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Men’s Clothing- Summer Substitutes


The short lived winter months are coming to an end and all hail summers is approaching really quickly. Well as we embark from the colder months to the hot ones, it is very important to alter our clothing in the same respect. To make it easier for you to opt for summer clothing we have listed down some options that’ll help you switch from one climatic condition to another in style.

1. Jacket to light blazer

Don’t go with the word ‘blazer’ because you might take it for the winter months. However, it is the fabric that plays a pivotal part here. In order to keep it stylish, we have swapped the heavy woolen jackets with lightweight fabrics like linen and chambray. It will not be just plain breathable or maintain your cool; it will add versatility to your attire.

2. Heavy denims to summery chinos

Lowers or trousers in an essential men’s clothing article 24*7*12. It is just that you have to adapt to the climatic conditions in order keep it comfortable and splendid down there. Chinos are available for both cold as well as warmer seasons because men prefer to keep it classy down there. Hence, opt for tailored chinos in cotton- and linen-blends that are smarter; they help take any off-duty outfit up a notch instantly. Opt for lighter colors like beige and white or the classics like navy and gray.

3. Leather boots to suede styles

Why did I not mention any specific alternative men’s footwear style in the heading? The reason here is I, myself was a little confused with the gushing number of options available for men. From suede derbies, we can make a selection all the way to boat shoes, leather sandals, woven slip on and many others. What matters here is, that your feet should be able to breathe well in order to avoid situations like various infections (due to sweat).

4. Long sleeves Oxford shirt to short sleeves shirt

Whether you call it short sleeves or half sleeves, it means the same. The point of focus here is that you must adapt to the hotter months by trimming down the length of the clothes. You can continue to wear white Oxford shirt to your office, but the weather doesn’t allow that. Hence, go for voguish short sleeve shirts that’ll magnify your style quotient. Cotton-blend, chambray and linen shirts in lighter shades of beige or off-white are the most appropriate for high summer, with their neutral shade also allowing you to sub them straight into any of your current looks.

5. Briefs/boxer briefs to thongs/jockstraps

Why is men’s underwear even mentioned here, you must think? Aye! Winters call for warmth to your most sensitive popliteal whereas; summer demands for something that is breathable, comfortable and lets you feel summery down there. Hence, it would be a wise decision to opt for sexy underwear styles such as male thongs or jockstrap underwear for men. They offer support, exposure and just what you need for the heat.

These substitutes or you call them alternatives will lead you to a stylish and comfortable summer path. Keep looking stylish by the choosing the right clothes. For men’s underwear, check out the new arrivals range at

Things That Can Turn Your Date into a Nightmare

Things That Can Turn Your Date into a Nightmare - Mensuas

Dating is an art that pleases both you and your partner. It takes a combined effort to make the whole dine-out or stay home experience memorable. When it comes to women, they make sure everything is pitch perfect on their behalf; men on the other hand, seem to miss getting what the partner actually wants (No offense! This is what everybody said when I recently met my college gang for a reunion).

This blog here, talks about the small things that can turn your oh so pleasant date into a nightmare.

Overdone styling: Women surely get attracted to fine fragrances, but they never want their man to bathe in perfumes. Men on the other hand think that why not allure her with all the perfume that they have and kind of spray the excessive amount of it all over. If you did, you just made someone allergic to strong smell die because of your perfume. Overdoing your style would also include when you dress up in glitters instead of a plain denims and shirt.

Lack of confidence: There numerous times when you dress to impress! However, sometimes out of those you do not feel quite comfortable but still manage to fix yourself in them. Hence, your discomfort with the clothes (everything from men’s underwear to shirt, jeans, or any other clothing article) would be clearly visible in your confidence and attitude. What matters is your confidence, even in the simplest of clothes.

Show off: Women do not like men who are a complete show off. There are times when hiding or telling something about the new achievements is difficult, but going on and on with your new wrist watches or accessories can be a big turn off. Let her notice your style and compliment you for it.

