Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red – The Perfect Valentine Day Gift For Your Man

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red at Mensuas Your boyfriend is very shy and you find that very cute. However, you wish that he opens up more in front of you so that you can share your sexual fantasies with him. There is a way to make him realize how you want him to get wild with you. This Valentine day choose a gift that will not only surprise your partner but also take your relationship to a different level. Get sexy underwear for your man Some men fuss a lot about their inners and some others are very careless about them. No matter to which group your boyfriend belongs, you can always get him something of your choice and I bet he would be elated to get such a gift from you. Before buying the innerwear, you need to know his taste. If your man loves bikini cuts, Good Devil Zoom Bikini Sheer Red will be an....[Read More]

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red – The Low Cut Thong Ideal For A Sensuous Valentine Day

Good Devil Sheer Balls Thong Red -Mensuas Women definitely like good looking men. However, they like men who can please them in the bed more. If you feel that your sex life has become boring of late, it is time to spice it up. With Valentine day just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning for the big day. Plan a great date for your partner Yes, the valentine day is the perfect occasion to get back the romance in your life. You can start by getting a good gift for her. Get her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a dress of her favorite color. Diamonds? Yes, you can get a diamond ring for the only woman in your life. Instead of dining out, why don’t you prepare a sumptuous dinner for her and spend a romantic evening at home? Light up your bedroom with candles and get ready for a....[Read More]

How To Get Closer On Kiss Day

Kiss Day - Mensuas The Kiss Day is on February 12 and you are already getting butterflies fluttering in your stomach. There is nothing to worry about as with the right planning and tips you can pull off a great Kiss day and make your girlfriend wait impatiently for the next. Kiss day – how to make it special The Kiss day gives the perfect opportunity to show how much you care and make your girlfriend feel special. You can reveal your romantic side and shower her with love with your kisses. However, a perfect Kiss Day begins with you looking great and feeling great. It’s important to practice good hygiene and Kiss day is the ideal day to remind you this. So, take a bath, trim your hair and your nails too. Wear your favorite perfume and get a shave also. Choose clothes that will highlight your features. You can dress up in....[Read More]

U.S.A. Celebrates Veterans Day

“This nation will remain the land of the free, as long as it is the home of brave”- Elmer Davis November 11, 1918, which is celebrated as Veterans day all over the U.S, was earlier considered to be honored as Armistice day, a day that marked the end of World War I. The commencement of this federal holiday started in the year 1919, when President Wilson proclaimed it to be Armistice Day. Soon after this, a legislation was passed on November 11, 1938. Since then, this day got popularized as “Armistice day” all over the U.S.A. The beginning of this holiday marked the remembrance of all those ex-service men from World War I who were honored for their patriotism to serve and sacrifice for the well-being and security of U.S. citizens. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill that stated the announcement of an official U.S. holiday, to be held....[Read More]

Make The Hug Day Special With A Naughty Gift For Your Man

Hug Day Special - Mensuas Can you feel love in the air? Of course you can. With Valentine Day just a week away from us, love is everywhere. Now, before the Valentine Day comes the Hug day on 13th February. A hug is like a smile, it can set right almost anything, practically anything. If your boyfriend is troubled with his deadline, hug him and tell him that he is superb. He will not only feel good but can also handle the work pressure easily. Make his day special with a gift It takes a big and warm hug from you to make his world go round. This year, make this extra special by going out with him on the Hug Day and doing something out of your way. A hug from you is always special but you can top it up with a lovely gift for him. Flowers and chocolates are ok when you....[Read More]

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk – The Ultimate In Fit And Support

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk - Mensuas Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is the underwear males need to get that barely-there feel. The modal stretch fabric and unique cut and style makes it the must have for men who are ready to experiment with their innerwear. Features that make Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk unique Agacio means good in Greek and this trunk is just right for men. It fits right, looks great and is comfortable. Do men want anything more from their undies? No. The Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is made from 96% modal and 4% spandex. This unique combination makes the fabric stretchable and breathable. It makes the underwear soft, great to feel and also renders the right fit. The fabric provides the skin-like feeling that males love the most. The waistband comes in contrasting black with the logo of the Agacio popping in front. The pouch is perfect with sack lifting technology to....[Read More]

The Cover Male Bikini – The Low Rise Modern Bikini

The Cover Male Bikini - Mensuas The cover male bikini is created for modern males who want a defining fit for their innerwear. It comes with low rise and high cut legs. It is available in a plethora of colors to add vibrancy to your wardrobe and is the perfect take on classic bikini. The features of the cover male bikini The cover male bikini is made to show off your body. Being made from stretch microfiber, it fits smoothly on the body. It comes with 3/8 inch elastic trim around the waist and legs. The elastic trimming on the sides measure 1&1/2 inches. The colored ones are made up of 83% polyester and 17% spandex while the black sheer ones are made up of 92% polyamide and 8% spandex. The contour pouch is designed in a way to give your asset a slight boost and to be an eye candy. The cover male bikini is....[Read More]

Men Underwear: Captured The Lingerie Market In Its Grip!!

Men Underwear at Mensuas Gone those days when market was filled with designer lingerie for women only. At the initial stage of undergarments market, men were considered as the secondary object, but now the condition has changed, men underwear market is as flourishing as women. Even women now want their counterpart to wander at the beaches in the sexiest piece, where men can grab the eyes of everyone on their masculine part of the body. Underwear is the safeguard of men’s genital part. Besides protecting private parts from shock it also keep them warm in cold conditions and provides erotic effect. It is very essential to choose the right undergarment as it remains constantly touch with your most sensitive part of the body. Never consider low quality material as it can create problem, always select branded underwear as it is made up of high quality fabric. Today, many online companies are providing a great....[Read More]

All About Padded Underwear

Padded Underwear - Mensuas Let’s face the fact that who doesn't want to look fuller and curvy? Everyone does! Men’s padded underwear came as the savior for those guys who thought their appearance was not up to the mark and had low self-esteem because of their lean stature. These men’s enhancing underwear serves one of two purposes; they protect the male anatomy as well as make them look a little bulky-- where it is needed the most. In some cases, these products may actually serve both purposes. If a man feels like his manhood or his reputation is at stake, it only makes sense to invest in these undergarments.  Advantages They target the places where you want them to either suppress or enhance. For example, butts, legs, thighs, abdomen and sometimes the whole upper body as well. They are a temporary way to get rid of cellulite from the body. They are supportive and....[Read More]

10 Underwear Commandments

Like every other aspect of life, men’s underwear also has some very important rules that must be followed. Some of them are very general, but you still manage to overlook them and continue to commit some gravest sins against your intimate apparels. Let’s look at the top 10 commandments that “thou” must remember to follow. 1- Thou shall not repeat: This commandment states that one must not repeat the same pair of men’s fashion underwear two times in a row. This is very unhygienic as well as your apparel needs rest to come back to its original shape. You keep on stretching it day in-day out; it is a possibility that your undergarment will wear off sooner than you thought. 2- Thou shall remember his physique: Though we live in a free country and we have the right to wear whatever we want, one must understand that every style is....[Read More]

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