Why Sexy Underwear makes the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Why Sexy Underwear makes the perfect Valentine’s Gift | Mensuas Have you already bought something for your man for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Well, what you can do to make things really happening were mentioned in my earlier blog. Hence, it is finally time to buckle up for the day of love and the gift that you can provide him with. Have you thought of something? Well, if you want him to cherish your gift for a longer span of time, why not invest in a pair of sexy underwear this Valentines? Why invest in a pair of men’s underwear, you might think? Let us look at the reasons for which it is must to give your love something speaks about his love for the underneath fashion. For appreciation Gifts make women happy! What about men? Men too love getting gifts from people they love. The very first reason is that when you gift him something so sensual, he’ll appreciate....[Read More]

Valentine’s Day Celebrations- All over the World

Valentine’s Day Celebrations- All over the World | Mensuas Ah! Romance.. What can be better than a bouquet of roses, candlelight dinner and those love texts that couples share on Valentine’s Day? With all the ideas provided in the last blog on the day of love as well as the meaning of the various days in the Valentine week, this edition finally is the one that informs you. I know the information is not what you want, but it’s always interesting to know how others celebrate the day of love. Well, if it is on a bigger scale, it’s even more important. Considering that, this blog would detail you about the Valentine’s Day celebrations all over the world. The United States When you’re in the U.S. for the lovers day, you'd find that greeting cards are the most common gifts among couples. Apart from this, the public show of affection is in full form with gifts like chocolates, flowers,....[Read More]

Men’s Swimwear- What’s your Style?

Men’s Swimwear- What’s your Style | Mensuas It was a long time ago when men used their men’s underwear as their men’s swimwear. But, as I said, it was all a long time ago!! Now, men have classified choices in both the segments of their underneath fashion. It all happened when cotton replaced polyamide and polyester for moisture wicking features as well as when technology was towards providing a better experience to men. Now if you check out the men’s underwear store, you’ll find more than 6 different styles of swimwear meant for different body types as well as the variety of water activities. Which is your kind? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll take a look at in this blog. Swim Trunks Swim trunks are the most common swimwear style that men look forward to while choosing for themselves. Trunks look like shorts but are specifically made for water activities. Made with a body hug fit and....[Read More]

What to Do on Valentine’s Day?

What to Do on Valentine’s Day | Mensuas Well, in the last blog I had mentioned about the various days in the Valentine’s Week and how you can make the most of it. With love in the air getting heavier, you should start buckling up yourself and take hints left by your partner every now and then. Some couples feel that there’s so much done in the entire week that one gets confused as of what they can do on the final day. However, that’s exactly the day that you need to make special along with the others. Don’t you think so?? Well, if you agree with me, this is the right place where you’ll find the different things which will make your Valentine’s Day a lot more happening and loved. Start up early If you’ve been in love with your man, you gotta do everything that makes me happy which obviously means to start with good food.....[Read More]

Low Rise Underwear- Why you should Slip in?

Low Rise Underwear- Why you should Slip in? | Mensuas Have you ever asked yourself why men go crazy about low rise underwear? You must have heard a lot about low waist jeans because of the trend that called for the half-butt-naked style that hanged the denim very low. However, when it comes to men’s underwear, it is always better to have something that rides low rather than rides up every time you bend. Unless it is a tummy tucker or shaping apparel. What exactly is Low rise underwear? Low Rise Underwear is referred to a category of men’s underwear that features a U-shaped cut. Just like the Boat Neck Cut in women apparels. The U-shaped pieces have a slanted cut in the front and back whereas; the sides are a little higher. This being just the introduction of the category, why would men still want to slip into them? That’s exactly what this blog talks about!! Let us look....[Read More]

Why Men prefer Cotton Underwear?

Why Men prefer Cotton Underwear | Mensuas Men have always been related to men’s briefs because of their love for the men’s underwear style. The next big thing that men look up to in terms of their clothing needs is the cotton. Moreover, men look for cotton underwear in probably situation. Don’t you think so? If you are still trying to figure out and check for the number of cotton pieces you have in your top drawer and you’ll be able to figure that end. Still, the question stays- why do men prefer cotton as their savior for the intimate wear? That’ exactly what we’ll look in this blog. Perfect for us and the environment It is a natural fiber that undergoes a process and finally comes to us as our favorite thong underwear for men or even sporty men’s bikinis. Having provided us with the best and most comfortable feeling down there, cotton goes back to....[Read More]

Why Opt for 2xist Underwear?

Why Opt for 2xist Underwear | Mensuas 2xist Underwear is considered to be one of the foremost names in designer men’s underwear. With a motto to provide casual and sophisticated fashion underwear styles, the label also aims at providing latest style to the male population. Their cuts and styles are aimed at accentuating and highlighting the male body. Have you ever tried 2xist before is like asking someone whether they love looking stylish or not. This blog will put forward the reasons for which 2xist makes one of the best apparel brands worth trying. Cutting edge designs Founded in the year 1991, the brand has never run out of ideas when it comes to providing the male anatomy with cutting edge designs. Every designer underwear offered by 2xist boasts about the uniqueness of cuts and innovation in pouch options as well as designs. Take a look at the collection here. A huge variety When you take a....[Read More]

Calvin Klein Underwear- All You must Know

Calvin Klein Underwear- All You must Know | Mensuas With the reputation and aura, Calvin Klein has made with its collection of products for men and women worldwide, it is hard to say that which of the line is the best among all. Talking specifically about underneath fashion, it is probably the most provocative, appealing and functional collections among the others. However, all the praise that the label gets is because of the unmatched comfort, style, and quality the products offer. This blog would lay out the aspects or features of Calvin Klein Underwear that make the collection pitch perfect for your daily as well as special use. The assurance When you look up to the variety of brands available in the industry, some might be the ones that you’ve already tried whereas; others would be completely new to you. Trying to make a purchase for the new ones might put you in dilemma with the quality and comfort,....[Read More]

Celebrate the Valentine Week in Full Zest

Celebrate the Valentine Week in Full Zest | Mensuas “We are most alive when we’re in love” For all the lovebirds who’ve started their hunt for the ideal gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Well, for those who don’t have a partner, you must express your feelings for the person you love in the best way possible. Valentine Week is the best time of the year when you can actually say it out loud what you feel deep down your heart for the person and she won’t slap you back (don’t be so sure about it). The final showdown of the entire week is on the 7th day called as Valentine’s Day but the celebrations go on with full zest and passion the entire week. In case you’ve forgotten which day comes after which, this blog comes in handy for you. Rose Day Starting the week on a fragrant note that fills your relationship with freshness, fragrance, and charm,....[Read More]

What Makes Calvin Klein Brief so Special?

What Makes Calvin Klein Brief so Special | Mensuas Calvin Klein is an iconic fashion brand that has been there for decades and has been providing both men and women with some of the most fashionable as well as stylish apparel styles. Talking about men, the label provides everything from ready-to-wear, underneath fashion, perfumes, and a lot more. You might have seen the controversial and steamy advertisements as well as photo shoots done by the brand, but the men’s underwear styles are comfortable. This blog talks about the various reasons that make men’s brief underwear by Calvin Klein so special. Quality is outstanding The very first aspect for which Calvin Klein briefs is the exceptional quality that the products provide. The fabrics incorporated in the pieces available in the catalog of Mensuas, you’ll be happy to adopt them as your only label. With polyester, nylon, you’d also find cotton pieces with an amount of spandex that’ll be appropriate for....[Read More]

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