Ill fit: Wear well-fitting clothing! A few inches here and a couple of inches there can make a huge difference to both your overall appearance and the way you feel during your date. Starting from your men’s underwear styles whether it is briefs or jocks or even male thongs to your suit or shirt. It needs to be just meant for you.

Late arrival: Women always appreciate men who are not late for their date. In fact, arriving before time sounds like a plan rather than making your date wait for you. It shows your chivalry and affection for her to greet her when she comes.

Ignorance: Attending calls, texting or even checking your smart phone time and again would make her lose interest in you. Hence, your date with her could even be your last. One of the most important things on date night is to show that your attention is devoted to the person you’re dating. So show some affection and attention to your date not your phone.

These simple mistakes can ruin your date and make your partner run away from you. Make sure you don’t repeat them, if you’ve already committed some out of these.

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Men’s Fashion- Essentials Every Guy Should Have

Men's Fashion Essentials - Mensuas

It gets very difficult to understand in today’s world whether it is essential or not, where the word ‘essentials’ is tossed around for almost everything. In the men’s fashion industry, it is probably the most overused word by the various brands and companies in order to put their products forward. However, what essential really means is just that – the kind of item, that if not present, makes your wardrobe fall apart. Furthermore, they should all (well, almost all) complement each other when put together and be completely interchangeable.

Let us look at the list of the most essential items to dress up well below.

1. White Oxford Shirt: A pair of Oxford white shirt is easily available in versatile styles and can be worn under a formal suit as well as with denims. They look great tucked in or even when let it out loose. Hence, if you have these; you’re surely having a plenty of teaming up options that will not let your style quotient fall apart.

2. Slim fit dark denims: Dark denims are definitely an essential because it would complement any kind of formal shirt or even t-shirts. Slim fit (not skinny) can also be called as straight cut that can go well with suit jacket or even casual tee.

3. Navy blazer: It is again one of the most common clothing articles that look absolutely stunning if worn correctly. Make sure the color is dark enough to be paired with trousers of contrasting colors at clubs and parties. They make a great selection at events that need to part formal part casual dressing.

4. Solid tie: Solid colored tie, preferably dark shade would be great and would go well with suits, jumpers as well as shirts. Keep it simple and versatile to make it suitable for the mentioned styles of clothing.

5. Trainers/Sneakers: You must be all crazy about Vans and other companies that offer grown up sneakers. Cherish them, wear them, clean them, and keep them young and durable.

6. Black formal shoes: You can’t keep wearing trainers with every clothing pair and require something that can be worn to board meetings or special occasions. Black colored formal shoes would go with any colored suit or shirt and save your style.

7. Grey suit: It is again the most versatile suit option like the White Oxford shirt. Spend your money wisely on a good grey suit and you won’t need to spend money again (very soon). You can split the articles like you can wear the jacket with jeans and trousers with the white shirt and more. Mix and match your style well.

8. Every men’s underwear style: Whether you are totally in love with men’s briefs or boxer briefs; make sure you have men’s underwear style for every occasion. Jockstraps are great for sports while, thongs for men or g-string are perfect for date nights. Get them all.

These must have essentials can easily fit in your wardrobe as well as your pocket. Do let us know in the comments below your views on the essential or if you have any recommendations to make. Till the next blog, check out the exotic collection of men’s designer underwear at

All You Should Know About Halloween

Halloween Day

Halloween is a season of the little ghosts and goblins to take to the streets, asking for candy and scaring one another in a silly, childhood way. Spooky stories are told around fires, scary movies appear in theatres and pumpkins are expertly (and not-so-expertly) carved into jack-o’-lanterns.

Amid all the commercialism, haunted houses and bogus warnings about razors in apples, the true meaning of Halloween is overlooked. Yet Halloween is much more than just costumes and candy; in fact, the holiday has a rich and interesting history.

Let us look at some of the aspects that are long lost with time about Halloween.


Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, Allhalloween and All Saints Eve can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held on November 1st called Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”), which means “summer’s end” in Gaelic, according to the Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries. People of that time believed that the night before Samhain (October 31st), the dead returned as ghosts. In order to keep the ghosts and souls at bay, people left food and wine outside their homes.

Eventually in the 8th century, the Christian Church Samhain turned to All Saints Day or All Hallows. Hence, the night before became All Hallow’s Eve. The festival is celebrated in most of the countries all over the world by dressing up in costumes. Earlier it being more of a scary celebrations when people left their homes dressed up as ghosts to trick the actual ghosts; now the day is more of a fun and frolic celebrated by the kids asking for ‘trick or treat’.

Trick or Treat

On November 2nd which is celebrated as All Soul’s Day, the needy people would beg for pastries called as Soul Cakes and in return, they would pray for the family’s deceased members. This was called as “Souling”. In the medieval Halloween traditions of “Guising”, young people would ask for food, money, wine and other offerings dressed up in costumes. This tradition was revived or improvised by the Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 19th century, which hence called “Trick or Treating”. Earlier ‘tricks’ were more prominent but eventually ‘treats’ or candies became a ritual. Children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as candy or sometimes money, with the question, “Trick or treat?” The word “trick” refers to “threat” to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given.


According to Wikipedia- “A jack-o’-lantern (or jack o’lantern) is a carved pumpkin, or turnip, associated with the holiday of Halloween and named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called “will-o’-the-wisp” or “jack-o’-lantern”. With these lit pumpkins as a common sighting at every doorstep; it has become an integral part where the top of the pumpkin is cut off to form a lid and the inside is scooped out. Then an image is carved out on the same in form of a monstrous or comical expose the hollow interior. Then a candle is lit inside the carved out pumpkin to make it look scary or comical.

The origin of the jack-o’lantern is not certain; however the uses of various vegetables like gourds and more have been seen since 10,000 years ago.


Costumes have been one of the most important parts of the Halloween celebration where people dressed in supernatural figures like ghosts, witches, cartoon characters, vampires and more go door to door asking for treats. Both men and women dress up for the occasions with the help of options available at online stores.

With Halloween just round the corner, it’s time to start the preparations by making purchases online to get set in the festive mood. If you seek to get the perfect men’s costume underwear this season; check out the men’s underwear online store with affordable yet fancy options.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – More Than A Sporty Innerwear

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap at Mensuas

Some men look for comfortable yet sporty underwear and the Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap seems to have been designed for them. This men’s jockstrap is just the thing you need for great support, fit and feel. With wide rear straps and a specially designed pouch, it gives your package the comfort and boost it deserves.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap – features

It is a jockstrap with package-boosting pouch that men would love to sport. Stretch cotton fabric that comprises of 96% of cotton and 4% of spandex makes it extremely comfortable and the right kind of innerwear you can wear all day long.

The most salient feature of the Swing Enhance Jockstrap is the boost it gives to the package. The pouch is designed like a hammock that keeps the package away from the body. The pouch maintains the shape of the package and gives it a slight boost that looks just great. The pouch gives the asset right kind of support and keeps it snug too.

It is available in bright colors like red and classic black.

Pros of using Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is best for casual wear as it is sporty and makes men look sexy too. It is also comfortable and that made it so popular with males. It rendered a good fit and support to the package which men seek from their innerwear. Along with that, Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap also makes them feel and look good. It surely enhances the confidence level and gives men an added boost.

The pouch really gives a nice lift and boosts the package which most men like about this underwear.

It is suitable for dailywear and some men even wore it for work. The stretchable fabric made them feel comfortable with the assurance of a great look.

Cons of Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap

Some men may not find the innerwear a good fit. Some may find it riding too high. The pouch strap is on the outside which may not be up to the taste of males who are particular about these things.

Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is right for gymming and places the package away from the body and keeps it snug too. It is a sporty innerwear that does loads of good to the look. The bright color and the unique design have caught the fancy of the modern men who are up for experimenting with their style. Go for this innerwear if you want to feel super confident of your looks.