The Many Uses Of Men’s Underwear On Special Days

Men’s Underwear at Mensuas Men’s underwear comes in a variety of shapes and colors, from modern construction to exotic designs. Some are made for everyday use and others for specific occasions like date nights, parties and so much more. Let us put down some of the uses of men’s fashion underwear crafted for the special occasions. Some are obvious, some are not so obvious, but all do what men want them to do: they serve a purpose and cover what is prized. Celebration: Like every piece of clothing represents your personality and mood of the occasion; so does your men’s designer underwear. It helps you celebrate and provides the boost from within. Adds character to your personality: Special occasions like date night do not come every day; it is special and important event. Hence, it should be as close to perfect as possible. Try to get some men’s sexy underwear styles such as men’s....[Read More]

Some Tips to Organizing a Man’s Underwear Drawer

Man’s Underwear at Mensuas Do you sometimes face the problem of looking for that one pair of men’s underwear you want and it seems next to impossible while doing so? It happens with us guys who either have a messed up closet or are extremely lazy to sort out his apparel drawer. Let me put down some points that will give you some easy access points to finding your men’s designer underwear in the closet. Clean the room before you get to the cleaning of the wardrobe. This is because we all know how guys maintain their rooms. If you try sorting out men’s sexy underwear in the already messed up room; it will be more chaotic. So, clean it before you clean your drawer. Make style sets. You must have all seen your mother or wife making sets of similar styles. For example, all men’s brief underwear in one set, men’s boxer briefs....[Read More]

Enjoy an Intimate Chocolate Day With Your Girlfriend

Chocolate Day - Mensuas Does your girlfriend love chocolates? If yes, you are lucky. You can plan something outstanding this Chocolate day and make it memorable for both of you. The Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9, just before the Valentine Day and most couples take this day as an opportunity to get closer. You can also do the same. Planning a Chocolate Day Dining out or watching movies together is no doubt fun but to spend some quality time you need to do something different. This Chocolate Day, give these ideas a miss. Stay at home and get cozy with your girlfriend. Choose some easy recipes of chocolate and prepare a surprise meal for her. As a starter you can try a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and write both of yours’ names on it. Decorate your home with balloons and use scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere.....[Read More]

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – More Than A Sporty Innerwear

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap at Mensuas Some men look for comfortable yet sporty underwear and the Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap seems to have been designed for them. This men's jockstrap is just the thing you need for great support, fit and feel. With wide rear straps and a specially designed pouch, it gives your package the comfort and boost it deserves. Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – features It is a jockstrap with package-boosting pouch that men would love to sport. Stretch cotton fabric that comprises of 96% of cotton and 4% of spandex makes it extremely comfortable and the right kind of innerwear you can wear all day long. The most salient feature of the Swing Enhance Jockstrap is the boost it gives to the package. The pouch is designed like a hammock that keeps the package away from the body. The pouch maintains the shape of the package and gives it a slight boost that looks....[Read More]

Raise Your Sex Appeal with Mesh Underwear

Mesh Underwear at Mensuas Do you still look for comfort in plain white underwear? Gone are the days when those apparels were the only options in men’s underwear. Time has changed. Men have become more aware of their necessities. Till when will you wear the same underwear for every occasion? Try something new, try the range of mesh underwear. Mesh covers, what it is supposed to cover, but the twist is when it is partially see-through. Mesh undergarment is not only sexy and provocative, also has a practical aspect to be duly noted. These are not only revolutionary for the 'look' they offer, but they are also great for comfort. Mesh, which means a net, is a super soft fabric for the ultra level of comfort and excellent breathe-ability. It works like a personal air conditioner for your privates in summers. They are available in huge variety of styles ranging from boxers, briefs to....[Read More]

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – Let Your Balls Breathe In

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong at Mansuas Males who are looking for innovative underwear will surely like the Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong. This unique thong is designed to let the balls hang loose with the right support. A short slit in the pouch lets the balls have a ball without feeling hanging. So, that’s what makes this thong so unique and so sexy and comfortable. Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – features that make it stand out This exotic underwear is made from soft and smooth microfiber that makes it very comfortable. The fabric is actually 93% polyester and 7% spandex. The contour pouch comes with an opening that lets the balls hang loose without feeling falling. The balls get the support from the soft elastic that trims the slot. The Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong provides minimal coverage which most modern men seek to feel sexy and stylish. Being low rise it falls below the waistline and is....[Read More]

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red – The Perfect Valentine Day Gift For Your Man

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red at Mensuas Your boyfriend is very shy and you find that very cute. However, you wish that he opens up more in front of you so that you can share your sexual fantasies with him. There is a way to make him realize how you want him to get wild with you. This Valentine day choose a gift that will not only surprise your partner but also take your relationship to a different level. Get sexy underwear for your man Some men fuss a lot about their inners and some others are very careless about them. No matter to which group your boyfriend belongs, you can always get him something of your choice and I bet he would be elated to get such a gift from you. Before buying the innerwear, you need to know his taste. If your man loves bikini cuts, Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red will be an....[Read More]

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red – The Low Cut Thong Ideal For A Sensuous Valentine Day

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red -Mensuas Women definitely like good looking men. However, they like men who can please them in the bed more. If you feel that your sex life has become boring of late, it is time to spice it up. With Valentine day just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning for the big day. Plan a great date for your partner Yes, the valentine day is the perfect occasion to get back the romance in your life. You can start by getting a good gift for her. Get her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a dress of her favorite color. Diamonds? Yes, you can get a diamond ring for the only woman in your life. Instead of dining out, why don’t you prepare a sumptuous dinner for her and spend a romantic evening at home? Light up your bedroom with candles and get ready for a....[Read More]

How To Get Closer On Kiss Day

Kiss Day - Mensuas The Kiss Day is on February 12 and you are already getting butterflies fluttering in your stomach. There is nothing to worry about as with the right planning and tips you can pull off a great Kiss day and make your girlfriend wait impatiently for the next. Kiss day – how to make it special The Kiss day gives the perfect opportunity to show how much you care and make your girlfriend feel special. You can reveal your romantic side and shower her with love with your kisses. However, a perfect Kiss Day begins with you looking great and feeling great. It’s important to practice good hygiene and Kiss day is the ideal day to remind you this. So, take a bath, trim your hair and your nails too. Wear your favorite perfume and get a shave also. Choose clothes that will highlight your features. You can dress up in....[Read More]

U.S.A. Celebrates Veterans Day

“This nation will remain the land of the free, as long as it is the home of brave”- Elmer Davis November 11, 1918, which is celebrated as Veterans day all over the U.S, was earlier considered to be honored as Armistice day, a day that marked the end of World War I. The commencement of this federal holiday started in the year 1919, when President Wilson proclaimed it to be Armistice Day. Soon after this, a legislation was passed on November 11, 1938. Since then, this day got popularized as “Armistice day” all over the U.S.A. The beginning of this holiday marked the remembrance of all those ex-service men from World War I who were honored for their patriotism to serve and sacrifice for the well-being and security of U.S. citizens. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill that stated the announcement of an official U.S. holiday, to be held....[Read More]

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