What to Do this Columbus Day?

What to Do this Columbus Day Have you started preparing for the commencement of the festive season this year? With the chain of festivals starting from the Columbus Day, you have a long list of events to follow up. For now, you should get ready to celebrate Columbus Day 2016. Talking specifically about the USA, there’s a lot you can do to participate in the celebrations. Firstly, do you know why we actually celebrate Columbus Day? The day honors Christopher Columbus’s sighting of America on 12th October 1492. The holiday is observed in the states of United States, some parts of Canada, Puerto Rico and a few cities in Spain and Italy. However, if you go deeper into the history, you’ll find that Columbus was not the first explorer to set foot in the Western Hemisphere, his landing at San Salvador or the Bahamas is what makes it important. Also known as the Discovery Day, there’s....[Read More]

How to Increase Fertility in Men?

How To Increase Fertility In Men | Mensuas Fertility has always been a point of concern for families who have been looking forward to having a baby in their family. You would also know that some couples go ahead and get medical tests done in order to check whether any of the two have the tendency to be infertile. In order to avoid all these situations, men have taken extreme steps to stay in a shape where they don’t have to face problems planning a baby. How to ensure your sperm count is in check or if not what can be done to increase your fertility? Let us look at the steps that you can take to make sure your intimate health is in perfect shape. Healthy eating habits The very thing to be taken take care always starts from eating healthy foods. Whether it is burning calories or gaining a few pounds or anything else, food and....[Read More]

Style taboos to keep away

Style Taboos To Keep Away | Mensuas We all have faced and heard of the weirdest of taboos while growing up. Have you? With all the spooky, weird and indigestible taboos that went around us, some stayed with us while we are all grown up now. The most often ones that come across us are the style taboos that need to be cleared up. Let us look at the ones that still linger today and find their way to a man’s heart some or the other way. No white for winter Well, you must have heard that the monochromatic color is perfect for summers, it is a big no-no for the cold season. The reason for the same is clueless but white is for winter as much as it is for summer months. Well, if you can figure out the right way to pull off the look, you’re welcome to wear the pure color. No white socks....[Read More]

Clothing Articles to be worn Now

Clothing Articles To Be Worn Now | Mensuas You might not feel the summer heat getting over, but in reality, the days have gone shorter and the nights are colder. Hence, this calls for the festive season where you know you should start switching your clothing articles to the ones that are supposed to be worn right now as it is neither cold nor too hot. What is suitable for this time? Well, you can do a lot with your style quotient and for the rest, go on and read the blog for a sexy appeal. Check suit Who doesn’t love checks? Well, this is one style that keeps on coming back every now and then, and that’s exactly what happened at the runway this year. The check suits are the new favorites for the male population of this time. You also must consider having a check suit in your wardrobe for all the good reasons. However, checks....[Read More]

Men’s underwear questions that you need to ask

Men’s Underwear Questions That You Need To Ask | Mensuas In life there are so many things that are out of our control and we find them absolutely okay and normal whereas; there are those things which we find are in our hands (we can control them) but are not worth talking about. Why so? Probably because we find it embarrassing talking or even discussing it. For example, our men’s underwear is one area which is totally in our hands of what to choose or what to wear, but there are areas in the same that we cannot discuss because we find it too weird to talk about. However, if you wouldn’t ask, you’ll be piling up problems for yourself. Hence, remember this blog has a few questions that you can totally relate to but you wouldn’t ask even your closest friends about it. What they can be? Let us look at the questions that you must know about your....[Read More]

Thanksgiving Day 2016- What to do?

Thanksgiving Day 2016- What To Do | Mensuas Yep! You must be wondering about the heading I gave to the blog. It matches the one I wrote for Halloween as well. After talking about what you can do on the All Hallows Eve, the next big thing to look forward to before Christmas is the Thanksgiving Day. Being one of the most awaited festivals/celebrations of the year, Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November every year. Falling on 24th November 2016 this year, the day has a lot of significance and a rich history that dates back to 1621 where the Pilgrims celebrated after their first harvest in the New World. Why is Thanksgiving Day actually celebrated? Thanksgiving was started after pilgrims from Massachusetts survived the harsh winters in 1621 with the help of the Native Americans. Coming down to what you can do this year on the auspicious occasion, let us look ate the options to....[Read More]

Halloween 2016- What To Do?

Halloween 2016 The fun and frolic or Halloween or the All Hallows Day comes with a true spirit of God, evil and the celebration by all the age groups. As soon as the Columbus Day celebrations come to an end, the preparations for the ghostly festival takes its turn in the full form with all young and old doing their bit of arrangements to keep away the deadly ghosts of the past away from there. Well, if you are all set for the Trick or Treat and the other things that must do, you must know how it all started and what actually Halloween means. Also called as All Hallows Eve, Halloween can be traced back to about 2000 years. Back then, it was more about keeping the ghosts of their known at bay with the help of the offerings kept outside their house. If you go by the belief, people back....[Read More]

How to keep your man happy?

You must have heard that pleasing a lady is an extremely difficult task. However, being a guy I would not say that it is an extremely easy to do. If you go by the rule book, men are can be made happy with small gestures done with love by their partners. Even in the most difficult times, not leaving the side is what can make a relationship work long and strong. Well, if you still face issues in trying to decipher how to actually make you man feel happy and pampered, go on and read the blog till the end. Interested? Let’s look at the steps to keep your man pampered. Give him some space If you are facing problems in trying to let out your expressions and there’s a lot been happening in his life lately, give him some time and space. Do not confuse space with the leaving....[Read More]

How to get the best of men’s fashion?

How To Get The Best Of Men’s Fashion? | Mensuas Do you desire to look fashionable every day? With all the changes in the last few decades, men’s fashion has come to a time that either you constantly change with the time or just choose some classic pieces that stay with you for a long while. However, it sometimes gets difficult to understand the basic of fashion and incorporate the same in your life. Worried? Well, I have compiled a list of few things that if kept in check can transform your fashion quotient from the basic men’s underwear to the outfits. Let’s look at the tips below to make you a fashionable man. You make your own fashion quotient What you see on the fashion channels or in the magazines is what the brands ask you to wear, but you can make your own fashion quotient with what you already have. All you need to do is understand the....[Read More]

Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion

Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion Is it too hard to let go your old clothes and it's even harder to keep piling them in the closet? Well, you are not alone feeling this, my friend, every man faces the same situation in his life more than once. If you are someone who trusts the fashion advertisements and change trends accordingly, you should stop doing it right away. Why so? Well, because it does nothing more than making you spend a lot of extra money and did no good (trends keep on changing and your clothes will be kept without being used). So, what can be done? You just have to give your old clothes a new look and feel new in them. The only exception here would be your underneath fashion because you can’t use your old men’s fashion underwear for wearing purpose. Well, you can use them for different other things like pet bed,....[Read More]

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