Some Tips To Choose The Right Underwear

As far as I know, some men just can’t get off with their 30 years old underwear and are very pleased with them. But some exceptional are very passionate about their intimate apparel and try almost everything that appeals to their eye. Mensuas covers the entire gamut of men’s underwear styles such as men’s briefs underwear, boxers, jockstraps, thongs and so many more skimpier styles.

Let’s just look at the various tips to choose the right underwear for you.

Understand your style: Let’s just face it! Going out of your comfort zone is something most people don’t like. So whatever is your concept about your underwear; for example, comfort, support, coverage (full/minimal/least) and many other aspects count when you plan to buy a new pair of men’s fashion underwear. Hence, think before you something that makes you regret your decision.

Consider your daily routine: Every man has a different daily routine, as in the work schedules, nature of job, etc. Try opting for something that keeps you comfortable throughout the day as well as supports and prevents your boy from chafing. For someone in a field job wearing men’s boxer underwear will keep it loose down there and you might kill your manhood with constant movement. You can opt of men’s boxer briefs underwear in this case. So, choose carefully what you opt for.

Try something new: The first point talked about knowing yourself and your style. This point is more of the motivation purpose. When did you last think of trying sexy underwear? Never? It’s the right to think about it. You should understand the purposes of various sexy styles like men’s thong underwear, g-string or c-string underwear. They might look skimpy on the outside, but surely are very comfortable and functional inside.

Browse and explore: Going to retailer stores and asking for men’s C-string underwear might give you staring eye balls. Mensuas is one of the leading men’s underwear store that offers every possible style, color, design, cut and fabrics known to man. Go online and check out the most vibrant, mood refreshing fashion underwear available. It will not only brighten up your mood and wardrobe; it will also save you from the embarrassment.

Keep it minimal: Keeping it minimal on the coverage is your own decision. The point here refers to your pocket. Think about the cost of per underwear you buy. Buying sexy underwear worth $50 is a little too much to be spent on one pair. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a lump sum of your salary in just one pair. Though once in a blue moon you can invest in some exotic underwear meant for special purposes.

At Mensuas, you’ll surely find that appeals to your eye on the first and will serve its true purpose later. Check for the specifications before you buy anything; especially the fabric and size. Size plays an important part here. An ill fit underwear can give you a lot of pain either ways.

The 5 W’s In Men’s Underwear

Have you heard of 5W’s and 1H in Journalism? It basically stands for what, where, when, why, who and how. Same is the case with men’s underwear industry; there are the 5W’s but no H. Today we’ll have a better perspective towards the intimate apparel for men with the same aspects.

WHAT are the different kinds of men’s undergarment styles available today? Most of us know that in today’s times we see a plethora of styles being sold in the market as well at the men’s underwear store. Some of the popular styles are:

WHEN did the men’s intimate apparel gain popularity? Earlier men saw their undergarments just a mere necessity. Though it is one of the basic necessities for men, it also should be seen as a part of clothing. When men take a lot of time in deciding what they’re going to wear outside; they should do the same for their fashion underwear. It was seen some decades back that men actually started taking the same a little seriously. In the 20th century the industry was in the boom and the competitors started to produce innovative designs and styles.

WHY is an undergarment important for men? This question has both traditional as well as a modern perspective to it. Traditionally, the loincloth was brought into existence for covering the privates and safeguarding them. Even today, the concept is the same but with an addition of sex appeal to it. So, modern styles and designs are meant for the fashion buffs who seek to keep it trendy down there. So they buy sexy underwear in order to keep fashionable.

WHERE to find the best fashion underwear for men? Men’s mesh underwear or something more fashionable and sexy is available at Mensuas. As discussed above the apparel should be well made in terms of style as well as comfort. The brands at Mensuas provide the best of experience for their customers. So once you check on the men’s underwear store, filter your search according to your style, brand, color, and price and get your desired products easily.

WHO are the popular brands available that offer the best products? Some of the very popular brands available at Mensuas are Good Devil, Cover Male, Intymen, Agacio, Candyman, Miami Jock, Pikante, PPU, Mensuas, Otzi and so many more that are unique in their styles, patterns, prints, designs, fabrics and technologies for a better profile.

Go ahead, check out the website and do please tell us know which brand, product or style made you go head over heels in the comments section.

Swing It With Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap


The Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is sexy men’s underwear with sporty appeal to it. The men’s jockstrap underwear is crafted with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex that makes it all the more necessary in your underwear wardrobe.

What we like?

