All About Jockstraps If You Must Know

Men's Underwear If you think that compression shorts carry a lot of fabric down there and you need something new that is short, comfortable and equally supportive; men’s jockstrap underwear is the right choice for you. Jockstraps are specially engineered apparel that is designed for sporty lifestyle personalities or hardcore athletes. Let us look at some of the aspects of the enhancing underwear like history, construction, advantages, disadvantages and more. Let us take a look at the history of the jockstraps from the beginning. History Introduced back in the 1870s, jockstraps were targeted towards the bicycle riders, because while on a bicycle, there were a lot of chances of hurting their manhood. So keeping that in mind, revealing apparel was designed to protect; as well as, support the male anatomy. Eventually, guys involved in other sports like soccer and rugby adapted to the use of wearing more jockstraps. Nowadays, you can find....[Read More]

The Various Fly Options In Underwear

Men's Underwear Have you ever heard of the horizontal fly? You would surely have experienced the vertical counterpart of the same, but it is high time you know about the horizontal fly in men’s underwear. Whether you shop at brick and mortar shops or at men’s underwear online stores; no matter what the color, fabric or style it is, you’ll experience the fly on the pouch. Before the invention of horizontal fly, men had only two options- vertical fly or no fly. The former is also called the conventional fly whereas, it later shaped to form a contour pouch. Horizontal fly is the newest and the rarest of them all. It is not only for the show because the horizontal fly is functional and very appealing by the look. The question here is - what makes the varieties different? Let us look at the aspects and compare the two respective fly styles....[Read More]

People Who Should Not Shop At Mensuas

People Who Should Not Shop At Mensuas Mensuas owes its existence to you – the guys who believe in keeping their men’s underwear as a passion and not a mere necessity. We, at Mensuas, work very hard to provide the best experience to our valued customers and also provide a fully functional platform to complete the buying-selling experience. However, there are people who should not shop at the men’s underwear online store. Let us look at the characteristic traits of people who should not shop at Mensuas. Dispassionate: Not every guy is dispassionate about their men’s fashion underwear, but guys who are - should not shop at the online store. The store is for men who believe that their basic clothing is a part of ‘clothing’, it might be small and unseen, but makes the physique look good. Who uses unauthorized financial credentials: One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is that anyone can shop with....[Read More]

What You Should Not Wear To Work?

Things to avoid at work As the weather keeps changing, it's only natural that your clothes start to become lighter to heavier. While you want to feel comfortable and light around the house or running errands, it may not be your best look for work. Just an incident that happened sometime back when I saw a guy wearing tight, white pants at work and people couldn’t stop staring at what he was wearing as his men’s underwear. I got a bit uncomfortable and was wondering how he must have been feeling with all the eye balls set the same place. He was not properly dressed for the work. Why? Because first of all, he completely undermined his credibility by making this choice and second, he was not doing anything to build the reputation of his employer by making this choice. It is very important to understand the code of conduct while dressing up for work.....[Read More]

Let The Preparations Begin

Let-The-Preparations-Begin_Mensuas_WB_8th-10-26-15-MF Are you all keeping up with the excitement of the festive season? With the commencement of Columbus Day on 12th October 2015, the trail of festivals has already begun. A marketing effort of such enormous proportions is probably yet to be seen and we at, are pulling it off! We kick started the celebration by giving upto 50% off sitewide encouraging users to shop, shop, and then shop some more with us. But, more is yet to come. Let us look at the best holiday, festive type times to shop at Mensuas and grab the best of the best by paying the least. • Columbus Day: Columbus Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October which marks the discovery of New America by Christopher Columbus on October 12th, 1492. Mensuas is giving away everything (men’s underwear and men’s swimwear styles) at never before “Upto 50%....[Read More]

Finally!! The Halloween Sale Is Here

Halloween Sale We hope you had a great time shopping your favorite men’s underwear styles on the occasion of Columbus Day at However, you should not let the feeling of festivity get cold because Mensuas has something better than the last this Halloween. Why Halloween? Halloween that falls on 31st October this year has a great history of ghosts and souls while the tradition eventually changed with children asking for “trick or treat” at every door nowadays. Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve and All Saints Eve can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held on November 1st called Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"), which means "summer's end" in Gaelic, according to the Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries. Mensuas being a companion to your daily needs has a lot in stock for this Halloween. Some of the most interesting deals you should watch out for is 31% Off Sitewide.....[Read More]

All You Should Know About Halloween

Halloween Day Halloween is a season of the little ghosts and goblins to take to the streets, asking for candy and scaring one another in a silly, childhood way. Spooky stories are told around fires, scary movies appear in theatres and pumpkins are expertly (and not-so-expertly) carved into jack-o'-lanterns. Amid all the commercialism, haunted houses and bogus warnings about razors in apples, the true meaning of Halloween is overlooked. Yet Halloween is much more than just costumes and candy; in fact, the holiday has a rich and interesting history. Let us look at some of the aspects that are long lost with time about Halloween. Origin Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve, Allhalloween and All Saints Eve can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held on November 1st called Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"), which means "summer's end" in Gaelic, according to the Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries. People of....[Read More]

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Men’s Thongs?

Benefits Of Wearing Thongs You all must have heard about thongs and specifically female ones but men’s thong underwear is somewhat a taboo in some places whereas; the others have accepted it with open arms. Thong is one of the most revealing style of men’s underwear known to mankind and is gaining momentum rapidly all over the world. Sexy apparel is popular for its tiny construction, lot of exposure, breathability and ample amount of comfort. With all the basic information being provided to you about thongs; let us look at the advantages of being in men’s thong. Advantages:- Comfortable: Men might find these pairs to be more comfortable than the rest as there’s less fabric, they’re lightweight and breathable than other styles like men’s boxer briefs, men’s bikinis etc. Confidence: When you’re wearing these men’s sexy underwear, you have secret to hide that makes you feel more confident and desirable. Since there is less....[Read More]

Why Do Guys Wear White Underwear?

Why-Do-Guys-Wear-White-Underwear Do you own a white colored men’s underwear? No? You should give a deep check to your wardrobe and you’ll find one. White is a universal color with black as the next one that can be found in every man’s wardrobe drawer today. Before looking at the reasons why men wear white apparels; let look at the significance of white in general and men’s fashion underwear in specific. White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. Once worn as an apparels the color states purity, cleanliness and neutrality. Let us look at the reasons why guys prefer to wear white apparels. The feeling of calmness and composition: Guys who wear white are generally of a composed nature and calm attitude in their day to day life. Their white men’s brief underwear keeps them happy....[Read More]

Let The Columbus Day Celebrations Begin

Columbus Day Sale With Columbus Day just around the corner, celebrations have already started across America. In all the pre-celebrations going on, why would Mensuas stay behind? This Columbus Day Mensuas is offering a lot more than just a great deal to all of our customers. Before we open the box of surprises for you, let us remember what Columbus Day is all about. Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. It was unofficially celebrated in a few states and became a federal holiday in 1937. This holiday is still believed to be a bit controversial, because the European settlement in the Americas led to the demise of the culture & history of its indigenous peoples. In many parts of the United States, this day matured to be a celebration of Italian-American heritage. People of these states host ‘Columbus....[Read More]

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