Guide To Men’s Swimwear

Mens Swimwear You must have been there and done that! Of yes, I am talking about taking turns to dive with your family and friends at beaches or the swimming pools. However, have you ever walked down the lanes of history of men’s swimwear or its aspects or even how to buy it well? Well, I had earlier talked about the aspects to look for while buying these in my blog, “Guide To Buying Men’s Swimwear” and will cover the other aspects in this blog. So, starting from the history, let us look at the changing trends in the different years and how the lengths went from small to big and again big to small. Brief History of Men’s Swimwear As it has been recorded in the books or paintings, swimming dates back to the ancient times and has been reserved for the elite class. Ancient Times: So, I as was mentioning....[Read More]

Why is Men’s Sportswear Essential?

Men’s Sportswear - Mensuas Have you ever heard the phrase, “dress for success”? Well, it does really suit the men’s fashion industry and men’s sportswear in specific. However, there are men who believe it to be just the opposite because, you’ll be anyways sweaty and moist so why not opt for a simple cotton t-shirt and shorts? Well, like I have mentioned in many of the blogs that every men’s underwear is for a specific purpose; sportswear also is specifically meant for sports. Did that make sense? After a lot of brainstorming with my friends and colleagues over the issue, we filtered the options that will clarify the reasons to wear clothing articles that are meant for sports. 1. It constantly adds confidence Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush inside when you know you’re wearing the right clothes? If yes! We’re on the same track and this in terms of cognition is called....[Read More]

Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks As you can see in the image, figuring out which one is a men’s boxer brief underwear and which is the trunk is quite a task. Probably, you might say that they differ in terms of length. Does it? Much to your surprise (even mine before I researched about it), the answers may vary according to the brand as well as the country. When you check out that carries brands from the varied corners of the world, including Australia, UK, US and others; you’d be able to see the inconsistencies of the varied fit and style of men’s underwear. Confused already? Well, a big part of the confusion comes from the country that the brand has originated. For example, men’s boxer brief by the US brands are commonly known as men’s trunks in Australia and United Kingdom. When you dig deeper you’d understand that the difference is just the....[Read More]

How to Shape Up Your Style in a Budget

How to Shape Up Your Style in a Budget It is almost that time of the year when the preparations for summers begin and people clean their closets and shop new clothes to be summer ready. Well, you might want to keep in mind that your clothes might be new for the hot months, but your skin is the same-sensitive and prone to damage. There are other aspects as well that must be kept in mind to be ready to the fullest to enjoy the months. This blog talks respectively about the tips that can help you shape up your style that too within your budget. Let us look at the tips without wasting much of the time. After all, time is money! • Skin is very important: Why do you think women go head over heels for some great products that make their skin as it should be? Skin is important because it helps you look better and....[Read More]

Things to Pack for Short Term Travel

Things to Pack for Short Term Travel You might be at the stage where you’d be planning for a short vacation this summer and deciding where to go. Well, you can choose the destination and the dates; I’d be helping you with the packing. Confused? This blog will be a reminder call for all the things that are a must-have and deserve the place in your travel bag. 1. Map: The first and foremost thing to be kept in order to not get lost in a new city is a map. You might want to be prepared for extreme situations when you are completely new to that place. Spending your most time looking for places and not enjoying the quality time would not help you anywhere. So, I would suggest you to be prepared with the city map. 2. Identification proof: This is another proof for your well being. Once caught without your passport, driving license or....[Read More]

Add Summer Fashion to your Manhood with Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print

Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print The other day I was just browsing through Mensuas and found the new arrival assortment of men’s underwear by Daniel Alexander quite intriguing and amusing. My eye stopped at one of the products that this blog talks about. The name of the product is Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print. At first, the thought that ran through my mind was, why is the name Joy Slip? Does it have any connection with the print or feeling? Out of curiosity, I bought it and the print actually filled my heart with joy and the feel made me slip into it. Made of 91% polyester and 9% elastane, this pouch thong underwear is all about comfort, moisture wicking features as well as the right fit and stretch on the body. The fabric composition makes the apparel style to be equally sensuous and supportive on the body. The design and the pattern print....[Read More]

Men’s Clothing- Summer Substitutes

Mens-Clothing-Summer-Substitutes_Mensuas The short lived winter months are coming to an end and all hail summers is approaching really quickly. Well as we embark from the colder months to the hot ones, it is very important to alter our clothing in the same respect. To make it easier for you to opt for summer clothing we have listed down some options that’ll help you switch from one climatic condition to another in style. 1. Jacket to light blazer Don’t go with the word ‘blazer’ because you might take it for the winter months. However, it is the fabric that plays a pivotal part here. In order to keep it stylish, we have swapped the heavy woolen jackets with lightweight fabrics like linen and chambray. It will not be just plain breathable or maintain your cool; it will add versatility to your attire. 2. Heavy denims to summery chinos Lowers or trousers in....[Read More]

Dare To Show Off With Cover Male Daring Seducer Slip Bikini

Cover Male Daring Seducer Slip Bikini is one of the new arrivals offered by the popular men’s underwear brand. It is one of the most handsome and sexiest pair of men’s bikini underwear offered in the entire category. This blog talks about the various features of the pair that makes it so hot for you. About the product This delicious product worn by the model in the image is utterly sensational because it has the strap of sheer fabric on the top back that provides your partner to peep into the butts however; the rest of the pair is solid and made to be explored in ways you want. Crafted in 85% nylon and 15% spandex is what makes it a must have for the right comfort, stretch and moisture wicking. Shop it here.

5 Style Lessons You Should Learn

5 Styles - Mensuas In the age of perfection it is very important to know how to choose what dress to go for as well as the art of dressing right. There are many celebrities who time after time provide styling tips, but are they even meant for you? Well if you see them doing right, there’s no harm in going for the available options. However, there are certain things that you must remember. This blog talks about the 5 styles lessons that you must learn and these will help you lead a stylish and impressive lifestyle. 1. Tried and tested outfits are always the best You must have heard it somewhere that experimentation is good but stick to the tried and tested outfits when in doubt. In a gathering of some friends, some of them put forward their views which made me realize that experimenting in important situations is not a very good....[Read More]

Things That Can Turn Your Date into a Nightmare

Things That Can Turn Your Date into a Nightmare - Mensuas Dating is an art that pleases both you and your partner. It takes a combined effort to make the whole dine-out or stay home experience memorable. When it comes to women, they make sure everything is pitch perfect on their behalf; men on the other hand, seem to miss getting what the partner actually wants (No offense! This is what everybody said when I recently met my college gang for a reunion). This blog here, talks about the small things that can turn your oh so pleasant date into a nightmare. Overdone styling: Women surely get attracted to fine fragrances, but they never want their man to bathe in perfumes. Men on the other hand think that why not allure her with all the perfume that they have and kind of spray the excessive amount of it all over. If you did, you just made someone allergic to strong smell....[Read More]

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