Men’s Fashion- Essentials Every Guy Should Have

Men's Fashion Essentials - Mensuas It gets very difficult to understand in today’s world whether it is essential or not, where the word ‘essentials’ is tossed around for almost everything. In the men’s fashion industry, it is probably the most overused word by the various brands and companies in order to put their products forward. However, what essential really means is just that – the kind of item, that if not present, makes your wardrobe fall apart. Furthermore, they should all (well, almost all) complement each other when put together and be completely interchangeable. Let us look at the list of the most essential items to dress up well below. 1. White Oxford Shirt: A pair of Oxford white shirt is easily available in versatile styles and can be worn under a formal suit as well as with denims. They look great tucked in or even when let it out loose. Hence, if you have....[Read More]

Below The Belt Grooming Guide for Men

Below The Belt Grooming Guide for Men Oh yes! You heard it right. You must have read a lot about men’s grooming in totality but under the belt is a taboo topic and is less talked about. Recently I was with some of my friends and my curiosity brought up the top of how they manage to keep it clean and green down there. Some said manscaping was the best while others believed that leaving it as it is would keep them healthy. The reason why I took up this topic is that the basic health or what we call hygiene starts from the most intimate part of the body, i.e. the privates. This blog talks about the various aspects that are not considered talking about in public for your stylish and healthy living. 1. Shaving the pubic hair When it comes to popularity, shaving the pubic hair which is also called as ‘manscaping’ has outdone every....[Read More]

Most Loved Bikini Underwear of 2015

Bikini Underwear In continuation to my last blog that was about the most loved jockstraps of 2015, this blog talks about the men’s bikini underwear that were rated highest in the Mensuas category of bikinis. Without beating around the bush, let’s look at the various low rise bikinis by the various brands at the men’s underwear online store. 1. Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini is one of the most bought and loved bikini underwear at Mensuas. The metallic black color is what appeals the eyes while the high cuts in the rear shows off the butt cheeks well. 2. Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini is one step ahead of the Zoom category with a little more exposure everywhere. The V-cut on the rear shows off a lot of skin and high cuts on the sides help you flaunt the toned thigh muscles, but the attraction is in the pouch that gets bigger (zooms)....[Read More]

Most Loved Jockstraps Of 2015

Men's Jockstrap Underwear The year 2015 was full of innovative styles and concepts in the men’s fashion industry. Same was witnessed at the men’s underwear store Mensuas. This blog talks about the highest rated men’s jockstrap by the wearers as well by us. Let us look at some of our favorite jocks; from ones that feature a brief cut front to jocks with snap pouches, we couldn’t have been more satisfied. 1. Miami Jock launched its snap pouch collection with the Skimp Jock being the most popular of them all. A step forward from the conventional, the snap pouch and adjustable rings on the back are some of the key features to be looked for.2. Pikante’s Castro assortment was loved by one and all. The Castro Jockstrap that features super sporty look as well as the anatomically shaped pouch is what catches the attention at once. The colors available are also worth applauding....[Read More]

Some Important Men’s Accessories

Some Important Mens Acc Do you think accessories are as important as the outfit? Do you care to put on the correct/matching accessories every time you dress up well? Unlike the past, today men actually make sure that they look pitch perfect inside out and top to bottom in terms of men’s clothing and accessories. Accessories are a part of clothing (both men and women) and this blog talks about the same. Let us look at the most important accessories that every man must have and should be confident in wearing. Winter wear: Winters is the perfect month to sport sexy leather jackets, furry coats, long overcoats, puffer jackets and more. These winter accessories are great keeping you looking stylish and warm as well. They compliment you entire look with whatever you wear. Belts: They are not visible to yourself but others can definitely see it on you. The question here is- do you....[Read More]

Feel Like A Sorcerer With Otzi Mystic Blue Pattern Bikini Classic Print

Otzi Bikini Underwear Otzi’s entry in the men’s underwear industry was subtle and very sophisticated in terms of the designs and styles it offered to the modern men. The brand has ever since then moved forward with both innovation and creativity in the same field. The new arrivals by Otzi witnessed some modern prints that are appealing and loved by the wearers; one of them is the Mystic Blue Pattern Bikini Classic Print. The men’s bikini underwear style by Otzi is one of the highest rated products in the new arrival category at About the product The sexy underwear is a fashionable product crafted out of Lycra/Spandex blend that falls soft and smooth on the privates while keeping the appeal comfortable. The modern blue/white/black dots pattern looks modern and catches the attention while the sensuous cuts reveal the ample skin for the show. What we liked? Pouch: The unique contour pouch is....[Read More]

Do You Seek Fame at Mensuas?

Do-You-Seek-Fame-at-Mensuas__Mensuas_WB_5th-Jan Who doesn’t like to be famous? Well! I would surely not leave any opportunity to be acquire fame and that too when it comes for free. That’s exactly what Mensuas is doing now. Mensuas, your favorite men’s underwear online store has started ‘Mr. Mensuas Contest’ that allows you get famous with just a click. The image itself says it all about the contest that what you have to do to participate. You just have to click a sexy photo of yourself in your favorite/the sexiest designer underwear and upload it on the Mensuas Page. Invite people/friends to like the photograph and the picture with the maximum likes will be rewarded with a handsome prize. Well, you need not buy anything from the online store in order to participate in the contest. Hence, it gets better and better for your convenience. Like every contest, Mr. Mensuas Contest also has some rules....[Read More]

Men’s Underwear Models

Mens Underwear Models           Men's Underwear Models in Briefs           Men's Underwear Models in Boxer Briefs     Men's Underwear Models in Thongs   Well! Who does not like to be famous? I guess everyone does. If you are planning to become men’s underwear model, this is the right opportunity for you kick start your career by participating in Mr. Mensuas Photo Contest. Mensuas, the leading apparel store has introduced ‘Mr. Mensuas Contest’ that allows you get famous with just a click.

It Is A Happy New Year At Mensuas

Men's Underwear I don’t know if the year 2015 was good or bad for you, but Mensuas surely made sure that you got the best of deals the entire year from the starting till the end. Well! 2015 is a past now and what we should focus is the coming year that brings along happiness and joy in our lives. Have you decided what will be your New Year resolution this year? You should make sure that you will never run out of clean men’s underwear as well as buy plenty of them for various occasions. Mensuas has a lot in stock for the coming year with more than 500 products in the new arrival category that goes all way from classy to ‘oh so sexy’. The brands like Agacio, Miami Jock, Mensuas, Good Devil, Edipous, Intymen, Cover Male and many more have put forward their collection of new arrivals for your....[Read More]

Steps To Stop Excessive Sweating In The Privates

Men's Underwear There are times when you’ve had a long day at work and you’re all sweaty. Talking specifically about the privates- people avoid talking about this topic because it is embarrassing and very common. However, you must understand that sweating is a common phenomena but excessive sweating can cause a lot of problems. Sweating in the privates is a common problem but there are a few solutions people look up to. This blog talks about the known and unknown solutions to get rid of excessive sweating. Let us look at the handy solutions that will help you fix the excessive sweating problem. Use cold water: It sounds terrible to talk about cold water in winters, but the motive here to keep your privates dry. Hence, when you take a bath with warm water, make sure you use cold water to clean your package off in the last. This technique will prevent....[Read More]

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