  • The first thing that catches the attention is the big bulge the sexy underwear provides. The pouch is actually made with two pieces of treated cotton with a minute ratio of spandex. The first layer of fabric is a conventional jockstrap pouch whereas, the second layer runs a quarter of the way up from the base with a reinforced “swinging” elastic edge that sits right under your balls providing the lift.
  • The elastic waistband is shiny, comfortable and soft on the skin. It not only keeps a strong hold on the waist, it also displays the bold Intymen brand name. As an add-on to the solid colored underwear, the brand logo is printed on the pouch.
  • Fashion underwear has a ‘snug as a bug in the rug’ fit that sticks to the male anatomy and shapes up accordingly.

What we did not like?

  • Availability: The Swing Enhance Jockstrap is available only in two colors; red and black. The brand can use more colors that appeal to different tastes. These colors make the entire products manly and sporty; to make it appropriate, some more could have been incorporated.

In order to get the perfect fit (to prevent adjusting and hold on the pouch) pick up the correct size. If you’re a sportsperson or feel like one, this pair is perfect for you and can be worn everyday to work, gym, and anywhere else.

Treat the fruit of hard work with the sexy and sporty Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap underwear that lets you flaunt your assets as well as toned abs. The enhancing underwear is available in all sizes from small to extra large at

Explore your wild side with Miami Jock Gripper Thong

The first thing that passes through the mind when you look at the Miami Jock Gripper Thong is that it is meant for some wild action between you and your partner. Erotic underwear is crafted with passion for a playful foreplay. This men’s thong underwear is a perfect blend of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex.

Miami Jock MJ030806 Gripper Thong Black

About the product

Miami Jock Gripper Thong features an optional pouch. The optional pouch literally means that you can actually get rid of it whenever you want. You just have to snap some buttons and voila! You are prepared for the action. When the idea is not so playful, the suspender bands or one can call them harness that holds a strong of the thong underwear.

What we like?

Design: As a viewer, the entire product looks just amazing on the body. The signature black color enhances its appeal with the leather-like smooth texture. The concept of buttons not only reveals a lot; it also gives easy access to men in time of need.

In-built C-ring: The men’s costume also has a hidden c-ring to keep your boy up and above. This feature makes the sexy underwear more alluring and also provides a protruded bulge down there.

Fabric: Though the fabric is not intended to be very comfortable but the actual characteristics of the material makes it popular in the men’s underwear industry. It is a strong, durable fabric with quick drying, shrink resistant qualities. A pinch of spandex keeps the stretch minimal.

What we do not like?

• The attached suspender on the rear can be a little jarring and uncomfortable for men who are not very well versed with the extended butt strap (thong rear). It can be a little difficult to wear it throughout the day, so try wearing it for the actual occasion.

Hence, go on for the wildest experience in the bedroom with Miami Jock Gripper Thong that is not only killer by looks; it also serves its true function.

Lift It High With Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong


The Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong is a sheer delight to the eyes and is highly functional in nature. Though it looks a little skimpy but manages to hold your junk together in one place. The super smooth fabric construction of 86% Polyamide and 14% Spandex provides comfort and breathability underneath.

What we like about Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

The design of men’s underwear is sleek and sexy. These men’s thong underwear offers a minimal, slim-cut design that puts your hard earned abs for the show. The center seam allows more room for the movement of the boy. The perfect pouch provides a gentle lift to the manhood. It provides exceptional support and thrust without compromising with the level of comfort. The protruded bulge inside the pants will surely get the attention you deserve.

The assortment of colors used in the entire range is a plus point for the brand. It adds variations and taste to the sexy underwear. The colors available are navy blue, turquoise, royal blue, black, white, orange, yellow, pink, and lime with sheer white and sheer black to add on to the sex appeal.

What we don’t like about Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

For males who’ve tried something so skimpy and tiny, you might take some time adjusting with the pouch. You might feel like your Jewel can come out anytime, but give it time. You will get used to feel and lift of the enhancing underwear. For rest, it will be snug-fit experience. It is not crafted as everyday intimate apparel. Try adorning it for specific occasions (more of intimate ones).

Available in all sizes, do choose the correct to avoid chafing and abrasion to the crotch. The right size also ensures no-adjusting experience.

It is highly recommended from us keeping in mind the appropriate situation. Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong gets 4/5 overall including the fabric, styles, design and other features.

Some Of The Bizarre Men’s Underwear

When it comes to bizarre underwear, men definitely go a long way and more than that, manufacturing companies take the word outrageous a little more seriously. Men’s underwear was introduced ages back for a purpose, and the following designs and styles prove that the men’s underwear industry has taken a leap towards modernity.

Let’s look at some of the weirdest men’s underwear designs that will either make you laugh your lungs out or will leave you awestruck.

1- The designers took technology way too seriously with this techno-savvy underwear.


2- Sound proof underwear: Do they really work? And if they do, who would want to wear such poky underwear?


