How to remove stains from your underwear?

How To Remove Stains From Your Underwear? Being men is not a very easy task and women don’t seem to understand the fact that we have a lot to do with little time in hand. Out of all the petty jobs, we have in hand, is washing clothes. The other day my mother asked me to wash my clothes myself and I ended up ruining a lot of them because of my mistakes. I soaked them up together, including the whites, pastels, men’s underwear and the delicate ones. Eventually, I had entangled strings, clinging hooks, faded color and colorful whites. So practically I ruined it all. The saddest I felt in my underneath fashion and I decided to learn from mistakes. Stains are not the worst part of life, but when others stare at it, it gets messy. So, I figured out things and would like you also to prevent your passionate fashion underwear from being good....[Read More]

Mensuas Raises Funds For Orlando Victims

Claimed to be the deadliest attack on the U.S after 9/11, the Orlando Massacre where a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 in the early morning hours of 12th June at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. We, at Mensuas, stands in solidarity and agony for the families who have lost their loved ones in the mass shooting. Just like any other calamity, the U.S. Government has always been there to reach out for help and just like that, Mensuas recently pledged to donate 5% of all the sales to The OrlandoOneFund, which has been actively raising funds for the victim’s families. Mensuas plans to collect the money till the coming Sunday i.e. 19th June 2016 which is also observed as Father’s Day. So, whatever men’s underwear or swimwear (and all the other categories) you buy from, a share is dedicated to the families of the Orlando shootout victims. Come, let’s....[Read More]

Essential components for your summer vacation

Essential Components For Your Summer Vacation - Mensuas Ah, holidays! It is that time of the year when you are all set for the vacation and an exotic escape to wherever you want, away from the stressful schedules. Haven’t you been planning for it since- forever?? I take a lot of time to plan my destination every year because I want it to be just what how I want it to be, without any kind of loopholes or creating a mess. When it comes to talking about vacations, I also make sure that my preparation is up to the mark and by preparation, I mean the things to be taken along for my own self. I would provide you with essential components or things that you’ll need for this summer vacation. Sweat-free moisturizer Well, we all don’t plan to go to the mountain every time. Do we? Like I planned a trip to Budapest the last year, there....[Read More]

How to look like a superstar in just a few minutes?

How To Look Like A Superstar In Just a Few Minutes After a long day and stressed environment, life can often take a toll on your appearance. However, you still don’t stop trying and the way I see it, you shouldn’t even stop trying. If you are a strong man, you know how to take control of your life and lead a life that is presentable to everyone at all times. A confident personality would be able to face the daily struggle with his package in check and positive attitude according to his own accord. That too, without making it look like it’s taking a lot of effort. For that kind of man, here are some know-hows to help you have the perfect look in just a matter of minutes. A black shirt Whether you love it or not, a black shirt can actually level up your looks in no time. It is one of the most attractive outfits for a....[Read More]

Some strange underwear habits that are totally normal

Some Strange Underwear Habits That Are Totally Normal There are times in life when you do things that you yourself know are extremely weird and abnormal, but your heart doesn’t let you back out from the situation. This blog would come to you as a relief that there are a few habits related to underwear for men that are totally normal. They are done by all of us, at least once in our lifetime or probably every now and then, but you would have definitely experienced them yourself or on somebody. There are many times when you are judged for spitting out an underwear habit that is considered to be weird, and you regret the time you just said it out-- loud. However, this blog would brief you about the various weird habits that are actually very normal. Let’s list them out down! Sniffing is good Just like I mentioned above, you should cross your heart and tell....[Read More]

Top 5 comfortable underwear for men

Comfortable Underwear for Men What does it take for you to get something that is extremely loving down there? Well, when it comes to loving, it definitely means the most comfortable underwear for men. So what do you think counts for the comforting feeling below the belt? Is it the fit, fabric or pouch option that makes for comfortable underwear for men? This blog brings forth the best and the most comfortable pairs of men’s fashion underwear available at for your hassle-free search at the men’s underwear store. 1. Agacio Basics Bikini: Agacio stands tall in the men’s underwear industry, providing the most comfortable apparel styles. Most of the pieces offered by the sophisticated brand are made with modal/spandex ratio that is exceptionally comfortable, breathable and durable on the skin. With no fabric on the sides and ample in the front as well as the rear, this men’s bikini underwear is a must....[Read More]

Guide to Men’s Swimwear

Mens Swimwear You must have been there and done that! Of yes, I am talking about taking turns to dive with your family and friends at beaches or the swimming pools. However, have you ever walked down the lanes of history of men’s swimwear or its aspects or even how to buy it well? Well, I had earlier talked about the aspects to look for while buying these in my blog, “Guide To Buying Men’s Swimwear” and will cover the other aspects in this blog. So, starting from the history, let us look at the changing trends in the different years and how the lengths went from small to big and again big to small. Brief History of Men’s Swimwear As it has been recorded in the books or paintings, swimming dates back to the ancient times and has been reserved for the elite class. Ancient Times: So, I as was mentioning....[Read More]

Why is Men’s Sportswear Essential?

Men’s Sportswear - Mensuas Have you ever heard the phrase, “dress for success”? Well, it does really suit the men’s fashion industry and men’s sportswear in specific. However, there are men who believe it to be just the opposite because, you’ll be anyways sweaty and moist so why not opt for a simple cotton t-shirt and shorts? Well, like I have mentioned in many of the blogs that every men’s underwear is for a specific purpose; sportswear also is specifically meant for sports. Did that make sense? After a lot of brainstorming with my friends and colleagues over the issue, we filtered the options that will clarify the reasons to wear clothing articles that are meant for sports. It constantly adds confidence Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush inside when you know you’re wearing the right clothes? If yes! We’re on the same track and this in terms of cognition is called as....[Read More]

Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks As you can see in the image, figuring out which one is a men’s boxer brief underwear and which is the trunk is quite a task. Probably, you might say that they differ in terms of length. Does it? Much to your surprise (even mine before I researched about it), the answers may vary according to the brand as well as the country. When you check out that carries brands from the varied corners of the world, including Australia, UK, US and others; you’d be able to see the inconsistencies of the varied fit and style of men’s underwear. Confused already? Well, a big part of the confusion comes from the country that the brand has originated. For example, men’s boxer brief by the US brands are commonly known as men’s trunks in Australia and United Kingdom. When you dig deeper you’d understand that the difference is just the....[Read More]

How to Shape Up Your Style in a Budget

How to Shape Up Your Style in a Budget It is almost that time of the year when the preparations for summers begin and people clean their closets and shop new clothes to be summer ready. Well, you might want to keep in mind that your clothes might be new for the hot months, but your skin is the same-sensitive and prone to damage. There are other aspects as well that must be kept in mind to be ready to the fullest to enjoy the months. This blog talks respectively about the tips that can help you shape up your style that too within your budget. Let us look at the tips without wasting much of the time. After all, time is money! • Skin is very important: Why do you think women go head over heels for some great products that make their skin as it should be? Skin is important because it helps you look better and....[Read More]

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