How to Look Amazing in Designer Underwear?

How to Look Amazing in Designer Underwear | Mensuas In today’s time, we understand how important it is to wear a sensible and practical men’s underwear style that has qualities to keep you up on your feet the entire day. However, with men’s designer underwear brands soaring high in terms of prices, it gets difficult for the commoners to afford a lavish underneath fashion. Why are designer apparel styles necessary? To make you look and feel absolutely comfortable. However, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself when you actually looking for a pair for yourself. What can they be? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this blog. What’s your style? The very first question one needs to ask oneself is what is the kind of style that they would prefer? Where sexy underwear category has limited styles, designer covers a gamut of styles from the conventional to the outrageous and more. Whether it is men’s....[Read More]

Things Worth Learning From Men’s Underwear (For Women)

Things Worth Learning From Men’s Underwear (For Women) | Mensuas Have you ever tried to understand men and their psyche? Well, men are quite unique in terms of their nature, personality and choices. However, there are some things which are quite alike in all of them for example their habits and the way they live their lifestyle. Talking about their habits in accordance with their underneath fashion, women can learn a lot of things. Oh yes! There’s a lot of worthy things that you can actually learn from your guy’s underwear habits. What can be those, you might ask? Let us look at them below. Sweat is good: Have you felt that sweat is good? Well, sweat might stink and can also make you feel uncomfortable in front of people but men sweating their hearts out and leaving their boxer brief underwear or men’s jockstraps sweaty, it is a good sign. How? It is said that men gain most of....[Read More]

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 2

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 2 | Mensuas In the last blog, we had focused on 6 countries and their Christmas traditions. It is indeed a big world with so many different countries and their own cultures as well as ways to celebrate the different occasions. Talking about countries and their version of celebration, we’ll be looking at the next set of countries in this blog. In India: Christmas is celebrated in two different ways in the Northern and Southern parts of the country. Where people in the South decorate their homes with banana or mango leaves, people in the North decorate their homes with ornaments and hangings easily available in the market. The common aspect between the both is the Star hanging outside the house signifying the star of Bethlehem. The churches have Poinsettia flowers and also floats are taken out on the roads to preach the good news. In Italy: The Nativity, which is the depiction....[Read More]

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 1

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 1 | Mensuas Christmas might the end of the holiday season but is surely the best of the best is saved for the last. The holy occasion that is celebrated around the world as the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas has some traditions. What about those traditions? Well, did you know that Christmas is celebrated differently in the different parts of the world? That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog. You’ll find the different celebrations in the different countries laid down in this blog. Find them out below. In USA: When you talk about Christmas, USA is surely the place you must visit to see all the glittering lights, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and extravagant delicacies. The holiday is celebrated on both 25th and 26th December. On 25th the families attend church and get together for a lavish family supper together where they exchange gifts as well. However, on the....[Read More]

10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 2

10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 2 | Mensuas In the beginning of the month, I had written a blog that basically talked about things that you must be thankful about. We mentioned about the first set of things that you must thankful about, this blog brings forth the next set that is more about the practical things that we say “Thank God” to when it is done to the perfection. What can these things be? Let us look at them listed below. 6.Being alive: You might say this in your prayers every night that "thank you for giving me a day and keeping me alive", but it is actually an aspect for which you should thankful about. With so many disasters happening around the world, you and your entire family are safe. Shouldn’t you be thankful for it? Being alive includes everything from waking up in the morning healthy to having all the necessities worth living for. 7.Technology:....[Read More]

How to Build up the Attitude for Gratitude?

How to Build up the Attitude for Gratitude | Mensuas To mark the time of Thanksgiving, it takes a lot of gratitude and humility to celebrate the holiday as it should be. Like we talked about what things you should be thankful about in the last blog, this one would help you build the attitude to giving, sharing and caring. There are many ways by which you can imbibe the traits in your personality for a lifetime but you need to start from a point where you give and you don’t feel bad about it. Thanksgiving should not only be for the day where you do the good and crib about it the entire year. It should be something that comes straight from the heart without the second thought. Just to build up such attitude, we’ve laid down some points that’ll help you on every stage. Write them down It is very easy for us to remember things that we....[Read More]

What to Gift men this Christmas?

What to Gift men this Christmas? | Mensuas Men can be really hard to buy a gift for on the most special occasions be it their birthdays or anniversaries. Christmas is no different even where he’s been working really hard to be the Santa for the entire family and you are still figuring out what can you give you son, father, husband or even male friends on the occasion of sharing love. You just need to put in a little effort and thought in selecting the gifts counting the males in the family and we’ll help you select the best for the men in your life. A collection of toy cars When it comes to a guy (be it your son or your husband), he would have a fetish for toy cars. My brother and I had a collection of about 75 miniature cars with all the popular brands and car models. You can even go online for....[Read More]

5 Items you should start using After 30

5 Items you should start using After 30 | Mensuas If you are in your late 20’s, you should be the one reading this till the end. Why? Probably because you’re coming aboard to an age that needs a little extra. You’d done your share of hard work, studies, built (or building) a home for yourself and doing much more than this. Your life will not pick up the pace like it used because you’re a bit wiser now, a bit smarter and a bit slower. With all this hard work, your skin is the only aspect of your life that is left behind and all the work is finally taking its toll on you. Your skin starts to sag visibly and your eyes get dark circles that make you look older and tired. After 30, you should start taking care of yourself and your skin with the following items. Night cream Most you might not find time to apply....[Read More]

10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 1

10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 1 | Mensuas November being the month of being thankful for all that you have and all that is constantly being added in your life, you need to take out some time thanking for being so blessed. This blog is dedicated to all of you in this month where you and Mensuas together celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2016. This blog would lay out the 5 most important things that you should be grateful for as a man. A supportive family: Think about the people who don’t have a family to love, to support and to grow with. You are very lucky to have a family that smiles together, cries together and even spends the craziest of times together. These relationships go a long way and you alone cannot do anything if you don’t have your family with you. Basic necessities: If you have food to eat, shelter to hide and clothes to wear, you....[Read More]

6 Reasons to Sleep Naked

Reasons to Sleep Naked | Mensuas Who loves doing anything more than sleeping? I don’t think many of you would have a better weekend plan rather than spending hours or probably the entire day in bed. I have friends who would eat, watch TV, work (if any) and do everything else in the bed too. You know what I mean, right? Sleeping adequately is what many doctors prescribe because that leads to a healthy mind and body throughout the day. Sleeping naked would come across as a way of getting intimate for some, but it has other benefits as well. That’s exactly we’ll be talking about in this blog. Saves money: Now you might think how would sleeping naked save money? Well, if you don’t wear anything while sleeping, you wouldn’t have to buy sleepwear for yourself. Hence, money saved! In addition, if it is only about saving, then it does save your additional time in....[Read More]

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