3- Fundies: This style is surely gonna work for you as well your partner. Someone should really try spicing up the action with this pair and let us know.


4- Somebody’s got to name this underwear. The motive of this underwear is to appeal the viewer to come straight to the point without wasting a lot of time.


5- This underwear looks like it’s made out of the armory. The fabrics used to craft this wacko underwear are copper and tin. Way beyond our expectations.


6- Pickle Jar: This underwear presents the manhood in a very creative and innovative manner. It’s either displaying that someone should hold the pickle or the underwear is holding the pickle.


7- Use and Eat Underwear: This piece looks like Adam’s underwear or probably Hercules. The fabrics and the style; both look as if this underwear dates long back. And the part that’ll make your jaw drop is that it is made of edible meat. So you can wear it or eat it.


8- Cheer Leader Underwear: These underwear look as if the mood is to step into a women’s personality. Though they definitely look like erotic underwear.


9- Hello Kitty Underwear: This might sound like a girl’s lingerie but you are mistaken. Just pause and look at the picture for few moments.


10- Scarecrow Underwear: The Scarecrow underwear is best to shoo away more than just birds. Woolen underwear keeps you warm and cozy on the positive side and also as enhancing underwear, puts your masculinity upfront.


Do let us know which underwear according to you was the most bizarre in the comments below.

A Look At Men’s Underwear Drawer

Are you fetish about clothing? Or to be more specific, are you a shopaholic who’s crazy about collecting underwear? With numerous styles of men’s underwear available today, modern men are very particular of what they buy, what style is meant for which occasion, which underwear is best for them and so on. Men who love to shop for their intimate apparel have more number of pairs of undies than the number of days in a year.

Today, lets’s take a sneak peek into a man’s underwear wardrobe and see the different styles and brands.


As you can see above in the photo, one of the fellow men who love to buy underwear for him has a stocked drawer that has all the handsome colors and brands. For someone like him, the underwear styles available in this drawer range from plain white briefs to neon green and orange boxer shorts. These shelves look as if the pairs are meant for everyday wear with a few exceptions.

Some of the styles known to man are:

On the other hand, let’s take a look at another drawer that has been properly stocked and kept. At Mensuas, you’ll get every pair of men’s underwear; from sophisticated to sexy, functional to showy, under wraps to full exposure and many more. The various designers come together under one roof to provide the best feeling of comfort and style for the fashion-conscious men.

Some of the very popular brands available at Mensuas which design pure luxury pieces that brighten up the wardrobe are:

  • Good Devil- The brand name itself says it, and so do the products.
  • Cover Male- One of the sexiest brands
  • Agacio- The most comfortable brand
  • Candyman- The brand provokes fun-fashion.
  • Miami Jock- The brand is outrageous yet functional.

There are many more brands with a distinct feature. They have a unique assortment for every taste and like.

Your underwear wardrobe defines your personality. The darker shades you stock, more manly (or for some ‘boring’) is your personality, on the other hand, the more vibrant colors, and you tend to have a charming/lively persona.

If you have a collection of boxers, boxer briefs or something that gives ample coverage, you are someone who is conservative, shy, and do not like experimenting whereas, if you own a stock of skimpy strings such as thongs, g-strings, and c-strings you are experimental, outrageous as well as sexy.

Hence, every underwear drawer says a lot about you and your personality. For a better look at the various styles by numerous brands, check out the inventory at and start shaping up your personality.

Experience The Sexiness Of Good Devil C-String Underwear


Every man has a good side and a devilish side, Good Devil being a devilish brand in itself, let’s you explore the feeling of both the worlds. On the contrary, there’s more devil than good in the entire assortment of products that adds an erotic touch to it. Today, we’re gonna talk about the sexiest and skimpiest style available at the brand; The Good Devil C-Strings.

About C-String

Being one of the newest entries in men’s underwear styles, men’s C-string underwear has gained a lot of popularity among modern men for it many advantages. The C-strings are the tiniest piece of clothing known to man. Underwear has a headband-like structure with a small funnel piece of fabric that hides your package; a thin string goes to the rear through the cheeks and keeps a tight hold on the assets.

This style was originally made for women and their tight dresses. To prevent the panty lines that kept protruding from their skirts. The style serves the same purpose for guys (tight denims in place of skirts).

At the first glance they look sexy but at same time, the thought of being strapless/ without waistband might make you a little skeptical. Good Devil crafts erotic underwear with care and modern techniques.

What we like?

Design: The Good Devil C-string underwear is a unique style with its exceptional designs. You’ll find solids that cover the masculinity as well as lace and see throughs that add the extra fun to it. The classic thong rear is like ‘invisible’ because it is nothing more than a rod.

