How To Keep Your Man Happy?

How To Keep Your Man Happy__Mensuas_WB_31st Aug You must have heard that pleasing a lady is an extremely difficult task. However, being a guy I would not say that it is an extremely easy to do. If you go by the rule book, men are can be made happy with small gestures done with love by their partners. Even in the most difficult times, not leaving the side is what can make a relationship work long and strong. Well, if you still face issues in trying to decipher how to actually make you man feel happy and pampered, go on and read the blog till the end. Interested? Let’s look at the steps to keep your man pampered. a.Give him some space: If you are facing problems in trying to let out your expressions and there’s a lot been happening in his life lately, give him some time and space. Do not confuse space with the leaving....[Read More]

How To Get The Best Of Men’s Fashion?

How To Get The Best Of Men’s Fashion? | Mensuas Do you desire to look fashionable every day? With all the changes in the last few decades, men’s fashion has come to a time that either you constantly change with the time or just choose some classic pieces that stay with you for a long while. However, it sometimes gets difficult to understand the basic of fashion and incorporate the same in your life. Worried? Well, I have compiled a list of few things that if kept in check can transform your fashion quotient from the basic men’s underwear to the outfits. Let’s look at the tips below to make you a fashionable man. a.You make your own fashion quotient: What you see on the fashion channels or in the magazines is what the brands ask you to wear, but you can make your own fashion quotient with what you already have. All you need to do is understand the....[Read More]

Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion

Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion Is it too hard to let go your old clothes and it's even harder to keep piling them in the closet? Well, you are not alone feeling this, my friend, every man faces the same situation in his life more than once. If you are someone who trusts the fashion advertisements and change trends accordingly, you should stop doing it right away. Why so? Well, because it does nothing more than making you spend a lot of extra money and did no good (trends keep on changing and your clothes will be kept without being used). So, what can be done? You just have to give your old clothes a new look and feel new in them. The only exception here would be your underneath fashion because you can’t use your old men’s fashion underwear for wearing purpose. Well, you can use them for different other things like pet bed,....[Read More]

Fall for the Sophistication with Agacio Zotico Live Classic Brief

Agacio Zotico Live Classic Brief | Mensuas If you just saw the video posted above, you’d know what the blog is gonna be about. Few men’s underwear styles from the variety of brands available at Mensuas were sent out in order to be reviewed by real men themselves. Eventually, they all sent back their reviews in a form of videos to let you all see the reality of the pieces. Today I chose to talk about Agacio, which is one of the most comfortable brands known to men and have been proving itself time and again. One of the newer fashion underwear styles offered by the brand includes Zotico Live Classic Brief which has been reviewed up here in the video. The best aspect loved by the man wearing it was the sheer simplicity of the pair. Without the use of any external or internal pouch lifting technique, the pair does everything very easily. The fabric is....[Read More]

Sexy Underwear – What To Consider?

Sexy Underwear - What To Consider? | Mensuas From the bedroom to the whole everyday responsibilities, a man has a lot to do when it comes to fulfilling his role as a family person. There are many things that keep him going from the practical to the emotional and physical ones. One of them is his clothing and to be specific, his underneath fashion matters a lot. Being the first thing to wear in the morning to the last one to take off at the end of the day, men’s underwear plays its own role in adding to his aura and confidence. Don’t you agree? However, there are men who have never thought about stepping out of their comfort zone and try something more like sexy underwear that does what a regular pair does with some additional features such as sex appeal, confidence, happy feeling inside, turn on for your partner and many more. So, why settle for....[Read More]

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Men’s Bikinis?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Men’s Bikinis? | Mensuas In this age, men and women get the equal opportunities to show off their body with the variety of underneath fashion or even swimwear styles available online for them. If you take a look a few years ago, you’d find that men believed bikinis to be women’s novelty wear. However, you can’t this now because the sexily seductive and supportive bikini underwear is crafted for men as well. Just like other fashion underwear styles thong underwear has people who love it as well as those hate it, bikinis also have the situation. So, I would lay down the variety of advantages and disadvantages for you all out there who are still figuring out whether to buy it or not. Advantages: a)Must-have for summer: Well, you saw this coming, didn’t you? The majority of you would have just seen bikinis at the beaches or on the pool sides and you’re absolutely....[Read More]

How To Prevent Manhood Odor?

How To Prevent Manhood Odor? | Mensuas Men (and women) have their own body aroma which is uniquely theirs. Men in specific have the smell coming from their shaft (the penis) which can sometimes be misunderstood as some vague and weird smell. Well, it can be both- it can be the unique incense that attracts the opposite sex or the distinctive smell that can really put off the mood. Generally, the odor starts coming when you indulge in sexual activities and it is perfectly normal. However, this smell can be very irritating and a huge turn off if it persists. So, it is very important to take care of your intimate health by knowing what can be done in a situation like this. 1. Opt for grooming: Yes! The first step to avoid the strange smell, you can groom below the belt area and shave off your pubic hair. Hair removal would give better breathability to your....[Read More]

Looks That Are a Must Have for Date Nights

Looks That Are a Must Have for Date Nights | Mensuas So, finally, you know what she feels for you and you’re on top of the world. Well, now is the time that you take her out on a romantic date and say those three magical words to her which will make her all yours. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but you have to do something which paves the path for you to move forward. Plan a date which includes dinner, dancing, and your proposal. On the other hand, if you get lucky, you might end up having fun in the darkness. Well, talking just about the date and the planning, we’ll stick to the various kinds of clothes you can wear in accordance to your date type. Let me put forward some dress combinations that will help you look better, feel better and appeal better. 1.The Michelin Type Date: So, you are the classy guy who....[Read More]

Daniel Alexander Products Review

Daniel Alexander Products Review | Mensuas If you just check out the video you’ll know what the entire thing is all about. I just recently browsed through YouTube and came across this video which talks about the brand Daniel Alexander on a whole, plus two of its recommended men’s underwear that is both exotic and very functional by nature. The man in the video started talking by telling how the two pieces landed with him and he’s supposed to review them. Daniel Alexander products are made in Columbia and are inspired by the Colombian prints. The first product that the video talks about is the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz Bikini Framed Print. The string bikini by the label incorporates a colorful mix of red, purple, white, yellow and other colors in the square-shaped print. Sexy underwear also has a black colored piping/trimming on all the edges which continue to become the elastic waistband. Being a string....[Read More]

Men’s Underwear Habits And Their Secrets

Men’s Underwear Habits And Their Secrets | Mensuas Has the time come when men’s underwear is not just a necessity for the right support and comfort down there? Or, has it become more of an expression that every man loves to show off like their outfits? The underneath fashion still somewhere in the middle and looking forward to being the one thing that men are not shy to show off. Well, we did a survey to figure out the fashion underwear habits of the men and got to answer them the reasons why do they actually fall for the same. Why don’t you take a look at them below? Why don’t men change their skivvies more frequently? We gave out the survey that had the first question as when do you plan to shop new underwear. The options given below were- every month, every two months, every six months and more than that. The majority of men opted....[Read More]

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