Some Underwear For Entertaining Purposes

Men's Underwear There’s nothing like the life of a man. He has many roles to play and many responsibilities to handle while he lives his own life. From the rising of the sun, he gets out for work, after the long day he fulfills his duties at home and handles the other events like parties, celebrations and more. After all this, not everybody can boast about making their partners wildest dreams come true. You must be thinking that for pleasing the partners, guys have get all decked up and flaunt whatever they have whereas; they could spice up things even more by simply wearing the various men’s underwear styles. This blog talks about the styles that you can wear to get the best out of the special moments. Let us look at some of the men’s fashion underwear styles for intimate purposes. The Basic Bikini: Who says that revealing is everything? Agacio....[Read More]

How To Wear A Protective Cup For Sports

Protective Cup For Sports There are many guys who care less about their manhood and leave it vulnerable by not equipping themselves with a protective cup while playing rigorous sports like soccer, rugby or football. This is not because they don’t know about it; it is because they find it uncomfortable and restricted to be in something that is hard and stiff. This blog talks about the different kinds of cups (that fit in men’s underwear); and also how to keep it comfortable down there. Let us put down some aspects that will help you get the best out of the protective cups without the feeling of discomfort and uneasiness. • Wear it with appropriate apparel: You must make sure that the protective cup should only be worn with men’s jockstrap underwear or men’s cup-brief that has an option of inserting the cup. However, if that does not happen and you try to fix....[Read More]

Men’s Underwear- What Does Your Style Say About You?

Mens-Underwear--What-Does-Your-Style-Say-About-You__Mensuas_WB_01-Nov So, what does your men’s underwear reveal about your personality? Have you ever thought about this question before? With more than 6 styles of men’s fashion underwear and hundreds of brands offering them; it is necessary to understand the accordance of a particular style and your personality. This blog focuses on the various kinds of men’s apparels and what do they say about your personality. Men’s underwear has emerged as a passion for the modern generation males which is quite visible with the changing trends, newer colors, designs and fabrics being introduced in the market. Let us look at the various styles and what they say about your personality. Briefs: Starting from the conventional style, men’s brief underwear is the most widely worn men’s apparel. One thing that makes the style so popular is the snug fit with a lot of fabric all around the assets. This men’s designer underwear....[Read More]

All About Cock Ring Underwear

Cock Ring Underwear Have you ever experienced men’s cock ring underwear? I always thought it had something to do with people who had a cock as a pet. However, later I was enlightened by the fact that it is men’s underwear style that is crafted for pleasure purposes. These men’s sexy underwear is for guys who seek more pleasure while in bed and others for a protruded bulge or visibility in the pants. Cock rings are specially engineered to trap the extra blood in your manhood while erection. This blog talks about various aspects of cock ring underwear from its advantages, disadvantages to it features and more. 1. Aim: Like men’s jockstrap underwear are designed to protect, cock ring undergarments also have a motive. They are: A cock ring for men is used for a prolonged erection that provides constant pleasure. Medically it is for men that suffer erectile dysfunction or hyperfunction for....[Read More]

Benefits Of Men’s Bikinis

Men's Bikini Have you ever tried bikini underwear or you’re one of the people who believe that it is only for women to wear them? Well! Men’s bikini underwear is one of the most popular men’s underwear styles that has been around for years, yet has been considered to be more of feminine apparel rather than men’s. It is ironic to see men wearing guy thongs and g-string underwear for men but is still a little skeptical about being in bikinis. Let me put down some of the benefits that will make you realize that bikinis are just as important as other men’s underwear styles. Look good and feel exceptionally great: This definitely does not mean that other styles such as men’s jockstraps or other are incapable of providing the looks and feel; the fit and accentuating profile provided by the bikinis is unmatched. It not only enhances the bulge but also....[Read More]

How To Groom Yourself To Impress

Groom Yourself Gone are the days when men’s grooming was all about a clean hairstyle and shave with clean clothes. Men all over the world have changed the definition of grooming themselves with a lot more aspects added to the same. This blog talks about aspects that are well counted when a man is considered to be groomed. So are you prepared to go further? Be sensitive towards your skin: It is very important for you to start taking care of your skin from an early age. It will pay off when you get old. You will have a better, glowy skin in comparison to the others. Shave and avoid bad breath are some of the things to include. Take a bath: A very touchy subject because typical men stay away from water. Make sure you do the most in keeping yourself hygienic and clean. Brushing, have a bath and floss your....[Read More]

Features of Men’s Underwear

Mens Underwear Since the beginning, men’s underwear had many features that made them distinct from the other styles available. For instance, men’s boxer briefs have a broad elastic waistband whereas; men’s thong underwear has a thin one and c-strings for men do have any. Likewise, there are more features that are found in some men’s fashion underwear styles while others do not have it. Let’s look at the various features and find in which styles they are found. Waistband: Waistband is the first thing you see when you check the functionality of any designer underwear style. Usually seen in every style from men’s brief underwear to g strings, the only apparel style that does not have a waistband is men’s c-string underwear. Varied in terms of width, this feature is further divided in terms of - encased elastic waistband, the sewn inside elastic waistband, the sewn on elastic waistband and more. Every....[Read More]

Men’s Thong Underwear Types

Men's Thong Underwear You must all be very well aware of the sexy men’s thong underwear and have a fair idea about the time when the occasion demands a flawlessly, handsome attire that reveals nothing than your toned physique. Originally, considered to be the women’s novelty, thongs might have been one of the oldest men’s underwear styles. They are available in a variety that differs in terms of coverage, waistband and various fabrics matching different personalities. Men have been wearing thongs for thousands of years. Sumo wrestlers wear an item that resembles a thong called a 'mawashi', while men from other cultures have worn thongs for personal support for centuries. Let us look at the various types and styles of thongs for men available today. Thong: The conventional thong features a pouch at the front for support (optional) that connects via a string to the rear of the waistband. This design leaves the....[Read More]

Sexy, Yet Subtle – Good Devil Strap Bikini

Good Devil Men's Bikini Underwear When the idea is to have enough fabric both front and rear, and still feel the sexy appeal of men’s bikini underwear; Good Devil Strap Bikini is the perfect choice. This sensual underwear is different from the other products in the collections; not very provocative yet very appealing to the eyes of the viewer. About the product The Strap Bikini by the devilish brand seems to have a subtle yet stylish appeal to it. Made with the unique combination of 86% polyester and 14% spandex makes the fashion underwear ultra comfortable and stretchable. The star attraction of the apparel is on the sides where straps show off the skin while the rest is under wraps. What we like? Construction: The first thing that meets the eye is smooth and sleep design of the apparel. The fabric falls smooth on the skin holding everything together. The attention grabber of the sensuous....[Read More]

All About Jockstraps If You Must Know

Men's Underwear If you think that compression shorts carry a lot of fabric down there and you need something new that is short, comfortable and equally supportive; men’s jockstrap underwear is the right choice for you. Jockstraps are specially engineered apparel that is designed for sporty lifestyle personalities or hardcore athletes. Let us look at some of the aspects of the enhancing underwear like history, construction, advantages, disadvantages and more. Let us take a look at the history of the jockstraps from the beginning. History Introduced back in the 1870s, jockstraps were targeted towards the bicycle riders, because while on a bicycle, there were a lot of chances of hurting their manhood. So keeping that in mind, revealing apparel was designed to protect; as well as, support the male anatomy. Eventually, guys involved in other sports like soccer and rugby adapted to the use of wearing more jockstraps. Nowadays, you can find....[Read More]

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