Colors and Fabrics: The colors are an aspect that appeals to the eye the first. The erotic underwear assortment by Good Devil goes all the way from basic white and black to racy leopard prints. Looking at the entire assortment, you’ll see: white leopard, leopard, lace, polka dots and some solid colored patterns. The luxurious fabric used in the underwear is picked up for your manhood. The style also has products with lace material.

What we didn’t like?

The underwire: Some of the people who tried these had only one problem in common; the rod/underwire. The hard underwire makes it a little uncomfortable for men who have never experienced the C-strings, on the other hand the ones that did, were very satisfied with the feel and look of the entire piece.

Hence, if you have never tried something so outrageous, it is recommended to try it for short intervals. Gradually when you’ll get a hang of the rod and style, you’ll feel free. Men can wear it anywhere depending on the types of clothes they’re wearing.


You might have the question that it might fall off because it does not have a waistband? The structure of the Good Devil C-string underwear is in such a way that it won’t fall. It keeps a tight grip between your bum cheeks that does not allow it to fall. Still scared? These sexy underwear are meant for tight lowers and in that case, there is no scope of them coming off.

Go on, heat up your foreplay and reveal to your partner, what you want to. The bottom line is that it keeps you cool, looking sexy and feeling confident down there.


Feel Free With Cover Male Running Shorts



Cover Male Running Shorts are one of the best selling range by the brand. They are designed for utmost freedom and movement while working out. They are crafted for guys who desire a personal air conditioner for their privates with ample of coverage on the front and rear.

What do we like about Cover Male Running Shorts?

  • The modern design of the boxer shorts features high side cuts that guarantee ultimate freedom of movement while exercising or during any other activity.
  • 86% Polyamide and 14% Spandex give the appropriate stretch and flexibility for leg movement. The fabric ratio makes the entire piece lightweight and breathable.
  • The sporty shorts are available in multiple colors.
  • The construction of the boxer shorts is apt to be worn as a sleep wear as they are highly comfortable.

What we do not like about Cover Male Running Shorts?

  • The tailored pouch gives a bigger room to your manhood (positive aspect) but the men’s underwear lacks support on the inside.
  • One must wear additional underwear inside these shorts in order to keep everything together and better support for rigorous activities.

Overall, I liked the idea of these super comfortable shorts with high cuts on the sides for more skin show. Low-rise running shorts feature a covered elastic waistband for a better grip on the body.

Ratings (Out of 5):

  • Style: 5
  • Fit: 4.5
  • Fabric: 4
  • Quality: 4.5
  • Overall: 4.5

Men’s Underwear – What Do Women Really Care?


Let’s face it guys!! You wear your underwear only for limited reasons:

  • Keep a steady grip down there
  • For a protruded bulge inside; and most importantly
  • For some hot action in your bedroom.

Talking about your intimate life, your underwear plays a vital role in the whole scenario; after all it all comes to the bottom line. Your partner should feel the excitement in you. Males who are looking for intimate apparel that will add spice in their sex life, Good Devil Thong underwear is your one stop destination.

According to a survey, it is not just men that are spending more on male underwear, particularly men’s thongs, but also women and who astonishingly are also buying men’s thongs. This proves that it is not only men that believe thongs are crafted for special times.

You must have always heard that men choose the perfect lingerie for the women they love. Nowadays, women shop to pay back with something their men will appreciate. Good Devil thongs are devilish, sinful and are designed for the wildest of fantasies that will not only make you happy; it will also be appealing to your partner’s eyes. The fact that matters here is till how far you want to go in that moment.

Let’s see the motives of the intimacy and the best pair of thongs by the brand for that situation.

  • If the motive is to tease and tempt, the best style in Good Devil Thongs category would be Cage thongs. They are designed for one sole reason: titillate. If you want your man to entertain you by the animal inside him, nothing would be better than Cage Thongs.
  • If making a connection with your man’s feminine side of personality, The Lace Thongs are best. The smooth, see-through lace lies soft on the skin. You can touch, feel and do whatever you desire with him, then.
  • If it’s the first time you’re sharing this moment and got underwear as a gift for the first time, The Zoom Thongs are the best way to express your desires. You literally don’t want to give out a wrong message by gifting something very skimpy. Zoom thongs are subtle yet sexy when his pants come off.
  • Lastly, if the intention is to be playful, the range of Sleeve Thongs will be your companion. These thongs have a sleeve for your man’s manhood. The thong underwear looks cute (literally) and holds the crotch upfront.

There is no second thought about the fact that females are way too sensitive and emotional. They want the whole experience to be like a memorable dream. Plan something special to make that moment all the more special. Pamper her, play with her, make her feel special and then take the initiative.