose the length that appeals to your eyes and will be suitable for your outfits.


Jockstrap underwear for men has come a long way since it was introduced for the bicycle riders. The heavy duty personalities needed something that could keep their junk in one place leaving their legs to move free and hence, the style was born. The history of jockstraps wasn’t easy as it almost evaporated from the face of the industry because of the exposure feature. However, it made a comeback and this time, the small pouch with a waistband and leg bands were here to stay for the pleasure purposes. Now, you’d find both athletic as well fashionable jockstrap fulfilling men’s needs to the best of their capability. Which one would you prefer?


Men’s thong underwear is one of the most conventional styles (even before briefs) that were worn by men back then. For men who like to keep it comfortably minimal below the belt, thong underwear is perfect. It is said that back then the elite classes wore them but there’s no proof to that. The style disappeared in the thin air and made a come back as women’s lingerie. With a tiny fabric that calls for the pouch, you’d find a waistband (thick or thin) and a rear string or strap that diminishes between the butt cheeks. With a lavish number of variants, g-string and c-string are finally specific styles out of the others.


The skimpiest men’s underwear style is g-string underwear for men. Brought out from the parent (thong) style, the respective style is skimpier in terms of coverage. Featuring a g-shaped construction the pouch is minimal which might or might not cover the manhood, a string-like waistband, and a thin rear string. If you take a look back in the history, you’d also find that the name has been adopted from “g-string of the guitar” and has been called the same because of thin strings that hold the product in place.


Last, but definitely worth the wait is the collection of c-string underwear for men. Called as the most revolutionary styles for men, it features a construction that of a g-string with any waistband. With a pouch on one end of the hard string, the other is kept bare to let the pair stay in place. Meant specifically for tight pants, wearing them with loose trousers would give an opportunity for it fall off. Hence, adopt it to prevent underwear lines from showing. Good Devil has the monopoly of offering the style in a variety of prints to be flaunted.

That’s not it!

These being the basic styles, you’d find some other fabric-based categories that can brighten up your top drawer and also add a variety to you fashion quotient. They’re mentioned below.

Flag Underwear

Flag underwear for men is a specific category that features products designed with different country flag prints on them. From China, USA, Canada to Brazil, Puerto Rico, France, Cuba, Great Britain, Australia and many more, you can pick the one that you feel like sporting as underwear or swimwear.

Costume Underwear

Costumes for men are underwear-based outfits worn as intimate wear for different occasions. For example, if you are planning to do a roleplay with your partner, you can choose to be the Inmate and let her be the cop or be submissive to her wearing the harness and let her dominate you. There are also those which are playful like Santa costume and more. What are you going to play tonight?

Shapewear Underwear

One of the most functional categories that men look up to in today’s time is shapewear for men. Whether it is lifting the masculinity or adding volume to your butts, the store has products matching the variety of needs and wants. You’d also find girdles to slim your upper body. Hence, you are free to look absolutely stunning with the right visibility armor at mensuas.com.

How to shop at Mensuas?

In today’s time when schedules are so hectic and life is so busy, it gets very difficult for individuals to go hunting for the right pairs. That’s exactly when Mensuas comes to your intimate wear rescue with the easy shopping experience. The steps to shopping at the store are mentioned below.

Login to Mensuas

If you are a newcomer, all you have to do is to signup with your details. You can even do the same using your Gmail or Facebook account.

Click on the category that you’re looking for

Whether you’re searching for a pair of bikini underwear or lace underwear, click on the category.

Set the filters

Once the above step is done, find the list of filters available on the left side. Choose from the size, brand, category, price and color to find the products landing in your search results.

Add to cart

Once you’ve selected your choice of product, choose the size, color and add it to the cart.

Checkout filling the details

Lastly, you have to fill in the shipping address and the card details to make the payment.

Now you can enjoy the timely delivery (the one that you chose) of the pair in a discreet packaging whenever you want to. If you face any trouble at any stage, you can contact our Helpdesk for the assistance.

What fabrics are available at Mensuas?

When it comes to spending the entire day in the clothes, men always look for comfort-providing fabrics that can last long. Considering that there are a wide variety of fabrics available in the industry with their own characteristic traits, every fabric is unique and essential. The names available at the online store are mentioned below.

While some of them feature a rough texture yet are smooth to touch, there are those that look luxurious as well as shiny by the appeal. Characteristics of some include moisture wick, sweat absorption, stretch, breathability, and more. Which is your favorite fabric that keeps you feeling comfortable the entire day?

Does Mensuas have styles for the different occasions?

Mensuas features a grand inventory with a diversified collection of products for the variety of occasions as well as personalities. The various occasions include:


Briefs and boxer brief underwear are meant for day-long work schedules. The coverage provides comfort and the styles are known for the support they provide.


Parties can be of many types but if visibility and support are the features on your mind, bikini underwear is what provides you the best of both. In addition, sex appeal comes free!!

Romantic evenings

Styles like thongs and g-strings are meant for romantic purposes. If you find these styles made out of sheer or with unique cut-outs, it’ll be more useful.


When you want to indulge in activities that require you to be prepped with support, protection, and support, jockstrap underwear or boxer briefs are the options.

Write to us for any query and have a smooth shopping experience at Mensuas. Happy shopping!!

Male Power 442-076 Satin Bong Thong Royal Blue

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Specifications of Male Power 442-076 Satin Bong Thong Royal Blue

Product Details
Fabric 85% Nylon , 15% Spadex
Style Low Rise , Sexy Thong
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1
Pattern Solid
Brand: Male Power
Type Thongs
General Details
Collection Sexy
Best Uses Casual , Everyday
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  1. Hand wash
  2. Do not wring
  3. Drip dry in shade
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not bleach

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